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  1. Mike

    AP BBK Clunk in reverse

    Did you go for the floating disc option? They can clunk when you brake the first time in either direction, like the discs are shifting slightly. I get a clunk pretty much every time i brake when reversing. Doesn't seem to be an issue though...
  2. Mike

    AP BBK Clunk in reverse

    Everytime you brake in reverse or just the first time?
  3. I had the NA kit with a non-res miltek (probably cracked) that got the attention of the neighbours, it could set car alarms off in multi storey car parks. I got the TD super res fitted, quieter all round but still sounds good. Next time I set off for work after getting it fitted, it set next doors car alarm off... 😁
  4. Can you inspect it without taking the sump off? If not, it turns a service into a 2 day job...
  5. Mike

    Valenti "Winker" Relay

    £54 sounds about right for japan price + VAT, think it's about what I paid in total after importing mine Getting the relay out, it definitely doesn't just pull out, I ended up with a thin screwdriver wedged in to sort the clip out and pull out...
  6. Mike

    US vs UK prices.

    https://www.japanparts.com/parts/detail/43911 for the aero fins, with vat + customs on top, think it worked out at £220 instead of the £265 in the UK
  7. Mike

    US vs UK prices.

    You don't get stung by customs unless they over charge you which is very rare. I've ordered bits from Japan before - the Valenti indicator relay and the TRD aero fins, even with VAT + customs charges they were cheaper than any UK supplier, and in the case of the indicator relay, probably got it earlier than I would have if I ordered it from the only UK supplier If you're importing, it'll take longer and you run the risk of it being a nightmare to send back if there's an issue. I wouldn't do big bulky items like wheels/tyres/suspension from outside the UK for that reason. Not sure if the vlands are any cheaper in the US, they're pretty cheap direct. US prices will be without sales tax too as well.
  8. Mike

    Reyland brake kit

    I left my car last winter for ~2 months and the brakes didn't stick at all... They have stuck previously and held the car on a sloped drive way. Hopefully this is small enough that you don't really read it and only the sentence above and makes you get the BBK!
  9. Mike

    Oil coolers / baffled sumps

    I've got a HEL kit still in a box somewhere for the reason Maurice mentions. Not sure if thinner pipe work would work fine though. It might even be possible to use the HKS sandwich plate with the rest of the HEL kit, I know I looked at Maurice's at one of the sprints but not in detail. The thermostat will always be open slightly to avoid having cold oil mixing with hot engine/oil. While you're right in it doesn't need to be 100c to burn any water off, I'd prefer it to boil off than evaporate away! I've also got a forester cooler (one that uses the coolant to cool the oil a bit) somewhere in another box, no reason other than I buy things without thinking at times and haven't got round to getting it fitted Doesn't provide the best cooling compared to one that'll use air, but it doesn't have the downsides of over cooling in the winter months.
  10. Mike

    Reyland brake kit

    Mine are fastened to the suspension at the bottom.
  11. Mike

    Touch'n'Go wiring diagram

    I wired the parking brake to the ground, don't think it does anything for my head unit, but if you're not stupid, it makes no difference if the head unit thinks you're always stopped. Think pin 2 on the 28pin is correct for reverse, pink one? If you've got a multimeter just check the pin for 12v in/out of reverse to confirm.
  12. Mike

    Touch'n'Go wiring diagram

    Is it just those 2 you need (reverse signal and parking brake signal?)
  13. Mike

    TRD Spoiler

    I ordered one in June, got dispatched the same day and I had it next day.
  14. Mike

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    Although our pumps have E5 labels on them, our Synergy Supreme+ 99 is actually ethanol free (except, due to technical supply reasons, in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area, Scotland and NW England). Doesn't say how much ethanol or the exact areas / stations that are included from what I can find...
  15. I got one of https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/varta-blue-014-car-battery-4-year-guarantee-444770142 started up ok after not moving for 3 weeks the other day. Long term low usage either trickle charger (solar one isn't good enough imo) or potentially an AGM battery as you say and potentially having to charge it if the car has sat for too long