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    The last few months have been spent mainly just using the car. Hence the lack of any real update! We're still working on lots of ideas behind the scenes. We've also just ordered ourselves a 4 way laser alignment system which should be up and running within the next month, which ties in with some of our future plans nicely We've swapped our port injectors over from the DW700 to some Injector Dynamics ID850. We run ID injectors in both our Celica and our Starlet with great results and have decided to follow suit with the 86. We've upgraded our cooling system with one of our aluminium replacement radiators and are also working on our own breather tank system currently. Largest bit of news is we've also secured ourselves a second engine which will be rebuilt in house with forged conrods and pistons, ARP fasteners and a few other goodies. Once that is ready to drop in we will then wind up the boost on our stock engine to find out on our particular rolling road what sorts of numbers we can maintain before it decides enough is enough. The rebuilt engine will then take its place and we can then run much more boost through the turbo kit and let it stretch its legs Boost by gear will then be needed for certain! More to follow Thanks Mike
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    S18 RSG

    Ross' TD Turbo Daily

    Well, it's saturday, so I guess it's time for that update. Most of you will already know, my car has been with @Mike@TD.co.uk for the past week having a turbo installed. I went for the stage 1 kit with a UEL manifold, as well as a fresh MoT, service, alignment and a few other little things. Admittedly, I only have around 4 hours in the car so far (driving from Manchester to Chester, then down to South Wales) but on initial impressions I am hugely impressed. The car made 272hp and 231lb/ft or torque FYI. We all know the headlines and major advantages of forced induction, but there are a few things that stood out for me. Firstly, I managed 35mpg on my drive home, including 30 minutes of stop start traffic and plenty of accelerations to get used to the extra power. I would have to assume I would have got less on the stock car if I had driven like that. Secondly, the car is so quiet! I have no cats currently (will likely change soon) and a non-resonated exhaust, and the car is almost silent on tick over, and when cruising. That's not to say that it doesn't make some noise however. The screamer pipe is massively loud, as is the flutter on lift off, sounds insane. I'll get a video made soon, so you can all hear it as I'm sure plenty are looking forward to. Finally, the ease in which I can now drive the car is incredible. Even in 6th gear on the motorway, stuck in traffic, there is never any need to drop a gear. There is a truck load of torque from the moment the turbo starts to spool. It's by far my favourite change dynamically. I would like to give a massive thanks to Mike, not only for the turbo install, but all the little things too. The car was far more enjoyable to drive on the way back thanks to his work on my suspension setup and alignment, he also fixed my front splitter and it seems he fitted my bumper properly, as it was poorly aligned. i would 100% recommend Mike and this package to anyone looking to go FI, and am looking forward to having more work done in the future. Pictures etc. will follow, was pitch black when I got home.
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    For those asking about this turbo kit with a UEL manifold, it's very possible you'll have some answers within the next 6 weeks
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    Grey for sale

    Koul at that price I might be interested, need to see what happens with the Fiesta as it might be going.
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    Adam's Stage 3 Turbo Rocket Bunny

    Took her to Cars and Coffee Liverpool on Sunday, what a day. A well organised event, and some fantastic cars there, so here are a few pictures I've pinched off the facebook page taken by other people (I hope they don't mind me using them): I had to lift the rear suspension as the wheels were slightly catching on the newly installed splash guard. Needless to say I am incredibly happy with the end result. Nigel has done a cracking job with the arches, which fit perfectly and Lee from Autokraft has done a spot on job with the installation of the kit! The wheels are extreme, I think this is the perfect to describe them. Rich from Demon Tweeks has managed to get the 10.5" Wide ET46 rears to fit, using -5 deg of camber. For all those people who say it isn't practical I know, but in the flesh it looks stunning, and lets be honest it isn't a practical car. However I did fit the baby seat in the back yesterday and we went out for a family journey in it. A lot of modifying was required to get the fronts to fit, not modifying Nigels arches but the actual car arch as the wheels were too wide. On full lock the wheels only just miss the back of the front headlight unit by a few mm. Some welding and reinforcing was required, but whey they finally fit. Anyway more photos soon. Hope you like.
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    Special K

