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  1. GravelRash

    Engine temps in the winter

    My (possible simplistic) understanding is that it opens earlier but so you can run more advance slightly earlier but after a period of time your coolant is above the opening thresholds of the OEM thermostat and at this point there's no benefit, so in reality its impact is minimal and limited to the timeframe it takes your coolant to move between the performance thermostat and the OEM thermostat, and on a trackday, I expect that timeframe is measured in minutes, so probably a lap or 2, when you're warming the tires up anyway. Happy to be corrected, I've never run one, so this is all theory on my part.
  2. GravelRash

    Tuning/Mapping advice needed

    You don't need to leave it in the OBD2 port. I have the ECuTek dongle permanently in because I use it to monitor the car, but the car runs fine without it attached.
  3. GravelRash

    FOCAL IS TOY 165 - Not that impressed?

    On my Focal tweeters there was a small piece of plastic insulation over the metal spade connector, possible left over from manufacturing. This stopped the tweeter from working and was quite difficult to spot until I was looking for it. In this instance my tweeters weren't working until I removed this sliver of plastic. They are not amazing, but better than the OEM speakers. I just assumed it's because they are an afterthought in the car TBH.
  4. GravelRash

    Parking Brake Signal

    Used the single wire on the handbrake assembly as the feed and it’s working great. Thanks for all the replies and assistance.
  5. GravelRash

    Parking Brake Signal

    It’s not for a stereo, it’s for EDFC. Needs a 0v circuit and then just mentions the parking brake signal. thanks for all the replies.
  6. GravelRash

    Parking Brake Signal

    I’ve got a requirement to tap into the Parking Brake Signal. I’m not sure what this is or where this in the 86. Can anyone enlighten me. In specific details, I’m not very good with this stuff!
  7. I think it's a Helmhoz resonator. IIRC they are used to control pulse waves in the intake. I don't think it would improve throttle response. I recall reading about some throttle hesitation in the FRS forum that was traced to the PCV system not scavenging properly. This was on a turbo-charged car so it's probably not related but it's another possible avenue.
  8. GravelRash

    Check SRS airbag system warning

    That's good to know! I've often had things on the passenger seat and never seen the SRS system complain about it.
  9. GravelRash

    Check SRS airbag system warning

    I got this once when I was working on the car. It can, perhaps obviously, be triggered by a wire being loose in a connector. In my case it was because I had knocked a airbag wire behind the B-pillar trim. I don't know the history of your car but maybe someone has had some trim off and one of the connectors isn't quite lined up. This car has a lot of airbags but for the ones I've seen they are mostly easy to get to. I anticipate the most difficult is the steering wheel airbag, because most instructions are for LHD, certainly it look me a little longer than expected to get to that airbag. In my case I drove for 40 miles with the dashboard permanently displaying SRS failure. This warning was insistent and invasive but didn't hinder the car from driving. I presumed that in the event of an accident the airbags that work would go off. Depending on your level of mechanical ability I would start with checking ones that might have been disturbed: Seats - its located underneath and probably can see with some gymnastics and a torch B-Pillar - it's behind the trim which is just clips and could be disturbed if the speakers have been changed Steering wheel (if it's been changed) The others are in the trim and dashboard and I don't think they would have been easily disturbed I'm not aware if the diagnostic system on the car is smart enough to determine which one is at fault, much like the tire pressure fault doesn't know which tire is low.
  10. GravelRash

    Bonnet vents

    A good summary.
  11. GravelRash

    Bonnet vents

    The vents do stop the standard bonnet from flexing. I've got a turbo located at the front of the engine bay and it definitely helps with the under-bonnet temperatures. I'm not going by the oil temperature, more when I open the bonnet I don't melt with the heat wave. The vents and oil cooler have been on so long I can't remember if it's helping the oil temperature.
  12. GravelRash

    Oil Leak - Get it fixed by Steven Eagell or TD?

    Personally I would just ask TD to look at it. It would save me from the hassle of a dealer and if they don't fix it properly and it comes back, it could clash with TD doing the work anyway at which point they (dealers in general) IME, will point to the mods and let the responsibility slide from their shoulders.
  13. GravelRash

    My GT86 Stolen- house burgled

    I saw on Twitter that it's been located but it sounds like there might be some damage. So gutting and if it has got some damage I hope it's not serious. What an horrendous experience.
  14. GravelRash

    scraping/squeaking noise pulling away - Suspension?

    Suspension bushings adjusting? Might be worth giving the bushes a liberal spray with a lubricant and then see if it continues. This isn't a full fix but more of a diagnostic technique to help identify the cause.
  15. GravelRash

    Vented bonnet water trays.

    Two thoughts on this A.) The engine bay isn't water tight and everything is designed to get wet B.) My car looks like a steam train when the wraps get wet and they puff. Personally I put something (usually a flattened piece of cardboard) under the bonnet when the car is outside and parked, and this is more to keep excess moisture off the wraps / air intake. I also have some rain guards, but TBH i found them a PITA to take off when I wanted to drive the car, and I always removed them when driving regardless of weather. Another factor on the rain-guards was they are excellent funnels for melted ice water when snow rests on them. My take, I don't worry about, if things break then it's a great excuse to upgrade them.