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Found 114 results

  1. So I got my GT86 (2012) a couple of months ago and suddenly today the heater/fan has stopped blowing any air to my front windscreen. It blows air out every other vent but won't switch to the vents I'm setting it to. No matter what button I press it comes out of every vent except the wind screen, even if I have it to windscreen only! And when I click the windscreen only button it also defaults to A/C as well. This was particularly worrying for me this morning after it took ages and wiping of the windscreen to allow myself to drive to work and I was late! Kept fogging up every few mins and wouldn't clear because no air was touching it. Is this something I can 'reset' easily or could there be something blocking the vent?
  2. Used GT86 parts

    USED PARTS REMOVED FROM GT86HSD Coil overs 12Kg Frt 7Kg Rr rates £ 300-00https://www.hsdcoilovers.com/hsd-coi...a-86-zb…P3 Air vent gauge in vent £ 150-00 SOLDBRZ / FR-S / FT86 - P3 Multi-Gauge - P3 Cars
  3. Gt86 Aero

    30,000 miles. £15,900 full service history- last service 18/10/18 full MOT completed this month. Cambridge Selling due to a change of car. The car is completely stock, Except a pair of Valentini rear lights. ( these can be put back to originals should the buyer wish) I am it’s second owner. Pristine condition and thoroughly loved. Viewings welcome. THIS CAR MUST BE GONE WITHIN THE WEEK- New car on the way.
  4. 63 plate black Toyota GT86 for sale in Glasgow. Great Condition inside and out. A great drive and great looker, Still stock so can also be a great project for a GT86 enthusiast. * £11500 * offers are welcome. 83983 miles on the clock Mot'd 04/09.2019 Full service Histoty Fairly new Toyo tyres Keyless entry and start, touch screen media unit, bluetooth, usb connection, heated seats, cruise control, AC, electric windows, electric mirrors, leather and suede interior.
  5. For sale £1000 and can deliver at no extra cost, only ran them on the car for about 5K miles so in perfect working order
  6. New owner

    Hi guys. New owner of a 62 plate GT86. Had it for a week and loving the car but the noise at 70 mph will take some getting used to. The other joys of this car far outweigh this minor inconvience though.
  7. Hello All, I've decided to reduce the price and to price it without some of the mods on, to keep it more flexible. £13,995 for the car without the following mods listed below; Milltek Cat Back Exhaust (with resonated and non-resonated section pipes - I bought both in the end). Tomei Un-equal Length Headers (Decat) Wheels – Work Emotion CR Ultimate Kiwami, Matt Gunmetal 8.5J ET38 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres 225/35 (Near new) If you're interested in the above parts separately, PM me with a reasonable offer Note, the rest of the mods listed below will still come with the car at the price indicated above. Thanks, Tom ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear GT86/BRZ Enthusiasts, I’m Tom, a proud owner of a lightly and tastefully modified 63 plate Subaru BRZ SE Lux in WRX Blue, sadly looking to sell due to moving abroad for the foreseeable future for work. I’ve owned this BRZ since December 2015 where it came to me via Cambridge Subaru dealership in pristine stock condition, with approximately 14000 Miles on the clock. I spent a long time trying to find the right one for me and with a full Subaru Service History. The extras on the SE Lux edition are: Heated Seats Alcantara upholstered leather seats (Added option) Pioneer SatNAV + Entertainment system Mod List: Milltek Cat Back Exhaust (with resonated and non-resonated section pipes - I bought both in the end). Tomei Un-equal Length Headers (Decat) K&N Air Intake and filter system for GT86/BRZ Eibach Sportline Performance Lowering Springs Eibach Anti-Roll Bars Whiteline Rear Crossmember Bushes Wheels – Work Emotion CR Ultimate Kiwami, Matt Gunmetal 8.5J ET38 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres 225/35 (Near new) Goodridge Braided Brake Line Kit Carbotech XP8 Brake Pads Engine Bay Strut Fensport Rear Diffuser OEM Imprinted Grimspeed Hood Struts ECUTek License and Road mapping session with Adrian at Fensport. Full package, 4 maps and estimated to be approx. 220hp with much improved performance over the entire rev range, especially mid range where this engine tends to suffer. 