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  1. Bit of a thread bump, but is it safe to order from TD again yet? I'm after an MTEC clutch spring and unfortunately, TD seems to be the only supplier in the UK. They have it listed on their website but the checkout function doesn't seem to be working. They also have it in their eBay shop so was going to try there. But it's more expensive there for some reason and there's a raft of poor reviews citing much the same as here (money taken when nothing in stock, no comms, etc) The only other place to order is direct from US sites...but it's just a spring and so far the shipping is twice the price of the item.
  2. Conscript

    DAB radio upgrade

    It wasn't an "Android" head unit per sé (as in, running an Android OS), it was a Kenwood unit which supported AA - Kenwood DMX8020DABS: https://www.kenwood.eu/car/navigation_multimedia/multimedia/DMX8020DABS/ << that should give you all the specs I don't have it anymore...sold it (and the car) last year. But the audio quality was good, much better than the stock unit (although I did also have the Focal speakers as well). It was a great unit - it did have physical buttons (although push buttons for volume, instead of a rotary knob, which would have been better).
  3. Conscript

    Ever get fed up with faceless call centres?

    Are you guys quoting for the GR86 yet?
  4. Conscript

    SOLD - OEM Door Speakers/Tweeters

    These have gone now, please feel free to lock the thread.
  5. Set of OEM door speakers and dash tweeters. Came out of my car last year when I upgraded to the Focal IS165TOY set. Car then sold with those still in it. These have been sitting in my garage ever since. Seems a shame to bin them even if they aren't great, so if anyone wants them, they are yours. I only ask a fiver toward posting them, if you don't want to collect. Price: FREE Location: Rochester, Kent
  6. Now sold...please lock.
  7. Bump. Price dropped to £15
  8. This has been sold now, thread can be locked.
  9. Bump. This is still sitting in my garage and might do someone a turn. Price reduced.
  10. Conscript

    Pearl White 2013 TOYOTA GT86 (Manual)

    Bump. Updated the photos as I decided to sell the VLAND taillights separately.
  11. Conscript

    SOLD - Leather Dash Fascia Panel

    Sold already via Facebook...please lock!
  12. This is a genuine replacement fascia panel with a leather effect finish and red stitching to match the rest of the interior. Gives a more upmarket look than the original hard plastic in my opinion. Comes as one piece and takes all of 15 seconds to change. Was only on my car for about 18 months so, so is in essentially new condition - no marks or scratches and includes original packaging. Subaru part number/name: 66077CA191 ORN PNL ASSY RHD Japanparts Number: 484-500-013 https://www.japanparts.com/parts/list/?skwd=484-500-013&keyword.x=0&keyword.y=0 Price:£50 Location: Rochester, Kent
  13. These have now been sold, please lock.
  14. VLAND taillights which mimic the OEM facelift rear lights, but have sequential indicators. Link to full spec below: https://vlandfactory.com/collections/toyata-taillights/products/vland-factory-for-toyota-86-2012-2016-led-tail-light?variant=36350568693928 I only purchased these in spring 2021, and am removing them only because I am now selling the car. They are in pristine condition - no cracks or leaks, the gaskets are still in excellent condition. Original package included. Price: £160 Location: Rochester, Kent Price will include delivery. I'll knock 5 quid off if you collect them.