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  1. spikyone

    Tuning Developments NA KIT + stock exhaust

    I was insured through a broker (Chris Knott and then Adrian Flux) whilst mine had the NA tune. Neither of those wanted anything extra to cover the NA tune. Up to 10% extra bhp was free. If you're old enough and have owned your car for at least a year, I found those two cheaper even without modifications.
  2. spikyone

    In comes the GR86

    I wonder if you'd actually need someone of his calibre involved in a project like this; it seems to be a facelift of the existing car with some extra stiffening, new interior trim, and a bigger engine. It's a very different job from creating a clean sheet design.
  3. spikyone

    Will these wheels fit

    I was on my mobile and in bed when I posted that; https://www.willtheyfit.com/ can show you how the fitment of a wheel will change compared to stock. The standard wheels on our cars are a 17x7J, ET48 (wheel diameter x wheel width, offset) with a 215/45 tyre (tread width/profile). Just as an aside, there's nothing wrong with a staggered setup (wider rears than fronts) from a technical point of view, many sports cars/supercars use that, but the stock setup isn't staggered so you just need to be aware that you will change the handling balance if you go that route and even turbo/SC you wouldn't need to go staggered.
  4. spikyone

    Will these wheels fit

    They won't fit, you need a 5x100 bolt pattern and these are 5x120. Also these are two different widths (8" front, 9" rear), so you'll end up with wider rear tyres and understeer. Looks like you can get the same wheels in 5x100 though, pop "bola b9 5x100" into Google and have a look through those. I'd recommend reading up on wheel fitment/sizing first, as it'll help you understand what you're buying. There are online calculators that can show you if the wheels will fit.
  5. spikyone

    In comes the GR86

    It's not different enough for me, and I'm with @Varelco that the design is less attractive than the current car. I do wonder who will buy it. If you didn't buy into the ethos of the original GT86, are you going to be interested in this? And if you did buy into it, are you going to upgrade to what's essentially a major facelift? It'll be a hard sell. Different as they are, I don't think I'd walk past a GR Yaris for the GR86.
  6. I'd be up for doing a 4 person day, are you thinking of doing it as a GT86/BRZ group day?
  7. spikyone

    Batteries and alarms

    Yeah I knew what you meant. I can't even use an extension lead from my house to the car; it's one of those new build estates and my car's in front of my garage, which isn't attached to my house. I can't have a power supply in the garage as it's under a coach house (fortunate, after the idiot who lives there flooded it a couple of weeks ago!) The battery's already dead, I just wanted to turn the alarm off so it doesn't sound whilst the jump starter is connected, seems stupid to have the car doing stuff that uses the charge (sounding the alarm and flashing the indicators) when the battery's already low. You'd think that it would detect the key being in/near the car and stop the alarm activating.
  8. spikyone

    Batteries and alarms

    Unfortunately my car's not close enough to the house to keep it on a trickle charger. I've ordered the AA-branded charger/conditioner from Amazon, I'm just going to pull the battery out and use that to charge it. I'll have to make sure I drive it more, lockdown really can't end soon enough... Also had the fun of the mechanical key not working, so I've now got a proper one cut for emergencies.
  9. spikyone

    Batteries and alarms

    Put a new 65Ah battery in my car last year after the old one went flat with a couple of weeks' downtime. Now the new one is flat after a week of not using the car - admittedly I've only been using it for fairly short journeys but I used to do similar on the stock battery and that didn't seem to drain so quickly. Tried to jump it with a jump starter, but that just sets the alarm off every few seconds, which can't be helping with the battery charge. Can the alarm be disabled without having the ignition on so it's actually got half a chance of holding some charge? It seems a bit self-defeating to keep using electrical power when it doesn't have much!
  10. spikyone


    Some TPMS systems know which corner each sensor was on. So if you've put the wheels back on in a different position (swapping front to rear), that could be causing it. Also the system takes some time to acquire readings, and the light will stay on until it gets enough data. It usually takes a few minutes to do that.
  11. You might want to check out prices on different sizes. From Black Circles, prices of a PS4: 225/40 - £98.39 235/40 - £127.20 (+£115 per set vs 225) 235/45 - £162.37 (+£256 per set vs 225) Here's a 225/40 on 8.5, I don't think the stretch looks too extreme.
  12. spikyone

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    Peak power is about the same as yours, I think. The graphs on the link are whp; mine was putting out 250whp at Abbey so pretty much the same as they got from the Edelbrock, Mark reckoned that was around 290-295 at the flywheel. Mine hit 199lbft, which is a bit higher than the link, although my peak was from a bump in the dyno curve around the 4500-5500rpm range. That's around the top of the stock torque dip, so you might expect a decat manifold to perform better there.
  13. spikyone

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I'm with you, closing up the arch gap gives it even more intent! WRC teams drop their cars something like 10cm for tarmac rallies (vs gravel) so nothing wrong with running lower if you want to do your best impression of Sebastien Ogier.
  14. spikyone

    BRZ mud guard

    Not worth it, IMHO, they'd probably stand out more if they were painted. Even on the red car that @Lordyboi posted they're barely noticeable, they're a similar colour to the tyre or the inside of the wheelarch, depending on what angle you're looking at them from. And the inside of them gets covered in crap from the road so if you have a lighter coloured car that crap will be noticeable and you'll end up repeatedly cleaning them. @Jay Bamrah Here's the photos of mine: FRONT: REAR: And lastly, looking along the side at ground level: A lot of the 'dirt' you can see is just raindrops. You can see from the photos looking inside that they're pretty effective at catching a lot of the stuff that gets thrown up off the road.