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Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

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Update 21/02/2020 - Bedford Autodrome Trackday

Myself and several other members of the 86 drivers club recently attended an MSV trackday at Bedford Autodrome, this would be my 2nd trackday of 2020. I was looking forward to getting back on track again, especially at Bedford. Whilst some people see it as bland, I really enjoy it and think it has good mix of charactistics from long straights, tight corners and sweeping bends, making it a good circuit for a medium powered car like the 86/BRZ. Plus with it being the UK longest circuit, you normally get plenty of track time without too much hold up. 

The day started out well, with me having some fun chasing down a Honda S2000, unfortunately he got black flagged, I'm not sure what for as he was driving well. Knowing Bedford I suspect it was noise limit, anyway I carried on for a couple more laps. I was probably pushing abit harder than I should have been this early on (making mistakes basically). 

The second session, I ended up behind a very dirty diesel VW Golf 🤢, unfortunately whilst chasing him down on the inner circuit straight (not sure what the actual name is) my engine management light came on. The car felt fine and had been performing perfectly fine up to this point. I drove back to the pits and into our garage where I turned the car off and left it for a minute before restarting it, unfortunately the light stayed on. 

Thankfully a fellow 86 owner, Michael Chan came to my rescue and lent me his diagnostic code reader, we read the code and found a P0351 error, Ignition Coil A. Knowing that this was a common occurance for older 86's, we cleared the code and restarted the car and the engine light was gone, happy days or so I thought. 

Session 3, I went back on track and ended up behind @VAD17, I had some fun for a couple of laps keeping up with him. It's surprising how well matched we are around a lap of Bedford, he's abit quicker on the straights than me thanks to his TD Turbo kit, but I end up catching him in the corners. It was going well until the dreaded engine management light came back on. So I pulled back in the pits and read the error again, it was the same P0351 code.

Session 4, my final session of the day, I was less aggressive on the car by shifting at 6K RPM (thanks to @Lauren for the suggestion) rather than the 7.5K RPM rev limit. I did try and keep up with Michael Chan in his 86 for a lap or two, before the power deficit came into play. In the end I managed about 5 laps in this session before the EML popped up on the dash. By this point I'd had enough for the day and decided just to park the car and get a couple of passenger laps in.

The drive back home was completely trouble free, and I've used the car for a week going to work without an EML. Thankfully I'd already booked the car into Rogue Motorsport in March for a pre Spa-Francorchamp checkup. I'll get them to swap out the dodgy coilpack for another one with some added heat reflective tape. Hopefully this will stop the issue from happening in the future. 

I've also ordered a Carista OBD2 dongle, so I can clear any error codes in future.

Here's a couple of pictures from the day (basically the same photo repeated 😄 )










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Update 20/03/2020 - Bucket Seat Fitting

At the start of the year myself, @Deacon & @Keethos were lucky enough to get some very cheap tickets for the AutoSport International show at the NEC. Normally we wouldn't bother going as the show can be very hit and miss, however as the tickets were cheap we thought why not. Whilst we was there, we heard that Cobra Seats were doing a special show discount on all seats ordered at the show. There was one particular seat I was interested in, the Cobra Nogaro. I'd seen this seat fitted to Paul Cowlands BRZ back in 2015 (https://twitter.com/paulcowland_/status/556138688988864512), and thought it worked really well with our stock interior. I particularly liked this seat as it's supportive but shouldn't sacrifice to much daily comfort, should be easily to get in and out of due to the low bolsters and you can also use the factory OEM seat belt with it. However due to the price and the fact I would rather have a Edirb 023/033 seat I basically ignored the idea, that was until I heard about Cobra's generous discount offer. 

After speaking with @Deacon at the show we both agreed to buy one seat each, and would sell the seat to the other person if we didn't like it once fitted. A simple specification was given to Cobra, alcantara center, leather sides and red stitching, to match the OEM interior. Now the next hurdle would be sourcing some seat mounts, I didn't specifically want a fixed mount and I wasn't happy with the aftermarket options available, due the reports of flexing and various rattles/creaks they can make. This is another reason why I didn't consider buying an aftermarket seats before now. However about 6 months ago a post was made on the FT86Club forum by an owner in the US, who found a company which manufactures seat mounts in house that utilize the OEM sliders for multiple different cars and had just developed a set for his BRZ (link: http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=137015), these looked like the perfect solution. I showed the guys at Rogue Motorsport this seat mount design and asked them what they thought about this design. They basically said, that it looks like a functional design, but was concerned about whether it'd fit with the Cobra Nogaro seats. They also said they'd probably be able to make them cheaper (once you've added on shipping and taxes, etc). 

Two months later, the seats arrived at Rogue Motorsport, by this point they'd come up with a seat mount design but needed a car to test on, fortunately @Deacon had his car booked in the following week, so they used his OEM sliding frame mechanism to test their first prototype, which @Deacon ran for a few weeks before he suggested a couple of changes to the seat position, so he's now running V2 of the seat mount. I was booked in a couple of weeks after this, rather then Rogue making a new prototype they asked if I could try the V1 prototype mount for a couple of weeks and report back my findings. I'll update the thread in due course, unfortunately due to everything thats going on at the moment, I haven't driven the car alot. 

Whilst I was at Rogue they changed my brake & clutch fluid along with replacing my dodgy coilpack, which they then covered with a heat resistance/reflective material (all four coilpacks were covered). Which should hopefully stop the issue from happening again, if not they will try fabricating a metal plate to try and block the heat. They also might have found a couple of blows on my ACE CS400 exhaust manifold, however they won't know this until they can remove it, they didn't want to do this as my manifold has been on about 4 years and thought the gaskets might disintegrate, I need to source some replacements. 

Here are some pictures of the seat and the seat mount:







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