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  2. Hi I bought this 2nd hand at the same time that I bought my car, but having had the car for a while now think it's loud enough as it is, so it's up for sale. It's in perfect working order, and is priced to sell at £300 ono. I've already split it for ease of transportation. Collection from me in Birmingham is preferred, although I can get it couriered nationwide for £25.
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  4. MangoNo5

    *SOLD* 2012 Supercharged Silver GT86

    That's it gang I'm out, been emotional. Loved the car was as Old as my first born.
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  6. Does anyone know where I can get some struts that automatically open ur boot? I know the golfs and m140i can get it etc
  7. KevinA

    Semi-forged engines

    Strange indeed, my forged engine has been faultless and uses no oil. Hope this all gets sorted.
  8. McDude

    Semi-forged engines

    If there isn't a puddle of oil on the floor the only places it can go are into the combustion chamber or leaking out the turbo and into the exhaust (and burning there). If it's coming out the turbo I'd expect you to see smoke, which you say you don't see. What do your exhaust tips look like? This should be creating a fair bit of soot for that much oil even if it doesn't appear as smoke. As this is a rebuilt engine my guess is the crankcase is getting pressurised and the oil is coming up via the rings and burning in the cylinders. What do your spark plugs look like? They'd be pretty black if this is happening. But you might not see it in smoke coming out the back.
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  10. Jay Bamrah

    Tuning Developments UEL NA KIT RRP £1495

    Awesome! December 13th you’re 1st in line so if you still want it 13/12/21 then it is yours. If not then whoever is 2nd in line would get it etc. :)
  11. Set of 4 17" Facelift GT86 wheels fitted with Goodyear Vector All Season tyres. I purchased these from Emmett (EB2429) on the Other forum back in May, with plans to fit them with some stock Primacies, but they've just sat in my garage for 5 months I've already got All Season tyres fitted on the car, (Michelin Cross Climate) so don't really need another set. Wheels are not absolutely unmarked, but are in excellent overall condition, very clean and straight with virtually none of the usual kerb rash (there are one or two small 'nicks' in the rims across the whole set that you really would not notice on the car unless you knew were there and made a point of looking for them). Overall a very presentable set of wheels that look to have done only a few thousand miles. Tyres are also excellent, with around 6 to 7mm tread depth and being a leading brand of All Season tyre would be an ideal choice if you are planning on driving your 86 through the coming winter. TPMS valves are fitted. I'm just looking to make my money back , so looking for £300 ono which is pretty cheap I reckon given you've looking at well over £400 new just for the tyres alone. You could probably even sell the tyres and TPMS valves and end up with a nice set of wheels for virtually nothing 😃. Wheels are in York and collection preferred. I may be able to meet up elsewhere on a weekend, but currently driving 1300 miles a week for work, so depends a little on what sort of week I've had 😃 Alan.
  12. This seems to be the norm with the HID kid direct from VLAND. In my opinion they suck!!! The short bean is, like you have said, useless, you can only see about 1-2 meters ahead of you, really fun on an unlit motorway at night doing 70mph, NOT. VLAND support have been absolutely useless. I have tried to adjust the beam height and it’s better but you have to get it just right, too low and it’s useless and too high and you end up blinding other motorists. Yes the VLAND look good but as for performance the OEM headlights were a million times better, wish I hadn’t bothered with VLANDS now to be honest!
  13. Captain Duff

    GR 86 or GT 86?

