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  1. Lauren

    In comes the GR86

    That doesn't make sense as the GT definitely will rotate under braking. I have always used this to good effect on the sprints. You need to do it with everything turned off though it will do it to a point in sport/track mode.
  2. Lauren

    In comes the GR86

    Looks really good to be fair. Only had time to watch one vid, but will have a look at the others tonight. I think they have gone in the right direction with it. Bit more power, bit more grip, much the same balance, which lets face it was just great. Quite like the dash options too.
  3. For sale, well it feels like I'm giving it away is my GT86 stock exhaust. This exhaust has done zero mileage and was removed from my new car at PDI as I had a Milltek fitted before I collected it in February 2013. The exhaust was wrapped and sat in my shed for the last 8.5 years. I mistakenly thought if I sit on it, then it may be worth something. Alas this has proved to not be the case! I live 2 miles from Manchester Airport. Due to what it is, it will be collection only.
  4. Lauren

    FB and rival Club Stands

    Fair comment, Sam. Speaking for myself and the club, I have absolutely no problem with other groups, doing their own thing, I totally understand that and support it and the community. Variety is a good thing and it is never ever going to be the case that there can be only one club. We are always happy to work together with other clubs, no problem at all. I think when the OP started the thread it came across I fully expect unintentionally that there was some rivalry, when of course there is not. The only issue I would say that did arise, is that it's considered poor netiquette to wish to advertise an event such as the C&M event on our FB page from another group as Seb did without asking first. In the matter of further events, just let us know. For example with the GT86 OC, we always post on their forum explicitly inviting them to join us. For the other main GT86/BRZ FB page we have an arrangement where we advertise any of the events we have on their page as they are more of a FB group than a club per se.
  5. Lauren

    FB and rival Club Stands

    @Mani I'm a little surprised that Sam Hardy has not approached the drivers club in the first instance. That would have been the easy way. There is no breakdown in communication. Sam at Cult 86 has simply not consulted us. Then people seem to be aking us why. If Sam wishes to combine Cult 86 with the DC then all he had to do is ask. Simple stuff you'd think? Cult 86 has 66 FB members. GT86 BRZ DC has over 11,600 I cannot think why it would be my job to chase them?
  6. Lauren

    FB and rival Club Stands

    A question I would ask is why Cult 86 didn't speak to us about joining with our stand seeing as it's been organised for a year and a half. Cult 86 could have had a section on our stand. Maybe you should ask them? GT86 OC have always been invited to join us at Japfest. The GT86 DC FB page is exactly that. It is not a joint venture with the OC. If you would like to liaise with Cult 86 and direct them here, Jeff, Will and I would be more than happy to talk. People will always ask the same questions over and over. It's simply the nature of the beast. We can't really help that many spend their entire lives on FB and don't look at forums, it's just the way things have gone.
  7. The warranty will work as it always has with modified cars. Any failure would be looked at, but it is not necessarily going to void your warranty just because you have modifications. I had no problems with warranty claims despite having modifications.
  8. Lauren

    In comes the GR86

    It is coming to the UK. A bit early for any special editions as such, though there may be a launch edition, will have to wait and see.
  9. Lauren

    New (to me) 2013 GT86 owner!

    You fixed it. 👍
  10. Lauren

    New (to me) 2013 GT86 owner!

    Welcome aboard. Can't see the photos for some reason.
  11. Lauren

    Toyota RWD fan

    Welcome aboard, Adrian. I had three MK1 MR2's going back a long time and raced them back in the early noughties. I liked the MK3 and remember having a ball in a turbo'd one round Dijon and Magny Cours. Blimey nigh on 20 years ago now! Glad you are enjoying the car.
  12. Lauren

    Manual or Automatic transmission??

    It's more likely down to your driving. I seem to go past turbo'd GT86's easily enough on track, but there's no way I'm faster than them in a straight line. Bold statement but I don't think I've had another GT86 overtake me on track ever, though I fully expect there'll be someone along to tell me they have. 😂
  13. Lauren

    Manual or Automatic transmission??

    I've driven autos on road and track and owned a manual for 8 years. The auto is slow on up changes. The gearing is longer so it accelerates slower. Comments about autos being quicker on track defy logic. Depends what you want. All I can say is I don't like autos.
  14. Lauren

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    It's no more or less likely than any other car I would say. It's simply driver error. It may be more likely with a LHD car due to the seat position. The gearbox on the GR is easier than on the GT86 and going from 5th to 4th, the spring of the gate is all you need. Robert has clearly messed this up. Best tip is to never ever block shift. Always go through the gears. Absolutely essential on track.