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  1. spikyone

    Subwoofer under seat

    Don't know whether 70mm will fit but I have a Kicker HS8, which doesn't fit under the seat so it's in the passenger footwell. The internet suggests the HS8 is roughly 80mm deep.
  2. spikyone

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Lucas will be able to get them, if they're still available. I don't think they were listed on the website when I bought mine either. The price including shipping was the same as buying from Japan. Sounds like a nice list of mods you have planned I have a BBK and coilovers sitting in my garage that will be fitted when we can go out driving for fun again. Tuning Developments usually have a Black Friday deal on the NA kit if you can cope with being patient for that!
  3. spikyone

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    I fancied the fatter wheel too so can fully understand that, there's a guy running them on a grey car in the US and they look perfect - this is from the ft86club.com forum: In the end I decided to stick with function so went with the 8.5 to keep a sensible tyre size.
  4. spikyone

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Have a word with @Lucas@PartBox Maybe try some other owners club forums as well. Older WRXs have the same fitment as our cars, as do a lot of VAG cars. That's probably your best chance of finding a used set.
  5. spikyone

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Mine are 18s on PS4, I find it far more responsive than it was on the Primacies, also feels like the ride quality is better. I'm not a great driver by any stretch though so it could just be placebo.
  6. spikyone

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    I love the Aygo! Mk1 more than Mk2, it's just a go-kart with headlights and a roof. Yeah, you have to a use the engine, but that's half the fun. Wheel in each corner, chuckable and light, and if you keep the revs up they're a blast.
  7. spikyone

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Great looking car. I approve of your choice of wheels, they look great on a grey one 😉
  8. spikyone

    USDM / JDM Parts

    I've used both japanparts and Nengun and would happily recommend either. I had a problem with my Nengun order - absolutely not their fault, but their customer service was excellent.
  9. spikyone

    2009 FT-86 Concept

    This was the original concept for the GT86 - it's not based on the GT86, it is a GT86 before it was toned down for production. I wish they'd offered a colour more like that on the production version, IMHO it's much nicer than the solid red. ETA: Hadn't realised it was actually sitting in a museum! Always nice to get up close to concept cars.
  10. spikyone

    New car

    The problem with the Primacies isn't that you have to adjust your driving in the wet - it's that you have to drive ridiculously cautiously. They really are much worse in the cold and wet than in the dry, and when they lose grip in wet conditions they do it without any warning. It's a cliff edge: grip, then suddenly you're sideways or lighting up the dashboard. I don't consider changing tyres to be a modification. It's not like running semi slicks; PS4 are road tyres that come as standard fit on mid range hot hatches! The Primacies require too much compromise in your driving and it's just a complete waste of a sports car to have them fitted. Lateral grip isn't too bad in the dry but even then I found the traction pretty poor. As for using all-seasons tyres, that's just as pointless as using winters. If you're switching between all-seasons and Primacies, you still have a highly compromised "summer" tyre if it rains in the summer - which it often does. PS4 will work year round, and the car is less horrible to drive in the middle of winter on those than it is on a wet summer's day on Primacies.
  11. spikyone

    New car

    Primacies are rubbish when it's cold or wet, which is half the year - and sometimes in the middle of summer, before anyone suggests buying winter tyres, which is just a waste of time in most of the UK. They are just not good enough for a 200bhp car. PS4 are much better and perfectly good enough in the wet to be used year round. I've never had any issues with tramlining and don't see why you would, unless you were running very wide wheels. FWIW my Primacies came off at about 20k miles and still had a ton of tread, after several track days. They would've easily done another 10k. I'm glad I didn't wait for them to wear out.
  12. spikyone

    tweedbean's Subaru BRZ

    Nice job on the wing brackets!
  13. spikyone

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    Didn't spend too much time looking to be honest, at that point I had somewhere I needed to be so when I couldn't see any obvious way to get it jump started I just left it. My only driving at the moment is an occasional trip to the supermarket when I can't get a delivery slot, and that's about a mile each way so wouldn't be much good for the battery even if it were charged. I won't bother doing anything until lockdown's lifted now.
  14. spikyone

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    Yeah, stock battery died after a couple of weeks of not being used. Annoyingly my other half has a new PHEV and there was nothing under the bonnet that looks anything like useful for jump-starting, so I'll probably SORN mine until I can use it again and just get a new battery when the time comes.
  15. spikyone

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Those wheels look great on a blue BRZ. You'd never guess they're still 17" either, maybe it's the thin spokes that make them look like bigger wheels. The fitment looks spot on.