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  1. Can’t believe these are still here. reduced for the last time to £1350
  2. Need these gone now so reduced to £1500
  3. Grab yourself a Christmas bargain🤪 now reduced to £1650
  4. Need these gone-so Reduced to £1850 no offers
  5. Price dropped to £2150
  6. Reduced to £2350 👍
  7. Work M13p 3piece wheels for sale. £2500 Very good condition apart from one small curb rash on rear wheel lip( as per photo) Fitted with Yokohama advan v105 tyres 225/40/18 with loads of tread left. Collection only from Devon
  8. Looking for a set of 2017+ Brz headlights cash waiting
  9. Lmc

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    Will these repair broken tabs or are they just for reinforcing?
  10. Lmc

    Airlift 3p

    Everything now off the car and all labelled ready for new owner. will get some pics of complete kit up tomorrow for those interested. for those that have asked I will purchase new airbags for the front when a deposit has been taken so as to give new owner the option of sourcing there own slim bags If they so desire.
  11. Lmc

    Airlift 3p

    Will shortly be selling an airlift 3p complete set up c/w 2 compressor’s. only been driven on for about 3 miles before popping both front bags🤬🤬🤬seems with my wheels it won’t work unless I smash he’ll out of turrets which I’m not prepared to do so my loss is your gain. as soon as my new coil overs turn up I will remove from car and replace both front airbags with new ones before collection. looking for £2750 for everything collection only from Devon. here’s a pic of boot build which will come with it.
  12. Lmc

    Fitting Question

    They will fit easily without lower control arms here is mine which is 9.5 et 30 without control arms.
  13. Always had positive experience’s with Mike and TD including just recently ordering some camber arms and receiving them the next day. never had a problem contacting by phone obviously sometimes there busy so just have to try again later.
  14. Lmc

    Black Friday 2021 from Tuning Developments

    Any Black Friday deals on your spl camber arms?