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  1. MartinT

    Notchy/Slightly rough 2nd -> 3rd shift when warm

    Strange, it's the other way round for me. 3>2 is the worst change and baulks sometimes, all others are fine.
  2. MartinT

    Manual or Automatic transmission??

    I've followed @SimonG68 in my supercharged BRZ with his auto 86 in sport mode. I can tell you he doesn't hang around. I had to be on it in the right gear all the time, and could pass him on a straight, but the auto also looks like a bundle of fun. Choose whichever you prefer.
  3. You seem to have posted this ad four times. I'll leave this one as it's the latest and has a price and will remove the others.
  4. MartinT

    What intake is this?

    You can even do it while driving, as long as you're not in cruise control. In my case, I'm careful not to move it to '4' as it's an immobiliser setting!
  5. Hah - my supercharger makes it louder. Difference between turbo and 'charger.
  6. The TD NA kit removes the first cat from the manifold. It's already louder than a stock car.
  7. MartinT

    In comes the GR86

    I was quoting Car and Driver... Also, I didn't say FI was impossible, I said it was problematic.
  8. MartinT

    In comes the GR86

    The compression ratio is 13.5:1
  9. MartinT

    In comes the GR86

    Higher compression ratio will make boosting problematic.
  10. It sounds nice with the super-resonator, no drone on the motorway but still makes its presence known.
  11. I had to swap out the resonator for the super-resonator. My BRZ is my daily driver and it was just too loud to be tolerable on my 40 mile commute. It was also sleepy village uncouth at night.
  12. MartinT

    MartinT's BRZ

    Washed the car today and found my passenger side wiper blade in a very poor state. Down to Halfrauds and got a set of 20/22" wipers for £23. Bosch, done (sorry)!
  13. MartinT

    MartinT's BRZ

    It was around £4500 fitted at the time, all superbly installed by Abbey Motorsport. As I explained in my PM to you, I really didn't want a turbo marring the excellent knife-edge handling of the car. The supercharger is very predictable in that regard and just feels like a bigger engine.
  14. MartinT

    Battery recomendations

    I'll second the CTEK recommendation, it's very good for restoring battery performance. Fitting the connector to the battery makes charging very easy.
  15. MartinT

    Now a member of the Blanco party

    Nice purchase and welcome! Depending on age, you may find it has electronic service history. Worth asking Toyota. I found the Mk.I MX-5 a blast to drive. Not fast but go-kart like in cornering.