1 = Performance Map 97RON, 7650RPM Rev Limit + Economy when cruising 2 = Performance Map 97RON, 7650RPM Rev Limit, Adjustable Launch Control, Flat Shifting 3 = Map 2 + auto rev matching on down shifts 4 = Reduced output Map for 95RON Fuel The car, in its current state of tune/build, handles like a dream and is truly a joy to drive, making all the right noises at all the right times. The external of the car is in A1 condition, the few stone chips that I have received have been professionally touched up and colour matched. The only external features that have been changed are the lightweight Work Emotions and the rear diffuser - which I may have bought on a whim on my most recent visit to Fensport. The internal of the car is again in A1 condition, no damage to seat bolsters or fabrics, all electronics work and the Satnav unit has always been reliable, to be honest it still has that new car smell! Overall, this is a special car, in immaculate condition with nothing but pride and enthusiasm put its way since purchase, it is a car for a real enthusiast of the engineering and capability of such a good and nimble platform. Whilst ideally I’d prefer to sell with the modifications fitted, I have kept all original parts that have been replaced, including original wheels and tyres, so if required the car could be put back to standard and run on base map 4. I can appreciate that one man’s tastes are not necessarily the same as another's. These will be included with full asking price. Current Figures on the car: 31,827 Miles on chassis & Gearbox & Approx. 11,000 Miles on Engine (This will go up as it’s currently being used as my daily driver). MOT Due 19th November 2018 Service Due 9th November 2018 The car (and me) live in Hertfordshire and is available from late September and I’m looking for £18,450, with all stock items not currently fitted included in the sale. I am open to the idea of returning the car back to stock configuration, but would prefer to avoid this if possible, please contact me to negotiate. Thanks for reading! Tom
  8. Hello lads! I just bought a BRZ and surely need some morse power. Please keep in mind, that i may not get all terms correct, seems i am a newbie 🙂. Anyway... I would want to get a complete stage1 kit, and it seems like there would be the best way to get a e85 tune, to get most hp for a low cost, but i may be interested in even more bigger kit, that may involve manifold or even a turbo kit. So of you have any tuning kit for sale, please let me know! I live in Sweden so i need to have it shipped. (Sorry for My bad English)
  9. Focal speaker upgrade

    Hi all, I'm looking for some guidance regarding an audio upgrade for my new shape BRZ. I'm currently looking into a Kenwood head unit from the UK and a 2 din OEM trim and plug and play harness from Australia made by a company called carboncarsystems which will allow me to keep my steering controls and give an OEM look but want to see what's around speaker wise to improve the sound quality. If anyone knows of something in the UK that will allow me to keep the steering controls please let me know, carboncarsystems are being a bit funny about shipping to the UK. I've seen there's a plug and play kit made by Focal https://www.bassjunkies.com/is165toy.html which looks to be good but wondered if anyone has fitted it and can give me their opinion if it's a good option to go for? While the tweeters would be out I've seen there's space for a mid tone speaker in there which comes with a JDL kit? Is it worth finding a mid tone to go in with the tweeter? I'm also interested in changing my rear speakers, I know their 4" and there are lots of options on the market but wondered what people can recommend that are yet again plug and play. I've also seen people buying an amp to go behind the head unit, whats this all about? I'm not keen on putting any speakers in the boot or covering the car in sound proofing materials, I'm simply after a good quality system which is noticeably better than the stock system. Budget wise I would spend £500 max but would like to spend less however I understand you obviously get what you pay for!! Please any advise or reviews welcome, sorry to create another audio related thread but the answer I wanted wasn't on the existing ones.
  10. I'm selling my Litchfield spec S supercharger kit, as I have now replaced with a turbo set up. The kit was on the car for 18 months and did roughly 15k miles in my ownership (meaning it has done 23k miles in total). A brand new belt and a nearly full bottle Rotrex Supercharger fluid are included in the sale (£140 value in total). I'm asking for £2,000 for the whole kit (see pictures below). The price new from Litchfield was around £4,300. I managed 279bhp with this charger, with great torque improvements. (see dyno print out below). It was installed and tuned by Fensport. This modification gives the car the power curve, power level it should have been produced with. Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Collection is preferred from Littlehampton (BN17 5JU), could potentially meet. N.B. I will be driving to Fensport this coming Thursday (28th June 2018), so could drop with them if you'd like to organise for them to install and tune.
