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  1. Conscript

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    He's referring to Abbey, Fensport and Tuning Developments.
  2. Conscript

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    I think everyone else here is best qualified to answer (and already had)....I have neither a SC or a Turbo, I have kept mine NA with just a new exhaust manifold and a remap (at Abbey). I just wanted to suggest Abbey as they're much closer to you, so definitely worth a shout. Best of luck deciding!
  3. Conscript

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    Consider Abbey Motorsport too, they're based at Oxted in Surrey, so even closer to you (under an hour from Basingstoke maybe?). Well regarded in this community, so worth contacting them for advice. Pretty sure you could buy the TD kit and have it fitted and tuned by Abbey if you don't want the 7 hour round trip.
  4. You could try this: https://toyota.epc-data.com/86/zn6/ The specific diagram looks like it's here: https://toyota.epc-data.com/86/zn6/183230/electric/8106/81735/ Click on the relevant part in the diagram and it should bring up the Toyota Part Number. Edit: Took a screenshot of what I think it is....
  5. This has now been sold elsewhere; mods, please feel free to close the thread if you wish.
  6. Conscript

    Recommend me a replacement head unit

    I'm pretty sure you won't be able to use it on an aftermarket unit. I would love to be wrong, but I have a Pioneer unit, and one of the downsides is it doesn't have automatic volume correction for speed. In a car like the GT86 where road noise can be intrusive, this is pretty annoying - I find myself often adjusting the volume for road speed. If anyone knows a solution, I'd be grateful, but I don't think there are many aftermarket head units which support it.
  7. I've just been reading that thread, but it seems like in one of the latest responses (last 30 mins or so), it's been confirmed that the springs which failed were from the original faulty batch, not the replacements being placed in cars under the recall. Or have I misread?
  8. They are, but I went over several of them in the car park, all sounded the same. On the way home, I purposefully drove up a road near my house which has normal speed bumps, and it sounded similar. But I took it along the same road this morning to confirm, and it sounded fine. Car feels totally fine otherwise, so I'm just gonna have to keep an ear cocked and hope it was a one off or something.
  9. Spoke too soon. Although the engine sounds fine, I had to pop to the supermarket earlier. It's one of those car parks with the aggressive bolt down speed bumps...the kind you have to crawl over as if you're mounting a kerb. As I did, the I noticed a distinct noise coming from the front suspension, a kind of squelchy clonking noise...not metallic though. It definitely wasn't there before going in for the recall. Anyone know what suspension parts might have been affected by the recall? I think they remove the anti-roll bar and the drop links, but it's not that kind of sharp clonking noise. Sounds like something's loose. Engine mount maybe? But then, the car still feels fine, I thought a loose mount might have resulted in vibration. I'll have to ring the dealer in the morning, but I guess it won't be dealt with until after Christmas. How annoying 😕 EDIT: Was on the very verge of ringing the dealer this morning, but before I did, I thought I'd check the wheel nuts (they were fine) and take the car for a quick run and replicate the noise again. Went over several speed bumps, and....nothing. Noise seems to have disappeared. So not sure what the hell caused it. So I'll just keep an eye on it and see if it reoccurs. Cars 😕
  10. Bump. Price dropped to £55 (inc. delivery)
  11. Cross-posting from other forum... Picked up the car today. Recall done, plus full service, spark plugs and a new clutch. Cant say the engine feels or sounds any different, perhaps a tad smoother. New clutch feels good - same pedal weight, but engages a bit better now. I was convinced on the way home that something was wrong with it, but it was just a consequence of having just climbed out of the courtesy Yaris. They also tightened the handbrake a bit, which was handy. It had been a little slack since I did the rear bearings and I intended to take a look at it at some point, so that's one job I don't have to bother with now No problems so far. I'll be driving up to my parents at Christmas, which is a couple of hundred miles, so that should highlight any issues.
  12. Yup, the ticking noise is a common issue. Stick your head in the boot and look up. You'll see some small gaps in between the panelling and frame, held together with spot welds. It's these which cause the ticking noise as they flex. Squirt some silicone grease in between those gaps. I did it just after I bought the car years ago...ticking noise hasn't come back since.
  13. You can unclip the top of the brake light and remove it if you unplug it from its connector in the boot. However, the legs can't be removed without taking out the whole shelf and drilling them off. But you are able to remove the shelf with them in place by bending it. There's a guy on the GT86 Drivers Club Facebook group who was selling a kit to lower the brake light (I assume he's on these forum too) and he made an excellent video showing you how to fit it, which includes detailed instructions for removing the shelf from the car...you just have to be a bit heavy handed and bend it a bit. But it's not going to snap and will return to shape fairly easily. And he shows you the approximate locations of the securing clips. https://youtu.be/aiCh61698pw
  14. Mishimoto Silicone Intake Hose (Black) Eliminates the output hose to the factory sound generator, so nice upgrade if you're looking for a tidier engine bay. Also includes: - A rubber cover to blank off the sound generator itself (if you don't remove it entirely). - A metal blanking plug which you can use if you wish to remove the stock intake resonator (which fits to the bottom of the intake hose) for a bit more noise. I've only had this on my car since March when I bought it off another member here who had on for a bit before selling their car, so I think it's done, at most, a couple of thousand miles. Still in excellent condition and comes with original packaging. These sell for around £100 new. Price: £55 (inc. delivery) Item located in Rochester, Kent.
  15. Conscript

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    I'm keen to see if my local Esso station does this. I usually stick to V-Power of Tesco Momentum 99 as the car is remapped. However, both these fuels contain ethanol - which is what makes the fuel pump noisy (crickets). Esso Super unleaded is 97RON but apparently has no ethanol, and gets rid of the crickets, so if they also start matching the RON rating of Shell/Tesco, happy days.