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  1. BRZ-123


    Lovely to see another BRZ on the forum mate. Welcome and miles of smiles ahead!
  2. BRZ-123

    Quiet exhaust recommendation

    The invidia Q300 is also excellent with decat manifold. It's a bit too quiet with OE manifold. Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  3. BRZ-123

    Air Conditioning - One side cold, other not

    My problem went away on its own. So during the hot days this year, i have been using it normally. Sorry , cant help on this one.
  4. BRZ-123

    MartinT's BRZ

    What were the IAT difference before the clean Martin? Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  5. BRZ-123

    Cat back & manifold advice

    Tuning Developments used to be a good option in the past but there are loads of recent negative reviews by members , so I will suggest you avoid. Why don't you buy the parts you like from who ever offers you the best price and get it fitted from your trusted independent or main Toyota, Subaru dealer. It is quite an easy job for any competent mechanic. You don't need a tune to drive home. Once back get a remote ECUTEK tune from Abbey or Fensport for your hardware combination. They will rent you the hardware needed to tune and its quite easy to do it. Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  6. BRZ-123

    Tuning/Mapping advice needed

    You can read about the features here. The software allows these options, does Flat foot shift give you any real gain especially in an NA car is a good question and probably limited gains , if you do a lot of track time then the time to depress and release clutch is saved.. which will be milli seconds. Thats about it. https://www.ecutek.com/what-are-racerom-special-features/
  7. BRZ-123

    Tuning/Mapping advice needed

    Since yours is Manifold and tune, its not complicated but you can get it tuned many ways. One way is like Martin has suggested. Another approach is: 1. 95 Octane / Standard fuel tune , Standard throttle 2. 97 Octane tune , Standard Throttle 3. 99 Octane tune, Sensitive Throttle 4. 99 Octane tune with Racerom features (Auto Blip, Launch Control, Flat Foot Shift) and Sensitive throttle Or you can choose permutations and combinations of by mixing and matching.
  8. BRZ-123

    MartinT's BRZ

    If you are looking for a grille to protect the radiator for future, the best brand is Zunsport. They make one for the First Gen.. https://www.zunsport.com/en/subaru-fr/subaru-brz-–-unterer-grill?filter=295 For the facelift, its worth asking them if they can bespoke or if the first one fits. On another note, normally how frequently do you need to top up intercooler coolant? Assume its not a sealed unit.
  9. BRZ-123

    Big end bearing failure

    Unfortunately there Isn't anything else that comes highly recommended. You could try local Subaru or Toyota dealerships beside RRG and you can't go far wrong as most should know the platform by now as it's no longer new. Alternately you could bring it down to Abbey Motorsport or Fensport who are reputable indys dealing with this platform since launch. Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for sharing. I've never been a fan of TD and the whole community went to them because their products were CHEAP. No one once said , you get what you pay for but that old adage holds true. Their product engineering was crude , tolerances poor. What was supposedly good was customer service but even that seems to not hold up. Atleast people now know and will be cautious or avoid! Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  11. BRZ-123

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Stunning Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  12. BRZ-123

    New BRZ/GR86 Clutch specs

    Thanks Will. Very helpful and gives the part numbers. Struggling to get any tech specs to know if they are really upgraded or not.
  13. BRZ-123

    New BRZ/GR86 Clutch specs

    Hi All, Sooner or later, my car will need a new clutch and i am exploring the options. I want to ideally upgrade it but with OE quality. With this in mind, would someone be able to confirm: 1. The GR86 clutch specs ( torque,power limit) and part number in the UK? 2. The UK toyota Part Numbers? 3. If they will be backwards compatible with the Gen 1? Thanks in advance
  14. Any pictures of the roof spoiler fitted Andy? Will it go on using 3M tape? Will it fit pre face-lift? Sent from my SM-G781B using Tapatalk
  15. BRZ-123

    Greddy Turbo kit

    Abbey Motorsport have been an importer of Sprintex. If you go for it, please buy the intercooled one. Do check with them as they never took off and we have very few of them around. Abbey started recommending Harrop kits after the initial couple of years. Harrop is no longer available, i believe or is on hold. Worth checking that option with Abbey as well.