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  3. Church

    Where is Administration gt86.org.uk?

    I doubt that spammers 'in person' register and post ads. Most probably, they do some wide internet scans for popular forum engines and in automated/scripted fashion register & post ads (from what observed, usually in forum sections or threads where there is activity / recent posts). As some of posts are using wrong language or for completely non automotive themes, it makes me doubt that there is actual person that does that. Imho to not have to deal manually again and again by having people to report & adms/mods to remove such automated spamming, it's worth: 1) if possible, rename url by which standard new user register form is available at to something non standard, at least to forum software that is used; 2) check if used captcha or alike mechanisms can be hardened or if some extra steps can be added, eg. verification mails, mod approval of new accounts or whatever alike, that might work to make it harder to register in automated/scripted fashion.
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  5. Test Drives Unlimited

    Where is Administration gt86.org.uk?

    Always a new sideline could be offered in the club shop : Viagra and Sex Toys with the GT86 logo on them [emoji1787]
  6. MartinT

    Where is Administration gt86.org.uk?

    We're deleting spam ads all the time, but they do appear on the forum before one of us spots it. It helps when members report spam, of course.
  7. Deacon

    Where is Administration gt86.org.uk?

    I thought it'd be interesting to see an answer 😂
  8. Test Drives Unlimited

    Where is Administration gt86.org.uk?

    We get these Russians all the time on the RX-8OC but they get deleted long before the members see the posts [emoji23]
  9. Deacon

    Where is Administration gt86.org.uk?

    What do you want to advertise?
  10. BaltimoreGer

    SOLD - Fuji Racing UEL header

    Item is now sold
  11. Where is administration? It is about advertisement on your website. Thanks.
  12. Last week
  13. Hi all, I'm selling my black radio surround trim and passenger side dash trim. These two pieces are only available on the Japanese Market so as such have to be imported. Both pieces have been used for about six months now and are in great condition, only selling as I have decided to go with a different dash trim option. Part numbers: Radio surround trim: SU00301909 Passenger side trim: SU00301931 selling both parts together including tracked delivery for £45 Currently selling on eBay as I'm able to sell for a £1 fee until Monday, after which i'll then be selling via Paypal unless someone want to pay extra for the security eBay provides. eBay link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143970136588 up close photos and photos of how they look installed bellow, feel free to ask questions.
  14. Killer B Delrin Type-R style shift knob for sale. It's in immaculate condition and is only for sale as I have 5 shift knobs which is 4 more than I really need! £15 plus postage. I'm located on the Midlands / South Staffs border if collection is preferred.
  15. Sold - May the new owner enjoy as many miles as I have!
  16. Hi, are any of these still available?
  17. Samwise

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Another video update this week! got the heads for the LS3 buttoned up, cleaned up the second head, proceeded to lap the valves and then re-install them along with brand new valve springs, seats/seals and the refreshed and upgraded rocker arms! There's unfortunately not much else to say than that! It took quite a bit of time and alot of elbow grease to get them cleaned up as thoroughly as I could and then all 16 (thankfully only 16!) valves as they were quite heavily pitted, especially in the case of the exhaust valves. Without further ado the pictures to show it all off and the video to accompany them!
  18. NJay

    GT86 Alarm Unit Programming Codes

    Is there a list somewhere of what the alarm light is trying to tell us. Unlocked the car today and it beeped three times which suggests it went off. Pressing down the clutch without pressing the start button flashes the alarm light red a number of times equally spaced flashes which I presume is a lookup as to what triggered the alarm? I did check the bonnet switch and bracket which seem fine. Thanks
  19. KAS

    Bonnet alarm sensor

    So that’s what the white pad is for! I bought mine when it was 2 years old and it never had the cup - just the white pad lol Learn something new everyday. I like the zip tie idea [emoji1417]
  20. My car failed it's mot on hydrocarbons. (Even after a hot run). Does anyone have the stock manifold for sale around the Downham Market/ Norfolk area. Willing to come pick it up this weekend if possible. Thanks!
  21. NKGT86

    What to look for when buying a used GT86/BRZ

    Thank you for this thread. I’ve just bought one and will be looking this stuff over for sure.
  22. Tom21

    Snapping wheel studs

    Yeah I think I'm going to replace them with stock studs for now and look to get some ARP ones or something Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  23. MarkFL


    Btw, I have just found this page in the more comprehensive version of the owners manual. Seems to agree with reply from the Toyota magazine so fingers crossed for next wheel swaps.
  24. MarkFL


    Thanks for the replies Martin T and spikyone. I have successfully rotated the original wheels previously without triggering any TPMS warning. I have had it reset at local dealer for £63! The dealer representative said "it probably happened because the original wheels were separated from the car when you changed them for the trackday". i asked if it meant I'd need an ECU reset every time wheels with TPMS valves and car were 'separated', eg. for a puncture repair and he said "it might be OK if they weren't separated for too long"!. Not very helpful. However I did then find quite a good article in the Toyota magazine https://mag.toyota.co.uk/how-does-tpms-work/comment-page-3/?unapproved=34224&moderation-hash=1d9bb87743dcc68be7d2ec95b3824424#comment-34224 Better still, I posted a comment under the article and within a few hours got the reply below. I am now wondering if I screwed the process up by trying to clear the warning light with the dashboard reset switch while I had the wheels without sensors on the car. I'm leaving well alone now till I get the MOT done in April then I'll try the wheel swap again without messing with reset button. ToyotaUKsays: 3 March 2021 at 5:03 pm Hi Mark, Thanks for providing these details. We’ve checked with our technical team and, providing the original wheels go back to the same location and then the initialisation process in the Owner’s Manual is performed using the switch, then the system should function correctly unless there is a fault somewhere. Thanks.
  25. Something a bit different Kahn RSV (Aston Martin design) 19x7.5. 5x100, ET45 in silver. kahn centre caps and metal spigot rings to fit 56.1 centre bore included Purchased new by myself, these have had less than 500 miles road use. Three unmarked and one with small marks on the spokes (done whilst photographing them 😭) Tyres in photo are 225x40x19 and these will be removed Taking up valuable garage space so need these gone £350 Collection only or arrange your own carrier
  26. spikyone


    Some TPMS systems know which corner each sensor was on. So if you've put the wheels back on in a different position (swapping front to rear), that could be causing it. Also the system takes some time to acquire readings, and the light will stay on until it gets enough data. It usually takes a few minutes to do that.
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