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    Always on 12V power

    It's not wise to do it really, it's only going to show a badger or two knocking about.
  2. rob275


    Sorry David i'm not on here much lately so rely on emails telling me about orders. It appears i missed your one. Will post out today for you (You should have received an email to this effect.
  3. rob275

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Do you know they swapped the fuel rails over? Or maybe the person that sold you it assumed it was an earlier engine because of said fuel rails.
  4. rob275

    Severe engine rattle

    Bound to be a few bad eggs in a mass produced car. You've clearly been unfortunate, but I wouldn't be concerned. It's why the warranty is there, thank yourself these things have been resolved during a warranty period and not found out after.
  5. rob275

    History of Car

    Was going to say not from round here as I live in Crawley.
  6. rob275

    Member Map

    Hi All, Planning on doing away with the old google map as it's fairly out of date I think. We have a built in map which you can choose to add yourself to (or not) The idea is that you can see a location of people around you so that you can pick a good central location for local social meets. We will also be adding GT86 & BRZ Tuners & Traders to the map so that you can see where your closest tuner is if you didn't know already! You would be wise to not put your real address in, justa general address of your area. I used the IP locator and it wasn't particularly accurate so that could be an option Only members can view the map though. http://www.gt86.org.uk/forums/membermap/
  7. rob275

    Club stickers

    Did you receive these now? I guess it's worth me checking the postman hasn't stolen them for his transit 😂
  8. rob275

    Can't seem to log in on tapatalk

    Tapatalk should be resolved now, the rest of the issues seem to be caused by cloudflare 🤣 So it's a toss up between continuous attacks to the site or endless issues.
  9. rob275

    Can't seem to log in on tapatalk

    I'll sort it soon, sorry been ill (still am)
  10. rob275

    Coil overheating - vented bonnet

    I had this done when i replaced mine and didn't have an issue after that. Reflective tape is the easiest thing to do and its cheap.
  11. If the mechanism is connected yeah, in my case I broke the key and the lock barrel Toyota replaced as a "gesture of goodwill" like they were implying I took the car apart and didn't put the mechanism back together properly. Cheek of em!
  12. rob275

    No servicing for 9 years

    If her dads been servicing it then it won't have any stamps? 54k miles is nothing, get it fixed.
  13. rob275

    Essex Crew Mid Week Meet Weds 10th Oct

    Sorry I didn't make this, forgot my Anniversary and preferred not to be in the dog house!
  14. It's not the forum update that done this, think it's your payment as a premium member flicking your title back. Ill resolve shortly. You wasnt sacked
  15. rob275

    Regional Organisers

    Hi All, We're going to start implementing some regional organisers for the club. You may have noticed a couple of people with it next to their names already as they expressed interest in the survey to help out the club. Not only that but they've been doing a good job thus far. So with that said, welcome @will300 and @Deacon as joint regional organisers for the midlands areas. They will be responsible for organising regular social meets and other activities in the area. These could be breakfast meets, lunch meets, go karting, or something even more adventurous like sky div.. ok maybe not that adventurous @Lauren Will keep the rowdy manchester lot happy and others will be contacted in the coming weeks i'm sure and added to the list. Thanks, Rob
  16. Hi All, We are changing the way Projects & Build threads are handled on the forum and as such all project and build threads have been locked and it will no longer be possible to post and new build threads there. Instead we are introducing blogs, those of you who have been with the club from the get go will recall having the feature previously and it has been requested by a few and we feel it will benefit all going forward to have this. It will essentially work the same although each update post from yourself will be able to be commented on individually, hopefully making dicsussion a bit more topical rather than things going off on a tangent and even if they do, it won't distract from the build itself. You should all now be able to see "Blogs" under the navigation and be able to create a blog. There are some restrictions, normal members are restricted to one blog, premium members are able to create multiple blogs and can moderate posts and their blogs themselves. So what is happening to the old build threads? They will be staying but if you want to migrate things over you are welcome to do this manually, unfortunately there isn't any automatic process for doing so. If you want to start a blog and have a project thread already, it may be beneficial linking to it in your first blog post. Many Thanks, Rob
  17. The market is dire atm, it's at that point where a load of idiots want to pay 2-3k less than the asking cos they can't afford it.
  18. A sad day indeed, but after much deliberation over the past week and driving it for the weekend to convince myself otherwise i'm putting my GT86 up for sale. Given the broad spectrum of pricing on the market at the moment, i'm struggling to gauge how much this car really is worth. I guess it's worth as much as anyone is willing to pay for it and given the amount included with the sale i'm going to put this up for £14,000. Car has just come back from having it's 5 year Service and MOT at Abbey Motorsport, nothing bad to report! Car will come with receipts/Invoices for all work carried out on the car along with full service history and a stamped book (once I go around and get 5 years of stamps!) Car has been maintained by Abbey Motorsport who i'm sure you all know and i'm sure Mark can vouch for the car. Engine ECUTEK Tune (ECU Programming tool & dongle included with sale) HKS Super hybrid panel filter Exhaust OEM Exhaust Suspension / Bracing / Other TEIN Street Flex coilover TEIN EDFC active pro Aluminium propshaft Brakes Tarox front BBK Dixcel HS Front/Rear Discs & Z type Pads (Fronts obviously not on the car!) Cosmetic Five-Axis bodykit (minus the spoiler) smoothed in (Work carried out by RT Performance) Intec rear lights Dark smoke window security tints on rear 3 windows Wheels ROTA Titan 17x9 ET42 Bad Bits I'm going to be as transparent as I can with the bad bits to the car so that any potential buyer knows so see below. Front bumper could do with being remoulded as clips underneath are not intact and little crack on front (Cost approx 300) Tow cap is cracked (I have a replacement already it just needs painting Drivers side window has a scratch in it but functions correctly. This is a known fault that Toyota will be aware of (the runner & glass needs replacing) Usual cracking on edge of fibreglass, needs touchups (these are minor things that nobody notices but I know they are there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As above if you missed the price i'm looking for £14,000 though i'm open to offers. I'd prefer to just sell as is but if anyone wants a partout let me know I'm going to dump some old pics in until I can actually get around to washing & taking some up to date pics of the car.
  19. Due to the market being so ludicrously shit and be being bored at looking at it and time wasting fuck nuggets i've part ex'd it along with my missus' shitty i20 for a MK8 Fiesta ST and some cash to pay the carloan off for my sex trail.
  20. rob275

