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    Andrew Smith

    Right faff today

    As the title suggests, I have had a panic but fun day. With the club track day coming up on sunday I thought it best to check over my brakes. The Tarox bbk bought of our very own Rob have been great but the pads were getting low so it was time to drop in the spares. All was great until I tried to remove the pad pins. This first came out with a little fight but the second sheared off in the hole at the threaded end, bugger! I phoned Tarox and the guy on the other end was great. Although he couldn't supply me the pins before the weekend he did tell me exactly what I needed so with that info I hit the internet. If you haven't been there before, the internet has everything that you ever wanted, well apart from an M6 105mm 12.9 partial thread hex head bolt. The internet does have something in vast quantities and that is phone numbers. A few calls were made with no joy and I was beginning to think that plan B was going to be put in to action i.e. the original callipers but the next call got me sorted and restored my faith in humanity. I spoke to a chap called Ross at TR Fastenings in the Manchester branch 01825747453, who managed to find me some pins that would do the job and could get them to me for Wednesday. As the conversation was ending and I could sense his immanent signing off I asked "how much?" "No charge and I shall throw you a couple of extras in" was the reply. Just wanted to give Ross and TR Fastenings a shout out, excellent service. As for getting the remainder of the pin out of the hole, that took 3 punches two of which are now deceased and 3 hammers of varying sizes. Why don't I just pick up the lump hammer in the first place? would have saved me hours over the years. Ta muchly, see you Sunday
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    Iceland Meet

    All the way to Iceland and meet up with @maurice good evening too
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    Well we popped out for a drive yesterday afternoon in the pouring rain. My girlfriend loved it although she is not yet convinced by the practicality side or whether it's just too flashy for her. She's also concerned that I'd be too precious about the car (keeping it clean, looking after it etc) whereas her current car is used as a mobile storage facility/dustbin. But if she drives the T5 van as a daily then that might be an option? I was very impressed with the way the GT86 drove. Yes it felt incredibly slow after the Audi yet in contrast to the Audi it felt light, adjustable, responsive and simple. I liked it a lot. More practical than I remember too with the fold down rear bench and also excellent visibility all round I thought for the type of car. In short I'd have one, it's a big YES from me, but she'll need to give it a little more consideration. So we're going to have a think about it and hopefully we can reach a decision and (if it's right for her) have a GT86 on the drive by the summer. Fall back option wont be a Skoda if I can help it but probably something more practical, common and understated like a Megane RS or Golf R. Would much rather the GT86 though personally.
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    Andrew Smith

    Right faff today

    All done and road tested, one set of ebay bolts turned up this morning and I soon had them in and the brakes bled. Rear pads now... stuff it , they should just about last, bringing spares just in case
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    For anyone who doesn't use the FB group thought I'd share this picture of the new Rogue Motorsport Uel and El longtube manifolds they now offer. I'm running the El one and the power and, especially torque gains, are really impressive. Good to have even more good tuning options available! Picture is without the overpipe which also forms part of the runners on these. Think this is the only longtube Uel that uses the overpipe as part of the runners for our cars.
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    Well it seems that the UK oversold it's A90 Edition, some buyers have mentioned getting an apology from TGB for the cock up. Plus it seems that all Pro spec have also gone. Not sure when the next lot will be available, but well done to anyone who got one!
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    Problem With Heat Wrap

    It's going to have to be, I see no way of opening up more of a gap. To be honest, it was closer before and took a year to become a problem. Now that there's no rubbing it should last longer. Be sure that I'll be monitoring it closely.
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    TD in Warrington. Sent from my LG-Q6 using Tapatalk
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    Greetings fellow GT86'ers!

    Hallo folks, Finally after after reading through every bit of material I could find on the GT86, thought I'd join the team and say Hello! Driving an imported modified Asphalt GT86 . Paying through the nose to have it insured via Admiral . But all the other insurance providers were quite snotty and couldn't wait to put the phone down when I mentioned I had an import! But otherwise, a great journey so far. Driving it by day, reading about it by night. Anyways, look forward to meeting and comparing to the UK spec.
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    Simply Japanese 2019

