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  1. Joolz


    Just found out randomly they are called “air deflectors” apparently the flappy looking things where the clips attach. How described below anyway from FTSpeed You Tube below as was looking at undercarriage images, but not many online of the 2017. So searched You Tube for 2017 GT86
  2. Joolz


    Cheers, yeah did think about this might be the option if hunt returns nothing above.
  3. Joolz


    Not tried above will give a go thanks.
  4. Joolz


    O.k so lost some clips, found the crazy hard to find wheel arch fender liner screw type ones, below from Australia! But want a few of the undertray flaps or under tray clips (not even sure of the name of these) and cannot find part number or any like it as I have one missing. Anyone any ideas of part number? Or what these flaps are called? Should I be going to Toyota and just show them photos in the dealership? Thanks in advance.
  5. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    Body shop guy did not fit as thinks have to drill bumper for the version 2 ones I have.
  6. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    I got version 2, I guess version 1 do not need to drill bumper etc. But as above yes expensive posting from Japan. Think mine were £40 odd.
  7. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    Update: So took it back to Body shop that re fitted bumper and they kindly re fitted GT86 2017 bumper again and “brought it forward”. Said Japanese cars clips always have a place to fit, and is now perfect with slight gap/sag on left and right side. Cannot remember how it was before refit (zoom in on bottom pics you can see slight sag/gap on sides). He did try to fit the V2 (version 2) Subaru clips but said seemed they would need to be drilled in. So I’ll keep them if it sags more in the future on the left/right. Before and after below:
  8. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    Instructions from V2 Review sort of helpful. As he says no instructions in box. - Product review able to decrease the gap between the panel and bumper. very nice. - Installation tips simple glue it on or screw it on. Written by Nandish (UNITED STATES) | 2017-05-24
  9. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    https://www.japanparts.com/parts/detail/49087 My new clips arrived from Tokyo Japan very fast cost £30/£40, not sure how to fit these though as V2 (not sure if that is correct part number as crossed out it seems) so thanks for link above (V1 above looked easier to fit). Toyota declined to fix bumper gap on headlight I have as not under Warranty told me go back to body shop who re fitted new bumper, which is fair enough. I asked for price but none given to re fit by Toyota. My current gap above before and V2 clips. Gonna take clips to body shop. I had a look myself at clips Subaru were not joking, they might as well of made them from play dough they are so soft like all Subaru bumpers/paint it seems. Will post body shop results if they can fix gap on side and headlight/need to heat polyurethane bumper to mould it etc. P.S I saw another red 2017 which also had small gap close to inside of headlight, but bumper seemed fitted underneath headlight unlike mine at moment.
  10. Joolz

    Known Issues

    Thanks will look into this if gets worse. Am incredibly surprised no You Tube video on this as was gonna look how easy it is.
  11. Joolz

    Known Issues

    So spoke to my nice Local Toyota again today and they contacted Warranty Dept on my behalf after taking pictures and said damage was not enough to warrant repair. I informed the staff I will use a paint pen for this and seemed fine with that. The nice Senior lady I was dealing with said if gets worse contact her back and she will talk to Warranty Dept again. As you can see below paint pen worked pretty well and cannot even tell it was there. Should cover rust if that is what the brown mark is (could be brown material/underneath coating though).
  12. Joolz

    Known Issues

    Lucky me as the A-pillar / Quarterlight puller rust even happens on 2017’s, I am just within the 5 year warranty and the 10 year extended one, would not cover this I don’t think. Waiting to see if my Local Toyota will honor this or I have to fork out £500(they replace glass also not sure why) or try do myself 😕. Mine started peeling last week.
  13. Joolz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    @kodename47 thanks for the installion details and @Conscript thanks for instructions on not having to remove bumper. I ordered some Japanese clips but got my local Toyota on case first, to see if clip issues or something else. My 2017 model, had new bumper fitted and clip on front driver side light seems to have a gap now, and sagging at sides of both a tiny bit.
  14. Joolz

    GR 86 or GT 86?

    I would not wait for a GR86 as chip shortages so will take ages to deliver, and will be very hard to get hold of one. Very similar to our cars perhaps worse steering by a smidge I hear. Yes GR86 power is nice but it is essentially the same chassis, slightly lower. Even has some of the bits from my 2017 model graphics wise etc on screen, parts etc. What you could do is buy a used GT86 wait for a used GR86 and upgrade when available. Like the GR Yaris though I think used prices will be very high for GR86 also.
  15. Joolz

    Possible GT86/BRZ Newbie

    Good luck getting the BRZ out of the 15 or so GT86 I have seen only 2 were BRZ, think will be more expensive too. But if you do get one will be very rare on the road here. To echo above my Bro 6”4 and mange’s to fit in mine o.k.