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  1. An IMDB rating of 8.0 is pretty good. I'll wait for it to appear on Netflix.
  2. Lauren

    Seriously want a GT86

    Everyone with a manual will say it's better. All those with an auto will try to convince you that it's brilliant. There aren't many naturally aspirated RWD manual coupes you can buy these days. Make the most of a manual gearbox whilst you still can. The auto removes a level of involvement that you get with the manual.
  3. Lauren

    Seriously want a GT86

    It's nothing like a full engine rebuild! This is at best misinformation and at worst, scaremongering. They don't even take the heads off to change the valve springs. Things like this can never be 100% successful but that's just probability for you. 3505 cars in the UK are affected. Most have no issues and the bonus is that if you buy a car car that is a 2012/13 car most owners will have had the plugs changed and a new clutch as part of the deal. This saves money in the future. For cars that have problems post recall, pretty much all of these will be in the first 50 miles of driving the car away. I wouldn't see that as a reason to be put off. Also factor in that the coolant will have been changed and the aircon recharged. The recall is a big free service really.
  4. Lauren

    Seriously want a GT86

    It's not anything like a full engine rebuild, in fact it's nothing of the kind. They don't even remove the heads to replace the valves. Sure the cam covers come off and the cams have to come out, but that is all really. Due to the laws of probability nothing generally is 100% successful. But what is important here is not to spread over hyped scare stories when a lot of us have had the valve spring recall done with no problems at all. I would not be put off buying a car second hand if it had the valve spring recall. All I would do is make sure it's done a bit of mileage afterwards. Any failures and there have been very few in the UK will have resulted in the first 50 miles post recall. Also it's worth remembering that if the OP bought a car that has just had the recall done, then it will have a warranty for a year on the engine.
  5. Lauren

    Front bumper damage

    I think a picture would really help!
  6. Lauren

    That unique GT86 sound!

    I don't get this. I've done four long Euro trips in my car including desestricted autobahn on all of them. I think the gearing is ideal. I don't cruise over 80 in this country but the car with the gearing it has is happiest cruising at 100mph. At 90 it's great too as you are well into the torque band of the engine so it picks up really well to about 110mph. Far better than it does at 70mph in 6th gear. Over 100mph fuel consumption really takes a hit I find. On derestricted autobahn I cruise between 100-110mph which is fine. I'll have the odd run over 200km/h (120mph) and beyond where there's space. I do tons of long distance driving in my car, only went from Manchester to London and back yesterday, it handles it really well. I wouldn't want the gearing to be longer. Still returned 43.6mpg as well which is good enough I think.
  7. Lauren

    Steering Wheel Locks

    It sounds like it would not be worth it for you, Annie. The relaying thing is not going to work if your car is in a car park a distance away and they may not know which house/flat you are in too. Better advice is to use a Faraday cage to put your keys in, i.e., a metal box. A friend of mine had the attitude of putting her car keys within easy reach in her house. She went on holiday and had all three cars stolen. Since then and a ridiculous rise in her car insurance she no longer puts the keys in a place where they are easy to find and has installed posts on her driveway. Again, if you go to a shopping mall, they are not going to be able to relay to key if you're walking around a shopping centre, so they won't be able to take the car. It's the same issue if you are any reasonable distance from where you parked your car. If you feel a disc lock is worth it, it's your choice of course.
  8. Lauren

    Tail Wagging

    So 18 months old or so. They'll last a long time yet, so either stay with them or bite the bullet and change them.
  9. Lauren

    Oil Temps

    I'd say that's about right. You don't really want to go over 130C. You should be alright if you keep your session times to no more than 15 minutes at a time. What track? I've easily seen it read 120C in road driving. I did find on track that it does seem to oddly stabilise a bit around 125C.
  10. Lauren

    Anyone for Coloured Hoodies?

    How about starting a thread and seeing how far we get: 1. Lauren - purple and red (will check size think it was small). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  11. Lauren

    Commercials and Promotionals for Our Cars

    It was complicated, I think Rob had something to do with it as well as Richard at RRG. But Adrian and Patrick are very good friends of mine, I've known both of them 20 odd years now! I was with others competing in the TSS which Adrian setup, so there was a huge amount of cross-linking between the lot of us. Tada San wanted to meet the owners of the GT so us lot were an obvious choice!
  12. Lauren

    Commercials and Promotionals for Our Cars

    I didn't specifically ask about the torque dip, because that's really more a result of emissions and to a point to make the car feel like it gets going at higher revs. He was very interested in my AE86 which I still had at the time and loved hearing about that. We talked about what might happen in the future for the GT but he didn't give anything away of course. He enjoyed looking at what I had done to my car. It was a fab day and Toyota looked after us well with food and a mobile ice cream parlour!
  13. Lauren

    I finally bought a nice car!

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy your car. I think splitters seme to be consumable!
  14. That's fine, but it will definitely fall in the group due to date of manufacturer for the valve spring recall. All TRD's do. From my understanding it will run sweet but not if the valve spring breaks! I still haven't had a letter yet, but had mine done back in March (Feb 2013 car).