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    2020 show dates

    Hi all. a few dates to keep spare in your diaries for 2020 Sunday 3rd May Japfest Silverstone Sunday 21st June Bromley Pageant Saturday 18th July Japfest Donnington Sunday 26th July Simply Japanese Beaulieu Sunday 2nd August Festival Of Classic & Sports Cars Thursday 13th - 16th August JAE Japanese Auto Matsuri (Dates TBC) Will update some more as dates become available.
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    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    Those supercar owners should of woke up earlier like we did. Could of enjoyed some quiet roads like we did. This was up on Box Hill.
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    Rocket Panda

    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    It's all about getting together with your 86's and friends. Had the best day and thanks Vad for organising! 😁
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    I think that will be my thing, Ian takes pictures of his Ice Creams I’ll take a pick of my Full English. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    Great to see you guys and thanks for coming! Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    It was very nice to meet you all, hope you had a good trip home. Mine was the only BRZ - I feel special!!
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    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    Another great location Vad excellent choice, great to see every one again and a new face Martin. Hope to see you all at the next meeting at the Coffee House later this month. Pics shortly Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Rocket Panda

    Newbie from North West London

    Happy motoring.....enjoy the blue beauty. Hope to meet you at a club event! 😁
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    Newbie from North West London

    Hey everyone, Been wanting a BRZ for a quite a long time, finally pulled the trigger last week and got one in a got one in a gorgeous blue, and I think it’s safe to say, I’m absolutely loving it! Bought it stock and probably will stay stock-ish for the foreseeable future as living in London, I’m still recovering from that insurance payment I just made 🤬 Nevertheless, happy to be here, and looking forward to hopefully getting to know some of you lovely people Faizaan First fuel stop after a whole 20 seconds of driving after leaving the dealer with about 2 miles worth of fuel in the tank 🤣
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    Bucket list drive: Stelvio Pass

    This has been on my bucket list since forever and it didn’t disappoint. Thus drive was worth the price of the GT86 alone. I got really lucky with it still being open this late, and it was absolutely deserted. Just me, the car and traction control turned off. [emoji48] Fantastic - never driven a road so twisty most of the hairpins are FIRST gear... [emoji15]. Very much recommended...
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    Flex A settings

    Fitted Flex A’s a year or so ago and just out of interest I had them dyno’d. See curve below. From memory compression is below the horizontal axis. Referring to those three curves; Bottom : full Hard Middle : hard minus 10 clicks Top :Full soft So you have a non linear progression as per Deacons post above. This also bears out other posters ( and my own) experience that hard minus 10 is very bouncy because the damping at that setting is well on the way to full soft. Sorry for the crumby photo but hope it helps.
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    Steering Wheel Locks

    I've got a StopLock steering wheel lock which I used for a while but have given up using it primarily because, when it's not being used, it rattles so loudly I can hear it even when it's in the boot.
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    Rocket Panda

    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    That's right Martin, that's my pocket rocket CR-Z. Always easy to find in carparks as it's usually the only one there! 😁
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    Jap Fest 2020

    Presuming there will be a club stand again? Really enjoyed it last year so will be going again.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    That unique GT86 sound!

    I often find myself looking for a 7th gear, particularly on the motorway, in Germany, at about 90mph
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    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    Thanks for organising it! Nice to see everyone! Don't our cars look great. I can't stop looking at my car. I love it. And thanks to @GT86-Ian and @Leevsfortyone for taking me for spins in your souped-up cars! Especially to Lee for actually letting me DRIVE yours. Wow. 🤩
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    It's so great of him to meet up with the owners. It shows true dedication, and passion, and concern for customers. I'm really impressed. You guys must have had a trememdous day!
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    I didn't specifically ask about the torque dip, because that's really more a result of emissions and to a point to make the car feel like it gets going at higher revs. He was very interested in my AE86 which I still had at the time and loved hearing about that. We talked about what might happen in the future for the GT but he didn't give anything away of course. He enjoyed looking at what I had done to my car. It was a fab day and Toyota looked after us well with food and a mobile ice cream parlour!
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    Count me in please Keith.......great event last time! 😁
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    James' '86 Build

    Looks fantastic James
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    James' '86 Build

    Just collected the car from Excel Bodyworks in Radstock. Rocket Bunny V2 Diffuser fitted along with GReddy Gracer front lip also from Torqen and TRD side skirts from Fensport. Front lip and skirts have been painted with gloss black on the lower lips and in body colour on the upper parts. Works nicely imo -
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    Newbie from Cambridge

    Hiya, Been looking at getting an 86 for roughly a year now, so excited to finally get my hands on one. Love some of the builds I've seen at events like Japfest!! looking forward to 86 ownership. James
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    Tail Wagging

    Isn't it the entire point of the car?
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    Flex A settings

    PS good diagram to explain @Deacon can tell you are a teacher