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Found 53 results

  1. Hello Friends, I am selling my HKS Hi-Power Single Exit Exhaust V2. I am looking for £300, collection only from Cockermouth in Cumbria. I realise this is the arse end of nowhere but it is a big item so I really do not want to have to organise shipping. If it's up here a long time then I will reconsider. I also live in Glasgow so can do drop off near there/central belt if that helps you. Purchased from Part Box originally here You can check how it sounds here This exhaust was on my car for 1 year, so it has rusted at the welds only, as stainless does. I drive my car through the winter, so would not look at this for your show car lol. In the pics I have given it a light wash, so the marks you see are not mud or dirt. Whether they come away with a heavier scrub I don't know. I'm not going to find out anytime soon because it is COLD and my hands were in pain even to get these pictures. Reason for selling: This exhaust is unreasonably LOUD. It was the first time I had ever swapped an exhaust on a car and I thought going for the version with the 'Silent' muffler might have been a bit underwhelming but thank the lord I did. I have the cat delete in the header, so I don't know how it is swapped on to a stock header but I imagine it is quieter. It looks very cool in my opinion, I prefer the single exit for more lightweight and racecar sense of purpose but I no longer care about that. I just don't want to be antisocial. The anxiety of driving through a quiet town with this is huge. I ended up swapping for the super resonated set up from tuning developments which sounds perfect, exactly what I wanted. Any more questions or photos feel free to ask If you want me to scrub it better to see if it looks better in the current weather it's an extra £100. Thank you, Rory x
  2. Got some things to sell from my old 86. Have a Cobra Non-Res for sale it's got some bends in it so it's going to go for £200 collection due to size. It's been open to 3 bits in the garage at the moment. I will clean as much as I can before collection! Amazingly in its condition, it still sounds good, no leaks, the damage is mainly a dent on the pipe entering the backbox and the mid-pipe is missing a clamp (I believe I had the weird flat circle damage to that from Delivery included the picture 😪 ) Pickup from BR5 Pics: Mid-pipe Delivery break Entire system Next post tomorrow to get some more pictures.
  3. Sir Dumpling

    Would a muffler delete be too loud?

    Hi guys,As the subject title suggests, I’m wondering whether a muffler delete axle back exhaust would be too loud?I was thinking about getting the Berk Technologies or Remark muffler delete but I’m worried about the loudness especially during cold starts. Spent a few days doing some research on this topic, some say it’s not that loud, others say it is and videos aren’t really a reliable source. I ended up calling a mechanic that specialises in the 86 and he said a muffler delete would be ‘obnoxiously loud’. I know it’s subjective but I’d like to trust his opinion.I wanna know if anyone here has had any experience with an axle back muffler delete system that can give me an idea?To be honest I’m only looking for an increase in sound and I really like the deep tone of the muffler delete. This being around £350 is also why I’m very interested in it as I’d like To spend less than 500 preferably. I have also seen some people say that if only remove the stock muffler/axle back, it would would almost the same as a muffler delete in terms of loudness. Can someone confirm this? I have yet to try this because I’d need to order a new gasket for when I take it off. But if this is a good idea, then I’ll try this first.Im based in London and it would be ideal to hear some of these in person but I don’t think many here would be running a muffler delete system.
  4. BOUGHT - Stainless steel Malian exhaust. Selling due to getting a new car. In good condition with a great exhaust note louder than stock. Located in Solihull / Birmingham.
  5. A quick post to share the results of my noise testing on this setup. Thought it might be useful for others. I am planning to replace this exhaust with and HKS unit because it’s too loud for any trackday. As shown from the attached photos (taken in an open area with no echo surfaces etc) using home made (regulation length and angle) test stick and a TFA Soundbee, the reading is 115db. The sound test at Snetterton shew (it’s Norfolk) 111db so it looks like mine differs by roughly 4%. Given the limit at Snetterton is 105db, I definitely have a problem and the drive by test isn’t likely to be any better given hitting the rev limiter results in 121db! So, time for an new exhaust!! Hope this is useful to someone. Cobra sounds great but perhaps you can have too much of a good thing. 😡
  6. Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86 full exhaust system OEM original w catalytic convertor. Condition is Used. Taken from a low mileage standard vehicle as part of a supercharger project. All components in good condition including catalytic converter which passed its MOT shortly before removal. Tips polished up nicely and only a little surface rust here and there on the rest. Currently listed on ebay - hope I didn’t break the rules! If so, sorry. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333612068816
  7. Hi Guys, I am looking to sell my 86 soon due to an upcoming change of circumstances! Just wanted to post it in here before i stick it on auto trader and the like, just to gauge some interest and see if anyone fancies it! I've owned the car for nearly 2 years now, loved it!, always been looked after, only ever driven at weekends and the odd evening, full Toyota main dealer service history, low mileage example, couple of slight Mods, bootlid de-badge and a custom exhaust back box fitted and manufactured by infinity exhausts, (sounds great!) I still have the original exhaust back box and badges these will be included, I have had absolutely no issues with the car whatsoever during ownership and will be sad to see it go, I will attach a few pictures (don’t have any of the interior will add soon) Any questions just drop me a message! Based in Surrey. - 25,262 miles - Custom exhaust back box - Full service history - Cloth interior - immaculate - Manual - Paintwork is in very good condition
  8. Hi guys, I have just had a NA tune up done and CAT back exhaust fitted at Tuning Developments in Warrington and I just had to share how amazing it is. Tuning Developments were great throughout. What I have now is amazing. Horsepower is increased by about 20 with a more linear delivery. Feels great. The best part about it is the noise from the exhaust. I am not a young hooligan so I didn't want something that was stupidly loud. What I have now is perfect. It has a lovely deep throaty growl at idle, louder that my stock exhaust and much deeper but not so loud that I will wake the neighbours when I head out in the mornings. Similar when driving with a steady throttle at a fixed speed, the noise is lovely but not massively loud. The real joy comes when you put your foot down... it is just an absolutely perfect deep rumbling loud noise... amazing. I also get a bit of a burble when coming off the throttle. It makes me smile every time. I haven't had it noise tested so I don't know the numbers but someone I know had it done and they registered 95 dB on a track day. I would seriously recommend getting this done.
  9. invicta0