    Event Title: Simply Japanese 2019 Event Author: https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-japanese/ Date: 28/07/2019 This is a great day out for all the family if they wish to come too. Come and meet up with fellow club members and get to know some new faces as well as catching up with some of the more familiar faces you may know. You will need to click the link above to purchase your tickets, Beaulieu will send me a banner to be displayed in your front screen on arrival. I will post this up when received. As usual we will arrange a meeting spot at the pub see details below. Pub = The White Heart at Cadnam. Post Code = SO40 2NP Aim to arrive at 08:00 approx and looking to set off for the Museum at 08: 20 approx. If you are meeting at the pub can you indicate this as well so we can judge when to leave. look forward to meeting up with you all this year. Attending event 1) Leevsfortyone 2) Badger 3) Harry Haddock 4) Smulers 5) Subota Boy 6) Kevin & Debs Simply Japanese 2019
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    Price wise they are both about £1200 and obviously that's the manifold and overpipe. Dyno below shows my car with a Cobra non resonated catback, perrin intake hose, HKS drop in filter and EcuTek map against Rogue Motorsport El manifold, custom intake (but pre heat wrapping), Rogue Motorsport resonated sports cat pipe and HKS HiPower Spec L cat back Torque gain in the dip peaks around 33lbft and power in the dip by about 25hp. Power gain at the top end is about 20hp.
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    What is everyone doing to get these cars to step out? I've hooned mine all over the peak district in various weathers and I could have an industrial accident and still have enough fingers left to count the number of times my backend's stepped out on me. Clearly my feathery touch is too light.
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    Cars and Coffee @ Museum Of Power

    I will be there. Come on sunshine!!
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    That's better. You need to put some prices up though. If it's any help I sold an airbox and induction piping for £45 but mine had spent less than a week on my car so was absolutely mint. So I would say £30 maybe? Exhaust £50-80 I would say. That head unit, I don't think it will have any value especialy with no Western Europe maps on it. It looks worse than the stock UK head unit. It's not pretty is it?
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    Problem With Heat Wrap

    I'm hoping so. There should be no rubbing which is what started it all.
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    Harry Haddock

    2019 Goodwood Breakfast Club

    Close to me and both dates good, Lou
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    Alloy wheel help

    You can, but a 225 is a bit wide for a 7" wheel, so the sidewall issue will be worse it will take away feel. As for bumps, maybe.
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    TD is where you need to go, satisfied customers in both competition and road cars. You will get lot's of feedback from people on here.
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    New Supra to be unveiled on Monday

    Be very sad if that is the case. The Supra seems more of a grand tourer to me with all it's creature comforts like fancy electric seats and what have you weighing it down. I think Toyota said something like they expect it to spend 98% of it's time as a road car, a car you use as a daily. Based on the price of the i6 I assume the 4 pot will still have a fairly hefty price tag and the PH article implies it will be another automatic. Personally I love the fact that the GT86 is a real back to basics drivers car and I enjoy having a manual gearbox and proper handbrake. However, from Toyota's point of view I don't know how much sense a Mk 2 would make. If they only make cosmetic changes there will be complaints it still hasn't got any more power, if they up the performance it likely hits sales of the Supra.
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    GT86/BRZ Drivers Club Facebook Group

    For new members thought I'd drop this post here pointing at the Facebook Group for more online instant banter https://www.facebook.com/groups/278484378954818/ Once you have joined then you can add others, if you need someone to add you leave a comment below Alec
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    Dual batteries

    Tommy and Andrew - thank you so much for all the info. I will need to look into getting the info required when I get time. Then I’ll look into whether or not it’s something I’m able to do. Even though electronics (engineering) is a long-standing hobby of mine, there are still limits to what I am comfortable doing with a car, especially given the complexity of electrics in modern cars and motorcycles. I normally shy away from anything too risky, seeing as my 86 is the first car I’ve ever bought outright and, just as when I had motorcycle, I’m hesitant to risk anything that may result in a cascade failure, which would typically occur when I am driving somewhat enthusiastically. I’ll see how I get on. Very much appreciated. Richard
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    Hello all

    I was going to stay NA, and have been looking at the tuning developments package. Seems like a popular choice with some good reviews.
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    Hello all

    Hello, and welcome [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Sorry to keep you waiting! I've been in a bad place since new year for work and personal reasons, so I haven't even seen the car myself for a couple of weeks. Luckily, Chris from Phoenix Engine Management who did all the custom loom has been an absolute saint! Still working on the Motec map remotely in his spare time without me even asking. I can't think him enough for his efforts and I probably would have lost all interest if it wasn't for him. I'm due to catch up with Simon at Carson Performance and Chris tomorrow, hopefully to get some more progress as it's been a tricky start to 2019 with various mapping issues. Still a way to go yet, but we're making steps in the right direction. Dyno time probably won't be for a while due to funds as the cost of my mapping guy and a dyno for the day will be a fair whack. But the initial fire up video shouldn't be too far away now. Whilst Chris has been dealing with all the mapping issues, it's given us time to sort out a fuel leak, a water leak and get a new supercharger gasket from Ford USA. All the little niggly bits that you forget about and just take up way more time and effort than you'd expect.
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    Well if you want people to know who you are then why not post a mugshot here, this is me, Alec, one of the 4 Directors, fat, balding cockney with a Silver (now Red) Rat car who keeps offering you Doughnuts or Biscuits and this is my car ( No. 19 this year in the TSS, No. 42 last year) at one of its favourite places as it looked (Dirty!) at JapFest After I crashed it I replaced it with a red one