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  1. 2012 Toyota GT86 D-4S Auto Turbocharged FSH DOR: November 2012 Mileage: 59k (will likely rise slightly driving to work) Colour: Grey MOT: 8th Sep 2022 Price: £13,750 (ONO) Full service history, all work in my 4 years ownership at Tuning Developments with a FULL service done on 6th August. 'big' service also completed with spark plugs replaced. Turbo package has only been on the car since December 2020. Have receipts for all work carried out, only ever filled up with shell v-power. I love this car and it's pains me to sell it, was hoping to be able to keep it forever but I need to move out with my girlfriend and would really help having the money. Drives really well, best car I have ever owned and Mike @ TD has looked after it for me from day 1. OEM Extras: Heated Seats Leather/Cloth Seats Rear Parking Sensors Modifications: Tuning Developments N/A Turbo Package -Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold (UEL) -Stainless Steel Uppipe With External Wastegate Takeoff -Stainless Steel Downpipe -Overpipe -Precision CEA Billet Turbocharger -TiAL MVR 44mm External Wastegate -Aluminium Intercooler Core -Stainless Steel Intercooler Pipework -Silicone Joiner Hoses For Intercooler Pipework -Oil Feed & Return Lines For The Turbo -Modified Sump Pan To Accept Oil Return -Turbo Blanket -Heatwrap For Downpipe Automatic Transmission Cooler Second Decat from TD to eliminate restrictive OEM cat. Tuning Developments Super Resonated Exhaust System Rear 3 windows tinted 85%, driver/passenger tinted 15% Japan Racing JR21 245/35R18 w/ Michelin PS4's barely worn BC Racing Coilovers Rear Lower Control Arms Valenti Sequential Taillights Sony XAV-AX1000 Apple Carplay Headunit Brand new MICHELIN - Stealth™ wiper blades Bad bits: Age related cosmetic marks, could benefit from a detail 2 tiny chips on the windscreen, not MOT failing. Mild cosmetic damage to rear bumper (see photos) not very noticeable, just being honest Replacement bumper is cheap if needed but has never bothered me. If you're interested or have any questions, you can whatsapp/text/ring me on 07932325702 (WhatsApp preferred during work hours as I don't get the best signal at work)
  2. Just tried this morning with an iPhone and it works okayish now, I think it might have something to do with the car view setting Spotify use because that cut off my music and had to re-pair to get it to work again. At least for now I'm happy i can cycle through my music without using my phone and see track details.
  3. I finally snapped last night and just bought an iPhone XS Max for a decent price on eBay considering the new one is coming out this month, let's hope that fixes things for me.. if not I'll update haha.
  4. I find sometimes I can skip the track maybe once or twice if I'm lucky.. sometimes I will have the track timer sometimes I won't... it first started with the track progress bar stopped working and then this, so it was almost gradual. I've tried re-pairing, deleting Spotify (although the problem also extends to Google Play AND YouTube) so as you say it's really hard to replicate the issue reliably because it's never the exact same. I will keep an eye on your point about what app I used before because sometimes I will notice mid-drive that it actually is working. I'd put it down to just 'It was obviously more geared towards iOS and maybe there are some compatiblity issues with the bluetooth connection' but the fact it worked for a year with no problems and other people are using their phones with no issues is just infuriating, it surely has to be the car if it works on all other cars?
  5. Thanks for the reply, I'm really confused as to what it might be, my girlfriends iPhone works fine but I can't get any music info to show at all for my phone, even though it works fine on every other car... and the fact you have the same phone now just makes it more damn confusing haha I have 6T Mclaren I don't know if that makes any difference but I doubt it and it's not like these phones use a weird version of android!
  6. Hi everyone I have been using Spotify on my phone for over a year with no problems on the stock infotainment system and whether through an update with Spotify or whatever it no longer works well. Songs play but the only way to change the song is via the phone and the songs details are all Unknown (see attachment) I couldn't find anyone else having this issue but my phone works in my works van and other cars (OnePlus 6t) The only way I found to get it to work sometimes is play a YouTube video first and then switch back to Spotify. Is anyone else having this problem and managed to fix it or is my only option to get a new head unit? Or is my radio firmware out of date because I've seen it look different in other gt86s) Thanks!
  7. No these are V1, non-sequential. Thanks!
  8. price has been dropped to £160!
  9. SOLD! Valenti taillights, £160, excellent condition. Based in Leicester Collection preferred, will post if you cover the cost. Thanks for looking
  10. Doug

    First RWD Car

    Thanks for all of your welcomes I really appreciate it! My friend is also picking a white TRD up so hopefully we will be able to see you at the shows! We have big plans!
  11. Doug

    First RWD Car

    Hi everyone, I picked up my GT86 last Sunday and have never loved a car this much! Coming from a 200bhp Peugeot 207 I'm glad to be as far away from that car as possible. Hope to get to know a lot of you, trying to convince my friends to pick one up too!
  12. Doug

    Just about to become a proud owner

    Awesome! I Picked mine up last Sunday and have been loving every minute of it. Although I'm only 21 so I could only afford a 12 plate Got it in the sexy grey