    Cobra Exhaust

    So my first modifications are finally a go. Ordered my Cobra non-res system plus 2nd cat delete pipe. Oh how my neighbours are going to despise me
  10. Edit: some pictures attached in the comments below I’ll add more when I can Hello everybody, 14/02/19 - UPDATE: HEADUNIT IS NOW SOLD, £65, £65, £65, £65 £65, £65, £65, £65 THE EXHAUST SYSTEM, AIR FILTER, AND OTHER ANCILLARY PARTS AS SHOWN IN PHOTOS STILL FOR SALE £65 £65, £65, £65, £65 £65, £65, £65, £65 I recently had a supercharger, and cat back sports exhaust fitted to my GTS 86. I also had a new audio system installed. I have all the parts for sale that were taken off the car. My car is a 2015 (Australian) GTS 86 automatic. When the supercharger was fitted I had only done about 18,000 miles, and all of those have been done in a very dry Australia. So all parts are in excellent condition. Would prefer to take £150 for the whole lot. I’m not certain on what prices I’d want for individual parts. I think my preference is to set it all as a job lot. That would certainly mean a lot less hassle and less stressed parents, who are currently storing everything in their garage. Also, the stereo was the 2-din high spec 2015 Australian model, which includes satnav and all the other bits and pieces. Frequencies are the same as U.K., though some EU maps would be requred for the satnav. I will provide pictures of everything at some point. What I wanted to do was to gauge interest? Happy to answer questions etc. Just let me know. Cheers, Richard Worthing, West Sussex.
  11. Selling my stock exhaust cat-back. for £60, I will take offers though. Based in Sheffield/Barnsley It has done 43,000 miles but there's no holes or leaks and overall in a decent condition. Ideal for someone looking to put their car back to standard for resale. It does not come with the spring bolts to mount it to the front pipe. I am willing to deliver so far providing fuel costs are covered. Pictures were taken as it came off the car, it just needs cleaning up.
  12. Been looking into going with unequal length headers but was unsure if a remap is absolutely necessary straight away. Will the cars ECU get confused? Can you run the car reliably for a while with uel's on the stock map? I understand that a map will give gains and help with overall performance and I do intend to map it eventually. Just a big lump of money to do the two at once. Any help is appreciated.
  13. FOR SALE: Tuning Developments Resonated Mid-Pipe, was only fitted to the car for a month so still fairly new and in good condition. Perfect for anybody wanting to quieten down a non-resonated system. £90 Collected from Staffordshire or can be posted at buyers expense. I also attend owners club & Pistonheads meets fairly regularly so could bring it to one of those if needed to save postage.
  14. sjs_gt86

