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  1. Ztox

    Specialists for Servicing?

    I should add that RRG Macclesfield are a fantastic Toyota dealership, but it's a fair trek for me haha
  2. Ztox

    Specialists for Servicing?

    I've never been to Toyota since the car was new, sod that I travel 60 miles each way to go to abbey for everything and that's the place I'd personally recommend
  3. Ztox

    Essex Meet

    Gonna be a mad one, I can tell!!! haha. Wanna get food Lee or are you thinking meet up and then go for a drive? Or both?
  4. Ztox

    Essex Meet

    I'm in
  5. Ztox

    Tein flex A coilovers

    Sorry haven't been on for a few days and Kevin beat me haha. Here's one of mine anyway... There is some stretch but nothing too silly, I personally prefer the look of this to no stretch at all.
  6. Ztox

    Invidia N1 - legal

    Yea I would've probably ended up with the N1 but then I decided I really wanted a single exit. I think there is stuff on my (out of date) build thread but I'll PM you anyway.
  7. Ztox

    Tein flex A coilovers

    Bit late to the party @Gary p but I'm on 9.5 wide ET38 with 235/40 tyres and -2.5deg front camber and -2deg rear, no issues at all.
  8. Ztox

    Wheel clearance with 9.5J ET35?

    Ah okay, fair enough.
  9. Ztox

    Rear seat buttons

    My button didn't come off but the surround came off after about 2 months of owning the car lol.
  10. Ztox

    Invidia N1 - legal

    lol this thread N1 will be fine @randall0780 if you like a bit of noise. If you decat though, be prepared for LOTS of noise. No actually, I haven't got round to it as don't have anything to block the holes and I'm lazy. I can't hear it though so I'm not in any hurry to get rid of it. Yea it was 127 @Deacon, that was the peak when it was hitting the launch control limiter although I doubt it's too far away from that. A neighbour was asking me about it last night actually as she has been getting complaints about her stock Smart car with a rattly exhaust lol.
  11. Ztox

    Wheel clearance with 9.5J ET35?

    Did you go for the 9.5 with 225 tyres in the end @Lucas@PartBox? I run 9.5 with a 235/40 NS-2R, so the same tyre you were looking at and I wouldn't want to stretch them more than that.
  12. Ztox

    Essex Meet

    Beat me to it. I'll be there if the weather isn't awful, hoping to get a wash in Saturday.
  13. Ztox

    Paul's Pearl White '86

    You better be touching wood @Tareim!!
  14. Ztox

    German vs Jap - Sunday 27 Aug

    Not sure I am actually doing anything on the Sunday now but just realised I missed the boat for show tickets, balls.