  11. Hey all, Recently just came back from Germany with a load of mates. Had an absolute blast with the 86! The roads were just fantastic and well suited for this car, especially in the wet It's nice to see a handful of 86's and BRZ's out there. It was my first time actually driving on the Nurburgring (2nd ever time on a track in this car, first being at Angelsey), so the first 1 or 2 laps I took with caution while I learned where my braking points are and how the car handles. Sounds silly, but I know the track pretty well just by racing with my sim setup on Assetto Corsa and IRacing and it felt very familiar and comfortable haha! I didn't lap with the intentions of timing but I do a fair bit of endurance karting, so I have the mindset of a racer of wanting to overtake everyone and follow fast lines I had it all on video so I was able to time the laps afterwards, however, almost every lap bar my final and quickest lap was hurt by some serious yellow flags and traffic. You're very lucky to be able to do a lap without the ring closing or a yellow flag present somewhere! All my laps I had a passenger in and almost a full tank of fuel so that plays a large factor in handling and times as well especially in our cars! haha. My 4th lap was my fastest lap as I decided to do a solo lap with low fuel to see how the car handles and it made a huge difference! (5 seconds quicker halfway into the lap than my 5th and fastest recorded lap) but then I hit a load of yellows at the end of the circuit which ruined the time. To top it off, my camera died which is a massive shame but that's how it is! Eventually, the 5th lap I managed to get ahead of traffic and set an 8m 48s lap for my first ever trip to the ring and that's in a stock car! Came away a very happy man! haha. This is the lap: Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBTZur0nO1t_uh65xcSTQTeP5k7HkjhED A handful of photos: (link:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10211780077443345.1073741860.1411372255&type=1&l=afa18d7c16) Now it's been round stock, it's time to add a few bits to it and see what it's really capable of! I imagine this can get in high 7's with wider tyres, a bit more power in engine and brakes and a good geometry setup! Anyone else got any Nurburgring experiences to share?
  12. Took the 86 for its first track day on Tuesday. Graced it with the wonderful Anglesey Circuit in Wales! Safe to say I loved every bit of it! Did it with Javelin with my brother (FN2 Type R) and a few mates (More FN2's and Golf Mk2). Great learning how the car handles when giving it some beans, it's currently completely stock apart from some Rota 18x8.5" wheels and Whiteline Positive Shift mounts + Whiteline Differential mount inserts. Come to realise I think coil overs and a meatier exhaust is necessary, although it's a great stock setup, I feel like it squirrels a little too much under braking and understeers when the weight shifts forward. Thinking of some Teins Flex A's and an Invidia Gemini R400. Any opinions on these will help greatly! I know my heal-toe is a little off, finding it difficult at times with how long it takes the car to rev up and down with the heavy flywheel. Just need a bit more practice Obviously, the first few videos are rather tame with some interesting lines and close calls but throughout the day, especially on the last video I felt really confident and loved how easy the car is to hold on a powerslide. I must admit in one of the videos around 6:30 I took the first corner a bit hot and attempted to power out of it, almost let it take the better of me and ended up with a tank slapper haha! Loads of fun, lots of burnt rubber, fast track and beautiful scenery, and I didn't spin once! Couldn't have asked for much more hehe. I apologise for some of the strange camera angles, I just used my DLSR on a headrest mount so it was difficult to place well. I hope to get to some events and meet up with some fellow 86 owners to see how they set their car up for the track Playlist: Some images I took and the professional photographer took:
  13. Hey everyone, I’m selling my wheels since i’m looking to change things up a bit with the 86. They’re Rota RKR’s in 18x9.5 ET44 with Hankook Ventus V12 tires in 255/35R18. Some remarks/info about the wheels: 1 wheel has some curb rash, no gashes, just rash. And 1 wheel has some dings on 2 spokes because of a lug nut that had broken off. Pictures are below. Front left (dings on the spokes):  Rear left (curb rash): Rear right (it has something black on the outer rim, but it's not curb rash, i think it's residue of something, but i'm not sure): Front right (perfectly fine): As for the tires, the fronts are at 6-7mm thread and the rears are at 2mm tops at the camber side and 3-4mm tops at the non-camber side, i've included pictures below. Front tires: Rear tires (note they have been flipped so the camber wear is now towards the outside of the wheels): The wheels are pretty rare, they’re the only set in Europe & UK (except for a Toyota UK demo car that has them in an 8,5 wide spec) and pretty rare in general. The people who know these wheels will know they're hard to come by. If you're interested or have any other questions be sure to let me know. Asking price is €1200, open for offers (i can ship if needed, i'm sure we can work something out). Wheels are located in Belgium. Greetz, Joe
