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  1. smudge

    Simply Japanese Beaulieu 2020

    Haven't got a ticket yet but I'll be there
  2. smudge

    Japanese Auto Matsuri 2020

    Count me in
  3. Carbon SARD style rear spoiler, complete with all mounting hardware, including extension brackets that I bought which make it sit slightly further back. Tried it on my car but due to the ducktail bootlid, I wasn't a fan of how it sat or looked. Best applied to a standard bootlid, one of the best looking spoilers out there. Excellent condition, 2 tiny marks that aren't noticeable unless you're looking really close. £400 collected from Aldershot, Hampshire. Ideally don't want to post due to size and fragility, but I often travel around the country so could always meet somewhere as well.
  4. smudge

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    V8 has now been dropped to Matt and the team at Rogue Motorsport for a complete rebuild. In the meantime, some further progress on the heads from David. Should be ready to collect in the next few days
  5. smudge

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Some more updates sent over from David who's working on the heads of the V8. Porting them by hand for better flow, very restrictive from factory. Can't wait to see these finished!
  6. smudge

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Couple of deliveries containing vital parts to the build have arrived this week. First off from the USA, we have a 7 gallon (American gallons, so around 23.5litres) water tank with an inbuilt pump, capable of pushing 2000litres of fluid every hour! This will be a vital part of my cooling setup for the supercharger to keep inlet temps as low as possible. Semi circle shaped to fit nicely into the spare wheel well of the 86. Next up from Australia is a funky bit of kit called an interchiller. This is the same principal as a water to air intercooler, with the added benefit of tapping into the A/C system to chill the coolant to FREEZING temperatures. This ensures that the inlet temps should even reach ambient, giving us more consistent power on the track. This will sit on the sidelines for a few weeks until I get time to install them. Got to work out all the different size fittings and hoses I need next, as they're all different of course 🙄
  7. smudge

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    New bronze valve guides arrived from Kelford in NZ today. Means the workshop doing my heads can now remove the OEM ones to get the most of the porting process before installing these new, stronger guides
  8. smudge

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Still lots happening behind the scenes, with the car going back to Carson Performance on Monday for a bit of prep work whilst the engine is being worked on elsewhere. The heads are still undergoing a porting and rebuild procedure, but unfortunately it's come to a stop whilst we wait on some new, stronger, bronze valve guides from New Zealand. And I'm now anxiously waiting on parts from all over the globe! My most favourite being a very neat bit of kit called an interchiller, which essentially works the same as a Water-to-air intercooler for the supercharger, but the fluid is further cooled using the A/C system to get FREEZING inlet temps which of course means more power. Not a cheap bit of kit and looks quite fiddly to install, but very exciting nevertheless. Stay tuned for big updates over the next few weeks...
  9. smudge

    UK GT86 Xenon Temperature Colour?

    I always found 6000K to be the best compromise. The higher the temperature, the worse the light output
  10. A couple of mm at most, why?
  11. smudge

    UK GT86 Xenon Temperature Colour?

    Most OEM Xenon bulbs are 4300K