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    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I made an initial deposit yesterday of £500 in an effort to get an early build slot when things start happenning. Went for Pure White with Circuit Pack. No other other options at present. That may change, we shall see. There will be a UK unveil at Goodwood FOS in July, with dealer demos in October. Delivery is January 2021, but it could move forward to November. Really excited! Got a brochure as well! 🤣
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    New Owner - Red Primo 86! :)

    Hi guys, so I've been reading the SH*T out of this forum and it has been an absolute game changer, learnt so much about the car. So I thought it was time to say hi! My name is Kai and I bought a stock red Primo 86 ( yes primo!) just over 2 months ago. A bit about myself, I'm 22 and based in Norwich working as a graduate engineer at Lotus. As hard as I tried to leave it stock for a few months, I've been hooked to modding already. So far I've done cheap/simple mods: 18 inch ET35 RS style wheels Smoked sequential tail lights white LED interior and license plate lights Carbon effect (lol) lip spoiler Blacked out badges Window louvres Berk dual exit muffler delete TD 2nd cat delete (yes its feckin loud and asbo but i love it, sorry neighbors) The plans for the near future are: ht autos lip kit lowering springs (like i said, being young i want to save as much money as possible so couldnt justify coilovers!) New tyres - PS4s TD NA package near black friday deals! Hopefully i can make it to Japfest for the first time and I look forward to meeting some of you! have a good one
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    Event Title: Go Japan! - Brands Hatch, Sunday September 13th Event Author: VAD17 Event Date: 13.09.2020 Go Japan! Sunday, September 13th Brands Hatch Circuit https://gojapan.co.uk/ Go Japan is an automotive celebration of anything Japanese, taking place at Brands Hatch for the first time. It's sure to be a season highlight! The event is 'Japanese only' in terms of cars, and will feature many interactive displays plus Japanese arts and crafts and cultural experiences. It will also feature Comicon characters, live music, industry celebrities and much more. Time Attack will headline at this event on-track, with professional, Japanese drift cars also set to thrill. There will also be a showcase of 'Japanese Legends‘ and a presentation of tuning and race cars from the present and past. What to expect at Go Japan!? Motorsport on track: Time Attack / Racing / Drifting / Special Exhibits Car clubs & displays off track Visitor participatory experiences Car Show Japanese food vendors Performers & Cosplay Live stage Live music, DJ & cultural displays Competitions Harajuku fashion show Hobby & enthusiasts groups Celebrity race drivers / influencers Iconic race cars Trade Zones – Car/Bike/Culture Family fun To see what's on go to: http://gojapan.co.uk/whats-on/ We will have club stand. To book space on the club stand go to: http://gojapan.co.uk/club-stands/ and click "Join your club stand" (red button) to register Club code: 96006631 (please make sure you register to for us to get space) To book tickets (separate to club stand) go to: https://brandshatch.msv.com/BH-20-gojapan Once you booked tickets and club stand please let me know. See you there! Attending: 1. @VAD17 (organiser) Go Japan! - Brands Hatch, Sunday September 13th
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    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Hot off the press yesterday as the order books open for delivery January 2021: https://www.toyota.co.uk/world-of-toyota/toyota-gazoo-racing/gr-yaris/specs# I've already spoken to Richard at RRG. Going down Saturday to put a deposit down. I want this car! Obviously going for the track pack. Price is £33.5K reckon there may be an OTR tax to add though, will find out.
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    Picked up a 2013 gt86 on Saturday morning and am finding any excuse for a drive.
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    Some lovely cars and people 😃 Great coffee too!
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    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Yeah, it is an interesting thing where people move onto. For me whilst I am excited about what the new GT86 may bring, I've had my car for seven years, been to the moon and halfway back and done everything I can with the car. I've not made any changes to it in two and a half years now. I think I'm ready to try something different. First turbo, first 4WD, but the absolute appeal is being able to own a proper homologation special and that is ticking a big box for me. So much so, that I just couldn't resist! Cars like these will not exist in the not to distant future and it' got a manual gearbox. Got to make the most of it while you can I think. Also ticking another box is ordering a car that hasn't even made production yet, super excited to follow the build up which is going to be a long one. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds.
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    Little update. 600 road miles plus a full days trackday action post recall. Didn't implode so assume new cams and all other work is good 😊
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    I had a dent on my door recently (looks like someone opened their door into it). I found a paintless repair place but due to the location of the dent they couldn't repair it. I got a quote from chipsaway, a local garage and also the Xpress centre found at some Tescos. Xpress was the cheapest and went with them, very happy with the results.
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    Next Yorkshire Meet