    Nights of Malta

    Got back yesterday afternoon following a really great week in Malta. First time there... a petrolhead paradise where the 420,000 locals own 380,000 cars between them! First words a baby learns is not 'Mama/Papa' but 'where's my car?' A taxi driver told me he used an MX5, I asked him about spares and he told me he had three of 'em to plunder... classic MGB's, Corvettes and the like, in beautiful condition, can regularly be seen on the roads.. True to his word Andrew met me at the airport and ferried me to my hotel in his GT86. The roads are appalling - potholes that eat Transit vans - but that didn't deter him from drifting his rear end about like a demented Lauren... the driver/car combo is good which is more than can be said for their petrol at 87octane.. he has to load 30 Euros-worth of octane booster into each tank of fuel every 2-3days... ouch! A positive step is to go water/meth injection, should get rid of the need for accelerator. Like me, Andrew and his gorgeous girlfriend Julia (who has not passed her driving test yet but already owns an immaculate ex-UK WRX STI) are food gourmets, so we had a number of superb meals. When left to my own devices I did the touristy stuff - the Cathedral in Valetta is a fantasic example of Baroque architecture, I spent over two hours there and the walled city of Mdina is amazing with an a-v presentation of its history and that of the Knights of Malta - fifty minutes of fascinating history for 12 Euros. If you're a beach bum there's loads of places to get your kit off and roast yourself but beware, the UV factor there is amongst the highest in the world... There were two especial 'treats' - I chartered a 37ft yacht for the three of us for a day (with a skipper) and we cruised up to Comino and back with a swim at the lunch stop, with Julia pushing a reluctant Andrew off the bathing platform... tsk, tsk, who's idea was that..? Shame there was not a trace of wind so we couldn't hoists the rags but had to donk everywhere - turned out that Adrian our skipper was into IT so he and Andrew were having techy conversations whilst Julia and I engaged in convivial imbibation... I got sunburned to blazes, it was so damn hot.. Second treat was Thursday evenings trip to the drag strip. This is the only spot for 'motorsport' on the island, if you want to track your car you have to ferry to Sicily.. Met up with all of Andrew's chums - including Kim who has a Ninja GT86 and thus two-thirds of the island's GT86 owners were present. This is real manicville - just join the queue and blast up the strip whenever you like. Run what you brung.. music at 120 decibels, food and booze on call, it was so laid back it was horizontal.. The friendliness and goodwill these guys have towards each other is amazing and I was made so welcome amongst them it was like being at a TSS round... I was also given a special treat as passenger for a run in Andrew's car as we logged some data for Adrian (Fensport) to tweak a bit.. Andrew's friend with a Skyline insisted on drifting it around the paddock and finally blew a rear tyre, stopping inches from the rear of a Golf... quick wheel change and no harm done.. and Andrew beat the Skyline over their run together.. respect! Finally met up with Andrew as I prepared to leave yesterday morning - he was in total awe of his new map from Fensport and it was a shame I did not have time to experience it. He hopes to drive up to the UK some time in October and I have offered to show him around and see if we can get some track time / social meets organised. This is one seriously committed Forum member, as can be seen from his detailed postings on HKS s/c installation, but in addition he is a bloody nice guy who went out of his way to make my visit memorable. And is sure was. Spec K
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    Fensport News

    Hi Everyone, Really an apology for not posting for some time, we have been so crazy busy working on and mapping the cars there just hasn't been much time for posting! Big news for Fensport is the launch of our new website spring next year, with the help of a fellow 86 enthusiast our plan is to bring you, hopefully, the best "Toyota" site ever! The new site covers 138 Toyota models and around 5,000 products, so as you can imagine its a big job! It will be user and mobile friendly, much more informative, and we will have a dedicated blog which will allow us to feed our news in to the forum Here's a pic of our workshop, full of 86's as usual! Due to all our efforts going in to the new site, our old one is no longer being updated, stock levels will be correct, but if there is anything else you need drop Dan a line and we'll do our best for you ! I know its early, but I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hope Santa fills your stockings with loads of go faster goodies! We've had a cracking 2015 and want to say a massive thank you for all your support this year Best Regards Adrian and the Team @ Fensport
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    Grover's ginger jap

