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  1. MartinT

    Gear Indicator?

    I always wondered about the lag. Thought there were sensors in the gearbox. Knowing now that it's calculated makes sense. Sent from my LG-Q6 using Tapatalk
  2. MartinT

    Can't seem to log in on tapatalk

    I had problems with Tapatalk but it works now! Sent from my LG-Q6 using Tapatalk
  3. MartinT

    Potential future owner - tall person question

    Once you get a good driving position the car fits like a glove and the seats are some of the best I've known. Very comfortable over long drives. I'm only 5' 10" (in old money) so no height problem for me, and I like a position like @TommyC which is more upright than some.
  4. MartinT

    So how does it sound?

    I switched from res to super-res in my TD setup. It's much better now. It can still be loud when seriously pressing on, but holding speed and cruising on the motorway are no problem. I can hear the radio just fine!
  5. MartinT

    Winter GT86 fun

    Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-II. Very good tyre, now proven in snow and this morning's slush.
  6. MartinT

    Winter GT86 fun

    Sorry, yes, Tuning Developments set the ECUTeK map 4 for low octane fuel with gentle responses.
  7. MartinT

    Winter GT86 fun

    Pull the cruise control lever towards you until the tacho goes into mode display. Jig it up and down to set the mode, then towards you again to set it. Make sure cruise control is off before trying it.
  8. Great write-up. Maybe one day... I would like a solution to the cat issue, though, as I don't want such hassle at MOT times. There must be an aftermarket sports cat that will work?
  9. MartinT

    Winter GT86 fun

    I'm repeating myself, but for gentler inputs in the snow, if you have ECUTeK ROM switch to mode 4 (get-you-home low octane mode). It reduces throttle response and is perfect for the job.
  10. MartinT

    Winter GT86 fun

    Well, I'm enjoying the fact that I can get up and down my lane this year on my all-seasons tyres. It's really not much fun when you can't get up an icy hill and you're blocking others because it's a single track road!
  11. Thanks. Your quote remains the lowest so I'll probably be going with you shortly.
  12. Hi @ChrisKnottIns I've just been speaking with Jessica at your base who was very helpful. I'm still surprised at the uplift in premiums over the last two years. Adrian Flux have just quoted me fully comp + mods renewal at £524 from last year at £563, which was at least a move in the right direction. You have quoted me at £506 which is better still. However, I used to pay around £400 for a supercharged Honda so I wonder what's changed? I have 18 years' NCB! Has there been a general uplift or is it all postcode lottery?
  13. MartinT

    Is the GT86 going to be safe for my girlfriend?

    It isn't gutless, the standard implementation makes it so. The FA20 is rather good for a 2.0 NA when you free it up. Sent from my LG-Q6 using Tapatalk
  14. MartinT

    Is the GT86 going to be safe for my girlfriend?

    My partner has an Audi TTS so she has the straight line speed and I have the cornering nimbleness. Although there's less between them in performance than you might think (the TD NA kit makes all the difference). I worried that her being used to 4WD would cause a problem driving my BRZ but there is no issue as she is lighter footed than me. Definitely change the tyres, though, as the Primacies are crap in anything but dry conditions. For your area, think seriously about all-weathers that are safe and predictable.
  15. MartinT

    Greetings fellow GT86'ers!

    Welcome! Where did you import it from?