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  1. Conscript

    Folding mirrors/'One touch' indicators

    You can buy replacement indicator relays which will add lane change functionality at one touch, but they are pretty pricey for what they do. US thread talking about it here, to get you started: https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=129695
  2. Conscript

    Perrin strut brace

    Cheers. PM sent
  3. Conscript

    Perrin strut brace

    Cheers mate, let me know, if it's all there I think I'd be interested. Could possibly collect.
  4. Conscript

    High Flow Cat question!!

    Is the Berk HFC so-named because that's exactly what everyone thinks of you every time you pull out of a junction? I gather they can be verging on antisocial.
  5. Conscript

    Perrin strut brace

    Cheers. Claims they are a direct replacement for OEM, maybe slightly longer, so might be worth a try for me. Do you still have all the mounting hardware (washers, spacers, etc)? As it looks like they are needed for installing on OEM struts.
  6. Conscript

    High Flow Cat question!!

    Back in 2017 I had my car modified at Abbey, I had an ACE CS400 manifold installed, alongside a Cobra HFC. Performance is great, torque dip eliminated. However I was never that happy with the sound. It was okay-ish with the rest of the exhaust stock but I kept looking for options to make it sound better. Last year during lockdown I purchased a Q300 catback, which is meant to be one of the quieter systems, but I still found it a bit loud and droney at about 2.5K RPM. I got rid after three months. I then went to just a Remus backbox, still with the ACE and the Cobra HFC. Much more bearable than the Q300. But was still getting a little bit of annoying rasp sometimes at low revs. So last month, I decided to see if removing the HFC made a difference. I swapped it out and went back to the OEM front pipe, which has a resonator. That has got rid of the rasp, and I haven't really noticed any loss of performance or efficiency. That said, I'm not a track driver, and probably don't drive as hard as most, so I might have lost a tad of top end power but not noticed. But I am at least happy with the sound now. So the exhaust system now goes ACE manifold > OEM front pipe > OEM midpipe > Remus backbox. All that is a long way of saying that in my experience, I've found that the system sounds better with the OEM front pipe, and I've haven't really noticed if going back to it reduced power. If you're getting a decat manifold, just be aware that a high flow cat might make the system noisy if you have anything other than an OEM catback. Whether that bothers you or not is up to you. As for MOT compliance....I think the general consensus is that with a decatted manifold, and the second cat in the front pipe replaced with a HFC, you might be at risk of not passing emissions - at the very least you will have to make sure it's tested with the exhaust piping hot to make sure it passes. Mine has never failed the MOT since it's been running with just the Cobra HFC as the only cat...however that's because I've made sure to always take it back to Abbey for the MOT, who will make sure to test it when it's thoroughly warmed up.
  7. Conscript

    Perrin strut brace

    Are the Perrin drop links for the front, and are they the same length as OEM, or are they only for lowered cars? I have completely stock suspension, but my OEM drop links are starting to go. This is about my third set, so I was looking around for a more durable aftermarket set.
  8. Conscript

    Black Friday 2021 from Tuning Developments

    Excellent deals, but do you have any other discounts planned? Reason being, I was looking at a much more modest product on your website over the weekend; your uprated drop links, as my OEM ones are creaking again, and I was thinking about getting something stronger. I will hold off if there's any other discounts being planned.
  9. Conscript

    In comes the GR86

    Decent review, but I see it only took a few posts before the usual "it nEeDS a tURbO!!" morons turned up. Reminds me why I don't bother with the PH forums anymore. Anyway...getting increasingly hyped about the GR86
  10. Conscript

    Would a muffler delete be too loud?

    That would be best...it might sound OK sitting at idle on a lift in a garage, but you want to know what it will sound like on the inside when actually driving it. If you can, take it for a cruise along the motorway at 70MPH and see if it drones...if it does, it could get very annoying very quickly. Although I guess you might end up with some funny looks driving around with no exhaust
  11. If it's on the lower front, could it be the dipstick tube? Fairly common for the o-ring where it goes into the block to fail, but I'm pretty sure it's quick fix. Someone on the Facebook group posted about it recently, they supplied the o-ring part number and it takes just a few minutes to unbolt and pull off the dipstick tube to replace it. Regardless, personally if it's under warranty, that would be my first port of call, just in case it's not something simple.
  12. Conscript

    In comes the GR86

    I don' think it's too bad. The base model of the GT86 was £25K when it came out in 2012. I just checked the BoE inflation calculator, and that's £30,190.06 in 2020. So if we get the premium version of the GR86 for £30K, that's not really any more expensive than the GT86 was at launch (in fact, probably slightly better, because with options I think the GT86 was closer to £28K IIRC). This is a roundabout way of me trying to justify buying one for myself 😛
  13. Conscript

    Would a muffler delete be too loud?

    As soon as you said yours was a 2013 plate, I figured you'd have trouble with those bolts. Mine is also a 2013 car, and last year, I experimented with a new catback system...the bolts holding back box to centre section were just lumps of rust, so I had to remove both sections together. However I was later able to split them by taking a Dremel to what was left of the bolts. Replaced them with stainless steel nuts and bolts when I later put it back on.
  14. Conscript

    Would a muffler delete be too loud?

    If you want to test, it should be pretty easy just to whip off the backbox and see how it sounds. It's only 2 bolts and 4 rubber hangars. The only issue is the bolts in question might just be two heaps of rusted metal depending how old your car is. And I think a generic 2.5 inch gasket would do the job, so easy to obtain.
  15. Conscript

    scraping/squeaking noise pulling away - Suspension?

    Not your seat is it? My seat creaks a fair amount sometimes, and, like you say, it's exactly that kind of "bed spring" noise, and doesn't sound like it's coming from outside the car. Another prime suspect would be the infamous clutch squeak, but it doesn't seem like you're changing gear in the video. Does it happen every time you pull away? It seems to be when you're already on the move, is it at the same speed everytime?