    Update: Another change of mind... Just had a call from dealer to say they are going to proceed with the repair under warranty. No real indication or explanation of why, or what's changed - I'm just relieved they have.
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    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Harrop SC has now been ordered , thanks @Mark@Abbey M/S. Can't wait to get some reasonable power.
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    Me and my baby: Keith
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    Robs S/C GT86 Project

    Ok New update, had the RaceSeng 70mm Sprintex Pulley fitted on Monday (thanks for fitting me in at short notice and apologies for ruining your Monza weekend) Needless to say i'm please with what they have managed to achieve. I was at brands Hatch today with a few people, Keith, Nigel and Simon also made an appearance with a mate of his. Weather wasn't great so I couldn't fully test the new pulley out and quite frankly I am glad for the Traction Control... I'll let the video do the talking! I think Simon soiled himself, through fear of life rather than my driving ability...
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    Ross' TD Turbo Daily

    Here are some quick photo's of Ross's car from today's mini meet. It's was just a shame about the weather, atleast we found somewhere under cover.
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    Andrew Smith

    Back in the seat

    Long story short, I managed to total my black 86 on the way to TSS last august and have been gutted ever since. Today I bought a beautiful white one from a lovely chap up in Manchester. I couldn't be more pleased....happy days 😎
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    Midlands Pub Meet - 29th October

    Bump for this. Not long now. If Sam's still attending should be the chance for a haircut for anyone needing one too! 😆
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    Joes Rocket bunny V1 GT86 Build

    Update: Today got wheels, tyres and coilovers fitted! Lots yet still to be done with changing hardware and dialling in Fitment! Few pictures for now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mustang Finally arrived!!!

    Here are some pics will get more later
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    Jesus H Christ If you seriously have to moan about not being able to see our the rear windows for 1% of the time that you actually drive the car then you have far too much time on your hands. Here are some tips... 1. Reverse into your driveway so you can drive out forwards. No need a for rear window 2. Use the rear screen heater. It will clear any moisture within a few minutes. If you don't have a few minutes for whatever reason, leave earlier... 3. There are magical products out there that have hydrophobic properties. This helps shift water 4. Drive the bloody car...water has a tenancy to move when you're at speed... 5. Find something else to do with your time rather than trying to justify the need for a rear wiper by saying it's a safety hazard without one. It's not. Get over it. The shape of the car means that it's not like hatchbacks with a flat rear end where water and crap from the road will stick to the back window. I have never ever needed a rear wiper on this car and even if I can't see out the back, I use my side mirrors. It's what they're there for. The law states you only need 2 rear facing mirrors for a reason... Monday morning rant over
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    Pitman's Toyota Sprint Series car

    Firstly, a MASSIVE thank you for all who have taken the time to post in support of the folly of a mad man As Mr Nicebiscuit stated so well in his post, for me the pleasure and challenge of building something unique and different is probably 90% of the pleasure for me. After completing my Engineering degree, I started my working career as a Product Development engineer for Toyota, so cars mean a lot more to me than just the bragging rights as to how fast I can drive around a given bend, or hang the tail out on a public road! It has been intimated that I am spending a lot of money on 'just' a Yaris - the reality is, I paid the princely price of £600 for the car, and all the T sport bits I have got to convert it have come via very judicious eBay and breaker yard shopping, and then refurbished. I am MAKING as many of the special bits myself as possible (for example, the bias pedal box cost about £70, which includes the two master cylinders). I could have bought a DC Electronics Power steering system for £2692 ( http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/electronic-power-steering/dc-electronics-motorsport-electronic-power-assisted-steering) plus their steering ECU for a further £1713 (http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/electronic-power-steering/dc-electronics-ultra-race-ecu-for-motorsport-epas-system), but instead i have made my own (using exactly the same mechanical and electrical components which just happen to have been fitted to a certain small hatch back which cost me £30 from a breaker yard), and am making my own ecu interface which will take the speed signal from the ABS hub on the rear wheel to make the power assistance speed sensitive. The result will be exactly the same functionality as the DC Electronics one, but at a cost of less than £50 all in. The same applies to the fully adjustable front suspension, and the inlet and exhaust manifolds etc., all of which I have / will be making myself. So, by the time the car is finished, it will have cost me a LOT less that what I could possibly hope to buy even the tattiest used GT86 to use as a basis of building a dedicated track car. None of the 'high cost' items I have / will be buying - turbo, ecu, front brake calipers, electronic dash etc. are in any way unique to the Yaris, so if I do ever get bored of the car and decide to strip it down and sell off the parts, I will loose a lot less than the depreciation on any car on the road.
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    TA Brands Hatch

