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    Competing on my horse, general love of cars and motorsport. Raced a big power Evo in Time Attack with good results. Now have my 86 that has been very competitive in the Sprint Series in NA form, now with forged engine and turbo.
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  1. KevinA

    Tyre Sizes

    I found no difference between 245 and 255 with North of 300bhp Running 9.5 rims
  2. KevinA

    GT86 front end parts required

    Probably got a stock Airbox as I'm now turbo, and fairly close to you. Will have a look in the garage.
  3. If you are going for an 8.5j rim then 40 profile is ok, anything over this will want to go 35, depends on how playful you want the car to be. Stock power then youy will be fine with a 235.
  4. Stick to 35 profile on an 18" wheel.
  5. KevinA

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Most vehicles have close boxes these days, generally driver error. I must admit to having lost sprint wins to taking the wrong gear, reckon @Lauren will point out most bits good or annoying on the new Yaris as she is very thorough with the reviews.
  6. KevinA

    Hello one and all

    Welcome and enjoy the car 😁
  7. KevinA

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    Engine out on a bench dyno is where we did our fuel tests on a turbo engine.
  8. KevinA

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    When I was running 3bar of boost on my Evo it was exclusively mapped on V power, luckily the 86 is only running just under 1bar of boost but once again only V power used.
  9. KevinA

    Reyland brake kit

    Interesting people don't like the 2500's I ran these on sprints and found them fine, too aggressive and you find ABS cutting in a lot. Road use I do very little of so no feedback there I'm afraid.
  10. KevinA

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    Yep fully forged and turbo, capable of a lot more but not wanting to break the gearbox ☹
  11. KevinA

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    Great thread, for me it's 350bhp stripped out and large soft tyres. Quite a handful but great fun.
  12. KevinA

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    All are experts with the 86, you can talk to them all and go with your own vibe.
  13. My car is now just a toy as I don't race it any more, the battery is never charged and now time for a new one. Going to get an 80 amp and trickle charger as it is in the garage so solar probably not an option.
  14. KevinA

    WANTED - Road/Track car

    You'll do well at under 15k with a sorted car, I added up all my mods and it's scary. That's without the forged engine
  15. KevinA

    Jordan aka Smudge

    Really lost for words, we had many a chat about racing together in various series. Were going to book a track to shakedown his car, I hope it can at least get finished as I'm sure he would want this. RIP mate and you'll never be forgotten.