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  1. Kaltorak

    Deacons '86

    I'd be putting money on an oil cooler before a BBK for the track. Oil was getting beyond 125C before the brakes even had a chance to fade otherwise. Wow, nice! How did you find they held up on a long stint? Many issues?
  2. Kaltorak

    Deacons '86

    I thought you already had a bbk? Or am I just going insane!
  3. He's not wrong! You can fit a set of skiis in it. No need for the other set, you cant carry the person that uses them at the same time Welcome to the club, and I hope you love the car just as much as the rest of us! Great colour btw
  4. Kaltorak

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Sorry that wasn't really that helpful was it. I came to the 86 from a seat Leon, the brakes felt like they didn't bite as hard initially after the change. Now however driving my dad's civic I nearly headbutt the front window when I break as I'm used to the 86. Now I'm used to it it gives far more feedback than a lot of cars. When you say the pedal is long, it's that long to initiate or long / spongy once initiated? The first should be OK, the second suggests there way be air in the system.
  5. Kaltorak

    Brake Pedal Effort??

    Certainly just resting on the pedal isn't enough to initiate breaking.
  6. Kaltorak

    LeMans 2020

    Jesus that last 30 mins was insane, dropped like flies!
  7. Kaltorak

    LeMans 2020

    Not sure they'll be walking it this time. Rebellion are putting up a damn good fight. Even these purpose built machines are close to overheating, the rubber being ingested into the air intakes seems to be causing some issues! Good to relax and watch though. And agreed on the GTE!
  8. Kaltorak

    Deacons '86

    Still shocked about that mate, the car was nothing like as loud as some others. Hope its an easy fix if it turns up a crack. Nice video though, that first bit really shows why it was red flagged to start with, track vs runoff was an impossible distinction!
  9. Kaltorak

    How much does a GT86 cost to maintain?

    277 was for the primo version. Most 86/BRZ are the full 295. 2 years ownership of a 2012 model has cost me. (excluding mods) Tires £410 fitted for PS4s Disks and pads (excluding track day usage) £400 Service £250 per year /10k £75 for an aircon recharge. That's with 20k miles in the 2 years. It's not that expensive to run imo.
  10. Kaltorak

    First track day in the rain tomorrow

    How did it go in the end? Guessing the weather was massively changable.
  11. Kaltorak

    First track day in the rain tomorrow

    Good! They're great in the wet, really let you know where the limit is. The primacys tend to snap. I think driver 61 has a course guide for combe, and even if he doesn't they exist on YouTube, give them a look. It's well worth it!
  12. Kaltorak

    First track day in the rain tomorrow

    The most important thing is to just build up your speed gradually. I'd use full driver assist for the first few sessions unless you find it intruding too much, which you may. Be very careful up the hill into quarry. The kink left is over a bump and if you're braking over that in the wet you may lose the rear. Then you go into a long right hander, it's apex is further through the corner than you think. Don't put the power down too early, and don't forget to look ahead, it's easy to keep your sight in too close. Unfortunately I don't know where the track puddles/rivers in heavy wet conditions. Are you on the primacy tires?
  13. Kaltorak

    Aircon regas

    Over a year since I had that done. Works out of warranty.
  14. Kaltorak

    Aircon regas

    Ahh, yes, but at the moment I am in Poole with my folks. Its headed to Isleworth Toyota on Tuesday. I'm expecting a hefty bill I was hoping for a quick fix before I drive to Anglesey this weekend....
  15. Kaltorak

    Aircon regas

    Frustratingly my local halfords dont have the correct connector to check my 62 plate. Its so hot without A/C 😢