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  1. I had the resonator installed with the N/A kit. I then had the turbo installed, I then broke my resonator (it ground out on a speed bump in Sailsbury) Replaced with the super-res I've never had the super-res with the N/A but personally, to avoid having to replace the resonated version later, I would just get the super-res. But I'm old.
  2. This. My partner hated the resonated version on both the N/A and the Turbo. The car was loud on the N/A kit and wasn't appreciated by heathens when on cold start. Generally couldn't listen to the radio without it almost being at full volume. I've only had the SR on the turbo, and is fairly quiet, listen to the radio on cruises, and allows you to hear the turbo do it's thing. It's also quiet enough to meet noise regs at tracks like Bedford (or I wasn't warned about it) but I know it was near the limit at Oulton Park on the N/A with the resonated. Personally, I would get the SR.
  3. GravelRash

    Knocking sound

    Any discussion around what triggered the original failure? I know you've mentioned a failed bearing and oil pipes being blocked, but any ideas around what caused those failures?
  4. You could drive it and let the alternator do the charging work. I've no reason to even move mine since various lockdowns back in March but I make sure that I take it out for at least an hour once a week. Also helps me ensure that everything it working, tires get rotated and the fluids circulated. And, you know, it's fun.
  5. GravelRash

    Deacons '86

    I love how this car looks. Everytime you post a picture it always looks so cool.
  6. Shell V-Power only since it was boosted and remapped on the recommendation of the tuner. Previously when stock I used V-Power and Momentum 99. I wouldn't like to state that I could detect a difference.
  7. GravelRash

    Data logging/graphing

    ECUTek app. I've tried it on an iPad mini and my iPhone. I preferred the iPad mini but locating a suitable mounting point was awkward, so I just use my phone when I'm on track or monitoring for reason, otherwise I just let the car do it's thing.
  8. GravelRash

    Directors wanted!

    You haven't scared me away. Well, Facebook maybe As the lockdown has eased, would you fancy a socially responsible gathering. I believe in England it's 6 people in a park. It would be like a mini-meet from CruiseBoard all over again; we could even find an empty McD carpark!
  9. GravelRash

    Directors wanted!

    I'm intrigued by this opportunity but I'm wondering about the time implications. As a fairly busy person what sort of time commitment is required? I presume it varies and there are peaks when it needs more but overall is it possible to estimate how much time a month / week it would require? I also assume that guidance would be provided as, speaking for myself, I've not done anything like this before so I'm not sure exactly what I would be volunteering to do.
  10. GravelRash

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    My Optima yellow AGM battery is flat. Suspected it yesterday and confirmed it today. It's on the charger now. Last started fine about 2-3 weeks ago, done maybe 4 miles in 6 weeks.
  11. GravelRash

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    You're doing more than bumping if you bend these. Regarding the colour, I bought them before I fitted all the Verus kit, I think I'd maybe go black for the contrast now instead of the red. I really wasn't sure about fitting them (apart from it became necessary to repair the car, duct-tape pretty much holding her front together), much like I wasn't sure on the vents, but TBH in person it all works visually for me personally, but I do generally appreciate function over form.
  12. GravelRash

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    I did an advanced driving course and had a 'minor' incident that damaged the front bumper and the underpanels, which also explains the quick release buttons. I need to fix the inner one on the side shown as it's not engaging properly. Not shown is the Beatrush undertray cooling panel as well. Complete with a new screamer hole. Nothing like drilling into a pristine brand new aftermarket part to void a warranty.
  13. GravelRash

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

  14. GravelRash

    We'd like your feedback if possible...

    Don't think it would influence me too much; the quality of the work is more important, as is the relationship and trust that you've built up. Collection wouldn't work for me as it's my daily driver.
  15. GravelRash

    Headlight Washer Mechanism

    Fixed. if anyone else has this problem, a needle nose plier to hold the washer mechanism free from the car and brute force will push them together again.