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    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    A few more goodies I got recently but i'll save the best for last! Along with my wheels I got a full set of rear adjustable Camber, Toe and Trailing arms from Driftworks. There are loads of these on the market but some can be pretty wildly expensive as they're likely made from all sorts of billet aluminium or titanium and others come in some rather funky colours which im not fond of. These arms are made of Steel so a bit heavier than the various billet options but also a fraction of the price and are finished in a nice subtle black powdercoating. As well as this to go along with my new wheels I picked up some tyres. it was quite tricky to find the exact combo I was looking for without breaking the bank but the Federal 595 RS-R's were the perfect size and an incredible price. I wanted to go with 245/34/18 on the front and 285/30/18 on the rear to keep the rolling radius of the wheels almost exactly the same as stock and exactly the same front/back. The rear size is quite rare with any form of performance tyre as most are made for 20 inch porsche wheels, etc and being able to find these Federals at £400 for all 4 corners was a great price for so much rubber. They're also a light semi-slick track tyre in essence as well and i've always heard incredible things about them along with the Nankang NS2R's when searching the web for good track tyres as they always come up in conversations as a good budget alternative to tyres such as the Toyo R888 and Yokohama AD08R's which we previous ran on our VX220. I Don't really plan to do loads of track days in the 86 but it should be good to see how these handles and later down the line i'll most likely need the extra grip when i've got a few extra cylinder's up front! Another small one as it was a Christmas present was a set of TGR Motorsports wheel nuts. I had met these guys previously last year (2019) at JAE Festival and it was good to have a chat with the owner and check out his products. I've always quite liked fancy wheel nuts but i've never been fond of their price tag. Alot of lesser wheel nuts can rust pretty quickly after use or even be made from Aluminium (definitely not what you want!) and previously i've used Muteki SR48 which are a high quality, well priced product from japan however these TGR nuts are made of a durable steel construction finished in gunmetal with an internal drive and a small aluminium beauty cap to finish them off, i went for black in this case to keep things subtle but they come in all kinds of colours. One of my favourite bits about them as well is they also feature a free sprinning collar at the bottom of each nut which should prevent any damage to the wheel nut seats in the wheels, this is quickly becoming quite a big feature of alot of wheel nuts brands but i've not found any so easily available in the UK or at this price (£45) with this little feature. And finally.. but by no means (or all means!) least.. Another christmas present, this time modelled wonderfully by Yours truly. My brother bought me a set of Overalls for christmas to wear when working on the car and kitted them out with a few custom patches, i particularly like the custom name tag!
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    is it OK to switch engine treatment?

    Alternative view: they are all snake oil, so it doesn't matter which one you use, but you'd be better off not using any. I've never seen a Toyota (or Subaru) recommendation to use any engine treatment.
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    Japanese Auto Matsuri 2020

    Event Title: Japanese Auto Matsuri 2020 Event Author: Leevsfortyone Event Date: 07.06.2020 Hi all. I will be booking a Club Stand at the Japanese Auto Matsuri in 2020. This continues to be a great social event for the club with a good attendance by the members. It is a great day to come and have a chat and check out the various paths people have taken down the modification route. Entry for show cars is FREE, but f you wish to make a donation to the Museum that would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting you there. Japanese Vehicle & Culture Show Museum of Power, Hatfield Road, Langford, Maldon, Essex CM9 6QA Sunday 7th June 2020 10am-4pm Exhibition of classic Japanese cars and bikes, cultural activities, crafts and themed food stalls, entertainment and music attending List lee s Badger Angelina smudge Japanese Auto Matsuri 2020
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    MartinT's BRZ

    A few things: the economy has settled to around 30.6mpg. It did hit a high of 30.8, but in this nice weather I've been using the power a bit more again. The supercharger installation is running very smoothly and I think it likes the cool intake air, which is running at +14 (so 22C today). The rear tyres are really wearing much faster than the fronts now with the supercharger, it's reminiscent of my old BMW in that respect. I should probably rotate them to even things up a little. I had a Golf right up my backside this afternoon. Dropped it to 5th and hoofed it. Nope, wasn't losing him so I pulled aside in the next gap. It was a Golf R. Oh well, can't beat them all!
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    Breakfast at Denbies (again)

    So who’s got a Sunday morning free to meet & eat...? Been a while since we met up here... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Simply Japanese Beaulieu 2020

    Event Title: Simply Japanese Beaulieu 2020 Event Author: Leevsfortyone Event Date: 26.07.2020 Hi All. Simply Japanese is on Sunday 26th July 2020, this is a fantastic event held at a fabulous location. A great day out for all the family and a great way to meet fellow members for a chat and tips on modding you car. Details are as below. if you wish to attend this show please go to the link below, you buy your tickets directly from Beaulieu. Once you have purchased please can you confirm with me so I can monitor numbers attending. Look forward to seeing you there. https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-japanese/ Simply Japanese Beaulieu 2020 attending: lee S Faith Paul F Smudge Dannyw86trd
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    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    Get the Reyland AP four pot 330mm kit. £1500. Brilliant for the money. Had it on for two years and 40K miles now, still on original pads and discs.
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    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    Had mine 7 years at Easter. Done loads and absolutely love it for track days. Think there are 72 changes declared to the insurance so probably easier to link the build thread than list it all! @Molten86 you should start one for your car - nice way to keep track of the changes you make.
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    Drivers Club Musicians

    I play bass for Sad Lovers & Giants https://sadloversandgiants.co.uk/ I downsized my rig when i got the GT86 as I couldn't get my 2x12 in the boot. We closed the last night of the Wave Gotik treffen festival in Leipzig this year - here's the last song (we'd not rehearsed it and the keyboards broke down during it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVcFFXkcPsk Our guitarist is in Above & Beyond https://www.aboveandbeyond.nu/
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    First Modifications