  14. ***FOR SALE*** White Toyota GT86 MK1 2.0 Boxer D-4S 201bhp Manual Petrol 3dr 38361 miles – Registered in November 2012 COMPLETE and fully documented Toyota Service History Fully documented MOT history with current MOT valid until November 2018 Unmodified and in a well looked after (good) condition Location: Addlestone, Surrey Specification: - AM/FM Radio, Keyless Entry/Start, Cruise Control, Telephone/Bluetooth Connectivity, Satellite Navigation functionality, 6.1” Touch Screen Monitor, Limited Slip Differential, Rear Spoiler, 17in Alloy Wheels. Interior Features: - Climate Control, Air Conditioning, Head Restraints (Front), Heated Rear Screen, In Car Entertainment (Radio/CD), Interior Finish, Wing Mirrors (Electric Heated/Folding), Power-Assisted Steering, Heated Front Sport Seats 2+2, Steering Wheel Leather with red stitching, Half Leather Half Upholstery Cloth, Alarm, Multiple Driver and Passenger Air Bags, Anti-Lock Brakes. Exterior Features: - LED Daytime Running Lights, Xenon Headlights, Front Fog Lights, Head Light Sensor, Immobiliser, Rain Sensing Windscreen Wipers, Central Third Brake Light. Running costs Urban 27.2 mpg, Extra Urban 44.1 mpg, Average 36.2 mpg, CO2 emissions 181g/km, Annual Tax £240 Performance Engine power 201 bhp, Engine size 1998 cc, Brochure Engine size 2.0 litres, Acceleration (0-60mph) 7.6 seconds, Top speed 140 mph, Drive train Rear Wheel Drive Price: £12995 Very happy to arrange viewings, test drives and negotiate on price for the right buyer. Please PM me to discuss further. Toyota GT86 reviews: - https://www.topgear.com/videos/jeremy-clarkson/jeremy-drives-toyota-gt86-series-19-episode-3 https://www.topgear.com/car-news/top-gear-magazine/jeremy%E2%80%99s-car-year-toyota-gt86 https://www.driving.co.uk/car-reviews/new-car-review-toyota-gt86/ http://blog.toyota.co.uk/jeremy-clarkson-the-toyota-gt86-is-brilliant
  15. Adjustable Headlight Level Sensor Linkage (Auto Levelizer) For The GT86 & BRZWhen you lower modern cars with HID headlights such as the GT86 & BRZ, the headlight aim will also be lower and needs adjusting to provide the correct aim height.Our level sensor linkage can be adjusted on car without removing the linkage, making adjustment very easy.Features:Adjustment range: 67-85mm (Turnbuckle can be cut to reduce length to 62mm)Material: Zinc yellow plated steelBall Joints: Nylon lined for smooth operation, rubber seal caps, spanner flatsTurnbuckle: Left/Right thread to simplify adjustmentNow available on our website for just £26 + VAT!https://www.fensport.co.uk/parts/toyota/gt-86/zn6/chassis-tuning/gt86-adjustable-headlight-level-sensor-linkage/
  16. Minion's 86

    Hi guys/gals I've had the car for just over 3 years now and still love it as much as when I first got it! I've been about on here and going to shows for a good while now so a lot of you might know me and my car others might not so thought I'd start another build thread seeing as I started one a couple of years back but never really did too much too it due to time and well just being a general lazy s**t! The reason I've decided to start another one as if everything goes as I'm hoping it should within the next few months there will be big changes to my car but you'll see that all in due course. Please see the pictures attached to the thread of my car when I first had it, I got it from Lister's Toyota in Grantham when it was about a year old with 9k on the clock as an Ex-Demo with a nice healthy saving from the list price with it being a TRD which imo finishes the look on an already near perfect car! If any one has any questions about anything in this thread just ask and I'll try and help
  17. HKS GT86 EL header manifold (USED) but newly coated with the expensive Zircotec Coating for heat management. Customer has sold his car so no longer needed. HKSmanifold new is £840-00 inc vat and the Zircotec costing is £590-00 inc vat http://www.zircotec.com/performance-white/ We are looking for £550-00 inc vat for this header. Any questions ask away. Works very well with and FI and NA conversion together with ECUTEK remap. #gt86 #brz #FA20 #HKS #zircotec
  18. Howdy all, For sale is my APR carbon fibre alternator cover, it's been fitted for 2 years now, doesn't move around obviously so it still in great nick. It's a lovely piece of carbon with a gorgeous weave to spruce up the engine bay, a bit of bling for the show days Note: I will be receiving a brand new, revised carbon fibre alternator cover, So you will receive the brand new, never fitted one Price: £130.00 (for a brand new carbon fibre cover) Location: Hertfordshire/Epsom Postage: Possibly! Collection: Yep, can do! Payment: PayPal (buyer pays the fees) | Cash | Bank Transfer As always, if you have any questions, please let me know
  19. Title pretty much says it all. In the market for a turbocharged GT86 or BRZ. Let me know
  20. Hey peeps. What are the aftermarket options for sterring wheel for our 86/brz? I am ideally after alcantara / bit of carbon accent ones.. slightly thicker aswell - as i recon the stock ones feel small. Thanks folks as always.
