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  1. Special K

    Essex Meet

    I cannot make it either . . I've sold my GT86 (delivering it to the buyer today) and I've lost the key to my tonka toy, so I'm wheel less at the moment . . I'm looking to buy a new Yaris. Delivery in March but I want to drive a right hand version first, as the test drive was a left hand version and using the pudding stirrer on the wrong side was awful . . Spec K
  2. Special K

    2012 Supercharged Auto for sale

    Update - car is now sold. Spec K
  3. Special K

    Accident and insurance help!

    Merely my 2 pence worth - I would always go to a 'Toyota Approved Repairer' as I am told that without it you void the corrosion warranty on the car. Spec K
  4. Special K

    1st track day

    Vad, you could also consider Car Limits days at North Weald Aerodrome. Very close (M11), very cheap and very safe. Spec K
  5. Special K

    2012 Supercharged Auto for sale

    Hi 86er 280-300bhp at the flywheel is about the limit for the std autotrans, I reckon. With my turbo setup I was 320 at the rear wheels, probably 360 at the flywheel. It was the massive torque spike which caused the problems, even with the SSP stage 2 trans and uprated torque converter. I've now got 250bhp at the rear wheels, which is where I feel happy. (Well, I would do if I could drive it properly . . it's a beast with TRC off . . ) I have also fitted the SSP transoil cooler and increased the trans sump capacity and baffled it. The oil pickup in the trans is sited towards the rear of the box and I was worried about oil starvation under braking. Meant re-siting the washer bottle in the boot. The transoil cooler has an electric fan (only necessary on track) which vents out of the n/s front wheel arch. Switch on dashboard and temp guage sited in the drivers air vent. Very effective at keeping temp below 100 degrees. The SSP kit is not a cheap option but for longevity I felt it worthwhile. I would certainly recommend the SSP uprated torque converter and increased sump capacity if you are serious with your drifting. Fensport have all the specs for the sump conversion. Spec K
  6. Special K

    86 Starlight Blue Pro owner in Essex

    Hi Andy Hills of Woodford is the same dealership I bought mine from in Oct 2012. We had a social 'meet' there one Sat morning . . Spec K
  7. Special K

    2012 Supercharged Auto for sale

    Thanks Kevin. And Lauren. Rob - it is worth considerably more if one takes the cost prices of parts and development into account. The modded transmissions cost more than £3grand a pop, the spare uprated SSP torque converter brought in two months ago cost more than £1500 including duty and VAT. I won't talk about the cost of the new forged engine with HKS supercharger . . take a guess . . And the new Milltek exhaust fitted three weeks ago was £800 plus. . but . . . whilst I still love the fun and friendship of the Drivers Club and TSS I have to be realistic. My reaction times are way off what they were only five years ago (and they were bloody awful then compared to 40-odd years ago!) and there is no point in having 50+bhp more than the n/a cars if the driver (me) is incapable of using it effectively and feels embarrassed at the margin between the likes of Kevin, Lauren, Thomas, Mike . . Age (70+), health (various issues) and finances. I have finally retired, having done five years overtime, and the odd £3grand a month I was lavishing on my hobby is not sustainable. As you all know - I have never lifted a spanner to the car, it has all been maintained and developed by Fensport, so if anyone wants an objective review of the car go ask Adrian. It has a number of unique mods which we have developed together, specifically to enhance the GT86 auto version, and I hope to follow, very keenly, its sprint activities in the hands of someone who can do Fensport and the car justice. It is unique, a one-off. It appears as though the issues caused by the massive turbo torque spike prior to the torque converter locking at 2800rpm have been overcome by the gentler torque curve from a supercharged setup . . the forged internals were merely insurance for longevity, not power related . . one trackday and one sprint at Kendrew and I know it is me who's past my sell-by date, not the car. My head ruled my heart on pricing - I want someone to buy it, work its socks off but more importantly enjoy it. See you at Anglesey . . Spec K
  8. Special K

    2012 Supercharged Auto for sale

    Yes - £16,000. Including all spares. Thanks Nick. I shall still be around - there may be snow on the roof but there's still a smouldering ember in the cellar . . Spec K
  9. Special K

    Tein flex A coilovers

    Gary - do you have adjustable camber? Or are you on stock? I don't think spacers will cure your issue, especially when cornering hard. Look to set 2.0 - 2.5degrees negative on fronts, half a degree less on rears. Only my view. Spec K
  10. Special K

    Track day on a patched tyre?

    HP - track insurance might cover you at a Bedford trackday . . but what about the poor sod you could collect if the tyre blows? It is totally, totally insane to take a car on track when there is a known weakness in a tyre. Cancel your entry, get your £169 back and buy a new tyre. I have never seen such nonsense - from experienced drivers - saying it would be okay. Don't take my word for it - ask the scrutineer when your car is inspected. Spec K
  11. I am looking to sell my road/race going 2012 GT86 as my age and health are conspiring against me . . sob Bought new in November 2012 and used daily, this is possibly the most highly modified and successful autotrans GT86 in Europe and has been professionally maintained by Dave and Adrian at Fensport since I first bought it. Fitted rebuilt forged engine less than 1000 miles ago with HKS supercharger producing 250.5bhp at rear wheels (approx 290bhp at flywheel), SSP Ver 2 upgraded autotrans, torque converter and oil cooler. Fitted Seibon louvred carbon fibre bonnet, bootlid and aerofoil, Tein EDFC suspension, Summit stiffening and control arms, StopTech brakes, TDM forged rims (incl spare). MOT due November. Host of spares include full set of Rota Grid wheels and std. rims fitted snow tyres (never used), spare SSP rebuilt torque converter and spare SSP autotrans awaiting rebuild. ECUtek mapped, needless to say. Fully gauged incl. transoil temp. There is so much on this car I've forgotten half of it . . Currently the only F1-S class car in the TSS - explains the class win at Kendrew, haha . . I would like to complete this years TSS but if some go-faster petrolhead would like to donate £16grand to my pension fund I shall retire gracefully . . (My favourite pic is Eau Rouge . .) Spec K
  12. AndyB - didn't realise you were so close . . I'm just down the road in Ilford. Mine is blue. Bought new from Hills at Woodford. Now fitted with Seibon carbon bonnet, boot and aerofoil. And 250 bhp at wheels HS supercharged forged lump. You might have seen me around the South Woodford area (Charley Browns roundabout) where I worked. When we next have an Essex meet you must come long . . Spec K
  13. Special K


    You carry paint in your GT86 boot? !!!!!! I take the wife to Homebase and get her to walk it home ! It's only 17 miles . . .
  14. Special K

    Bola csr 18" and lowering help needed

    If you are normally aspirated you will over-tyre your car and prove yourself a poser - up to you, of course . . . sorry, it's my view but I will try and help you . . I have no idea what 'volgtland 25mm all round springs' are but sounds as though your local terrain is rough. 18" rims are not my choice for rough terrain. ET on 9" rims should be 42mm. You will need to alter your negative camber which will require aftermarket top mounts 245 is the max you should consider on 9" rims. Rob has replied since I started this post and suggests 225/45. Good for 17" but with a lower profile I would suggest 245/40 Hope this helps
  15. Special K

    Essex meet 27th May - Boreham

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, great to meet new people from Essex and touch base with regulars. I was a bit of a shame there was traffic on the route - there's some awesome bendy bits . . Made a change wandering around the marina and enjoying what was for me a blast from the past. Walking into the town? no-one told me to take my zimmer frame . . a great bonus it was stunning weather after the thunderstorm mid morning. Hopefully Birthday Boy will post a meet report . . Let's do Bradwell next time Spec K