    Short of going FI, the manifold is the only significant gain you'll get. Depending on where you live, @Mike@TD.co.uk at Tuning Developments is a good man to talk to. TD sell the manifold, filter, and remap as as a fitted package for a very good price - likely to be less than doing it separately. It was such a good deal that I drove 3+ hours and stayed in a hotel the night before when I had mine done. Lots of people here are running that setup.
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    Hello from co Durham

    Here to say I’m loving my 2014 gt86 buy! last 12 months I’ve been doing a few track days in an seat ibiza Capra. 1.8t. Noticed how many gt’s are being used on track and did a little digging.. done donnington and oulton park December week after buying. First real rwd car and all I can say So balanced and you just know when it’s going to step out. i own a VAG group garage so this is totally going against the grain 🤣 ive put a HKS Spec L cat back on and a set of ds2500 up front. Ecutek tuned however Once I’ve sold my caddy the mods will be starting.
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    Deacons '86

    Another little bit of the next round of upgrades arrived today - programmable progressive shift light It will be mounted on top of the binnacle similar to this
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    MartinT's BRZ

    I did a 0-60 in 5.3s without a proper launch! Trying to get below 5s is a skill as 1st gear just lights up the rear tyres, but I do believe with a good launch its possible and helped by the fact that my wheel diameter means the Speedo is spot on and the car can infact do 60mph in 2nd.
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    Carbon SARD style rear spoiler

    Carbon SARD style rear spoiler, complete with all mounting hardware, including extension brackets that I bought which make it sit slightly further back. Tried it on my car but due to the ducktail bootlid, I wasn't a fan of how it sat or looked. Best applied to a standard bootlid, one of the best looking spoilers out there. Excellent condition, 2 tiny marks that aren't noticeable unless you're looking really close. £400 collected from Aldershot, Hampshire. Ideally don't want to post due to size and fragility, but I often travel around the country so could always meet somewhere as well.
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    2020 show dates

    Hi all. a few dates to keep spare in your diaries for 2020 Sunday 3rd May Japfest Silverstone Sunday 21st June Bromley Pageant Saturday 18th July Japfest Donnington Sunday 26th July Simply Japanese Beaulieu Sunday 2nd August Festival Of Classic & Sports Cars Thursday 13th - 16th August JAE Japanese Auto Matsuri (Dates TBC) Will update some more as dates become available.
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    Your Fuel Economy?

    It's more like about 13mpg on mine on track. It's about the same as other comparable cars.
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    Your Fuel Economy?

    Wow, 8mpg on track has to hurt! My MR2 does15mpg on track, maybe the 86 won't be replacing it for track duties.
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    Japanese Auto Matsuri 2020

    I should be there Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    is it OK to switch engine treatment?

    Placebo feel/positive affirmation bias/purchase self-justification feel has high chance of valuing product wrong. If there are any actual changes then it should be of extent not detectable by "butt dyno" and only in long term at best and if you have two identical and identically used cars. Otherwise only frequent oil sampling checks at laboratory may tell a story. So that own "personal opinion" is worth little. One shouldn't be able to tell difference. To me enough that makers don't advise such, that people that abuse cars most (motorsports) don't use such. My car expenses are already high (due sometimes tracking car too). There are better things (and wearables) to spend on, that actually make difference (or need due replacement).
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    hi guys I thought I would show yous the project ive been building for several years now It made 585bhp at the wheels on race 118octane and 1.45bar boost 2012 gt86 Engine: rb25det neo cp pistons h beam rods Cosworth gasket n1 water pump n1 oil pump hks cams franklin triggerkit precision 6062 gen2 sinco burnt edition manifold spitfire coils rb26 cover 1000cc injectors suspension wisefab suspension front wisefab suspension rear hsd coilovers drivetrain extreme twinplate clutch bmw 5speed zf gearbox drivedhaftshop axles bodykit rocket bunny kit widened 60mm per side wheels work cr2p front -18x10.5 et0 rear- 18x11 et5 interior and electronics link ecu and all sensors ecumaster pmu aim technologies dash motec switch panel summit technologies steering controls omp fireater cartec cut off pt motorsports electrics wiring
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    Bromley Pageant Of Motoring

    Thanks for organising Lee 😎 Tickets booked
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    2020 show dates

    I will post few more suggestions as well (although some dates are not known yet). May as well start planning now to gouge interest for a club stand. Will post also on the FB Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    MartinT's BRZ

    Quite interesting having a discussion in the Naturally Aspirated Facebook group. I posted a humorous thread starter about going forced induction, thus breaking the group rules, but to my surprise it unearthed quite a few owners with FI. What is perhaps less surprising (the internet being what it is) are the number of members telling me I should have gone turbo, clearly not having read my post or my requirements. I know turbo is an option and the obvious contender would be the TD seeing as I have their NA kit and catback system. However, I believe two criteria affected my decision: road car not track car, and being a daily driver not a weekend special. Plus, I intend keeping it until I retire in 5 years' time so I don't want to break it. Also, it gets wet a lot and snows here. Alternative viewpoints welcome!
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    Deacons '86

    I was hoping that would be the case as it was with the Cup's and 595 RSR's I've run previously
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    Forged engine parts wanted

    I’m looking to build a forged engine and on the look out for parts, before I go and buy from a vendor I thought I’d post up a wantedLooking for the following:Carrillo Rods with carr boltsCP pistons (10:1 or higher)ARP case boltsARP head boltsXP racing PmaxKote rod bearingsXP racing PmaxKote main bearingsUprated valve springs, retainers, etcI’m sure there are other engine build related things I might be interested in too so try me......