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  1. Lauren

    Hoping to buy - Info greatly appreciated

    Welcome. The TRD model is the same as the standard car excepting bigger wheels and a bodykit. It does not come with bigger brakes, they are standard brakes. The TRD is a stock factory car with bodykit, wheels and a catback exhaust applied when it lands in the UK. I'm not really convinced the TRD is worth a lot more than a stock car. If you like the bodykit go for it. But really that's it. Performance wise it's a stock car. The Aero has 18" wheels too. For the rest what @VAD17 said.
  2. I've used exclusively Shell V Power for the 150,000 miles my car has covered. It was mapped at 100K miles on V-Power. It does take a little planning, but I seem to manage despite driving all over the place!
  3. Lauren

    Help with wheel offsets

    Seriously go with the Reyland AP 4 pot kit with their discs and save some money over the AP discs. It's more than up to the job whatever you throw at it. Mine fit under my 17x8 ET38 TE37's, with loads of clearance.
  4. Lauren

    Wheel / Brake Squeaking

    Likely a bit of sintered pad that is slightly raised. I've had this on and off. I don't worry about it, it does tend to sort itself eventually.
  5. Lauren

    Aircon regas

    Hardly any cars had the R134A older type refrigerant, it was used for about 6 months. That all cars have R1234YF now means it's got a lot cheaper anyway. The cost therefore has come down significantly. Normally around £99 for a regas. The irony is that R134A is now getting more expensive! Top tip for keeping AC working is to never turn it off.
  6. Lauren

    GT86 AVO Turbo £14,800

    That's a shame, Ian. You may want to add what year the car is, MOT, mileage, whether it has had a recall etcetera.
  7. Lauren

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Exactly this. 👍 Not everyone wants flappy paddles and dual clutches. The serious drivers out there don't, which is a point proven with manual gearbox GT3's and the like being offered. The Supra could have a manual box, I believe as there is one for that engine that BMW use. I say enjoy manual gearboxes when you can because in a few years time they will be phased out on a lot of cars. This is exactly why I have the GR Yaris on order. Manual gearbox was a big selling point for me.
  8. Lauren

    Peak District Cruise

    I will see how I go with making this. Pubs open, it's Richard's (RRG), his partners and my birthday, so the likelihood of a fair old drink together which we've been craving for months is on the cards. So will have to see how I go on the Saturday.
  9. Lauren

    Peak District Cruise

    Sounds good, though it's a very early start after the day the pubs open! 🤣
  10. Lauren

    Hey GT86 Crew

    Cool, I'll look out for it. 👍
  11. Lauren

    Valve failure 2014 GT86

    It's worth pointing out that if the OP can go through Toyota's loss allowance scheme, a brand new engine could be cheaper than that with the loss allowance discount.
  12. Lauren

    Hey GT86 Crew

    @Leonard, when we next have a Yorkshire meet, if you can come over, I'd love to look at your car to see all the AUS/UK differences. Hopefully we'll have a meet again in the not too distant future. 👍 @O'Keeffe 88, Mike I reckon as soon the pubs/restaurants are open we can start to look to do another meet!
  13. Lauren

    Hey GT86 Crew

    Oh that's interesting, same rev counter as UK or higher spec models, but the temperature/fuel gauge is the lower spec with shorter needles. We should have a right hand indicator stalk, this is the correct layout for a RHD car, but for some completely daft reason that I cannot figure we have a LHD stalk layout on a RHD car. This started in the 80s, I blame Volkswagen. I guess your speedo is reading in MPH rather than KMH, which wonder if the Rev counter/Digital speedo has been changed for SVA? Is the speedo clock in MPH? I love looking at regional differences! 😂
  14. Lauren

    Valve failure 2014 GT86

    This is incorrect information. Cars affected were built (not registered) between April 2012 until May 2013. @Sean-A if you are sure your car is not part of the recall then you will likely have to fund it yourself. If it is then contact Toyota with the evidence. Looks like it has made a real mess. If you have to pay for it and talk to them kindly a new engine is going to be expensive but they do on occasion offer a very big discount, on replacement parts. For example when my wiring loom needed replacing Toyota gave me something like 60% off the cost of a new one as it was unusual for this to fail. I would speak to them either way, nothing to lose.
  15. Lauren

    Hey GT86 Crew

    It being a lower spec Australian import explains it all and also explains the incorrect registration making the car older than it actually is. I can't see it being a private plate. Do you have pics of the interior? Does it have manual aircon rather than climate control? You have the low spec headlights which are not HID as all models were in the UK at that time. The wiring will be different also. So it looks like you have a lower spec car than what you would have got in the UK for the same year >July 2012. I would also check whether it's had the valve spring recall as it will be affected, but I'm not sure how you would go about that with an import