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Colour Car

Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I'm pretty numb right now with an issue with my GT86. Bought the car about 4 months ago with 32k on the clock. Today about 2 mins from my house i get this hideous very aggressive knocking sound. So I pull the car up, lift the bonnet to see if what the issue may be but engine is just knocking badly. I turn off the engine and check dip stick which was really hard to remove but got it out and it wont go back in fully. Goes about 75% in. I've done some digging and i've found a forum in which someone uploaded the same noise and the replys from GT86 owners are basically it's a spun rod bearing issue. I've had a few cars and was mechanic apprentice many years ago so had experience with fixing stuff at basic levels but i'm dreading the outcome as it sounds so bad not to mention engine re-build costs ranging from 2.5k :( I'm getting it towed to a garage Friday but just wondering what peoples thoughts are and why the dipstick wont go back in? The mechanic i spoke to who is collecting car mentioned the dipstick tube could have been damaged. Thanks and FML
  2. A quick post to share the results of my noise testing on this setup. Thought it might be useful for others. I am planning to replace this exhaust with and HKS unit because it’s too loud for any trackday. As shown from the attached photos (taken in an open area with no echo surfaces etc) using home made (regulation length and angle) test stick and a TFA Soundbee, the reading is 115db. The sound test at Snetterton shew (it’s Norfolk) 111db so it looks like mine differs by roughly 4%. Given the limit at Snetterton is 105db, I definitely have a problem and the drive by test isn’t likely to be any better given hitting the rev limiter results in 121db! So, time for an new exhaust!! Hope this is useful to someone. Cobra sounds great but perhaps you can have too much of a good thing. 😡
  3. KubaNowicki

    Gearbox noise

    Hello my friends, i am writting to you from Poland so forgive me my simple language. I have the issue with my gearbox. It is identical like on this video: I have already changed the thrust bearnig and oil for Motul Gear 300 and now it is better but not ideal. Sometimes this sound is quiet but sometimes is loud. Can anyone help me or give some advice? Thanks!
  4. adamj29

    Grinding Noise Issue

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone could shed any light on a issue I'm currently having. I'm now running my GT86 with the Stage 3 AVO turbo kit, with the new clutch, fuel system etc. Since having these works done, I've started noticing a very slight grinding noise. The noise happens when I'm in gear and when I let off the accelerator, whilst the revs are dropping between 3,000 to 2,000 rpm. It is at it's loudest whilst in gears 2 & 3 and the noise has very slowly been getting louder. Again it only happens when the revs are dropping only between 3,000 and 2,000 and It is more noticeable when the engine is warm after I've been driving for a while. I've tried recording the noise, however with the cabin / road / exhaust noise, and my crap phone, It doesn't pick up on the sound. It is now driving me potty!!! Fensport haven't heard of anything like this before, and have recommended that I bring it in. However as its a good 3.5 hour drive to them I was wondering if anyone on here has experience something similar? Mucho Gracias
  5. tegunulgener

    squeaky brakes...

    Since last 3 weeks, rear brakes are squeaking any time I brake in any condition. Cold, warm, wet, dry, slow driving but not fast driving. This happens only when I apply the brakes. I was reading and many owner has squeaky brakes. I wonder is it under warranty or abnormal wear or anything else. The car has around 12000 miles on the clock... I checked the rotors and front ones has more wear than rears. I didn't notice any scratches or discolouring or rust. I was having squeaky brakes before intermittently but now it is getting louder and every time when I apply the brakes I can hear them squeaking. Any suggestions?
  6. tegunulgener

    Engine Noise

    It's been almost 10 days to have this. Car has 11000 miles on the clock and been serviced at 10500. There was no noise when it's been in service. This problem started recently. However there is no problem with acceleration or pull (or I don't feel it) Have a feeling that is HPFP... Some says even if it's been replaced still there will be a problem after all... First, I noticed in the car. Recorded eventually. Especially the noise in the car, is it because of the chirping? http://youtu.be/pVTdcKXIB98