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  1. Deacon

    Michelin Pilot Sport 5?

    The size range seems a little limited at the moment - e.g. there's no wide 17's, etc
  2. Lightness is certainly possible if you're prepared to make the usability sacrifices - Revolution in Japan and a chap in the US managed to get there's down to under a tonne. You could also swap the Tomei manifold for a longtube manifold to benefit from the extra power and torque you'd gain there for minimal weight change.
  3. Deacon

    Bonnet vents

    I saw an approx 10° reduction in oil temps with the vents. Vents also add a little aero as they allow pressurised air to escape. Mines a carbon replacement so can't comment on the effects on the standard bonnet but I don't see bonnet flex now with a vented bonnet.
  4. Deacon

    High Flow Cat question!!

    I've got a Rogue Motorsport dual resonated high flow cat pipe on mine. Not had any MOT issues and it's certainly not noisy.
  5. Deacon

    MartinT's BRZ

    @will300has the sti ones which are very similar
  6. Absolute bargain for someone! Good luck with the sale
  7. Deacon

    Semi-forged engines

    The oil consumption doesn't sound right - have you had it checked out?
  8. Deacon

    What oil temp is bad

    I don't have a major problem with doing it. I swapped the thermostat for a lower temperature one and just use a plate to blank the cooler off through the winter.
  9. Deacon

    What oil temp is bad

    There'll probably be a thermostat (I don't know much about the TD kit) but it's usually quite high as default. Even with a thermostat there is still oil pass through though so it'll still cool a reasonable amount compared to not running a cooler thus giving the need to blank it off come winter time.
  10. Deacon

    What oil temp is bad

    An oil cooler should sort it out without too much issue especially on the road. With an oil cooler fitted I don't think you'll trouble the temps much on the road and will probably want to block it come winter time.
  11. Deacon

    What oil temp is bad

    I have my alarm set for 120 and usually cool down when it reaches around that point up but will let it get to 125ish on occasions. Do you have an oil cooler and is it on track or the road?
  12. Deacon

    Legality of Valenti tail lights

    I've had the smoked ones for about 4/5 years. Never had any issues
  13. Deacon

    Forum Newbie

    Welcome on board. We have this club track date coming up soon - there are 6 of us booked on so far https://www.gt86.org.uk/forums/forums/topic/8757-bedford-autodrome-11th-aug/