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  1. adamj29

    NW Curry Night 12th June with special guest

    Put me down for this
  2. Price reduced.... again... £22,995. Need to get a bigger car, and soon.
  3. Only Mondays to Sundays babe. Someones got to pay the bills x
  4. All good here thanks mate. Keeping busy with construction so can't complain. A lot less stress as well .
  5. Very good idea! Love it. Haha you're rates are extremely competitive. I may be away with work during Japfest but I'll see if I can rearrange. Because that's a cracking plan! @Paul I'm not with Tuned UK anymore mate. Sold it on. But a good idea non the less
  6. I may just do that, I'll see if I can get down
  7. Haha don't tempt me. I think It'd end in a divorce.... and they work out to be very expensive apparently
  8. Let me guess.... a packet of Quavers?
  9. Thanks mate, appreciate that. Yeah it's a shame I have to let it go but heyho
  10. adamj29

    Duraflex wide body kit

    Yeah the US forum are the best place for advise on spec for wide body kits. Other than the standard cutting / grinding and welding required to fit the arches, I needed extensive modifications to be carried out to the front arches as there was too much negative offset on them. They eventually fitted. My wheel specs are: Front - 18 x 9.5 ET -36 Rear - 18 x 10.5 ET -47 The rear wheels needed around -5.5 camber to get them to fit. So if you want to use it for the track, or as a practical car then go for more positive offset. But at least you know the limitations of what can be used.