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  1. vanko25

    BRZ not starting - suspect immobiliser

    Try to lock in and unlock it with the jumper pack connected so the alarm does an arm disarm cycle. Also try and keep the fob as close to the start button as possible.
  2. vanko25

    Subaru BRZ 2018 brake kits

    I can confirm that the Reyland kit fits under 18x7.5 ET46 Aero wheels with no problem. It also fits under the STI space saver wheel too. Shouldn't have problems undner 18x8"
  3. vanko25

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Will, I just ordered Flex As for mine last week, thinking of coating them with C5 as I have been very happy with it on my wheels and calipers. Do you think it will work?
  4. vanko25

    MartinT's BRZ

    Thanks. Good think that I kept my OEM second cat for MOT times.
  5. vanko25

    MartinT's BRZ

    Hey Martin, Was that with the OEM 2nd CAT or a hi flow one? Thanks!
  6. vanko25

    Looking to Buy Soon

    That is the correct one. Bare in mind most aftermarket cameras require 12V where the output from the HU is 6v. I have used a DC-DC step up converter to boost the voltage from 6V to 12V when installing mine rather than taking 12V from somewhere and using a relay to switch the camera on when in reverse.
  7. vanko25

    Oil cooler needed?

    It will run pretty hot on track without the cooler. The turbo is oil cooled so will help the oil to get hot. The only issue I had with the oil cooler is that on a normal motorway journey at 70 mph winter time my oil is too cold at 75-80 degrees where it used to stay at 90 when stock. You might look at the Forester cooler as an option if you are planning to do the occasional track day but mainly daily the car.
  8. If the performance pack wheels are 7.5J and stock are 7J you might nee to get some spacers i.e. 10mm for them to fit over the brakes. Regarding the space saver, WRX STi 17 inch one fits over my Reyland BBK so should fit the brembos as they are more or less similar to the ones on the STi.
  9. vanko25

    Alternative dash cluster

    Hey Sun_Zenith I have got 2017+ cluster working in my 2013 GT86. If your car is a UK spec and has the keyless entry and start it is more or less plug and play. What you have to do is to find someone to program the correct milegage from your old cluster onto your new one (if you are bothered). Also you will need this kit to scroll through the menus on the display. With the 2017+ cluster you have got access to coolant and oil temps. battery voltage, track stopwatch, G-meter, miles left to empty (not very accurate I think), total times driving and the rest of the normal stuff.
  10. vanko25

    Bought a GT86!

    This one will fit over the front brakes. As Badger said if you have puncture at the back you will have to take a wheel of the front axle put it at the back and then fit the spare at the front. The diff won't like the different diameter wheel.
  11. Hey @mart86 it is custom made by Rogue Motorsports bought it form Jeff (aka Deacon). I haven't been through MOT after the turbo swap as I have since moved back to Europe. It is unlikely it will pass MOT with the sports cat but you have a good chance to pass if you install the OEM cat in place for the MOT. It takes less than 1 hour if you put the car on ramps or about 1.30 mins if you doing it on the floor on jack stands.
  12. I don't know about the stock cat but with a sports cat mine is making 270hp with TD Turbo Stage 1. Had tried the stock cat in place of the sports cat and the car is quieter and more environmentally friendly but so sluggish so I have put the sports cat back in place.
  13. vanko25

    GT 86 rear parking camera kit

    Can we see some photos of the kit please?
  14. vanko25

    Exhaust touching frame.

    @L_Pearson21 is that the TD system? Mine touches too when it gets hot and metal expands. Will jack the car up at some point to see if I can fix it.
  15. vanko25

    Diff front bushes part number / sourcing

    Adi, If there is a part number for that bush it will be on this graph. https://jp-carparts.com/toyota/partlist.php?maker=toyota&type=264110&cartype=20&fig=4101 Edit: Look at the bottom of the image. There is a comment that the front bush is not coming separately. At least not from the OEM.