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  2. Test Drives Unlimited

    Drivers Side Window Switch Issue

    This is the stuff I use on my car [emoji14]
  3. 3card

    Drivers Side Window Switch Issue

    No I just fully opened the window then closed it and held the button
  4. Church

    Drivers Side Window Switch Issue

    You didn't do same at fully lowered position? Then it looks like procedure known to me may have excessive steps too
  5. 3card

    Drivers Side Window Switch Issue

    I had the same problem for the 1st time yesterday. With mine it was the passenger switch that was flashing so after googling it i found that i opened the window and when closing it i held the button in the up position for another 10 seconds after the window shut and it was back to normal
  6. Lauren

    Drivers Side Window Switch Issue

    Another tip is lukewarm water on the seal where the window joins the door until you hear it give. That's where it tends to stick. You can put silicone spray on the rubbers which does help, though I just do the former these days.
  7. Test Drives Unlimited

    Drivers Side Window Switch Issue

    There is some stuff you can buy on eBay which you can put on all the rubber around the window frame which will stop the glass sticking to the rubber, but just need to remember to use it when Frost is expected!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Mattie941

    Drivers Side Window Switch Issue

    Sorted. Thanks for the tips
  10. Daninplymouth

    Standard facelift alloys and tyres

  11. sxocpaul

    Japanese Auto Matsuri 2020

    Should be there
  12. sxocpaul

    Breakfast at Denbies (again)

    Also hopeful for this. Will confirm closer to date
  13. sxocpaul

    Festival Of Classic & Sports Cars

    We’ll be there
  14. sxocpaul

    Cars And Coffee @ The MOP

    Should be ok for this
  15. Good afternoon Adam Thank you for offering that mate, but unfortunately my budget is limited and that I can't really afford that! Cobra Sport are offering their Non res for £570 brand new so that is my maximum. Was hoping to get something 2nd hand you see for less and if not then I will settle for a new Cobra sport. Apologies Adam, but again thank you very much for offering. Have a great week.
  16. Hi, I still have this available - Sounds amazing!
  17. willclarke

    GT86 Powerflow Custom Exhaust Backbox

    Bump - fits onto standard midpipe [emoji106] Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  18. Sorry for the delay in posting but as 'meet up virgins' it was good to see all that attended. Would be great to see you all again and more at another date
  19. Hello all! I'm looking for either Valenti or VLAND smoked tail lights for sale! Interested in both sequential and NON sequential! Please message me if you are selling, thanks! Cheers guys
  20. Hello all! I'm looking for a catback to spice up my new GT86 I am interested in something loud like Cobra Sport non-res or Invidia N1. If anyone has these for sale (OR anything else which is just as loud), please feel free to message me. Cheers guys!!
  21. Molten86

    TRD sports exhaust

    Hi, I have a TRD exhaust I might be interested in selling for the right money. If you’re interested send me a pm and we can discuss. thanks
  22. nerdstrike

    percolating kettle noise

    FWIW I managed to drop a few dBs of white noise by sticking foam on rear wheel arches behind the interior. It was a nice change for moderate effort, but you can't do that with the front wheels particularly. The GT86 suffers from quite a lot of road noise, due to the lightness/cheapness objective.
  23. Twigman

    percolating kettle noise

    Yes!! I've been trying to describe this sound myself and now you mention it it does sound like a coffee percolator. And yes, it happens on anything but the smoothest of roads. I am on std suspension and Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres - it happened with my PS4s too so I'm not sure it's the tyres. I've only really noticed it since I blocked the sound hole. It is very irritating though. I wish I could isolate it and make it go away.
  24. Lauren

    Drivers Side Window Switch Issue

    Really common when it's icy. With doors closed, hold down both window switches for ten seconds and then the same on the way up.
  25. Deacon

    Drivers Side Window Switch Issue

    The protection mechanism has tripped out (usually due to the window freezing). It's a really common issue - if you search on the forum you will find the reset procedure which involves holding the window switches down for 10 seconds if I remember correctly
  26. Hi guys, The characterful GT86 is oozing it's personality again. It's got a problem with the windows. I can't lower the passenger side window from the drivers door switch. The passenger windows works fine with the passenger door switch. The passenger door windows is working fine when I open and close the door. However, when I open the drivers door, the window lowers and when I close the door it doesn't go back up. The window switches in the drivers door are also flashing intermittently. Any ideas guys? Cheers, Matt
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