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    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I feel happy enough now to not worry about a test drive before I pick it up.
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    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I see Chris is busy doing doughnuts in it 😂 @Lauren you know what to do.... https://www.facebook.com/393436180817481/posts/1709271342567285/?sfnsn=scwspmo
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    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    He's described it as "the best new car I've driven this year" and a "little slice of genius" on Twitter. Fair to say he likes it. This lockdown needs to hurry up and end, I really want to test drive one!
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    1000 PR

    Coolant leak

    Toyota eventually collected the GT from home and fixed a leaking hose which apparently was a known fix on the Toyota faults forum. The car has now been returned at no extra charge and all is now well, fingers crossed!
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    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    Exactly, a courtesy or hire car burning money by the day will focus their minds.
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    Time has come to move on from the 86 after 7 years of ownership, and i'm going to be selling the higher end parts off the car first All parts are used and collection Stoke on Trent Cosworth Supercharger - £SOLD Cosworth / Ap Racing 6 pot brake kit - £SOLD Pending collection Volk Rays G25 Staggered 18*8, 18*9 - £1350 Baruta Black and Red carbon interior - £800 (or £700 with your old panels exchanged) TRD Steering Wheel £SOLD Message me for more details on any of the above Thanks Neil
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    2nd Gen GT86

    I quite like the small ducktail bootlid and the 2.4l engine should lend itself to even better power upgrades and boost. It looks good in silver, less good in Subaru blue. It's no biggie over ours but let's respect the fact that it keeps the concept going where we thought the model might be dead. With the latest government announcement about battery cars we have one more decade to buy this sort of car. Enjoy it while it lasts!
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    Rocket Panda

    Hyundai i30 N Advert

    New addition to the Asian stable 😎
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    WTD: 12-14 plate Grey GT86

    Probably because the earlier cars had the valve spring recall and some, a small amount, have subsequently gone pop. Mine has been fine, but isn't for sale.
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    GT86 Racecar build

    It’s been a little while since I updated this thread In between lockdowns here in Ireland I did manage to get the car to my friend who preps racecars and he kindly did an alignment and corner weighting for me before I hit the track for the first time since the wisefab install. The car was actually sitting quite low by the time I reached my friends workshop before the setup was completed, mostly due to the car settling quite a lot in the trailer while I was transporting it. We just decided to leave it low and set up the geometry to see how it would work on track The first day out was a revelation, I can honestly say the suspension made a massive difference in the cars handling, but in particular to the rear end grip levels, it was putting down the power so much better, and the lateral grip was excellent, I found just over 1 second within the first handful of laps just purely from the confidence it gave me. While at the track-day the organizers asked if I they could take a couple of photos for a feature piece on their website, I was more than happy to oblige and got some really nice shots as a result However all did not go to plan during the trackday and I was hearing a lot of wheel rubbing in the arches. The car was sitting quite low and it’s wasn’t a major surprise but it was a little bit of a headache. The KW V3 suspension I’m running does not have independent ride height adjustment, the height set using the spring seats only. The wisefab kit had given a considerable ride height drop via the knuckles and as a result the struts at the rear were already wound up quite high, and in turn this was leaving me with minimal droop on the rear suspension which is not ideal. I wasn’t sure what exactly I would do to remedy it, I was looking at changing my suspension setup but there are limited high end options that have independent ride height adjustment, and in truth I quite like the KW setup......so I kept searching until I stumbled across the Subaru obsession with lift kits Thanks to the crossover fitment with the BRZ and a lot of it’s more rugged Subaru cousins I was able to find a set of shock tower poly spacers that would raise the ride height and actually let me drop the spring seats at the rear a little lower and regain some droop I’ve yet to get back out on track with the ride height now raised, and I’ll also have to get the car realigned and corner weighted again once I get the ride height dialled in with no rubbing going on but at least I have a solution now.
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Somewhere in the Swiss Alps [emoji2369] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Tracking shot from a recent Trackday
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    I would say that simply changing the tyres for a better performing tyre unlocks a lot of traction and handling from the chassis.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone, I'm sold! Plus I see V105s are available in 215/40-18, so that's a nice plus for a bit more movement under the car
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    Another happy V105 user here.... Went from stock primacy tyres on the OEM wheels to some Yokohama V105 in 225/40-18 on my new wheels and haven't looked back and I am on my 3rd set of V105 now Can still swing the back out if you provoke it, takes a little more effort but the way the tyres behave is so much better. The breakaway is very progressive and gives you a lot more trust in what the car will do. The primacy was more grip followed by VERY sideways all or nothing. These are much more predictable and therefore fun Was tempted to jump on the Michelin PS4 bandwagon last time I needed new rubber but decided "if it aint broke don't fix it" and just got another set.
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    Passenger door unlock on BRZ

    Yes it is configurable, mine (an 86) only the drivers door unlocked with the smart entry. I changed it to both doors with this method (credit to codename47 as it was from his post): Use the drivers door handle to open the door Leave the door open and hold the lock and unlock buttons on the fob for 5 seconds You'll hear a couple of beeps Voila - your drives handle now opens both doors. This can be repeated to reverse if wanted!
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    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    I've had the timing chain go on my Celica and that was months and several thousand miles after any work was done it on the engine. It only needs it to jump one tooth for the engine to sound rough but stil function but the tensioner could be keeping it just about in check and may only occur when a combination of things happen. Hard acceleration, engine braking, and just tips the ability of the tensioner to counter the sudden slack.
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    Cobra res VS T.D. super res

    Cheers, I will keep an eye out for it.
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    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    That's red, or Scarlet Flare. I'm not a fan of that colour, though many seem to love it. Thankfully they are not selling it in orange. 😂 GR colours only of course. Everyone seems to love it if you read/watch all the reviews. EVO 5 star car? Yes please. We all know how fussy EVO are when they review.
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    I think 7.5 will be fine with a 225 tyre. Would maybe sit slighter squarer and give better feel on an 8. Although if there is a wheel you like in 7.5 it will be fine also I think 225 wide tyres on an 8 inch wheel is the sweet spot for the NA car. I agree with @martinT that a bit of extra grip does unlock more of the cars chassis potential.
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    Coolant leak

    If you're dropping your car off for them to look at it, I would expect to get a courtesy car. Worth an ask.
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    GT86 Racecar build

    I'll also apologies at this point for the onslaught of posts, as some of you can probably tell I'm copying it across from a long running build thread on a local Irish forum, but though people on here might like it too, and to be fair I've purchased a lot of items and got a lot of support from traders on here so was time to give some love back
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    Focal IS165TOY installation and review

    Less boomy all round, from backing out of the drive to legal motorway speeds. Not in the same class as a non sports car obviously, but definitely worth the time and effort to put it in. Unfortunately I can hear wifey talking to me now.
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    Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    There's no reason why it can't be going in 30 years time, just like my AE86 is. I'll run my GT until I have to buy another car, then I will simply retire it from daily duties like I did with my AE86. I'm not sure about those beaded seat covers, though.