    Last meet up was good-thanks for organising it Mike. This place, south of Huddersfield is on my radar as somewhere I'd like to go some time, but not been yet. http://thecardingshed.co.uk/ Might be an option?
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    Takona @ Fuel Coffee House 08/03/2020

    Thank you to everyone who came this morning, was lovely to chatting to those that I did and my apologies for anyone I didn’t get chance to speak with. Hopefully the good turnout today will mean some more at Fuel in the future with more reliable weather! thanks again, Lewis #itsoktotlk
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    So - visiting Japan. Tips?

    Definitely visit the Toyota showroom/museum in Odaiba as what others have mentioned above.. here's 2 pics to wet your appetite (I went in 2012)
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    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Super exciting. It is very interesting to see the forum members move on to different cars - some onto new boxer engines ones ( Porsche) , some onto the new Supra and now the Yaris GR. Now looking forward to 2nd Gen BRZ/GT86 and what it holds in store! Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
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    Tickets all booked. Great day out last year 😀
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    Thank you. Exciting day today. Going to go for the 'pure white' rather than pearlescent. I know pearlescent will match my car, but pure white or 'championship white' is more in keeping with the rally ethos. it's also the no cost colour option. 😆 I will still be around, don't worry.
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    Would be a shame to get rid of the car after all this time and seeing you and I are the highest mileage owners in the UK from 1st owner of our respective cars [emoji14] I am aiming for 200k.....lol
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    Mark is going to buy it off me at a bargain price. At least that’s the plan.
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    Probably. Don't think I have done 20k in the 4 and a bit years I have owned it 😂
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    Alright Nigel there is always one 😂
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    New Owner - Red Primo 86! :)

    jeez 😅 luckily i dont plan to track mine for a while until I can afford better brakes so they are perfectly fine for now. If i manage to set them on fire during my daily commute I deserve to lose my license!
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    New Owner - Red Primo 86! :)

    Fair play. Only real downside if you're not bothered by less fancy trim, is the smaller brakes. I had the equivalent of a Primo in Japan (GT Limited) and set the brakes on fire on the touge! YMMV of course!
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    New Owner - Red Primo 86! :)

    I like the rs style wheels. Had considered them for mine at some point. Angelina has a red primo model that does looks very cool with its simpler designed headlights and key start. Means you get a bigger storage pocket for your phone as well.
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    New Owner - Red Primo 86! :)

    Welcome aboard, not many Primo models around, think only 31 were sold!
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    Deacons '86

    The Maxxis Victra Sport VS5's also got their debut run out on track. When I arrived at Bedford they'd done about 50 road miles. During the morning the track was very green and the tyres were very slippery. By the afternoon the track had rubbered in a bit after the previous few days storms and the tyres has burnt off their releasing agents and they were much happier. I have previously run the PS4's on both road and track and in the afternoon sessions the VS5's seemed very similar - with a similar drop in grip as they overheated after about 4/5 laps (16-20 miles at Bedford). I ended up doing about 175 miles on track. By the time I got home the tyres had done about 200 road miles and the 175 track miles and they seem to have worn pretty well Only thing I have noticed is that even on the road they seem to need a bit of temperature to work well. Driving to work in temps around 1-2° they were a bit slippery until I'd done a few miles and they'd heated up a little. This isn't something I remember from the PS4's but also I would very rarely have driven the PS4's in those kinds of temperature due to running winters so it could just be that I didn't really use the PS4's in those conditions when I had them. I'll post a bit more feedback when I've done some more road and track miles on them.