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  1. Keethos


    Cool, I can do either, just PM the details. Thanks dude.
  2. Keethos


    Hey dude, would love to take these off your hands, how do you want payment?
  3. Keethos

    Newbie in Derby

    Welcome to the club!
  4. Keethos

    New Member in Swindon, BRZ coming in September 2017!

    Welcome to the club!
  5. Keethos

    Paul's Pearl White '86

    Sorry again to hear this Paul and sorry to hear that you've had another accident but lucky for you it was the Yaris (don't know if you remember Kristov4, he had his fixed then got rear ended shortly after picking her up if I recall correctly). Are you just fixing it or will you be getting RRG to add any new bits? @DanJ - To answer your question, if you bulk by insurance from Morris, you don't have to give tracks and dates straight away but it might exclude some tracks.
  6. Keethos

    New West Yorkshire Owner

    Congrats and welcome to the club!
  7. Keethos

    First proper drive

    Congrats and welcome to the club!
  8. Keethos


    I've got a bold patch on my boot liner now....I made the mistake of using heavy duty Velcro on my tool box, after removing it a couple of times, it pulled most of the luff off the boot liner I've been meaning to get myself an elastic strap that I can slot into the boot liner and around the toolbox or something.
  9. Keethos

    Bumper Gap - Quick Release

    Me too please Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk
  10. Keethos

    Modifications & Services

    I'd like to think that if you take the car to RRG, that they'd be able to fit the bumper properly so you done have the gap, it's a lot of money just to have the bumper fitted properly.
  11. Keethos

    GT86 Veering towards Right under acceleration

    I've attended a couple of CAT Driver Training courses and an activity that I have performed a couple of times now is high speed braking and threshold braking (holding the brake pedal on the limit just before the ABS kicks in) and the instructor get's you to do it without holding the steering wheel, believe me, the car should stop straight, no veering at all. Also, the car is RWD, there's no torque steer when accelerating (if that's what the dealer believes should be normal) so either tell the Derby dealer to learn more about the car and investigate in more depth, or travel further afield to RRG in Macclesfield and let someone who know's what they're doing check out the car (my local dealer turned down my bass to fix a rattle that I asked them to look into, I now travel 2 hours each way to RRG for any service, MOT, warranty work and the odd mod here and there too.
  12. Keethos

    Lightweight Pulleys

    If you've already got them and you want to bling up your engine bay then by all means get them fitted, the only thing I'd add to that is the main pulley can be a pain to remove, it might need the front bumper off so the mechanic can get an impact gun on it, but I've heard others not having any problems and didn't need an impact gun to remove the main bolt. If you haven't already got the pulley's then I wouldn't bother.
  13. Keethos

    Suspension noise?

    Mine started knocking from the front drivers side (not as bad as that though, usually when you turn the wheel it knocks but it would also come and go), RRG Macclesfield couldn't find the issue so I ended up changing them for something else. I've still got them and I've been meaning to have a play and look at them, see if I can find the issue with the shocks themselves but I've not had the time and they've just been sat in the garage ever since. I've spoken to Driftworks who are the UK master distributors of HSD coilovers and this is what they said: "The HSD dampers cannot be rebuilt, however if a replacement is certainly needed we would be able to supply one (£136 for an inverted monopro damper, £143.5 including delivery to yourself). As a newer kit we are unlikely to have spares of the dampers in stock but can be ordered in directly from HSD. These orders from HSD are without a set ETA and can easily take towards 6 weeks to arrive dependent on their shipment dates." If you are interested, you could have my set and swap out each corner to see which one is the culprit?
  14. Keethos

    Lightweight Pulleys

    I've had them for about 3 years now and I've had not had any problems with them at all and I've not heard anyone with them having any issues due to this who harmonic dampening malarkey......but I'll be honest......not worth the money. Yes it does make it rev a lil quicker which can help with rev matching but initially it'll make it a lil tricky cos you need to get used to the change in timing (i.e. when to raise the clutch at the right revs) but if you're already used to it then they're really not that beneficial.
  15. If you haven't already seen, there is another group session in September if you wish to join some of the members here: