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  1. Lmc

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Looks superb👍
  2. Lmc

    Southwest Meet Up??

    Sounds good to me 👍
  3. Lmc

    Southwest Meet Up??

    I’m game for this too
  4. Local Toyota garage did mine last week. they had no problems dealing with the turbo kit & even fitted an aftermarket clutch for me free of charge ( I supplied the clutch. Paid £85 for the plugs to be changed as well.
  5. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    All sorted thanks just ordered the extreme stage 1 clutch through Tarmac Sportz
  6. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    Thanks will take a look at this kit.
  7. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    Glad your enjoying it. The problem i have with the exedy is although several people have said it’s great & works fine the specs only rate it up to 160ft lb of torque at wheels & 190 @ flywheel where as im a 234ft lb already and would probably look at Td stage 2 in the not to distant future. So in reality while it will work for a while longevity will be of concern & having burnt out 2 exedy clutches ( in a previous car) with hard launches on the drag strip when they should have allegedly been up to the job i struggle to trust them.
  8. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    Thanks td turbo kit already fitted & running 289bhp which is making the stock clutch slip hence the need for an uprated one.
  9. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    Having to re visit this now as car is booked in for valve recall on 4th jan so need to get a clutch for them to fit before then. narrowed it down to 3 dependant on availability so just after some advice im looking at exedy stage 1 which due to previous experiences with exedy im not overly keen on. helix uprated clutch which according to fensports website might not be in stock so will need to check monday. or competition clutch stage 3 but have no experience with them,
  10. 1) Dropped it off 1 weekend & picked it up the next. 2) I’m pretty sure the extra heat from the turbo kit will kill the cat in no time. There must be an alternative out there but you’d need to speak to mike. 3) friendly mot guy👍
  11. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    That’s good times and great info Thanks
  12. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    Thanks that’s the info i was after. Do you launch the car quite hard in sprinting?
  13. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    Sorry should of pointed out my clutch is likely to go before i get the stage 2 done and from previous experience im not overly keen on exedy clutches.
  14. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    Your right torque is more important but I didn’t have estimated figures to hand. as far as the power is concerned it’s each to there own I’m afraid. Love the car but have always in all my previous cars craved more power. I was simply trying to point out my probable future plans to aid in advice required. I’ll worry about things breaking when & if they do & If I wanted a different car I’d of bought a different car. anyway back on topic any Fi cars with uprated clutch please feel free to chirp in with what your using and how you find it.
  15. Lmc

    Clutch for Fi car

    Going to need a new clutch soonish so just doing my research. what clutch are those with fi cars running? Will more than likely go for TD stage 2 upgrade at some stage so will need a clutch to hold approx 330/350 bhp.