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  1. Joolz

    Battery recomendations

    Glad to hear yr Yuasa YBX 3014 Battery is still going strong a year later.
  2. Joolz

    Battery recomendations

    Thanks also for recommending these choices.
  3. Joolz

    Battery recomendations

    Thanks so much for recommending this battery for my 2017 GT86, which I bought to replace my OEM larger 65ohm Toyota one that was at least 3-4 years old. Plus Toyota said had 61% health. Had the Yuasa about a month or two and volts also seem to read higher and car starts immediately. Love that it has roll over protection and a switch that flicks when it needs to be changed.
  4. Thanks for the above. So I took it to dealer as was due yearly interim service anyway, luckily it did not rain much as gap was big enough for water to seep in. Driver door was completely dead button wise for windows. They had to do 1 hour plus diagnostics for extra £95, (1 hour) and had to go into the switch, and found the connector had disconnected apparently (could have worked self loose overtime), all this had affected central locking too. Now fixed but l did not get an answer to what was going on with passenger window switch, but sounds like reset issues as above.
  5. Seems my buttons totally dead drivers side gonna have to get Toyota to have a look. At least servicing Monday so they can look at.
  6. Apparently hold both buttons for 15 seconds down and then up like Lauren said then passenger side same. Guy below says car forgets height of window which is very weird. https://youtu.be/MRMrwnCfR0c
  7. I have same issue drivers side gonna try try Lauren’s trick. My Auto window buttons started flashing, now not lighting up at all. Window stuck near top. Started with it not going up fully when door closed.
  8. Joolz


    Just found out randomly they are called “air deflectors” apparently the flappy looking things where the clips attach. How described below anyway from FTSpeed You Tube below as was looking at undercarriage images, but not many online of the 2017. So searched You Tube for 2017 GT86
  9. Joolz


    Cheers, yeah did think about this might be the option if hunt returns nothing above.
  10. Joolz


    Not tried above will give a go thanks.
  11. Joolz


    O.k so lost some clips, found the crazy hard to find wheel arch fender liner screw type ones, below from Australia! But want a few of the undertray flaps or under tray clips (not even sure of the name of these) and cannot find part number or any like it as I have one missing. Anyone any ideas of part number? Or what these flaps are called? Should I be going to Toyota and just show them photos in the dealership? Thanks in advance.
  12. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    Body shop guy did not fit as thinks have to drill bumper for the version 2 ones I have.
  13. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    I got version 2, I guess version 1 do not need to drill bumper etc. But as above yes expensive posting from Japan. Think mine were £40 odd.
  14. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    Update: So took it back to Body shop that re fitted bumper and they kindly re fitted GT86 2017 bumper again and “brought it forward”. Said Japanese cars clips always have a place to fit, and is now perfect with slight gap/sag on left and right side. Cannot remember how it was before refit (zoom in on bottom pics you can see slight sag/gap on sides). He did try to fit the V2 (version 2) Subaru clips but said seemed they would need to be drilled in. So I’ll keep them if it sags more in the future on the left/right. Before and after below:
  15. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    Instructions from V2 Review sort of helpful. As he says no instructions in box. - Product review able to decrease the gap between the panel and bumper. very nice. - Installation tips simple glue it on or screw it on. Written by Nandish (UNITED STATES) | 2017-05-24