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  1. You can never have too much chassis stiffness. Weight aside, the more the better. Chassis bracing maintains alignment angles and spring rates by greatly reducing body or chassis flex. In fact, it helps every component in the suspension system do its job properly and you can feel the difference through improved turn-in, sharper steering response along with greater steering feedback. Because this strut bar comes with the brake cylinder stopper, it also greatly reduced the firewall flex under heavy braking, so provides more precise feel for the brakes. This is now on clearance. We have 3 of them in stock. Price is £203.82 £165.09
  2. Lucas@PartBox

    TOM's LED Lights

    Bit of an old post, but the lights are available again. We have a very limited quantity of them as TOM'S Racing managed to find a few extra sets in their warehouse in Japan. https://www.part-box.com/t-81500-tzn64-toms-racing-led-tail-lights-red-lens-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz?search=t-81500-tzn6&description=true
  3. Hi everyone, I made a facebook post not too long ago about getting a few more sets of the first gen TOM's Racing lights. They are now available. Price £550 Red lens: https://www.part-box.com/t-81500-tzn64-toms-racing-led-tail-lights-red-lens-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz?search=t-81500-tzn6&description=true Clear lens: https://www.part-box.com/t-81500-tzn65-toms-racing-led-tail-lights-clear-lens-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz?search=t-81500-tzn6&description=true
  4. Lucas@PartBox

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Hi, TE37SL are available in 17x8.5 +45 = £2592 TE37SAGA in Bronze or Diamond Dark Gunmetal - 17x8.5 ET45 = £2962.29 *edit. Bronze ZE40 in 17x8.5 +45 are also in stock in Japan for the same price as SAGA's. For more details, drop me a message Lucas
  5. Lucas@PartBox

    New car

    @davbelfast if you don't even have the car yet, I would recommend running the standard Primacy tyres for a few months. When you learn to control the car on those tyres, you won't have to get better tyre purely out of fear like most here do... Sure, there are good tyres like Michelin PS4, but they cost a lot, and take away from the tail happiness and the fun factor of the car imho. I just think that you need to learn to drive the car the best you can with "bad" tyres, so when you're ready to put new good tyres on, you're a better driver and you don't rely on tyres so much, but more on your throttle control and steering.
  6. Lucas@PartBox

    Easter Sale - Part-Box

    Of course. GT86CLUB10 coupon
  7. Lucas@PartBox

    Easter Sale - Part-Box

    Easter bunny came with some discounts on parts! Up to 15% OFF on Mishimoto, Cusco, Turbosmart, Whiteline and HKS. https://www.part-box.com/hks https://www.part-box.com/mishimoto https://www.part-box.com/cusco https://www.part-box.com/whiteline https://www.part-box.com/turbosmart If you have any questions, please let me know Lucas
  8. Lucas@PartBox

    Cusco Sports Accelerator Pedal - RE-Stocked

    If the website says that, they aren't in stock unfortunately. We had some issues with shipping due to Covid-19 and all our Japanese shipments were stopped as there's no planes flying. We have now put our orders on sea freight, but we won't see any of it until early June. And yes, coupon is still available. Lucas
  9. Lucas@PartBox

    Cosworth Baffle Plates - Prevent engine damage

    Hi, Yes we do Use this coupon code: GT86CLUB10 https://www.part-box.com/cosworth-sump-baffle-plate-toyota-gt86-amp-subaru-brz-20048833
  10. Lucas@PartBox

    Black Friday Sale on Part-Box! VAT FREE Deals

    What is it?
  11. Lucas@PartBox

    Black Friday Sale on Part-Box! VAT FREE Deals

  12. Lucas@PartBox

    Headlight Aim

    https://www.part-box.com/cusco-auto-leveliser-adjusting-rod-for-headlights-toyota-gt86-subaru-brz-00b628a?search=cusco gt86 headlight&description=true
  13. Lucas@PartBox

    PFC.08 brake pads

    Nice one! If anyone wants this setup, let me know
  14. I've got a red face-lift bumper for sale