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  1. Lucas@PartBox

    Primo Owners

    Brakes discs are smaller, yeah. Other than that it's mechanically same.
  2. We will receive a delivery of "special stock" wheels. Non-catalogue specs & colour for 57XTREME - 17" 9J +40 5x100 which will make them sit flush with the arches. Really good fitment or people who want to retain low tyre costs, but at the same time increase the grip due to being able to put wider tyres on. Availability: August 2019 Quantity: 1 set (no more available. This will be the only factory bronze, 17x9 set in the UK) Price: 1200 Delivered Centre caps, wheel nuts & hub/spigot rings are optional, but recommended. Thanks, Lucas
  3. Lucas@PartBox

    RAYS Wheels - Current Stock

  4. Lucas@PartBox

    Saw my first Supra today

    It's similar size to the 86, if not smaller. I'd be tempted to get one if I had the dollar, but the fact that it's auto is very discouraging. Speed aside, it takes away a fun factor for me.
  5. I think we should all sell our cars and hurt Toyota the way they hurt him..
  6. Lucas@PartBox

    Anyone worried it will turn into the new Mazda RX8

    I don't think it either. It's down to poor service or treatment.. don't rev the nuts off it when it's cold and such things.. I'm the 5th owner of mine, picked it up with 40k miles, now its on 76k hard driven (by me at least) miles and not a single engine fault. Nothing done to the engine though. I think they are very reliable and I can't help myself but blame the owners for most faults. I see it all the time, people start their car and drive off immediately. Let it warm up first, change the oil often and the car will serve you right for years to come.
  7. Lucas@PartBox

    RAYS Wheels - Current Stock

    Should any of you be on the market for new wheels, we might have something you'll find appealing 57DR - £1200 - £1270 Delivered 57XTREME £950 Delivered
  8. Lucas@PartBox

    BBK Options

    Currently we offer this . 355mm Cosworth X AP Racing kit for £1750 https://www.part-box.com/cosworth-big-brake-kit-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz-for-18-inch-wheels-20045208?search=brake cosworth&description=true
  9. Lucas@PartBox

    Cosworth X AP Racing Big Brake Kit - 355mm

    Now exclusively for forum members for £1750 The Cosworth AP Racing brake kit delivers not only looks fantastic but it delivers ultimate stopping power consistently and quickly from cold whilst offering corner weight reduction over the OEM brakes of 1.58Kg. The Cosworth BBK calipers are 6 piston, with differential bores to eliminate "pad taper". All our performance brake calipers use conventional seals in conjunction with a dirt seal and are finished with an eye-catching high gloss black PTFE based paint coating which is impervious to normal brake fluids & high brake temperatures. The 2-piece discs features Cosworth technology embedded within the pair of 48 vaned discs together with lightweight high grade aluminium mounting bells designed to deliver enhanced airflow than the original brakes. The discs have been developed to produce optimum braking bite, as well as thermal stability and durability. Cosworth Big Brake Upgrade Kits are a stylish and effective way of up-rating your cars braking performance. Detailed Specification: 2 x Ø355 x 32mm 2 piece brake discs 2 x 6 piston brake calipers High performance brake pad friction material* Braided brake hoses 2 x Dot 5.1 high temperature brake fluid 2 x Mounting brackets 2 x Aluminium mounting bells Steel braided hoses Fixings These discs are drilled in both 5x100 and 5x114.3 pcd.Be careful, these are 355mm discs and will require larger wheels. If you're uncertain whether these will fit into your wheels, please contact us before buying. We can supply a template for you to test inside your wheel.
  10. Lucas@PartBox

    Forged engine parts wanted

    Hi, if you have no luck getting these from other members, let me know and I'll send you a quote as we are distributors & dealers of ARP, King Bearings, Kelford cams (springs etc), Wiseco Piston, JE Piston, HKS, Carrillo / K1 Rods, Cosworth,Athena, HKS gaskets etc. so everything you need. We offer discount for the forum members.
  11. Lucas@PartBox

    Wheel nuts

    https://www.part-box.com/rays-dura-nuts-l42-long-straight-type-wheel-lug-nuts-m12x125-red-dlssl42m12x125rd?search=rays wheel nut&description=true
  12. Lucas@PartBox

    Special Colour RAYS Gramlights 57DR 18x9.5 ET38 - Eternal Blue

    Here's another pic.
  13. We have a set of incredibly rare 57DR's in non-catalogue 5x100 P.C.D & Special non-catalogue colour - Eternal Blue. 18x9.5 +38 5x100 We expect them to land in May. There is only 1 set of these, so whoever takes them will have the only set in the UK/Europe. Price is £1270.08 Delivered Spigot rings, wheel nuts & centre caps are optional. Thanks, Lucas
  14. Lucas@PartBox

    Wheel nuts

    Put it that way, aluminium nuts are good enough, depending on what grade material they're made of. I can't say a bad thing about Mishimoto nuts in terms of strength, but the colour won't last. They fade pretty badly. Hence RAYS dura nuts & steel nuts are our best sellers. https://www.part-box.com/rays-steel-locking-wheel-nuts-m12x1-25-black-17hnlm12x1-25-5hbk?search=rays wheel nuts&description=true&sort=p.price&order=DESC https://www.part-box.com/rays-dura-nuts-l42-long-straight-type-wheel-lug-nuts-m12x125-red-dlssl42m12x125rd?search=rays wheel nuts&description=true&sort=p.price&order=DESC