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  1. Lmc

    Lmc,s build

    Haven’t done that many yet as it’s not a daily car however i have been driving it all weekend & absolutely love it. The screamer pipe & wastegate chatter are addictive & if its power your after i would suggest there’s no point messing around with anything else just bite the bullet & go for it, you won’t regret it. Dan your only down the road in plymouth (im in Starcross) so your more than welcome to meet up & I’ll take you for a spin in it.
  2. Lmc

    Lmc,s build

    Finally got around to fitting the valenti rear fog light that I managed to pick up from a forum user. finishes the rear off nicely.
  3. Lmc

    Lmc,s build

    For the second Saturday in a row I’ve been on the road since 6.45am and only just got home, but all i can say is a massive thanks to Mike at Tuning developments the guys there are magicians. This is how the car should have come from the factory. It,s 99% motorway driving home so havent had too much chance to give the car some beans but the few times i have have been exactly what i was looking for in the car. Anyway a few pics for anyone who’s interested
  4. Lmc

    Final drive change

    Spend the money & get the turbo kit if you want more power, anything else is a waste of money.
  5. Lmc

    Dans Daily

    Fair enough. i think you’ll gain much more visually from coilovers than you will from a brake kit so I would get coilovers first if it was me.
  6. Lmc

    Dans Daily

    Are you planning on tracking your car?
  7. Lmc

    Dans Daily

    Cars looking good👍
  8. Lmc

    Lmc,s build

    Not a terrible lot has changed with the car recently although i did manage to pick up a blitz front strut brace & smoked valenti rear fog light from a forum member. fitted the strut brace but haven’t found time yet to fit the fog light. On top of that I’ve just got back from a track afternoon at castle combe. It was only my second track day & as per the trackday thread i was a bit nervous as last time (in my 350z) i suffered really bad with motion sickness & only managed to do a couple of laps before I had to call it a day. Im pleased to say everything went fine, no motion sickness at all. Only manged to get 3x 15 minute sessions in due to accidents as most cars there were full on race cars pushing to the limits which was a little intimidating but i survived. I did manage to boil the brake fluid so will be looking for recommendations before my next trackday.
  9. Lmc

    Parts from japan

    That’s a shame. I thought now they’ve done a trade deal with Japan we could save some money on parts should of known it would be too good to be true
  10. Does anyone know if whilst were still in the eu are we able to order parts from japan without paying import taxes or vat?
  11. Just thought i would put the feelers out to see if anyone’s thinking of selling there turbo kit in the near future. Im in no rush as would need to get the valve recall done first. Ideally looking for either the td kit or an hks kit but anything considered
  12. Lmc

    Work Meister L1 wheels

    Awesome wheels car looks great
  13. Lmc

    Buying a SARD LSR Replica Wing

    Noticed this one for sale on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GT86-BRZ-Sard-LSR-Style-carbon-fibre-rear-wing/392248068312?hash=item5b53ce88d8:g:hPUAAOSwcY5cXYUI
  14. Lmc

    Turbo kit

    I’m judging by the lack of response that no ones using the speed by design kit. Are everyone that goes turbo just sending there cars to TD? The hks kit looks like a good kit but more expensive than just sending the car to TD.
  15. Lmc

    Turbo kit

    Looking to add a turbo kit to the car once the valve recall has been completed so just in the process of research. With that in mind does anyone have any experience/ opinions of the speed by design turbo kit? I’m well aware of the td kit but as I’m in the fortunate position of the car just being a weekend toy i would rather do the fitting myself & then just pay for tuning as opposed to just shelling over a lump of money & having zero involvement. I’m fairly sure that I’ve read that td aren’t interested in doing a supply only kit anyway so that kind of rules them out (which is a shame)