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    Competing on my horse, general love of cars and motorsport. Raced a big power Evo in Time Attack with good results. Now have my 86 that has been very competitive in the Sprint Series in NA form, now with forged engine and turbo.
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  1. KevinA

    Adrian Flux - Christmas 2022 Opening Hours

    Can you quote on a Yaris GR4
  2. Yes at that time this is what I understood to be taking place, clearly more has been going on than has been made known.
  3. Sad times for the 86 folks, more to this than has been made public I am sure. At least you still have some good tuners available.
  4. I have had no contact since my original post, I do lurk around here from time to time but no longer have an 86.
  5. KevinA

    have anyone pass mot with turbo kit

    I passed with 2nd cat in place ( oem )and car very warm
  6. Won't be too far from where they are, perhaps a little more rural, haven't got the address yet mate.
  7. I have been in touch with Mike and they are moving premises right now, there is a lot to do with Rolling Roads and stock etc... All I can advise is to be as patient as possible, I will post here when I have more info.
  8. KevinA

    Hello, I'm Lisa

    Welcome to the club, not a bad bunch you could say 😂
  9. KevinA

    High Flow Cat question!!

    The Berk does nothing, I put my oem cat in for my turbo to pass.
  10. KevinA

    Semi-forged engines

    Strange indeed, my forged engine has been faultless and uses no oil. Hope this all gets sorted.
  11. KevinA

    Sell With or Without Mods

    I can't revert to OEM so get a monster for good money.
  12. KevinA

    Semi-forged engines

    What about the drive train ?
  13. KevinA

    HKS Oil Filter Brand New

    Anybody want this
  14. KevinA

    TD TURBO GT86 near basingstoke?

    I will be here from 6pm onwards if that helps.
  15. KevinA

    TD TURBO GT86 near basingstoke?

    I am 2 miles from Basingstoke, TD turbo and lots more