    I've had my GT for 8 years now (my only car and a daily driver), still love it, still drives brilliantly. But I can't wait to get the GR when it comes it (but when?!) - linking to the OP, while that still seems some time away for us in the UK, I suspect that with a number of GT owners like me looking to trade in for the new car it could put a lot of extra s/h GT's on the market at the same time, which would potentially be good for making entry into GT ownership even more affordable.
  14. Captain Duff

    In comes the GR86

    This US Toyota press release is interesting - https://pressroom.toyota.com/all-new-2022-toyota-gr-86-thrills-around-every-corner/ The US GR86 (they will get it before we can) will come with a year's membership of NASA included, wonder of Toyota GB will be looking at a similar track day encouragement for new owners - plus it looks like there will be some useful initial Gazoo mods (inc a cat-back exhaust) to get at the time of purchase so under warranty from day 1, again this would be a welcome thing for TGB to also do (although I'm guessing that most GT86 existing mods will be suitable to use on the GR).
  15. Captain Duff

    Whiteline Gearbox Bush Insert - GT86 & BRZ REVIEW

    I had the Whiteline insert done at my first service 6 years ago I think, seemed to make shifting smoother so for the money it's a good mod to try, although I was always happy with my gearbox and never had the issues some did (did get some stick buzzing under acceleration in 3rd and 5th in the early days, now gone, and like most people I still get the odd bit of 1st to 2nd stiffness on a cold morning but nothing major).
  16. Leeky

    AVO turbo kit near basingstoke

    No and yes; 301.8 at the fly
  17. GT86Reece

    VLAND Headlights - Dipped Beam Settings?

    So I managed to get some pictures of what I tried to explain above but had forgot to post them until now. As you can see I have 2 'dipped beam' settings which I appear to be unable to toggle between. The first image where I they are quite short distance, seems to be the norm. Then occasionally when I turn the main beam on and turn it off, it temporarily goes to the second setting where I can see much further which would be a much better suited 'normal' however they revert back to the first image setting which is a pain. Does anyone have an idea on how to stop this happening, or do I just need to replace the HID kit? I bought them from VLAND on Amazon about a year ago and they've always been like this, but others with VLANDs don't seem to be experiencing the same issue as me
  18. Quantum

    AVO turbo kit near basingstoke

    Interesting...do you find it's restrictive in any way? Has the car been dyno'd?
  19. Still have my Gt86 genuine bootliner for sale, I paid £85 for it and its still like new ... Looking for £55 ono, Collection only from North Birmingham
  20. Leeky

    AVO turbo kit near basingstoke

    Stock header still with stock 1st cat
  21. Quantum

    AVO turbo kit near basingstoke

    Heya Leeky, which headers are you running with your Cosworth SC? I've had the TD NA package installed and I half regret not saving up and just going directly for a supercharger. I've been looking into getting a Cosworth SC but it's just waiting for one to come up for sale that's not horrendously far away from me.
  22. GT86Reece

    Semi-forged engines

    Sorry all, I'm not too active on the forums! I'm running 14psi to get 400bhp and not as far as I'm aware but I don't know too much about engines etc if I'm honest. As far as I'm aware, the engine seems fine and Mike has done all sorts of tests so he tells me but couldn't tell you what those are as I'm not sure either. Turbo isn't appearing to be pulling oil. Car runs absolutely fine, no oil leaks and not smoking at all so it's very odd but also very frustrating! No worries, I could write quite a lengthy review on it but it's just getting the time to do it to be honest and would take me a bit of time to gather all of the information as it back dates to when I initially blew it up in September 2019! It is mad that the car has been with TD for a total of 16 months agreed, it's been very frustrating to say the least and of course wasting tax and insurance money whilst it's not been with me... Gutted it drinks so much oil, it's not fun having to check it all of the time and having to top it up so frequently. For example a trip to the Lake District used 800ml of oil to get there and a further 800ml to get back (300 miles each way). So just shy of 3ml per mile... seem to be using more oil than F1 cars or fighter jets... I wasn't originally running 290bhp, I went from a normal blown NA to full forged & turbo'd 400bhp and it's been problematic ever since in that aspect. Runs fine though, so I try to ignore that it uses so much oil (other than having to check it every day) and try to enjoy it for what it is, as it's pretty fun otherwise...
  23. THAT86TRD

    abs and traction control lights on after led instal

    will do its just wires are too thin for the clamp clip thingys so everything is soldered together
  24. First thing I’d do is disconnect your new LED light and see if the issue disappears.
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