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  1. Lauren

    Newbie from Newbury

    Welcome aboard.
  2. Lauren

    How do you fit your tow loop?

    Just use the stock one. It's what I do. Then you can put it back in the boot afterwards and don't have to drive around with one in all the time.
  3. You could contact @Riceburner i,e., Richard at RRG Macc he should be able to help.
  4. Lauren

    Newbie - Leicestershire

    Welcome aboard. Check out the social meets for stuff local to you. There are meets arranged in the West Midlands round Birmingham area as a rule. Any plans for it? Enjoy.
  5. Lauren

    Big brake kit time?

    I totally get that you are right and this is I guess the point that @Deacon is making they are not necessary if you are doing a few trackdays a year and as Jeff pointed out track orientated pads with matching discs will be up for the job if you are. So yes, not worth it for the majority of owners who go and have a play. Even in the sprint series the stock calipers with different pads will do the job and won't hold you back from being competitive. Look at Rob Dowsett competing in my class in a stock car bar PS4's. He's not far off. I would concur with @Ade for the reason for going BBK as I do at lot of miles on the road.
  6. Lauren

    Batteries 🤬

    It's lack of use which is certainly the issue. I had my first 45Ah battery fail at 70K miles and three years. Replaced under warranty with 65Ah and is still fine at 137K miles and three and a half years later. Recently went on holiday for a week, no problems. Whilst the alarm will draw current, I think is more the case that a lot of owners simply don't use their cars that much which is what seems to cause the problems. Maybe there are other cars out there that don't suffer this issue. The UK alarm system is installed at Portbury Docks and the way to define whether this is the issue is to see if the problem still occurs in other markets which don't have an alarm fitted.
  7. Lauren

    Big brake kit time?

    @Deacon didn't realise that Oulton was your first track day? Thought you'd been doing it longer than that? Well the bottom line is there is no way I'd go back to stock calipers and different discs and pads. More than happy with my setup. Just seems a no brainer for me.
  8. Lauren

    Big brake kit time?

    I run DS2500s. Great for road and track and because my brakes have the thermal capacity for track. We did tried this with measuring caliper temperatures at Blyton Park with Will's car and he never got them that hot. Mine are quieter than stock pads or the incredibly noisy Project Mu's I ran historically. I CBA to dick around changing pads when I simply don't need to.
  9. Lauren

    Big brake kit time?

    It's obvious, they can take more heat. My setup will outperform yours all day long. You don't push as hard as I do on track, I've been out on track the same time as you before, so I've seen the evidence for that and we had the same pads I believe. So it may be fine for you, but I compete in my car, I don't just cruise round the track. Even on a sprint the extra thermal capacity is useful as you have to be the last of the late brakers as every hundredth of a second counts.
  10. Lauren

    Big brake kit time?

    But the reality is I'm not going to mess about changing pads just to go on track. I just want something that does both very well. My setup does that and will out perform whatever pad/disc combination you have on the stock calipers. It's also just as good on the road. I've had over 30K miles out of them now.
  11. Lauren

    Big brake kit time?

    They were, yes. I'm not convinced properly capable pads would have given me the confidence in consistency of braking that I have now though.
  12. Lauren

    Big brake kit time?

    Depends upon what you mean by 'decent' tyres. Even with decent road tyres you will over come what the stock brakes are capable of after a few laps. It's about sustaining feel and keeping the consistency of it lap after lap. Even in a sprint which is only one lap I get the advantage of a BBK. It inspires confidence and the brakes simply consistent and don't fade. On a sprint I struggle with stock calipers. Uprated pads offer only a slight improvement. The other point you and most are missing is that if you trail brake the modulation of pressure and consistency of feel is key to being able to adjust the angle of the car when turning into a corner. I admit these are advanced techniques that I don't expect your average driver to thoroughly grasp, but having a BBK even using road tyres has possibly been one of the best modifications I've done to my car.
  13. Lauren

    Surrey newbie

    Welcome aboard, loads going on down south. Look out for local meets.
  14. Lauren

    Deacons '86

    It's a bit of a dick thing to do to hold people up and not move out of the way if another car has caught up. I wouldn't be a fag paper from their bumper because it's not racing. But I would go a fair bit closer than you did. It's just experience really. The driver was a billy, so not much skill by the looks of it, but if you hang back too much they often don't move over, thinking mistakenly they are running at the same pace as you.
  15. Your dealer is talking rubbish. They have to take out the refrigerant and then put it back in topping up if necessary. I would take it back. Mine apparently had lost 10g or so but obviously was topped up when refilled.