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  1. Lauren

    Directors wanted!

    Dear all, As many will know, Rob, Keith, Alec and I setup this club back in April 2013. Many years have passed and we now find ourself in the situaiton where we would like to put out to find replacement directors. Alec has been lost to Elite Extreme, Rob sold his car years ago and Keith is finding himself far less involved with the club than he used to. I as many know have a new car on order, a GR Yaris, but I am happy to stay on as I have so many friends I've made through the club and am still around for day to day running of the club. I also want to ensure continuity. What does being a director involve? We are directors of a not for profit limited company. This means that as a director you have limited liability in the unlikely event that some disgruntled person decides to sue the club, it means they cannot sue you directly. Important for your own protection, unfortunately. I want to see new directors, for which there are three available position, take the club forward. We have a new GT86 to look forward to next year and it's fair to say that the club has grown very well and we are well established in the show and motorsport scene. It will mean that a director (though you can delegate to committee members) will need to take care of the club accounts and paypal accounts and we will also need someone to cover the club clothing side and the like. Further work is needed with affiliates to ensure they pay their dues as we rely on trader fees and membership to pay for the running of the club. I welcome any questions and I would say it's very rewarding sometimes. I am also very proud of what we have achieved in the last seven years and I'd love to see it continue.
  2. Lauren

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    It took me a year or so to find my secondhand TE37 17x8 as you cannot buy them in that size anymore. It was a long wait, but when they came up I jumped on it. It can be done, but well worth putting the feelers out. Mine came from a friend of mine, where I first saw the wheels on his GT a year earlier. Advantage is I paid £575 for them and with £200 for a refurb, they'll always be worth what you paid for them. They are rare though!
  3. Lauren

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Photos of 17x8 TE37 with 215/45/17 . My wheels do need a reburb I admit! I have included some earlier pics from when they first went on in 2014.
  4. Lauren

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    No worries, ah you're the other side! I went with AP as it's a far better known brand and has an extensive pedigree in racing and is OEM for the top end Lotus models. I think it's preference in that respect. Mine have been excellent. Just had the pads and discs replaced after 42,000 miles and 2.5 years. They've been faultless. As for TSS, yes, waiting to hear whether Anglesey will go ahead in July and whether we'll be able to book hotels. I'll go if I can, but there is just a real lack of certainty. There is a monthly meet at Barton (City) airport, which is a good midway point. But on the other hand I'ld hope at some point in the nearish future we can have another NW meet. We shall see.
  5. Lauren

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Hi Minur, welcome aboard. I live in Greater Manchester (near the airport), I've got all the mods on my car that you are planning When times allow why not head over? Or happy enough to talk to you from a distance, I'd welcome it with how things are at the moment! 😂 Go coilovers for track use. Just putting different springs on isn't really the answer, plus you'd need rear lower control arms to get the camber adjustment at the rear and also really adjustable top mounts to get the camber at the front. There are loads of options with coilovers. BBK, consider the absolute bargain that is the AP 4pot setup that I have.
  6. Lauren

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    That'll be a sign your battery is on the way out I would say. I've left mine for 10 days, no problem though I am a critical worker so generally getting out about three times a week for work stuff which gives a 30 mile round trip each time. The GT is fussy with battery health and I think this is true of many modern cars. The afermarket alarm probably doensn't help though. I'm on my third battery in just over 7 years.
  7. Lauren

    BRZ vs Alpine video

    I do love the Alpine. Had a really good look at one at a car show, the attention to detail is very cool and I reckon if I had £50K to burn this is a real contender to the Supra. The Alpine has received excellent reviews all round. Think the BRZ stood up well though, uncomplicated and well sorted handling is something to savour I think.
  8. Lauren


    Ecutek licence is £150 IIRC. Fensport can do remote maps. A remap and manifold is good I think, and you already have that. So for you it's just a matter of getting it mapped. You already have coilovers, though I'd be tempted to lose the bigger anti-roll bars as they can limit traction and stock is absolutely fine even for the track. It's more about optimising the geo really, with 2.5deg neg on the front and around 2 on the rear. A very small amount of rear toe in and parallel front toe. I've never bothered with any extra bracing, as I don't think the car needs it and a lot of it is untested bling really. I like how my car handles, if it ain't broke... I run 17x8 TE37s with stock tyre sizes. I tried 225/45s but didn't like the increased sidewall flex and didn't think there was much difference in grip levels. A point proven when my main rival in the sprint series was running 225s and I was on 215's. Still beat him. I also run billet aluminium SPL rear lower arms to get the camber adjustment and I've polybushed my car throughout. I did this mostly though because the mileage is very high and reckon there must have been some play in the stock bushes. My car puts out 213bhp and 178lb/ft with the TD manifold and remap. I think that's a good power/handling balance. I've driven the HKS demonstrator of the V1 years ago. I really liked it's delivery and how it really punches at high rpm. Good choice providing they have sorted the reliability issues out with the supercharger.
  9. Lauren