    Tein Luxury Master High Tech Springs

    I've had the 25mm in the past though coupled with koni shocks. Was a nice fast road setup
  21. rob275

    Blanco Question

    £300 for a good job and yes the Blanco white is different, every white from the Blanco onwards is slightly different.
  22. rob275

    GT86 Bits

    Going to split what I can off my 86 due to lack of interest as is so a list of bits that will be up for grabs! (I will genuinely get pics on the weekend, the car isn't where I live at the moment Admins please do not delete :D) All items are on the car unless stated brand new but it's not being driven at the moment. Full payment or 20% deposit I will take items off. Intec Rear lights (White): £250 TEIN Streetflex c/w EDFC Active Pro: £600
  23. rob275

    GT86 Bits

    Bump! Supercharger sold BBK provisionally sold Supercharger purchaser is trading suspension so the TEIN's & EDFC should be off shortly If i ever get time to breathe.
  24. rob275

    Event Organisers

    The issue is I used to do 80% of the work on most events. Which i'm fine with but I haven't been around as of late due to simply barely having a life at the moment. With regards to beaulieu, I was PM'd about this and @VAD17 offered to take the reigns with it. As far as i'm concerned, the person who starts a thread should be the one arranging things. I thought this was the case with this event so nothing has been done. Kevin messaged me about Japfest and I asked him to discuss with Lauren as I wasn't going to be there. Though i'm not surprised Japfest parking didn't go to plan, nobody listens and leaves their cars wherever they want! The club does need some help organising events and if anyone wants to they can certainly put their names forward. I did ask in the survey I put out last if people would be interested, I pm'd those that put their names forward and for the most part the response was they couldn't be arsed or don't have the time. This does make me wonder why they offered in the first place but hey ho... @Deacon The system demoted you, you aren't actually demoted lol. @Test Drives Unlimited your comment is part of the reason why i've taken a step back as of late. A prime example that my efforts aren't appreciated by most. I've had thanks from many people over the years for organising events for the club, but them thanks come from the same people each year and they are the same people that are happy to help out. There is a huge chunk of people here that expect a load of stuff and really don't appreciate the time & efforts put in. But they are happy to complain when things don't happen. It's clear that as the club expands more help is needed, and i've asked before and got little response. @Leevsfortyone thanks for putting your name forward for helping it's appreciated. Feel free to drop me a PM so we can make the south great again
  25. rob275

    GT86 Bits

    Bump, list updated! had interest on the Sprintex but so far a lot of wasted time. Brakes added (will hopefully get off this weekend as well as making a start on the suspension.) Sprintex is off and good to go.