  21. I'm selling my Toyota gt86 black areo wing . As I know longer need it due to getting a rocket bunny v3 kit . Looking for offers around 700 in the UK. All parts for mounting included. Message me on 07496417907
  22. Soon to be a GT86 Owner o/

    Good evening GT86 fans! Just thought i'd finally make a post and introduce myself My names Charlie, i live in Milton Keynes and work for Thames Valley Police. I currently drive a Toyota Celica 2001 in Blue which has been an awesome car to have from the age of 21! But after many months of saving, reading reviews and staring at forums and posters i have finally placed my deposit on a GT86! I'm picking myself up a 2013 GT86 in red (manual) with only 29k on the clock. Unfortunately as the car itself is still being driven by its first owner (its being handed back to the dealer on the 29th for me to then buy) i have no idea if it has the spoiler or Pro interior spec but regardless i'm getting it anyway! In regards to mods, in the short term as funds will be low i won't be doing any mods. But in the long term (as i plan to keep this veh for at least 10 years if all goes well) will be to lower the suspension a little, get some wider tyres with some white alloys, and possibly looking into getting the stage 1.1 cosworth upgrade package to help bridge the mid-range torque dip! I am also really interested in any meet ups. If anyone knows of any local groups that meet around Milton Keynes (or anywhere in Bucks/Beds/Northants/Oxon areas) would love to know so i can come down as soon as possible! Other than that i will try to be an active member on this forum to check out other peoples ideas for mods etc and be part of the community! I will do a further post once i actually have the veh with some nice photos p.s - if the current driver of the veh MA13*** based in Milton Keynes is on this forum by any chance i would love for you to comment so i can get more details about your car as the end of the month cannot come sooner!!
  23. So I recently got myself a GT86 2012 and I am looking to get a decent sound out of this thing without spending a fortune on it. 700€ maximum! I've been recommended "invidia n1" once but I could only find it for 1,100€+. What should I do/get in order to achieve a decent sound with this amount of money. Is there some other modification I should prioritize ahead of this? The car I have is completely stock and has not been abused by its last owner.
  24. After three years of ownership and so many smiles later, its with a heavy heart that I have to sell my pride and joy. It has a full Toyota service history Still drives and handles like the day it rolled out of the showroom 14 plate (3 years old), 46,000 miles, Interior & exterior in very good condition, £13,450 o.v.n.o more details on Auto Trader click here
  25. I am looking to sell my road/race going 2012 GT86 as my age and health are conspiring against me . . sob Bought new in November 2012 and used daily, this is possibly the most highly modified and successful autotrans GT86 in Europe and has been professionally maintained by Dave and Adrian at Fensport since I first bought it. Fitted rebuilt forged engine less than 1000 miles ago with HKS supercharger producing 250.5bhp at rear wheels (approx 290bhp at flywheel), SSP Ver 2 upgraded autotrans, torque converter and oil cooler. Fitted Seibon louvred carbon fibre bonnet, bootlid and aerofoil, Tein EDFC suspension, Summit stiffening and control arms, StopTech brakes, TDM forged rims (incl spare). MOT due November. Host of spares include full set of Rota Grid wheels and std. rims fitted snow tyres (never used), spare SSP rebuilt torque converter and spare SSP autotrans awaiting rebuild. ECUtek mapped, needless to say. Fully gauged incl. transoil temp. There is so much on this car I've forgotten half of it . . Currently the only F1-S class car in the TSS - explains the class win at Kendrew, haha . . I would like to complete this years TSS but if some go-faster petrolhead would like to donate £16grand to my pension fund I shall retire gracefully . . (My favourite pic is Eau Rouge . .) Spec K