    New car

    Hello Dave, welcome aboard. I've had my car seven years and have driven 148,000 miles in it from new. In that time I've had the opportunity to try different tyres. I've also driven a fair amount of other people's GT86's too. I kept the Primacy tyre for the first 25,000 miles or so. I think it's good to learn the balance of the car with this tyre. You can play with it at low speeds and it's a lot of fun, bringing out the playful nature of what is an excellent and well balanced chassis. The Primacy tyre is also fantastic fun on track if you so wish. After about 4 laps they go off, but stay consistent and you can just slide and drift the car all day. They last really well too. That said, they aren't the most progressive tyre and it can be a bit tricky in the wet. Yes in low temperatures in greasy conditions they can prove tricky, though that is true of any tyre. Everyone will tell you to fit Michelin Pilot 4 tyres. Whilst they are a great tyre, they take away from the playfulness of the chassis. They are a a great choice if you are not a confident or experienced driver as for the most part they will totally tame the car and you'll feel more confident. I have these on my car because I sprint my car and they are the most competitive tyre in class, giving around a 1.5-2 second advantage on a sprint lap. Yes, at high speeds you can still slide the car and have fun, providing you are committed, but the speeds at which you do this mean that you will not really be able to do so on the public road. The PS4 is great in the wet too. In fact they are utterly brilliant in the wet, a point I have underlined whenever it is wet in the Toyota Sprint Series, which will see all of us running them at the top of the leaderboard. I like the PS4, it's a great tyre. But, you have to push it to have fun on the road. Another really good choice is the Yokohama Advan Sport V105. I have gone through 5 sets of these and would have carried on with them were it not for them not being competitive in the sprint series I compete in. They are perhaps the best balance between grip and playfullness for the GT86. They are more progressive than the Primacy but not as grippy as the PS4. This means you can still have fun drifting a roundabout or on a decent B-road blast. They do really well on track too and you can slide the car around just as well as the Primacy. If I wasn't competing in the sprint series I would run a V105 instead of a PS4. It makes the car far more fun to drive. The other point to note is that I use stock 215/45/17 sizes albeit on a forged lightweight 17x8 wheel. If you like to play with the chassis do not make the mistake putting on wider tyres. All it does is detract from the fun and add unsprung weight.
  10. Lauren


    Nice. Guessing GT Limited spec, judging by what I can see of the interior, i.e., manual aircon, no digital speedo, cheaper plastics, no leather tops on the doors? No idea on the HKS tuning, you could try Fensport, they should be able to point you in the right direction.
  11. Lauren

    Alarm very quiet

    A while back may be your issue. If it's dying that quick time to replace. 3-4 year is all you get out of the battery and that's with regular use.
  12. I went to this musuem in Nagoya back in 2014. They do have quite a lot of other cars there as it is laid out by year or decade really. Some interesting stuff there for sure from rare JDM only to the Deux Chevaux and everything in between. I've shoved in some pics of my visit there.
  13. Lauren

    New Member - Exhaust Opinions/Starting Mods

    Avoid the Milltek they crack. Non-res is not that loud if you still have both cats. Even with the second cat removed it isn't that loud, though will be on cold idle on initial start up. Have a look at the TD systems, they do three options. A regular resonated system is a safe bet with your setup. You may not feel it's loud enough though. It will be fine if you for a manifold primary decat in the future. Contrary to what @MartinT said a non-res when you still have cats will not drone on the motorway. Even with the second removed it's fine. Cruising is never a problem really, you will hear it when you open the throttle, but that's kind of the point. I went through four Milltek exhausts before I got sick of the cracking and went for a TD resonated when I put a TD manifold on. I had no cats at this point. It was a little too loud, so I put some resonators (2x extra silencers) where the second cat would be. It's slightly too quiet, but I've got used to it now and am happy enough with it. No more cracks!
  14. Lauren

    58,000 miles / 4 year service

    Your service should be every 12 months or 10,000 miles whichever comes first. For me it's the mileage first. Every 10K miles is fine for an oil change. I seriously doubt you'll get rear diff oil and plugs included in that service price. My fuel filter will be due changing at the next service for the second time round, I'm seriously not looking forward to that one as it's around £600.
  15. Lauren

    Long term lurker and saver

    That is a lot of parts. I'm not sure the Subaru mirror if it is a BRZ one is auto dimming and the frameless Toyota one is much nicer looking. Please take this with a pinch of salt but given these cars are so rare, I'd love to see one that is just as it came out of the factory. No additional bits, only the TRD bits that it comes with, as it already comes with the TRD seats and steering wheel and all that. Adding things like an armrest when the stitching colour won't match may look out of place. I'm just fascinated to see a rare car as it is without any other additions. I would just add rear fog for the MOT then remove it afterwards, used to do this with my old AE86 to keep it more authentic. I love to check out all the specification differences and not muddy it with owner added extras. This car has a lot already after all. Obviously your car when you get and your choice of course.