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  1. Andrew Smith

    Final drive change

    I had a 4.67 on my first car and while it was fun to have a little extra shove on the open road, in traffic the shorter gears made it a little harder work. I had no noise from mine but fuel consumption suffered and the extra 400 rpm while not sounding a lot, was tiresome on motorway cruises. On track it was swings and roundabouts, suiting certain places better than others. I wouldn't go there again.
  2. Andrew Smith

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Wow, most excellent sounds
  3. Andrew Smith

    Where Did You Buy?

    Hi Dennis, I got my first one from Inchcape on Pride Park, was simple enough as I bought it outright. My second came from a member on here.
  4. Andrew Smith

    Potential future owner - tall person question

    Definately go for the test drive, either way your time wint be wasted. Im 8'6'' but with the front seat ripped out and a hole cut in the roof I can drive very comfortably from the back. 😉
  5. Andrew Smith

    Right faff today

    All done and road tested, one set of ebay bolts turned up this morning and I soon had them in and the brakes bled. Rear pads now... stuff it , they should just about last, bringing spares just in case
  6. Andrew Smith

    Is the GT86 going to be safe for my girlfriend?

    As above, tyres change everything although you cant really take liberties with this car. Its not a hard car to drive but unlike a mundane car you do have to 'drive' it. I have a VW T5 and it is an easier more relaxed driver, maybe she would be better using the VW (better mpg too, probably)
  7. Andrew Smith

    Right faff today

    No joke, I still don't have it sorted. The free bolts that were promised didn't show up today, hopefully tomorrow. Finding M6 105mm Hight tensile cap heads is a lot harder than I thought but I found a couple of suppliers on ebay that promised Friday or Saturday delivery so hopefully one of the three lots ordered will turn up in time, fingers crossed
  8. Andrew Smith

    Right faff today

    As the title suggests, I have had a panic but fun day. With the club track day coming up on sunday I thought it best to check over my brakes. The Tarox bbk bought of our very own Rob have been great but the pads were getting low so it was time to drop in the spares. All was great until I tried to remove the pad pins. This first came out with a little fight but the second sheared off in the hole at the threaded end, bugger! I phoned Tarox and the guy on the other end was great. Although he couldn't supply me the pins before the weekend he did tell me exactly what I needed so with that info I hit the internet. If you haven't been there before, the internet has everything that you ever wanted, well apart from an M6 105mm 12.9 partial thread hex head bolt. The internet does have something in vast quantities and that is phone numbers. A few calls were made with no joy and I was beginning to think that plan B was going to be put in to action i.e. the original callipers but the next call got me sorted and restored my faith in humanity. I spoke to a chap called Ross at TR Fastenings in the Manchester branch 01825747453, who managed to find me some pins that would do the job and could get them to me for Wednesday. As the conversation was ending and I could sense his immanent signing off I asked "how much?" "No charge and I shall throw you a couple of extras in" was the reply. Just wanted to give Ross and TR Fastenings a shout out, excellent service. As for getting the remainder of the pin out of the hole, that took 3 punches two of which are now deceased and 3 hammers of varying sizes. Why don't I just pick up the lump hammer in the first place? would have saved me hours over the years. Ta muchly, see you Sunday
  9. Andrew Smith

    Dual batteries

    sorry I meant 110ah, I'll get my coat lol
  10. Andrew Smith

    Dual batteries

    To go the leisure battery route you would need the battery, 110mha is good and a split charger system https://www.megavanmats.online/product-page/5m-mvm-split-charge-relay-kit-ready-made The split charger is a relay that allows the leisure battery to be charged from the starter battery only when it sees a certain voltage ie when the engine is running, so it never drains your starter battery. Its quite easy to install... bolt in leisure battery to run +ve from starter batt to relay with in line fuse, relay +ve to leisure batt with in line fuse. Earth leisure bat and relay and that's the charging side of it done. Afraid I don't know anything about inverters but you would need to find out if you could run one without fully discharging a leisure battery
  11. Andrew Smith

    Dual batteries

    I would say that you need a leisure battery and split charger as found in camper vans for this, easy enough to install as I have done it in my own van. A regular car starter battery would soon discharge
  12. Andrew Smith

    Problem With Heat Wrap

    Can you rotate the top hose anticlockwise by a few degrees? Might give you a bit more room
  13. Andrew Smith

    Faulty Electronic Wing Mirror

    Until today I hadn't investigated my non folding mirror but having to sit and wait for folk I found myself having a play with it. I decided to have a listen to see if the mirror motor was actually working but from the inside it was inaudible. I opened the door a had a closer listen and "its alive". All I did next was press the button and give the mirror a gentle helping hand to set it off and it now works as intended. I can only imagine that the mechanism had become un-indexed for whatever reason and some general help in the right direction has aligned it all up again. An easy fix and worth having a closer listen to see if your mirror motors are in fact still working
  14. Andrew Smith

    Oil leak help

    looks like it has been there for a while and there isn't much of it. Clean it up as best you can, check oil level and keep an eye on it. 99% sure you haven't a problem.
  15. Andrew Smith

    Faulty Electronic Wing Mirror

    I had the passenger side go and that was replaced under warranty. Drivers side has now gone out of warrranty but it really doesny bother me. I am cheap though