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  1. will300

    Deacons '86

    My import duty bill took a month with Fedex.
  2. will300

    New to the GT86, basic mod tips please :)

    That wheel setup will be very aggressive for a stock suspension setup and will poke quite a bit. It'll be fine once lowered and with some camber. With regards to cats and MOT, as soon as you remove the cat from the exhaust the MOT should technically be a fail. However you should still be able to pass with an aftermarket manifold and stock front pipe. The most common exhausts manifolds available in the UK are the Tuning Developments Manifold (best valve for money), Rogue Motorsport Manifold (premium quality) or the Tomei clones (dirt cheap). As for the boxer engine, they are very reliable, the key things to keep an eye on are the oil & coolant levels and there is a triangle shaped plate at the back of the engine that can sometimes leak oil. Also what's a Small track day?
  3. will300

    Subaru BRZ 2018 brake kits

    Hi Michael This kit should definitely fit, it has been designed to fit behind the OEM wheels: https://www.amber-performance.co.uk/product.php?xProd=25282&xSec=8430 Personally however this the best kit available and most popular, but I can't confirm fitment with your wheels. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-BRZ-Toyota-GT86-330mm-front-brake-kit-with-AP-Racing-4-pot-calipers/254364472322?hash=item3b394dd402:g:7zQAAOSwuGhbwy2Z It is one of the least aggressive BBK's and does clear most wheels, except the stock ones. Unfortunately those Speedlines have a really high offset so it's hard to say, you could however run a 5mm spacer which will help clear the wheel or if you don't want to run a spacer the rotor hats are custom made so they can make them thicker to have a built in spacer so to speak.
  4. will300

    58,000 miles / 4 year service

    He/she has got a BRZ, so really should have it done at Subaru if they want to keep up the manufacture service record. @1000 PR perhaps ask the Subaru dealer about the warranty conditions if you don't have the service as we are in exceptional times at the moment and it's non-essential.
  5. Why does it say Toyota USA Museum, when it's clearly the Japanese one. 🤣 I opened the link and was like I've been here and it's definitely not in America.
  6. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Thanks James, the wheels are selaed using G-Techniq W5 Wheel Armour and overcoated with G-Techniq Exo V4, this will hopefully stop any dirt and brake dust from sticking to them, for atleast 18months. I'll spray them with Citrus wash, jet wash them and then wash them with car shampoo and they'll clean up easily. On my 949Racing wheels the G-Techniq coating was starting to deteriorate, so I purchased some Bilt Hamber: https://www.bilthamber.com/auto-wheel, which I was very pleased with.
  7. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Having once had white wheels you'd think I'd learn.... Guess I'll be doing weekly wheel cleaning from now on. Thank you, I had to try the traditional Subaru colour scheme atleast once.
  8. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    That was all the rust from the brake discs after going for a quick drive to get the above photos. I've now ordered some Atom Mac to try.
  9. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    There is loads of brake caliper/disc clearance with those wheels and my AP's. The Reyland AP kit is good in that aspect as it'll work with the majority of wheels, front disc are 330mm.
  10. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Thanks @Kaltorak, yeah I was quite surprised at the weight of these as I know some of the GramLights aren't actually that light. 😄 Also this was meant to be my secret Spa setup. Thanks @spikyone, wheel design does make a massive difference to how big they can look. I think the fitment could do with some minor adjustments, specifically to the rear camber. Thanks @MartinT
  11. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Would also make less mess on my new wheels 😄
  12. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    TRD Fender fins:
  13. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Pictures of the full car:
  14. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Pictures of the wheel fitment on the car:
  15. will300

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Update 10/04/2020 - Easter Weekend Jobs - Part 2: Fitting Wheels In february this year I posted my car goals for the year, the first goal was: 1. Order a set of forged wheels. I must have spent 18 months looking for a new set of wheels to swap over from the 949 Racing wheels prior to this, as I wanted a new look. I've always wanted to fit a set of forged wheels to the car and there are a couple of sets that I really like, these are: 1. Rays Volks TE37 Saga in Bronze, size: 17x9 +42 2. Rays Volks ZE40 in Bronze, size: 18x9 +40 3. Titan 7 TS5 in Satin Titanium, size: 17x9 +37 Owning a set of Rays would be the dream as they are highly regarded as the top wheel manufacturer in the JDM market and being a massive JDM fan this means a lot to me. I'd originally spoke to @Lucas@PartBox a while ago about a set of Rays, he informed that a set of Rays Volks (either wheel) would mean spending atleast of £3K on a set, which I wasn't keen on. I therefore looked into importing a set from Japan, however with shipping, taxes and import duty they'd probably end up near enough the same price, plus should there be anything wrong with the wheels it'd be a massive pain to sort out and I wasn't going to pay £2K+ for a set of wheels with no UK contact. Because of this, it basically put an end to the idea of ordering a set of Rays. The third option is from a relatively new company in the form of Titan 7, they sell a wheel called: TS5, these looked ideal however I wanted something vibrant after running a black wheel for a couple of years. Whilst Titan 7 offer a Bronze finish, they only do this for selected fitments and weren't prepared to offer this on the 86/BRZ fitment, typically they once did a limited run of the bronze in the past, which I missed out on. This left a Satin Titanium finish, which is extremely nice in itself, however it wasn't what I was really after. Whilst I could get these from a UK seller I wasn't 100% sure on them due to colour and my thoughts being if I'm buying forged wheels I'd rather buy Rays. This ultimately left me with a dilemma, do I spend over £3K on a set of Rays or do I bin the idea? In february I decided to ask @Lucas@PartBox what Rays wheels Partbox had instock for the 86/BRZ or could get relevately quickly. They had a set of blue Gramlights 57DR in 18x9.5 +38 wheels in stock, again this wasn't what I wanted but Lucas did say they could get a number of 57CR's in various colours in within a month, colours being: Sakura Pink, Gold, Bronze, Semi-Gloss Black, Black Chrome and Gunmetal Blue. Knowing several other members are running these wheels I wasn't sure on the idea, as I wanted something different. After some google-fu I found out the 57CR's in 17x9 only weight 8.2KG, this changed my mind on these wheels and I realised they actually make alot of sense, it's a wheel in a size I've run before, no-one else in the UK 86/BRZ community was running this wheel in that size (that I'm aware of, at that time anyway) as everyone goes for 18" version, they are relatively light for a cast wheel and good value at only £1200 and once I've added tyres and accessories it'd come in at under £2k, which was a much nicer figure. Now the choice was which colour do I go for, I'd looked at the 57CR's in the past and wanted them in either Gold or White, as white wasn't available this left only one colour choice Gold. A quick confirmation with Lucas and the wheels were ordered. Less than a month later, to both our surprise Lucas informed me the wheels had arrived. I then sealed the wheels using G-Techniq W5 Wheel Armour and overcoated with G-Techniq Exo V4. In the mean time I ordered some Rays Dura-Nuts L42 wheel nuts in Blue, Gramlight 57CR center caps in blue & black chrome, Rays metal spigot rings and Rays blue valve caps from Nengun Performance in Japan, along with a set of black (D4S) TRD fender fins. I've wanted a set of fender fins for a while, ideally in carbon however they stopped producing these a couple of years ago, this left black as the next logical colour. Typically these parts took much longer to arrive than the wheels as there was a delay with the production of the fender fins. I also had a shipping issue, I ordered the parts before the CoronaVirus fully hit and used a work address, when I found out the parts had been shipped I had to get this swapped to my home address and yet typically the courier still tried to deliver it to the work address despite being expressly told to change it. A few days later the parts arrived and I could begin fitting them. Now from some photos, firstly the wheels and tyres: