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  1. Kaltorak

    Cheap BBK swap

    In an over braked car, you can push the pedal harder and you will get more bite. Sure it'll feel like a heavy pedal, but it will still stop harder, until you lock up the tires. In an under braked car, once you reach the critical temp, pushing the pedal harder won't do anything. It's fucking horrible to experience. Come to think of it that's just how I've always thought of it, not sure if I'm right, but it makes sense to me 😂... It's like knowing how to pronounce a word you've only ever read.... I've always know it that way as one has not enough capacity and that other has too much.
  2. Kaltorak

    Cheap BBK swap

    I don't entirely agree with a few of your points. As you said, tyres are the limiting factor, totally. But your idea on underbraking is the wrong way around. Underbraked cars cannot dissipate the amount of heat required to repeatedly slow the car. As you said steel disks mu value drops as it heats so they slowly lose braking capacity. Ceramics have nowhere near the drop off so it's much harder to have an Underbraked ceramic setup. Especially when you consider the amount of heat dissipated increases as the differential between the air and the disk increases.
  3. Kaltorak

    Cheap BBK swap

    Ah yes, the budget option that requires after market wheels 😅. Unfortunately that's the standard for any worthwhile brake upgrade for the 86. If they were "stock" blank disks that you had issues with in not all that surprised. I only did one trackday with them and had horrible brake judder, got rid of them rapidly.
  4. Kaltorak

    Cheap BBK swap

    Are those going to fit under stock wheels, or are you not running stock? I don't really want to get involved, so I'll just say, 290mm vs 326mm disks gives about 30% more surface area to dissipate heat. That's not insignificant and will certainly help out on track. Hope to see you on a trackday at some point!
  5. Kaltorak

    Cheap BBK swap

    Wondering what size disks you're going to be running with this setup? For a brembo conversion that seems pretty good but I'm not sure it's worth the bother against the ksport 8pot.
  6. Kaltorak

    Manual or Automatic transmission??

    If you just after a nice backroad/ AtoB car. Take whichever you prefer, testdrive both if you can Reliability wise, the auto will be fine, I dont think there have been any reports of issues with the auto box over the manual.
  7. Kaltorak

    Exhausts with little to no drone!!

    What do you clock in at on trackdays?
  8. Kaltorak

    Causes of brake fade on a track day

    That's one hell of a braking zone. I can't think of another track that would be that brutal on brakes. Ignore that, missed the supercharger part in the description. The pedal going to the floor suggests that the brake fluid boiled, fluid doesn't compress, but the "air" after it boils does resulting in a very long pedal. Did it remain long /spongy afterwards, if so that's probably the cause. If not, you probably overheated the pad material which would have resulted in it having a huge drop in friction so pushing the pedal would result in far less braking force. New pads will have a large impact, the stock ones just aren't up to heavy track abuse, particularly in a super/turbo car. I think of those that track the car and have gone the FI route they all have a BBK. The dot 5.1 would help prevent the fluid boiling, depends which of the symptoms you had. Unrelated, but if you don't have an oil cooler you may want to keep an eye on oil pressure /temp when on track if you don't already.
  9. Kaltorak

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Ouch, that looks like an expensive drift lesson! Tried it once on the road myself and ended up facing a rather surprised couple on a roundabout. Lesson learned, I am no Ken Block. I havent watched P1 yet, but I am in no way surprised to learn Mazepin's been causing more red flags. I'll keep you in mind when I watch it
  10. Kaltorak

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Do we need to worry that it has the towing eye fitted?
  11. Kaltorak

    Technical issues with a used turbo kit

    I guess knowing that all the supporting bits that were initially part of the kit are included. One of the main ones that comes to mind is the oil cooler. Either way if you get a turbo kit you're going to need it mapped afterwards but hopefully you already know that. 😁
  12. Kaltorak

    In comes the GR86

    GR takes more styling from a 911 BRZ takes more from an RX8 Think I prefer the BRZ this time around! Will be interesting to know if there's more changes to the suspension like last time.
  13. OK to go ahead and book it up ourselves, or does it all need to go through at the same time?
  14. Kaltorak

    Abbey motorsport NA package

    Yup spot on, if you ever see an MOT with "Undertray fitted" take it that this means they dont have stock CATs but it passed the test Plausible deniability etc.