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    Competing on my horse, general love of cars and motorsport. Raced a big power Evo in Time Attack with good results. Now have my 86 that has been very competitive in the Sprint Series in NA form, now with forged engine and turbo.
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  1. KevinA

    Bought a GT86!

    Welcome to the club, and enjoy the 86
  2. KevinA

    2020 show dates

    I want to do as many as I can, just hope there are not too many clashes with Sprint dates.
  3. KevinA

    Front number plate surround

    That is what I did with no problems at all, I just put some gaffer tape on the back of number plate so as not to rub the paint on my bumper.
  4. KevinA

    Supra Review

    Good review I look forward to part 2, as I already run two vehicles one of which has space and comfort I can't justify the price of a Supra. But can see the appeal of a daily, I'm sure we will get some more opinions from new owners.
  5. KevinA

    Discount for October - NA Tuning Package

    I ran 2 years with the NA kit, and into my first year of FI. I can't fault either
  6. KevinA

    Headlight Aim

    No you will need the adjustable arm, it is the best way to do it.
  7. KevinA

    2013 red gt86 breaking

    Does the boot have OEM spoiler holes.
  8. KevinA

    Newbie from Newbury

    Hello and welcome, not far from you in Hook. OH has an 86 and I race my turbo 86, any questions just fire away. Great club here with a good FB group as well.
  9. KevinA

    Insurance cost of forced induction

    Have renewed with Greenlight, was happy with the cost even with all the mods and turbo declared.
  10. KevinA

    Brake pads

    I remember when the Evo was introduced with Brembo as OEM, all that followed was warped discs.
  11. KevinA

    Big brake kit time?

    I used the NS2r in Time Attack street class, not so great on the 86. Would say a PS4 would be quicker especially in the wet.
  12. KevinA

    Big brake kit time?

    Loving the grip from these but no progression, all or nothing 😂 Found the PS4 great when new but soon go off.
  13. KevinA

    Big brake kit time?

    Street tyres are so much different, I am now in the realms of very high grip and wide tyres and even choosing compounds. When I drive my OH's 86 that is NA, the PS4 seem pretty good all round but would suffer on a dry track day.
  14. KevinA

    Big brake kit time?

    Hi Burtie178 Back when I did sprints and trackdays while NA, the front discs were fine provided you keep the stints down to 15 to 20mins. Cooling down period in the paddock is also pretty good for the brakes and tyres. I did change the discs to DBA and various pad combinations, this provided a little better performance but lost some feel over the OEM set up. I also ran Conti's early on and found they are a good tyre and offer a little more forward grip but not as much lateral, the PS4 is a better all round tyre I found and maybe worth changing to when replacement arrives. Have fun and enjoy your car, always advice available on here.
  15. KevinA

    TD UEL & Super res exhaust NA package

    Turbo is the next awesome step