    Invidia N1

    Hi im looking for an Invidia N1 Catback with titanium tips. thanks
  15. Hi all, It’s that time of year again... Black Friday. For 2018 we’ve tried to put together our best line of offers yet and we hope people find it useful! Offers go live on Friday 23rd November and run until Monday 26th November. For mail order parts these are payable in full and will be dispatched immediately if in stock, or as soon as they arrive if they are not in stock when ordering. Workshop offers have a deposit payable before the close of play on the 26th, all works are to be then booked in and paid in full before Thursday 31st January 2019. All deposits are non-refundable in order for us to prepare parts and so forth. These offers cannot be used in conjunction with our finance offerings i’m afraid. To take up one of our offers or with any questions, either drop me a PM on this forum, send me an email to mike@tuningdevelopments.co.uk or give me a call on 01925 822 266. We’d like to thank all of our customers for another year of continued support and wish you all a great festive period. Workshop Offers : Offer 1 : Tuning Developments NA Tuning Package & Install - £1495.00 – Reduced to £1299.00 - £199.00 Deposit. Included in the package for those that are unaware: 'Before' Dyno Run Session Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - Equal Length OR Unequal Length Available Stainless Steel Overpipe Titanium Heatwrap FA20 Cylinder To Manifold Gaskets Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Overpipe Gaskets K&N Drop In Air Filter ECUTeK License Fee In-House Custom Remap Session On The Dyno Incorporating The Excellent RaceROM Suite 'After' Dyno Run Session Incorporated With Remap NOTE: MTEC Springs & Shifter Bush are added extras. Can be ran on an otherwise stock car to give the extra drive ability however with very little extra exhaust noise for those that don't want volume. Offer 2 : Tuning Developments Stage 1 Turbo Kit & Install - £4495.00 – Reduced to £3995.00 - £295.00 Deposit. Full details on the kit itself can be found online here: http://www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=502_625_852&products_id=2366 A quick rundown! Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - Equal Length OR Unequal Length Uppipe with external wastegate takeoff TiAL MVR 44m External Wastegate Precision CEA Billet Turbo 3" Downpipe Intercooler piping Intercooler core Oil feed line Modified sump pan for oil return Air Filter Turbo blanket Heat wrap ECUTeK License Fee In-House Custom Remap Session On The Dyno Incorporating The Excellent RaceROM Suite Fits with stock exhaust system, although we recommend aftermarket for power gains Fits with stock radiator and cooling fans Those wanting overpipe, second decat or CAT back systems at the same time will get free fitting and also discounted costs on the parts themselves as follows: Overpipe: £149.00 Second Decat: £159.00 Resonated CAT Back: £520.00 Super Res CAT Back: £550.00 Offer 3 : Tuning Developments Stage 1 Turbo Kit, Engine Oil Cooler & Install - £4951.00 – Reduced to £4450.00 - £295.00 Deposit. As per offer 2 with the addition of our engine oil cooler kit. Same additional discounts apply on exhaust parts for this offer. Offer 4 : Tuning Developments Stage 1 Turbo Kit Upgrade & Install From Our NA Tuning Package - £3850.00 – Reduced to £3495.00 - £295.00 Deposit. Anyone already on our NA Tuning Package can make the jump onto our stage 1 turbo kit for just £3495.00 Offer 5 : BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit & Install & Alignment - £999.00 – Reduced to £899.00 - £99.00 Deposit. BC Coilovers as used on our GT86, package is on a supplied, fitted and aligned basis. Offer 6 : BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit, SPC Rear LCA & Install & Alignment - £1249.00 – Reduced to £1120.00 - £99.00 Deposit. BC Coilovers as used on our GT86, package is on a supplied, fitted and aligned basis. Mail Order Offers : Tuning Developments Non-Res CAT Back Exhaust - £480.00 – Reduced to £440.00 Tuning Developments Resonated CAT Back Exhaust - £576.00 – Reduced to £520.00 Tuning Developments Super Resonated CAT Back Exhaust - £619.00 – Reduced to £550.00 Tuning Developments Silenced Second Decat Pipe - £239.99 – Reduced to £199.99 Tuning Developments Exhaust Manifold – EL - £699.00 – Reduced to £569.00 Tuning Developments Exhaust Manifold – UEL - £729.00 – Reduced to £599.00 Mail Order offers are subject to Postage & Packaging which for mainland UK will vary between £9.99 & £14.99. Worldwide shipping is available please enquire for pricing. Any questions, please drop me a message Thanks! Mike
  16. Back box, in excellent condition, has around 10.000 km - 6.000 miles.Designed to fit to the MY2017 onwards but can also be fitted to the MY 2012-2016with a slight modification on the coupling where it bolts to the mid-pipe.Selling because the car is going back to stock HKS Part number:32018-AT058 Full specs: https://www.hks-power.co.jp/en/produ...ffler/db/17905Price: 500 GBP - 550 euro shipping includedLocated in Athens Greece,Able to post anywhere in Europe
  17. Hi all, unfortunately it is time to part ways with my GT86, its going for an S3! I have for sale my (very) like new cobra exhaust system. I have full receipts from cobra UK and it was delivered and installed on the 10/6/18. The system is roughly 4 months old. It still has its serial number and works order code on it from the factory- it’s done less than 4000 miles. I am selling the full system- It consists of: gt86 De Cat pipe gt86 cat back system ( non resonated) Please see pics below- more info available on request! It was professionally fitted by fensport UK I am after £550 ONO (morenimages avilable on request, I can only upload 17mb of images)
  18. Swinginking