    A great day at Brands finishing second by 0.16s but more importantly getting really settled with the car now. Thanks for the help and support from Daniel and Chris at the weekend,and Debs for putting up with my race head moods.
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    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    So as above, we've been really unfortunate with some parts recently. Just seems that everything we order, either is out of stock, turns up broken or faulty...not fun! On a more positive note, there really isn't a lot left to do. It's a case now of: Finishing the pipework for the supercharger Finishing off exhaust manifolds Fitting and configuring ECU Not a lot in terms of a list but fairly time consuming jobs nonetheless I've had to put off various shows throughout the year which is slowly killing me, so I made the decision to go all out for a really promising show called "Gravity" based at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry. It's organised by Slammed UK and was basically a selection of hand picked cars for the show, so the standards were high. With the hotel being booked months ago, we got the engine and gearbox mounted so I wasn't going to miss this one! This meant an EXTREMELY long weekend consisting of hiring a transporter from near Gatwick and collecting the car from Brands Hatch Taking it over to my friend near Heathrow for good clean And then back to mine near Croydon. Saturday was then spent failing to fit some new parts due to the battery finally giving up after 9 months of no charge, changing the wheels over and driving up to the show Saturday night to drop the car off in the main event hall Adam was at the same hotel as me so with the girls we had a great evening over some good food and many many many many beers. The show itself was fantastic. So well organised and the standard of cars was amazing. Needless to say I got some attention by arriving on the back of a transporter and everyone commended me for the determination to get my car there which made it even more worth while The best part of the whole show was just seeing people's confused faces as they looked in the engine bay. The V8, particularly with it's new colourful rocker covers, is very striking and gets people asking sorts of questions. I just can't wait to finally get her up and running!
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    A huge thank you from myself and Nick to everyone who made the journey out for the day. Was a pleasure having everybody here I think we did very well with the weather considering the reports I was getting in the morning when opening up! It was nice to meet some new faces and have a catch up with some familiar faces too, apologies to anyone who I didn't get a chance to speak with, there were more in attendance than we anticipated to be honest which was excellent to see By the time the dyno had quietened down the heavens had opened so test drives in our car wouldn't have been ideal, next time We can do another day later in the year if people would like to, no bother... Thanks again, Mike
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    Mark's vid of the dyno runs which he's spent all day working on!
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    Small video of the stage 2 package with some dyno footage from this week. We're now up from 5psi to just 8psi and the performance increase has impressed us both! Still more work to be done to finalize things and get the finished article to post up, our car is making more power than quoted in the video though Car still drives like stock with the new components and once final refinements are sorted and dialed in economy when cruising will not be effected. The car is a very healthy 50+bhp and 40+lb.ft over our baseline tune of 5psi. Equates to 145bhp and 110lb.ft over our stock car. Very promising Boost control is working exactly as we wanted it to via ECUTeK, dialing it in nicely now and it is very precise and more importantly very repeatable. We're using a 3port boost solenoid and our TiAL MVR 44mm External Wastegate for control. The control is just as repeatable as running it from the mechanical spring alone which is great. Once we've done some more testing and data logging on the road we'll look at the boost by gear functions and get those setup as an option for people too. Hope everyone has had a great Christmas and has a good New Year
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    Part 3 - Inside the shop & cake: