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  1. vanko25

    Exhaust touching frame.

    @L_Pearson21 is that the TD system? Mine touches too when it gets hot and metal expands. Will jack the car up at some point to see if I can fix it.
  2. vanko25

    Diff front bushes part number / sourcing

    Adi, If there is a part number for that bush it will be on this graph. https://jp-carparts.com/toyota/partlist.php?maker=toyota&type=264110&cartype=20&fig=4101 Edit: Look at the bottom of the image. There is a comment that the front bush is not coming separately. At least not from the OEM.
  3. vanko25

    Blowing Exhaust? Or something else?

    Hey Wilson Got the same super res cat back. It touches the rear suspension on mine too. Especially when hot and metal expands. The noise is as bad but you can hear it when pulling from junctions in 1st and 2nd. Planning on taking it off the car at some point and bending the pipe a bit.
  4. vanko25

    Puncture repair kit

    @Church the WRX STi 17" space saver fits over BBK kit as it has to clear the stock brembos I have tested it with the Reyland 330mm AP racing kit and it fits just fine with no need for spacer.
  5. Hi all Does anyone have 25mm spacers that are not needed any more? I need to bring my back wheels out a bit. Thanks!
  6. In the email it said it has to be printed. But I guess you can show it on your phone.
  7. vanko25

    HEL Braided front brake lines

    Now sold. Please lock.
  8. Hi all, Have front braided brake lines for sale. They came with the Reyland BBK kit but I have fitted a HEL 4 wheel kit and these are available now. The fit standard and aftermarket brakes. I am asking for £50. Can post and will need to calculate how much that will be. They are located in Kettering.
  9. vanko25

    2013 BRZ Stereo - No AM/FM signal

    Take the dash panel off, 4 bolts and take the unit out. See if the antenna cable is connected to the unit. Check your fuses for a blown one too if there is separate amp for the antenna.
  10. vanko25

    All sold! Please lock

    I will have the spacers bud. What brand are they? Thanks!
  11. I will be up for this. It will make a nice trip south. We will probably drive down on Saturday, stay for the night and join you on Sunday.
  12. vanko25

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    @Luke The engine was sold to Jordan as an early engine which has the thick rods but it turned out is a later engine with thinner rods, hence the failure when got boosted.
  13. vanko25

    BBK Options

    @Varelco you could find stock brakes weight on the ft86 forum and will be able tell you how much the CP9200 weigh hopefully this or next week. Reyland just dispatched my kit. BTW I asked Reyland to add the kit on eBay because I was not comfortable giving my card details over the phone and they did. There are another 3 sets available on eBay if anyone is interested.
  14. AWD won't help you much in the snow if you are on summer tyres. I'd probably look at the ISUZU Trooper as cheaper option too or Mercedes X class. The only advantage of the pickup over estate for me is that it is not taxable as company vehicle. I am sure most modern estates will be of decent size.
  15. vanko25

    BBK Options

    Just ordered my Reyland kit in red. Most likely I will get Gary to fit it while the car is with RRG for the recall in May. Thanks to @will300 for the comprehensive pros and cons list. That the was the final push to say the Reyland kit is the right one for me.