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  1. We're Cheshire based if you decide to make the trip Thanks Mike
  2. Mike@TD.co.uk

    Rear Caliper Options

    We run KSport on both our GT86 as a road going car and our Celica GT4 as a dedicated track car. Absolutely no issues or complaints. Excellent brake kits. Pads are affordable and replacement discs are also well priced in the market place.
  3. Mike@TD.co.uk

    Miltek Exhaust - reliabilty and db

    We have removed a number of these recently due to failure unfortunately. The flexi section doesn't appear to improve the reliability of this particular system from what we have seen here. Thanks Mike
  4. Mike@TD.co.uk

    Add another happy customer to the long list!

    Thank you Adam, was nice meeting you and thank you for the kind words Mike
  5. Mike@TD.co.uk

    GT86 BRZ Tuning Package from Tuning Developments

    Morning all, We're getting back upto normal stock levels of the manifolds and components for this package again now after the last few crazy months If anyone would like to arrange a booking then please do get in touch! Thanks Mike
  6. Mike@TD.co.uk

    Forget the Supra, visit these guys instead!

    Thanks for the kind words Colin, we here are all very happy that you're enjoying the new power increase Happy motoring! Mike
  7. Mike@TD.co.uk

    GT86 BRZ Tuning Package from Tuning Developments

    @JRot Approximately 5 hours to complete. We do keep exhaust systems in stock also. Our Super Resonated variant is the most popular version currently for reference. If you have any questions then please do give me a shout. Thanks Mike
  8. Mike@TD.co.uk

    Problem With Heat Wrap

    @MartinT There have been some subtle changes over the years, both from the days of JP and also when we moved manufacture in house. Yours however does now look very close, closer than normal. Can happily take a look at it for you if you'd like and see what is what. Thanks Mike
  9. Mike@TD.co.uk

    Thank You

    Just a quick post to say thank you to all whom have been in contact over the last 12 months with us, be it for simple questions/parts orders through to turbo kits, we appreciate each and every enquiry that comes to us. From all of us here we'd like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, more of the same for next year Thanks Mike
  10. Mike@TD.co.uk

    Is remapping nessecary if installing uel header?

    You'll see healthy gains on top of installing the manifold, with a remap. Personally i'd recommend having it tuned as soon as you can. Thanks Mike
  11. Mike@TD.co.uk

    Another Happy Customer 🙂

    Yes, but it was warm when he left and he installed the bits himself prior to getting it tuned
  12. Mike@TD.co.uk

    How to select Exhaust Manifold

    It does fit yes sir. Thanks Mike
  13. Mike@TD.co.uk

    How to select Exhaust Manifold

    Once you've bought a license - it stays with the ECU. You wouldn't have to pay twice for a license when going forced induction. You would need to pay for mapping costs though if having it custom tuned and not using an off the shelf tune. We also have our manifolds in stock Thanks Mike
  14. Mike@TD.co.uk

    2018 Black Friday Deals From Tuning Developments

    Just a quick note to say thank you to everybody who bought from us or booked in workshop work. Thanks Mike
  15. Mike@TD.co.uk

    2018 Black Friday Deals From Tuning Developments

    Good morning all, These are live until 6pm this evening Thanks Mike