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    Competing on my horse, general love of cars and motorsport. Raced a big power Evo in Time Attack with good results. Now have my 86 that has been very competitive in the Sprint Series in NA form, now with forged engine and turbo.
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  1. KevinA

    Coilover advice

    I use the mono sports on my sprint car, pretty harsh with the springs they come with but I run softer ones anyway. My OH has flex A on her 86 and I would say it is better for comfort.
  2. KevinA

    Simply Japanese 2019

    I have the blue one and Lauren has the red one, at least we have one in the south 👍
  3. KevinA

    Simply Japanese 2019

    Debs won't be able to make this now, but I will be at the pub bright and early.
  4. KevinA

    Clutch for Fi car

    As an idea 500bhp 4WD cars with launch control are doing 0 to 64 ft in 1.9secs I'm at 2.1secs with RWD so fairly hard launch.
  5. KevinA

    Clutch for Fi car

    I have the Exedy clutch in my my FI 86, feels very similar to OEM and stands up to sprinting and track work well. Had all sorts of clutches in previous monsters but they tend to not drive as well.
  6. KevinA

    Bromley Pageant Of Motoring

    Just been reminded I'm at a concert this day ( Kylie Mynogue ) so will not be able to attend.
  7. KevinA

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Keep us posted
  8. KevinA

    2019 New Look

    I got a few bits to finish off then I will do some better pictures.
  9. KevinA

    2019 New Look

    Both shite if your not into yank tanks 😂
  10. KevinA

    2019 New Look

    And what a car General Lee never wrecked lol
  11. KevinA

    2019 New Look

    Sure did Mike, getting there now.
  12. KevinA

    2019 New Look

    Bring on Daisy Duke 😁
  13. KevinA

    2019 New Look

    Wanted a new look for this years sprint season so I chose the Red Arrows as a theme.
  14. KevinA

    Hopefully a newbie soon

    I am forged and Turbo, any questions just shout.