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  1. GravelRash

    Directors wanted!

    You haven't scared me away. Well, Facebook maybe As the lockdown has eased, would you fancy a socially responsible gathering. I believe in England it's 6 people in a park. It would be like a mini-meet from CruiseBoard all over again; we could even find an empty McD carpark!
  2. GravelRash

    Directors wanted!

    I'm intrigued by this opportunity but I'm wondering about the time implications. As a fairly busy person what sort of time commitment is required? I presume it varies and there are peaks when it needs more but overall is it possible to estimate how much time a month / week it would require? I also assume that guidance would be provided as, speaking for myself, I've not done anything like this before so I'm not sure exactly what I would be volunteering to do.
  3. GravelRash

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    My Optima yellow AGM battery is flat. Suspected it yesterday and confirmed it today. It's on the charger now. Last started fine about 2-3 weeks ago, done maybe 4 miles in 6 weeks.
  4. GravelRash

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    You're doing more than bumping if you bend these. Regarding the colour, I bought them before I fitted all the Verus kit, I think I'd maybe go black for the contrast now instead of the red. I really wasn't sure about fitting them (apart from it became necessary to repair the car, duct-tape pretty much holding her front together), much like I wasn't sure on the vents, but TBH in person it all works visually for me personally, but I do generally appreciate function over form.
  5. GravelRash

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    I did an advanced driving course and had a 'minor' incident that damaged the front bumper and the underpanels, which also explains the quick release buttons. I need to fix the inner one on the side shown as it's not engaging properly. Not shown is the Beatrush undertray cooling panel as well. Complete with a new screamer hole. Nothing like drilling into a pristine brand new aftermarket part to void a warranty.
  6. GravelRash

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

  7. GravelRash

    We'd like your feedback if possible...

    Don't think it would influence me too much; the quality of the work is more important, as is the relationship and trust that you've built up. Collection wouldn't work for me as it's my daily driver.
  8. GravelRash

    Headlight Washer Mechanism

    Fixed. if anyone else has this problem, a needle nose plier to hold the washer mechanism free from the car and brute force will push them together again.
  9. GravelRash

    Headlight Washer Mechanism

    Morning, my headlight washers have come off my bumper and I can’t figure out how they reattach. can someone get me a photo of the washer mechanism behind the cover. i know there’s a clip for the outer body panel, my washers themselves are attached to that clip, it’s how the washers attach to the retracting arm on the car.
  10. GravelRash

    Tyre sizes for FI

    Running 225/45/r17 PS4. Doesn’t seem to be too worried by the turbo.
  11. GravelRash

    AIM being pulled during normal driving

  12. GravelRash

    AIM being pulled during normal driving

    The car is ecutek tuned and I've got the dongle and app on my phone, with a custom dashboard setup. The AIM is under 'Advanced Ignition' IIRC when setting up the widget.
  13. GravelRash

    AIM being pulled during normal driving

    To bring some closure to this thread. The car has spent some time with the tuners. I don't know exactly what they changed in the tune other than some fine-tuning but over the last few days I've been doing my usual driving and the IAM value isn't being pulled as often and when it is pulled it's not being pulled as much. The engine itself is in good working order and apparently there's no indication of knock actually occurring. The current thinking is that the sensors are hearing phantom knock, probably caused by the semi-solid engine mounts. Unrelated to the knock investigation I also had the car raised up 1cm due to it ground-striking on uneven ground. This ride height increase has made the car ride smoother which I think could also be helping with any phantom knock signals. Next steps will be to investigate putting some dampening material on the knock sensors and surrounding areas to further reduce any phantom knock signals.
  14. GravelRash

    Oil cooler needed?

    I have my ecutek set to alert when my oil hits 115. I think that's conservative though and I suspect 120 would be fine. I'm just happy at that point to back off and let the oil cooler get fresh air over it. The other things I've done which seems to work; Is remove the rubber strip at the back of the bonnet In summer only, I put it back in winter as I didn't think I needed the extra cooling This seemed to stop my bonnet lifting at high speeds and you can also feel heat coming out of the bonnet I've also read (via Verus IIRC) that this actually doesn't do anything for cooling as it's a high pressure area Turn the air-con on. The aircon being on starts the 2nd fan in the engine bay. When I've done that in traffic I've seen the temperature drop fairly quickly.
  15. GravelRash

    Oil cooler needed?

    I have the oil cooler fitted. I fitted before any mods. I would do this again if I was starting again. With the TD turbo fitted, for most daily driving the oil sits at 70, which is the thermostat level. On the track I've seen it get upto 100 before. Cruising on the motorway at 67mph, in cold weather I've seen my oil at a reported temperature of 68, but most of the time it's around 70-72. Sat in traffic it can jump up quite quickly to around 100. It's your call on if you worry about over cooling the oil. Doesn't bother me too much TBH. It's modern oil.