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  1. Deacon

    How do you fit your tow loop?

    You can get a special tow loop that fits into the oem towing hole from TRD / Sti but they're comedy expensive. There is also another brand that does a similar thing but there name escapes me - it's about £70. Cheaper option is to use tow hooks either oem or aftermarket. I use aftermarket ones front and rear
  2. Deacon

    Deacons '86

    A couple of laps I found on my dash cam from last month at Anglesey on the Coastal layout which we used in the afternoon.
  3. Deacon

    Which winter tyre?

    I'd happily recommend the Nokian WRA3 or the newer WRA4's. I ran them on both my previous car and on the 86 and they're excellent tyres which seem we'll suited to the UK climate during Winter. I also did the CAT driver training day on them in 30° heat and, while totally out of their comfort zone, they were actually pretty good for that too.
  4. Deacon

    Big brake kit time?

    The Project Mu website is quite good for details of the pads if you know which model they are http://www.project-mu.co.jp/en/products/index.html
  5. Deacon

    Big brake kit time?

    If you're after a set of decent hybrid road / track pads there was a front and rear set of Project Mu Hc800+ pads on the Facebook sale group for a good price. (Think it was £300 for front and rear but I can't remember 100%) Tashan also had a bargain Stoptech front BBK listed with a set of brand new PFC.08 endurance pads (amazing pads) for £1000 but I'm not sure if that was snapped up. May be worth a look.
  6. Deacon

    Big brake kit time?

    I'm not 100% you'll be overly happy with the new AD08RS tyres unless you can still get hold of the AD08R's where you are? They've altered the compound to improve the fuel consumption and it seems that may be at the cost of some of their grip. At the moment I haven't been able to match the lap time I could get on PS4's and have noticed extra understeer. However, so far the AD08RS use I've had has been in very high temperature whereas my best lap time was set in October so it could just be that.
  7. Deacon

    Deacons '86

  8. Deacon

    Deacons '86

    Honestly @Tubbytommy you can insult me all you like - I find it quite entertaining that that's all a man of your age can manage. Your posts have shown enough for anyone reading them to know how worthwhile your opinion is and the fact you only have insults to fall back on just substantiates that.
  9. Deacon

    Big brake kit time?

    👍 I have never said I disliked your car - there's not really much done to it to make it any different to loads of the 86's out there so there's nothing to dislike.
  10. Deacon

    Big brake kit time?

  11. Deacon

    Big brake kit time?

    What? You were on about fake ebay items not being as good as originals. I agree. If you don't know about the Varis bonnet benefits and the effects of the Verus splitter and diffuser just Google, you'll find the details fairly easily and the data validation to substantiate it.
  12. Deacon

    Big brake kit time?

    Doesn't seem to relate to anything here but OK 🤷‍♂️ Something we can agree on at least I guess 👍
  13. Deacon

    Big brake kit time?

    Yep, but you'll get there. Keep going champ
  14. Deacon

    Big brake kit time?

    And there shows your complete ignorance for this platform.