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  1. Maybe you've inadvertently knocked a hose and have an small air leak somewhere? I had similar symptoms (slightly hunting idle as well) and I hadn't tightened down my intake so I was leaking air.
  2. GravelRash

    What oil temp is bad

    My TD oil cooler thermostat comes in around 70°c. I leave it running all year round and on most street driving it gets up to around 80°c during the warmer months and when I was N/A my oil was registering at 67°c during a snowstorm on a 55mph motorway. On the track I tend not to let the oil go above 115°c, no particular reason, and I've taken it as high as 120°c (all with turbo).
  3. Always nice to see instruction videos, see what lines various instructors like and how other drivers approach tracks. Had a chuckle at the GTR totally overcooking Druids and using the acceleration to pull ahead.
  4. GravelRash

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    From the recent Oulton Park trackday. Taken by a local photographer.
  5. GravelRash

    Michelin PS4 225 x 45 x 17 for sale

    Ignore this post. Apologies.
  6. GravelRash

    Torque pro IOS?

    Something along those lines but I don't remember exactly. My justification is the car is remapped on the ECUTek and this is the vendor monitoring for it. I can also upgrade and then tweak my tune specifically as I need to (I haven't done this yet). Tuning cars isn't cheap. You pay to play.
  7. GravelRash

    Torque pro IOS?

    I use the ECUTek dongle and app.
  8. GravelRash

    How much metal on a magnetic sump plug is normal?

    The length of time is something I was aware of but circumstances was such that I just wasn't able to get the car in the air. Since moving to the new house I can raise and lower the car at will. My next course of action is to complete the oil change, run the fresh oil for 1000 miles and then flush and pull the system again.
  9. GravelRash

    How much metal on a magnetic sump plug is normal?

    I do still have the oil, split across two containers, but they will both have been contaminated with other oil. My vaccum pump already had some oil inside (which I use for getting the bulk of the oil out), and the drain canister has since been used to examine the cut open oil filter.It has metal shards from where I cut open the oil filter. Based on the picture it's more like the green picture. Definitely not the Oh dear picture!. I've stuck a magnet into the sump and wiggled it around. It came out clean but I can't see the pickup pipe, probably my baffle in the way. Sticking the magnet into the oil filter housing, on the return feed fished a few metal shavings out. Ignore the dark part outside of the green box, that;s coating coming off my very old magnet. Inside the green box you can see what I fished out of the oilfilter sandwich plate. This came from a small puddle of oil in a recess, so possibly a natural collection point for crap.
  10. Hi, pretty much as topic title. I was changing my oil last night (my first time on this car, not this car's first oil change!) and when I pulled my magnetic sump plug it had, what I would describe as 'fur' on the tip. Not big shards of metal, or slivers, just tiny particles clumped together that gave the tip a furry texture. This morning I've cut the oil filter open and beyond the hatched job I made of cutting it open deep into the oil pleats it appears to be clean. Running a magnet over it as best I can also didn't seem to pick up any substantial bits or metal, just some more particles, but I can't rule out that was me opening the oil filter up. The oil smells burnt, as though it's got hot (which it has, this oil has done 5 trackdays and around 8,000 miles) but I didn't spot any metal in the collection pan. So how much is normal for these engines? For reference, the car has both an oil-cooled turbo and an oil cooler, and done around 40,000 miles. The last oil change was around 32,000 miles and was done by a garage. Car seems to run fine and my oil pressure gauge hasn't revealed anything unusual occurring. I think it's running a 5w-30 and I've got 5w-30 going into it. OEM oil filters as well.
  11. GravelRash

    MOT emissions- put car on valet tune?

    I don't think so. Valet mode stops the car from revving so there's no hoonage. The MOT emission checks are done at idle. AFAIUI remaps use the stock ECU for idle control and only really do their thing higher up the rev ranges when fueling and ignition need to be adjusted.
  12. GravelRash

    Weird noise?

    Maybe you just tuned into it. I'd been driving mine for months before suddenly becoming aware of a noise whilst cruising on a motorway. Turned out to the air-con clutch.
  13. GravelRash

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Oh it's dirty, trust me, you wouldn't want to rub against it!!
  14. GravelRash

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    People always show washed gleaming cars in scenic locations, so I thought I'd show the darkside. It's dirty, unwashed, up in the air for some maintenance, getting ready for some hard miles in the summer sun. Please excuse the mess behind it, I've just moved house.
  15. GravelRash

    Aliexpress ducktail spoiler...

    I've got the Verus ducktail on my 2017 model. Covers the stock spoiler holes. I don't know if the 2016 spoiler holes are the same.