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  1. Yeah, this basically, I think this is from Broadspeed but put your details into sites like carwow and drivethedeal and see what they come back with. £26.5k doesn't sound like a big enough discount, it's a few years back now but I got almost £4k off list price on mine and it was built to order. Toyota won't want their stock sitting around - especially pre-reg - and I can't imagine too many people are buying sports cars right now so you should haggle hard. I understand the comments about buying used, but a full 5 year warranty and knowing that it hasn't been abused or modified carry some value. I'd second the comments about not waiting for the GR86, it could be less good than the current car and is probably a year away from our shores anyway.
  2. spikyone

    86/BRZ Meet - Blackbushe Airport GU179Q

    It's any 6 people, no limit on the number of families or households. I like the creativity though 🙂
  3. spikyone

    86/BRZ Meet - Blackbushe Airport GU179Q

    Assuming lockdown rules don't change too much I might be up for that too, would be good to meet you all.
  4. spikyone

    Jordan aka Smudge

    That's really terrible news, so sorry to hear about it. I never met Jordan, but always enjoyed reading his posts and his dogged determination to get the car running again against all the odds. Condolences to those that knew him, and especially to his girlfriend and family.
  5. spikyone

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Get Mike to turn it up to 11, I have a SC now 😂 (I feel a bit like John McClane - "Now I have forced induction, ho ho ho"...) Didn't realise you had Thruxton booked, I'm doing the one in October. Looks like that September date is sold out now.
  6. spikyone

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    There's this one through Circuit Days, Silverstone in early November. Between you, me, and @VAD17 we could make it 3 grey GT86s and 2 sets of TE37s 😂
  7. spikyone

    CSL style bootlids

    I did some more digging and it seems like the Irish seller is just an office of the Polish one. The Polish seller has some pretty bad reviews (92% feedback! 😨) and seems to have had lots of courier problems, so they're probably best avoided. I'm going to hold off for a couple of months and see if anyone runs a Black Friday deal on the Seibon. I don't think a standard spoiler would fit to a CSL style bootlid; I know the older OEM spoiler was shaped to the rear of the bootlid and I guess the newer one would need some sort of adaptor. Seibon also make an OEM style bootlid so maybe it was that version?
  8. Where are you based? I've just taken a resonated Tuning Developments catback off mine but haven't adverised it yet as it needs cleaning...
  9. spikyone

    CSL style bootlids

    Wondering if anyone has experience with CSL style bootlids, with a moulded-in lip? I like my current TRD replica spoiler, but can't help but think it would look slightly nicer if it were properly integrated. With that in mind, I'm looking at a couple of options. There are a couple on eBay that look to be the same item, one from Poland and one from Ireland, they use similar images on their eBay listings and are fibreglass for the full Lotus effect. Polish one Irish one The other option I can see is the Seibon carbon fibre lid, which I'd want to have painted body colour. That one is muuuuch more expensive, but I think that ex-GT86 owner Lowe had one and his car is still with a member. Anyone know of other options, or have any experience with those?
  10. spikyone

    INTEC Tail lights wanted

    You might mean FT86speedfactory? Looks like they have them in stock. https://www.ftspeed.com/part/intec-usdm-cf-t-intec-carbon-fiber-tail-light-with-clear-lens-2013-ft86#.Xz6hrehKiUk
  11. spikyone

    GR86 Finally Spied

    Really surprised that it looks like those renders and seems to be a reskin/rework of the current car rather than a new platform. You're right @Luke, it doesn't look anywhere near as sporty as the current version, it's a bit dumpy and very bland. Hard to believe Toyota can make the GR Yaris - a great-looking rally rep based on a fairly uninteresting hatchback - and then this. It's like they let the people that styled the basic Yaris loose on this.
  12. spikyone

    MartinT's BRZ

    Interesting - wonder if the old header was vibrating against something, as you said it had signs of rubbing. Between that and the lower temps you're seeing I'll probably give Mark another call and see if he can add to my shopping list... 😂
  13. spikyone

    MartinT's BRZ

    Did you measure engine bay temperatures with the TD manifold? I'd be interested to know how much of a benefit you get from switching to a shorter manifold like this (might have a reason for being curious 😉). IIRC you don't go on track, right? I've also noticed my manifold rubs on the tube that contains the dipstick. When I asked about it, Mike did mention that their manifold design has altered slightly over time.
  14. spikyone

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Nice video - the first one rather than the BMW! Your car looks great in those photos, just enough attitude, and you can't go wrong with gold wheels and WR blue.
  15. spikyone

    Hey GT86 Crew

    The button for changing between mph and km/h isn't marked either - wonder if it works? 🤔