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  1. Hi all, We have a Tomei equal length manifold for sale here that we are selling on behalf of a customer. This is a used product that has only been on the car for 100 miles max! Customer decided to revert back to the OEM manifold after this combined with a full exhaust system was too loud for him. The manifold was not even cleaned before taking these photos, so you can see it's pretty much brand new. These are £874.80 new, as can be seen on our website (link below). Customer is asking £700 for this one. *This is NOT a Fensport sale. We are selling on behalf of the customer, therefore no warranty is given. PayPal direct to our customer is preferred. We'll then send the manifold FOC from here. https://www.fensport.co.uk/collections/toyota-gt86-2017-on/products/tomei-expreme-equal-length-exhaust-manifold-gt86-brz?_pos=2&_sid=f1bbd88db&_ss=r
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    Ohlins Coilovers

  3. Fensport

    Coilover advice

    As Deacon says, the Tein A's are perfect for what you need. They're a quality product and you have the option of adding Tein's EDFC at a later date if you do get serious about track days
  4. ** SOLD! ** Hi Guys, We have a genuine TRD aero stabilizing cover for the GT86 here, however we can't sell it via the website as it's scratched! Link to the product is here; https://www.fensport.co.uk/parts/toyota/gt-86/zn6/body-parts/gt86-trd-aero-stabilizing-cover/ RRP is £179.60, we're asking £100 for this one including UK delivery. Please see the below photos, you'll see that the cover has some scratches in the plastic that are too deep to polish out unfortunately. Could be sanded down and sprayed to colour match your car, or even some WD40 will hide the white scratches quite nicely. Drop Dan an email at sales@fensport.co.uk if you're interested! ** SOLD! **
  5. Fensport

    Ohlins Coilovers

    Hi Guys,We have a full set of Ohlins MP20 coilovers here that we're selling on behalf of a customer. They've done approximately 14k miles and were removed to return the car back to standard.Fully working order.RRP for a new set is £1,800. Asking price for this set is £1,250 - Free delivery to a UK address.Please note no warranty is offered on secondhand parts.Please drop Dan an email at sales@fensport.co.uk if you're interested
  6. Fensport

    Fensport 0% Finance!

    We are very pleased to now have the facility to offer you 0% finance on selected products. You can now spread the cost of those part's you've always wanted over a 6, 9, 10 or 12 month period completely INTEREST FREE! Labour and mapping costs can also be added to the finance. A minimum 10% deposit is required with a maximum of 50%. Here's some examples. All prices including VAT; Coilover Kit BC BR Series coilover kit - £849 Installation including 4 wheel alignment - £480 Total - £1,329 Finance Example: 15% deposit - £199.35 12 monthly payments - £94.13 per month Total - £1,329 Brake Upgrade DBA 4000 T3 slotted discs front & rear - £598.66 Hawk high performance street pads front & rear - £190.99 Goodridge stainless steel brake hose kit - £87.95 Dot 5.1 brake fluid - £11.94 Installation - £300 Total - £1,189.54 Finance Example: 15% deposit - £178.43 12 monthly payments - £84.25 per month Total - £1,189.54 Full Exhaust System & Remap Cobra UEL 4-1 manifold - £705.60 Cobra over pipe - £170.10 Cobra sports cat front pipe - 423.83 Cobra resonated cat back system - £712.52 Installation - £120 NA remap with Ecutek license - £552 Total - £2,684.05 Finance Example: 15% deposit - £536.81 12 monthly payments - £178.93 per month Total - £2,684.05 Turbo Conversion AVO stage 1 turbo kit - £3,720 AVO breather system upgrade - £230.40 Forge upgrade recirculating dump valve - £136.80 Xtreme sports organic clutch kit - Stage 1 - £473.60 Xtreme lightweight flywheel - £353.40 Mishimoto low temperature thermostat - £50.40 Boost control valve - 3 Port - £67.20 3 bar map sensor - £125.94 Charge air temp kit - steel - £46.56 Stainless steel hose clip upgrade - £43.74 Inconel stud upgrade, turbo to manifold - £33.60 Genuine oil filter - £11.02 Oil drain plug gasket - £1.05 Millers 0W30 engine oil 6L - £110.37 Millers 75W90 gearbox oil - £57.56 Installation - £1,050 Remap with Ecutek license - £575 Total - £7,086.64 Finance Example: 20% deposit - £1,417.32 12 monthly payments - £472.44 per month. Total - £7,086.644 Please bare in mind these are examples only. You can of course pay a larger deposit (up to 50%) to bring down your monthly payments. The products listed in the examples above can be swapped/removed/added to, to create your own packages. If you are interested in applying for finance then feel free to drop us a message (sales@fensport.co.uk) with the parts required and we'll work out some options for you :)
  7. We're now pleased to announce that Summit have now launched the new front upper strut brace, specifically designed for GT86's and BRZ's fitted with a top mount supercharger, such as the Cosworth, Harrop and Sprintex kits. All other front strut braces sit rather low, which is fine for a naturally aspirated car, but once a top mounted supercharger has been installed, no other strut brace will fit over the top. The newly designed brace comes with the brake stopper and is available in either graphite grey or polished. Please note these fit RHD cars only. Also note that the end of the braces are indeed black, NOT orange like shown in the installed photo below. The price of these are £252 including VAT. Stock is very limited at the moment so it's on a first come first served basis. Today is our last day before Christmas but you can still order the new brace through the website via the links below. All orders will be processed when we're back on January 2nd. Polished Brace Graphite Brace From everyone here at Fensport - we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
  8. Adjustable Headlight Level Sensor Linkage (Auto Levelizer) For The GT86 & BRZWhen you lower modern cars with HID headlights such as the GT86 & BRZ, the headlight aim will also be lower and needs adjusting to provide the correct aim height.Our level sensor linkage can be adjusted on car without removing the linkage, making adjustment very easy.Features:Adjustment range: 67-85mm (Turnbuckle can be cut to reduce length to 62mm)Material: Zinc yellow plated steelBall Joints: Nylon lined for smooth operation, rubber seal caps, spanner flatsTurnbuckle: Left/Right thread to simplify adjustmentNow available on our website for just £26 + VAT!https://www.fensport.co.uk/parts/toyota/gt-86/zn6/chassis-tuning/gt86-adjustable-headlight-level-sensor-linkage/
  9. Fensport

