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  1. James18

    Deacons '86

    These were on my shopping list when I was looking for wheels. Same size as mine, same size tyres too except mine weigh 9.2 a corner! Looking at your pictures makes me wonder if I made the right choice πŸ˜‚
  2. James18

    Almost an owner! North Yorks

    Welcome! Some good plans already. I've always liked the S2K. I'm sure I recognise that number plate, just can't think who. Someone will know! The exhaust and switchable mapping will likely be an ECUTeK remap. Most popular choice is a manifold and remap, might be lucky and have a cat back too! If you have some pictures I'm sure somebody will recognise the exhaust and be able to tell you. Enjoy the drive back!
  3. James18

    Deacons '86

    Have to see who gets their seat first! Wheels look great. Is your plan to use them as track wheels? What's happening to the Konig's?
  4. James18

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Do tell more!
  5. James18

    Adding a factory spoiler?

    Can't see how that can be possible. A new bootlid is Β£450 retail direct from Toyota
  6. James18

    Adding a factory spoiler?

    You'll need to drill the boot to fit the OEM spoiler. But I'd definitely echo what has been said - why go for OEM when there's so much choice and imo better looking aftermarket ones. If you buy a car with a spoiler less boot, I'd be willing to bet it wouldn't be that hard to find someone that would want to swap for their one with the spoiler! I can't imagine a spoiler making a huge difference on insurance.
  7. James18

    Southwest Meet Up??

    Based near Bath so could be interested depending on how far down the coast you plan the meet - there's also quite a few owners in Swindon that are active, who I'm sure would also be interested. Could be good to plan a trip to Japfest with meeting points on the way up or something? πŸ‘
  8. James18

    James' '86 Build

    On the second page of the link I attached there's a graph provided by @Deacon which shows you the percentages of brake bias effect from different, common brake upgrade options. I'll attach it below. As you can see, just the front STI swap is the worst. Whether it matters that much is personal opinion - I don't think until you get close to the top level of competing it's worth worrying about. Track days are just for fun after all - though you will always get track day heros. There's some great cars & drivers still running stock calipers around the world.
  9. James18

    James' '86 Build

    The ones I have are from a newer model 12-14; I was lucky and paid ~Β£1000 for them when you take into consideration the value of the boot I bought too. These were second hand though. I spent a good while researching brakes. I think you'd now struggle to find this type STI Brembo upgrade for decent money now as the calipers are getting rarer - and once you factor in the cost of getting front and rear and the refurb. Though there are deals to be had if you search eBay hard enough. It's also worth taking into account the brake bias. There's a huge amount of info available on the upgrade on this forum and the American forum. A great source of information on brake upgrades can be found here - provided by @will300 Before the opportunity arose to purchase the brakes I got, I was planning on purchasing the Reyland kit. Which in my opinion is the best value brake upgrade. Rears aren't really worth it unless you particularly want it for looks - or if you want to balance brake bias.
  10. James18

    Aftermarket seats

    Still doing my research on this and it seems as though across the pond you used to be able to purchase rails for Corbeau seats - https://corbeau.com/scion-frs-seat-brackets.html So if considering going for Corbeau ones it may be worth contacting them direct to see! I've narrowed down my search for recliners (if it's of any interest) to Corbeau RRB, Braum Elite X, Recaro Sportster CS and Bride Stradia II. These are in ascending order in terms of price point as I'm still completely undecided and desperately need to try them in person. But these seats, excluding the Corbeau, are all proven in the GT86 /BRZ platform. It may also be worth noting that you can generally find the Recaro seats second hand as they have been used in a number of other cars as standard. These would then potentially need re-upholstering and obviously new rails etc. But could still work out significantly cheaper than new if you find a good deal.
  11. James18

    James' '86 Build

    Thank you! It's carbon! Same as the bonnet. I am debating getting them body coloured, maybe if the clear coat fades at some point in the future...
  12. James18

    James' '86 Build

    Seibon CSL Style boot and Seibon TS Style bonnet fitted;
  13. James18

    Schroth Rallye 3 ASM harness

    Does anybody have any good places to buy from? Or is it just a case of shopping around and finding the best deal at the time? Should've bought mine on Black Friday πŸ™„
  14. James18

    Aftermarket seats

    Bit late to the party but when I was considering purchasing a set of Recaro Sportster CS seats these are the rails that you can get which should be a perfect match for those. So I would imagine there should be some sort of rail that would also work for the Corbeau's. https://www.wiechers-sport.de/en/shop/sportsitze-konsolen/produkte-sitzkonsolen/sitzlauf-toyota-gt86-ab-bj-2012-405mm-rechts-starr-ohne-lochwinkel-detail
  15. James18

    Orange Edition

    Always fancied a DC2! Be interested to hear your comparisons in a bit more depth ☺️