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  1. spikyone

    So.... talk manifolds to me

    Entirely off-topic, which version of the Spec-L did you go for? I have my eye on one of those (IIRC @Deacon has one and his car sounds fantastic) and I think the red carbon tips would look rather fetching with grey.
  2. It depends. I thought Sky were only a broker anyway. FWIW I'm with AF, the actual insurer is Markerstudy. On my policy everything is free unless it increases power, so a catback would cost nothing if I didn't already have one. The best way to find out is phone up Sky and ask them.
  3. spikyone

    Facelift lower mpg

    Not in the UK/Europe, we only got cosmetic changes. @Lussoman 33.2mpg is the new figure based on the WLTP test cycle - the older (NEDC) cycle that gives three figures was not representative of real-world driving and manufacturers were designing their cars to perform well on the test but getting nowhere near the claimed figures on the road. No idea why Auto Trader have different figures. Toyota did make some minor tweaks for the MY16 - the last pre-facelift year - to comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard, so I wonder if it was something around that time that could have caused a change.
  4. spikyone

    Primo Owners

    Unless you're already looking at a specific car that happens to be a Primo, I wouldn't get hung up on looking for one. Howmanyleft says there are 30 (yep, thirty) Primos registered, so you won't have much choice, maybe one or two in the whole country for sale at any point in time. Aside from that, the supposed selling point of the Primo was a £2.5k discount over a normal GT86, which obviously diminishes with a used car.
  5. spikyone

    Primo Owners

    This was before the Pro, which is a facelift spec. At the time, heated seats were a cost option on the regular car so they're not missing from the Primo. Originally all cars except Primo came with the spoiler, but from mid-2015 (MY16 cars, the last pre-facelift version) it was a no-cost option. As per my other post, you could option the Primo in other colours.
  6. spikyone

    Primo Owners

    They're ridiculously rare. They registered about 30 of them in the UK. I can't think of a good reason to buy one over a regular car of the same age. The lack of a digital speedo is crazy, the analogue one is just hopeless. They were available in any colour, a cost option like it was on the usual spec. Here's a white one...
  7. spikyone

    Newbie from Kent with an Orange GT86

    Welcome along. That must be one of the last pre-facelift cars to be registered, I think the facelift had already launched by the time 17 registrations came out. Do you know your car's history? The last photo is lovely BTW, almost makes me want a ginger one!
  8. spikyone

    Wiltshire Newbie

    Hello from Swindon! Lots of 86s and BRZs out this way, we have fine taste in cars.
  9. spikyone

    Berkshire newbie

    Welcome along. I also have a grey one with a TRD-style spoiler and the EL TD kit, amongst other toys - great choice!
  10. spikyone

    Saw my first Supra today

    GV19 LCL by any chance? That would make it a press car. I remember all the press GT86s were GV12.
  11. spikyone

    Whatever happened to........?

    IIRC they stopped making them. They're probably the nicest lip spoiler available, the only downside is they don't cover the bootlid holes from the OEM spoiler, so for most early cars it was a reasonable amount of work if you wanted one.
  12. We should all get off the OP's back. I find my entire driving experience is ruined when I have to manually reach for the mirror dimmer. For all that I love the way the car handles, the feedback it gives, the perfect control weights, Toyota blew the whole thing by forcing me to take my left hand off the wheel to dim the rear view mirror. Now I can never drive my car at night, or when the sun is low. 😭 It reminds me of the time I had to kick Scarlett Johansson out of bed for farting. I just couldn't look at her the same after that and we haven't spoken since. (Some of these things may not be entirely true)
  13. spikyone

    Dashcam cable hiding

    I guess you’d have to keep to the windscreen side of the A pillar, so that you’re going behind the airbag all the way down. It doesn’t feel like the plastic moves much there so I reckon you’d have to remove it, or at least loosen it. I didn’t actually ask where my audio installer had tucked it but he would’ve had the plastic off anyway to fit the DAB aerial.
  14. spikyone

    Dashcam cable hiding

    Having used that wiring route myself, when I took my car in for its recent audio install it was something that the installer commented on - I think he was all ready to moan about another Halfords bodge. It's basically a bad idea, definitely something to be aware of.
  15. spikyone

    GT86Curn's Facelift build

    It looks fine I think, if you have the leather & alcantara seats it's probably close enough. Maybe a bit lighter, but IMO it doesn't stand out as being different.