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  1. Stutopia

    Stubaru BRZ

    Not me, I’m the other end of England. There’s someone else out there with exceptional taste too!
  2. Stutopia

    Stubaru BRZ

    Cheers. Mine rattled before the swap, wish I’d think of this when the card was off. Ta.
  3. Stutopia

    Stubaru BRZ

    In other news, chucked a load of heavy 2mm sound deadening, with some thick but light foamy stuff on top in the rear arches and void and the front door and under the rear seats, whilst I fitted the Focal plug n play kit. It's an improvement but it's not perfect, more than good enough for what I intend to use the car for though. Finally got around to a starter mod too. I know it's late but I was looking for ages for something other than the valentis, just to mix it up, but the prices were bonkers on the other stuff I liked. Pleased with the results though P.S. Do anyone else's drivers door control panel buttons vibrate under BASS?
  4. Stutopia

    Stubaru BRZ

    OMG, of all the time and money I've spent on trying out various detailing products and tools, weird and wonderful products, budget and boutique, I've finally found the Holy Grail. Who knew it was blue with red ears? I've had my eye on an inline water filter for ages but was always a bit skeptical about the filtration being quite good enough to get rid of all the particles, but it turns out it is AMAZING. I should've just taken the gamble years ago. Really pleased with the results, being able to completely eliminate the drying phase is not only labour saving and reduces the love marks of towel drying, it also frees up some time to do other little jobs like restoring black trim. Bonnet after leaving the water to evaporate. And the roof. And an unnecessary glamour shot
  5. Stutopia

    Rear Caliper Options

    Indeed, the rears are all about my compulsions on form, the fronts are for function; which is why I’m considering painting or the STI brembos. I do realise loads of very serious track workers are in it for pure bang for buck, but I guess I’m just wired differently.
  6. Stutopia

    Rear Caliper Options

    Glad it’s not just me that’s irked by the paucity of rear options. Never knew how good I had it on the 350z with Brembos all round. I’d buy the Blue Edition for the upgrades, if it was in mica blue that is.
  7. Stutopia

    Rear Caliper Options

    Do you mind if I ask how much the refurb was? I checked out BCS and requested a quote, but haven’t heard anything back,
  8. Stutopia

    Rear Caliper Options

    I'm due new discs all round and I've come close to running out of brakes a couple of times in the Alps and once on a driver training day, so I've ordered the Reyland AP kit (in red) for the front. It seems a simple choice given the price and positive feedback on here. However, my OCD is going to drive me nuts that the front will look the shizzle and the rear will just look rusty brown. I noticed AP do a rear kit, which I am assuming will match up nicely with my ordered front kit, but I wondered if I have options beyond: AP rear kit (from someone other than Reyland) Get some matching AP discs and DS2500 pads for the rears, have the calipers painted a matching colour? Anyone had some painted? By whom? Price? Any other options, perhaps another manufacturer's kit? I know that our cars are heavy on the front end and I'd be doing the rears more for cosmetics than anything else (notwithstanding the discs are due soon) I'll happily concede this is more about form than function - that said, plastic covers are not an option! Also, how many litres of fluid am I looking at to do all around from empty? Thanks all.
  9. Stutopia

    Stubaru BRZ

    Thanks, I’m very pleased with them. 18x8 - 5x100 - 45mm with 225x40 rubber Only just got setup done this morning, so not had a chance to get a feel yet. It appears it was long overdue, even before the wheel switch, as the tyres that came off the rear had interesting wear to say the least. I think a diversion on my commute down a farm road didn’t do me any favours the last few months!
  10. Stutopia

    Stubaru BRZ

    Turns out that modifying houses is even more expensive than modifying cars, so after messing about for a year, I decided to get my priorities right and treated her to some rims as a reward for being so well behaved (touch wood) since the recall work as done. She seems to be running very sweetly indeed since being taken to bits and put back together again. Long may it continue. Anyway, back to the mods, big thanks to @Adrian@TORQEN for sorting me out with some rims. I did come extremely close to pulling the trigger on some TE37s but couldn't get the precise fitment I wanted, so decided to save a few quid on some Enkeis and uphold the tradition of WR Blue with Gold. Very pleased with the look. Perhaps still sitting bit high, but I've got plans for that. First things first though, setup tomorrow to get her back in alignment.
  11. Stutopia

    Subaru Service Costs

    I got quoted £80 IIRC for the plugs by Subaru when they’re doing the recall, I’m also getting clutch and assorted bits for £375. Diff oil you can price at Opie and its about 15 minutes work to drain and refill.
  12. Stutopia

    Email Alerts - Duplicates

    Is there an issue with email notifications? A couple of items recently I’ve had multiple email alerts for the same post. Woke up to a dozen more emails today for just one new item for sale.
  13. Stutopia

    Gear Indicator?

    THIS! Contradicts what I’ve read, but worked like a charm.
  14. Stutopia

    Gear Indicator?

    I’m on a 13 plate BRZ, I don’t get the s-on/off or the g-on/off in the menus. Read the manual, followed the steps, searched forums etc