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  1. Lauren

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Having spent three hours yesterday playing with it, with direct support from the guy writing the files, it does seem to work very well, which did surprise me. The 'tune' had been on the rolling road of a very well known tuner. It delivered the power very well too. Yesterday was perhaps a lesson in understanding the subtle different between three maps before I finally came to a conclusion that as it transpired matched up with what three of the four other's testing it felt. My car does not have the benefit of Ecutek, it may well do in the future. I was quite surprised at how well resolved it was and how well it worked in practice, losing no drivability and in fact improving it over stock. I do think some progress has been made and it does deliver all I'd want from what I'd get from a remap on a rolling road.
  2. Lauren

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    The Tom's kit looks fab. Easily the best I've seen so far. I'm not one for bodykits though.
  3. Lauren

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I've been out doing testing on the tuning box. It's from DTE and we've been liaising with them, cue 3 hours of testing up and down the A34 yesterday and numerous phone calls discussing the incredibly subtle differences in feel between three maps. I guess that is road testing for you. In the end I settled on one map being a favourite, Richard agreed and it turned out so did three of the other four testers. We have a plan moving forward. What's it like. Well that struck both of us is just the crazy way it piles on speed, especially at the top end of the rev range. As expected it's f'ing quick, though the tuning box just adds to the stock madness of the car. It doesn't ruin it and it doesn't make the car feel over powered or dominated by the power which is good, though a stock car feels pretty pokey. I think that this is all you need in terms of power for the GRY. It's a little upgrade and just adds the required amount, a bit like a remap and manifold on the GT. I'm sold on this for sure.
  4. Lauren

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I won't be realistically looking at changing anything too quickly, I've still only had my car for six weeks. I'm still in the novelty phase of being able to go over speed humps without wincing and that does have some appeal as I spend a lot of time driving around residential streets for work. I also need to try my car out on track, when COVID allows, as I need to understand how it handles stock. In other news, I've teamed up with Richard and a tuning box company, and will be doing some testing, which is fine tuning of the box yet. It's a mild increase to 300bhp/300lbft which will be interesting to try. Not that the car doesn't feel fast enough stock, but a lot of people will want that slight boost in power.
  5. Lauren

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Please don't say that, trying to leave mine stock. 🤣
  6. Lauren

    BRZ mud guard

    I ordered mudguards with my car 8 years ago. I can tell you the stock mudguards are super tough and have lasted very well despite being caught on kerbs etcetera.
  7. Lauren

    How do we report a user

    Sorry Martin! Sorted.
  8. Lauren

    How do we report a user

    Thank you. I'm already a mod on the GR Yaris forum. 🤣
  9. Lauren

    How do we report a user

    Thank you all, have added you as mods, hopefully it will all work okay. Any questions please let me know.
  10. Lauren

    How do we report a user

    Thank you all for offers of support.
  11. Lauren

    How do we report a user

    Thats very good for you, but we've had no such interest when we have asked previously. Problem is longer term I don't want to be tied to it forever.
  12. Lauren

    How do we report a user

    For fucks sake. That's 30 reports I've had to go through today. You're right, Nigel, I need some volunteers to help me with this. So many duplicates with a lot of people reporting the same five users or so. Any volunteers? It's mainly a thankless task I'm afraid.
  13. Lauren

    How do we report a user

    I am the only one who moderates on here unfortunately. I do not have any moderators!
  14. Lauren

    How do we report a user

    I woke up to 22 reports this morning! 😂Don't worry I've banned them.
  15. Lauren

    GR Yaris and Civic Type-R (FK8)

    @gavin_t that's a good point, though it is a similar thing with the GR Yaris. The limits are so high I will need to wait till the government allows me to do a track day in the GR Yaris before I can fully assess it's handling. I guess that's progress and to a point I do miss the much lower speed playability that you get with the GT86, as after all, any greasy roundabout can provide all the fun you need at 20mph. I tried that in the Yaris today and whilst there was a little slip, it just pulled true and shot off like a missile! 😂Mind you, snow provides a whole newfound entertainment, just need more of it! Still, I wanted something different from the GT and this is most certainly it.