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  1. Kaltorak

    Bonnet alarm sensor

    Why didnt I think of that..... Make things easier at trackdays.
  2. Kaltorak

    How do we report a user

    Happy to pickup Mod duties, used to mod some old Gaming forums, but not active elsewhere now. More than happy to dust off the old ban hammer.
  3. Kaltorak

    (Not so) Newbie

    Agreed, once this shits over it'd be good to meet up. I think there are a few other owners around the guildford/woking area that often to get togethers. Im probably not the best to ask about mods though, only done the TD header, Tires BBK and wheels to fit that. Money goes on trackdays and the tightening the nut behind the wheel
  4. Kaltorak

    (Not so) Newbie

    Welcome to the club Mani, hope you enjoy the car as much as the rest of us here! Suspect I'm one of the closer club members as I'm only out Feltham way myself. For nearby tracks, Silverstone, Brands, Bedford and Thruxton are all pretty much the same travel time ranging from 1:05 to 1:25 each way although it may be 5-10 mins more for you to get to the M25 than me Bedfords a good safe track simply due to the lack of things to hit! Highly recommend it!
  5. Kaltorak

    After market anti-roll bars

    Then I'll bow out and shut up 😊 If you're still understeery with that much changed that's a toughy.
  6. Kaltorak

    After market anti-roll bars

    I took the add front camber route, it's the only change I've made to the geometry. The cars great now, the push in high speed corners is gone, definitely more risk of a spin though.
  7. Those kind of speed bumps are the ones bolted to the ground right? Could be the noise was a loose speedbump/puddle combo?
  8. Kaltorak

    BRZ mats

    I can only see the ones marked up as BRZ. Pretty sure some on the forums will take the piss if I have those in an 86...
  9. Kaltorak

    BRZ mats

    Jumping on the thread, I need new mats, the current set have developed a set of divots where my feet sit. Where have you guys got replacement mats, and how do you rate them?
  10. Kaltorak

    Daily driven/ track day brake pads

    Yellow stuff all around both before and after bbk. They wear quickly with trackdays but I've never had fade even with 30 min sessions at full chat. For reference, before bbk they needed to be changed after each trackday,afterwards it seems to be every 3 or 4 depending on the circuit. Then again, when I started doing trackdays they would last 3 trackdays on standard yellowstuff. I can only give feedback on those or stock (stock Sucks) not tried any others.
  11. Kaltorak

    New Member

    Come on, important details, Year and Colour! Hope you enjoy the car as much as the rest of us.
  12. Kaltorak

    Interior Light Bulb

    For £15, sure I'll take a punt
  13. Kaltorak

    2nd Gen GT86

    Something something biased something something I dont like the new front end, but I do like that it has working vents!
  14. Kaltorak

    Black Friday 2020 from Tuning Developments

    Those are the exact changes I first made to the car. It doesnt stop the cold clunky changes, but does improve the overall feel of the change, it's far more pleasant, not that it isnt good at stock.
  15. Kaltorak

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    I assume you have a courtesy car? May be worth chasing Toyota on that if not as this is a fault by one of their techs that has left you shafted. Worth a chase up for an update too. Easy to let the car sit when theres no drive to fix it being applied