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  1. It's down to when the car was built, not when it was registered.
  2. Hardly anyone has received a letter. You can either wait or go to your dealer and ask.
  3. There won't be additional charges for your car being modified, don't worry. There is an agreement to fit clutches and plugs with no labour charges.
  4. It didn't happen, they weren't ready and she was misled. She still hasn't had it done as far as I know. I knew that would be the case and they said to her they would do it in two days which is totally unrealistic.
  5. Lauren

    Toyota Warranty

    I didn't know that, though I ordered my car so it didn't apply to me. If that's what it says there is no catch as such. I guess your car was in the showroom for the most part.
  6. Lauren

    Service parts?

    Just follow the manual for what you need.
  7. Lauren

    So - visiting Japan. Tips?

    If you want to rent a GT86 you can do it via Toyota Japan, but you have to phone them to reserve it. You will need an international driving licence available from your post office. I'd say check what car events are on when you're going to see if you can tie it in. You'll most likely need a car to get to them. If you have any famous tuners you want to visit try and get in touch with them beforehand or if you have any Japanese friends try and get them to arrange it for you. If you want to go to the Subaru factory in Maebashi you will need a Japanese speaking friend to call them and arrange it for you. Note though you don't actually go in the GT86/BRZ factory they do a tour around the factory next door where the Forester is made. It's pretty cool though. You can do all the temples and stuff if you're Buddhist but if it doesn't mean that much to you apart from the very nice wood in there it's not really worth it. Just my thoughts. Kyoto is nice and historic and quite different to places like Yokohoma MM which were flattened in WWII. I would consider staying in Yokohama as well as it's like a vision of the future. As with Tokyo there is a lot to do, but it depends what you're interested in really. I went all the way to Hiroshima on bullet train to see all the atomic bomb stuff, well worth seeing. The trains are cheap with a weeks pass and you can go first class pretty cheaply, it's a great way to cover distance and get around, they are highly efficient and always on time. If you like the Initial D stuff, the Yokota museum is worth a look in Ikaho at the foot of Mt Haruna. Also make sure you stay in a Ryokan hotel for the experience. When I do get to go back I'm just going to do car stuff as that's the best bit for me anyway. What's on your list?
  8. I wouldn't worry too much, if you're dealer is worried by your modifications then they can refer to Toyota for advice. In all honesty there are others with far more substantial modifications. I would simply show them the differences and express your concerns as they will only take it on if they are confident that is how it works.
  9. Lauren

    New Orange GT86

    Welcome aboard, another Ginger!
  10. Lauren

    Sorry - been away awhile...

    Happy Birthday, Bob, good to see you're still around!
  11. I think it is, yes. I've had the Blue Edition on numerous occasions including for my recall. On the other hand it's hard to tell as my throttle is hyper sensitive since the remap. But I do think they have refined it somewhat over the earlier cars.
  12. Lauren

    New (and oldest ?) GT86 owner

    Ah hello, John, welcoe aboard. What took you so long? 😛 Great move I say and you'll love it as a drivers car. Funnily enough I was reading EVO last night and had got to the part of their Fast Fleet where they have a Blue Edition. An interesting comment that they said was that it was probably the best drivers car on the fleet when you get it down an A road. I will of course agree. I think you're right about the performance too. It's alright having loads of power but if you can hardly ever use it, what's the point? There's a real joy to using all the revs, keeping your momentum and having a real blast down your favourite A road. I can't think of a better car to do it in. Do check out Japfest Donington, it's a nice event and not too far from you. Enjoy.
  13. It's more this, I take umbrage with; 'How Toyota an international company treats it's customers', with a username of 'Unhappy Owner''. Maybe it would be more accurate if it said. 'How Toyota an international company treats one of it's customers'. I have received an excellent service from Toyota in my six years plus of ownership from new. I have had a fair few things placed under warranty when they could have easily said no. I too noticed that the car didn't have an auto dimming rear view mirror when I got my car, but as I had never had a car with one, I decided it didn't really matter. I'm all for standing on principle if I feel it's important, but on this occasion I didn't. At the OP, are you going to get another one?
  14. It's never had an auto dimming mirror. Maybe you would have been better checking on here first? Pretty small beans I mean in the scheme of things is it really that important?
  15. Just run it totally stock it will be absolutely fine. I tracked mine a fair bit before I changed anything. Don't change anything until you decide what you need to do. Always a good idea to run it stock and then change as you go along and where necessary. Cheaper that way too.