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  1. Lmc

    Lmc,s build

    The one thing that I disliked about the looks of the car was the rear spoiler. So after pondering between the trd spoiler & a duck bill spoiler i finally settled on the Trd, contacted Chris @Tarmac to supply his copy Trd spoiler & also decided on one of his hic roof spoilers. The fitment of both spoilers is perfect (which makes a change from some of the dodgy kits I've fitted in the past) anyway I decided the roof spoiler would need to be colour coded as-well as the trd spoiler. So I've spent all day today painting & fitting them. There is a couple of bits that will need touching up at some point but for now I'm more than happy.
  2. If there the same as there old ones they’ll be made from steel, which in itself isn’t a problem however having used driftworks arms in several previous cars the last couple of times the fitment & quality haven’t been the best.
  3. Anyone got any spl, voodoo or swave rear camber arms that they would like to exchange for some cash then let me know.
  4. Who did the rebuild?
  5. Could be interested in the brake stopper if your selling separately.
  6. Lmc

    Lmc,s build

    Enjoy the drive home😀
  7. I’m sure it will be fine. would be good to know if your happy with there service for future reference.
  8. Best of luck. I’m in no rush to get mine done. Not used any Toyota garage before so not sure who’s any good in devon
  9. Which garage are you using?
  10. Lmc

    Lmc,s build

    Cheers mate Dan from Plymouth is trying to arrange to see it as well so perhaps we can arrange a mini meet one weekend.
  11. Lmc

    Lmc,s build

    Gave the car a quick wash to get the bird poop off and treated it to some new number plates
  12. Lmc

    Deacons '86

    Car looks great👍 Love the front splitter, did you import it yourself?
  13. Thanks for everyone’s help. Decided on a go pro hero 6 black & will use it with racechrono pro & Hague head rest mount. Just got to wait until my birthday now.
  14. That looks interesting will look into it when I get back from work. Don't have RaceChrono yet but will be on iOS when I get it
  15. Doesn’t have to be but needs to be a proven alternative I would suggest