    Ecutek EVi Bluetooth for iPhone & iPad

    A little update now I've had chance to have a play We now have it all working and have designed some custom maps around the 5 available inputs which can be fed in to custom maps. The custom inputs can be re named, we have the option to use them as a switch, slider, numeric or listbox. Min and Max values can be set as well as text displayed. Map switching can also be named which is nice The above shows some examples of what can be done for customer usage. We can also configure for tuning and allow live inputs in to the ecu. Data logging is one of our favourite things especially for the race car, we can start a log on the startline and record the whole lap or laps and only need to carry an iphone in the car. Another plus is you can see if vvt is on and its so cool to switch maps from your phone and see the rev counter move to the appropriate map Datalogs can also be emailed direct from the app and there's a section to find your nearest Ecutek tuner with their contact details. It's early days yet and I know Ecutek have big plans for the future which is great for us all Best Regards Adrian
  10. Introducing the Ecutek EVi - Bluetooth Vehicle Interface Kit is a pleasure and something we have all wanted for a long time! The awesome new product has just been launched at Sema and we have 1 unit here for demo and beta testing. Price is yet to be confirmed! Info - Used in conjunction with the ECU Connect app and an iPhone or iPad, the Ecutek EVI-BT allows communication between the engine ecu and the iPhone & iPad, maps can be adjusted directly from the device in real time. The following features are available Live Data Display all factory and Race Rom parameters Data Logging The Data Log tool allows you to easily record log files. Simply press start and stop and then the log files can be accessed from the Archive in the main menu. Log files can also be emailed to your tuner direct from within the app. Performance Analyser A "snapshot" of the vehicle's performance can be recorded such as 0-60mph, quarter mile, Vmax and more. The info is saved as "Performance Results" and can be shared online instantly and can be saved for comparison. Map Switching 4 way map switching is available direct from the app. Boost Controller The App will allow boost to be controlled via either set parameters or on a "slider" from low to high* DTC Tool Check and clear DTC's Race Rom Custom Parameters Various driver options can be configured and input from the App in to "Custom Maps" which allows us to create many driver selectable custom options. eg: Valet Mode Boost Control Variable RPM Limit Soft/Hard cut rev limit Variable Power Launch Control Throttle control / sensitivity Live Adjustments Using the app as an input to Custom Maps we can configure the ecu to perform live adjustments to many key tuning tables ... eg:Ignition, Fuel, Cam maps etc. This is just the start for this exciting new product, there is much more on the way including Android development
  11. Fensport

    Adam's Stage 3 Turbo Rocket Bunny

    Very interested in this build as you know Adam! Keep up the good work mate Dan.
  12. Fensport

    Fensport News

    Thanks Guys Paul, depends on what needs doing? Drop us a pm and we'll get back to you Best Regards Adrian
  13. Fensport

    Fensport News

    Hi Everyone, Really an apology for not posting for some time, we have been so crazy busy working on and mapping the cars there just hasn't been much time for posting! Big news for Fensport is the launch of our new website spring next year, with the help of a fellow 86 enthusiast our plan is to bring you, hopefully, the best "Toyota" site ever! The new site covers 138 Toyota models and around 5,000 products, so as you can imagine its a big job! It will be user and mobile friendly, much more informative, and we will have a dedicated blog which will allow us to feed our news in to the forum Here's a pic of our workshop, full of 86's as usual! Due to all our efforts going in to the new site, our old one is no longer being updated, stock levels will be correct, but if there is anything else you need drop Dan a line and we'll do our best for you ! I know its early, but I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hope Santa fills your stockings with loads of go faster goodies! We've had a cracking 2015 and want to say a massive thank you for all your support this year Best Regards Adrian and the Team @ Fensport
  14. Fensport

    Reduction gears

    lol I know the feeling Nigel .... me too! I reckon you will be fine with V3 and 0.9 drop gear, I doubt you'll need anything else unless forest rallying or top speed running! Best Regards Adrian