    Reducing Nvidia N1 Exhaust Drone

    Hi, I thought I should do a quick write up about this so others with the same exhaust, or similar problem have some guidance from my experience. Nvidia N1 and some other exhausts suffer from a lot of bad drone around 3k RPM, but other than that it sounds too sweet for me to replace so I've tried some fixes for it and here are the two which seem to have somewhat worked for me. The first thing I did was do some sound deadening around the car boot, this did not so much in terms of reducing drone but it reduced vibration of the metal so it made the car more pleasant. I have not fully sound deadening the boot though as it adds unnecessary weight in my opinion, therefore I have used 3-4 sheets on the top of the boot and this is enough to deaden most vibrations. The whole boot does not need to be covered for it to be effective. The sheets I used were Silentcoat 2mm. Further, placed two sheets on the panel underneath of the boot, this looks like a silver curved sheet of metal right behind the 3rd brake light. If anything knocked or touched it, this panel made a sound as if it was a hollow barrel. So by cleaning this panel, and placing two sound deadening sheets, this for me reduced the drone, not by a lot but it did have a noticeable effect. Lastly, the one modification which made a huge difference for me is the HKS Duel Resonated Front pipe. Replacing the oem from pipe with this seems to have reduced the drone drastically. Mind you, the exhaust is still on the loud side, but the heavy drone around the 3k RPM on the Nvidia N1 for me is more than manageable. I highly recommend this particular modification if you do suffer from droning in the car. From my research, another modification which I have not yet done, is adding a Heimholtz chamber to the exhaust, however I have not yet decided which part of the exhaust I should put this on. But would most likely do this after a Manifold upgrade in order to reduce the overall noise. Thanks for reading, Hopefully it helps
  19. Hey guys, I have two 3" nameless performance downpipe/frontpipe for sale, both made from mandrel bent hand welded stainless steel. First one is a for right hand drive cars and has a Helmholtz resonator with an inline 400 cell sports cat, only done 2000km on the road so in as new conditon. Second one is for left hand drive cars with an inline silencer and a 400 cell sports cat, this is brand new and was never fitted to a car. Price is €500 each plus shipping/fees, cost new with shipping and customs €1250 each
  20. Swinginking

    Helmholtz Front Pipe Options

    Hi, Wondering if anyone knows a retailer selling a 2.5 inch frontpipe with Helmholtz in the UK? Or perhaps someone who might be able to weld one on a front pipe in the west Midlands
  21. For sale: Invidia N1 catback titanium tip exhaust This has been on my car for approximately the last three years so is showing a bit of surface blemishing and protective dirt but will clean up with some elbow grease and autosol if you like your exhausts shiny. All welds are fine. For those of you who like your exhausts subtle, stop reading and walk away now, this is one of the louder ones. When I first fitted it I wondered if I'd actually made a mistake as the contrast with stock was so great, but once used to it I've grown to love it over the years. It's good for early warning as my better half tells me she can hear me about half a mile away if she's out in the garden so knows when I'm on my way home. Having just switched back to stock, only because I'll be selling up next year, my comment on the stock was that it felt like I'd gone deaf as I could barely hear it. So if you like them loud, check out some online vids for a feel of what it's like then get in touch if interested. The exhaust will come with three new gaskets since I thought it best to sell it all ready to fit, some stainless steel bolts with brass nuts that I had it secured with on my '86 and after a quick cleanup they're still in excellent condition. I had greased them all up to to help protect them which I've mostly cleaned off. In addition to the exhaust as shown in the pics, it comes with the two silencer bungs, which I've never used and can't find the retaining bolts for them, but any small bolts should hold them in place once inserted into the silencers. I'm looking for £400, collection from Crich in Derbyshire or could meet within an agreed short distance. Free cup of tea on collection I initially responded to: so, if price/location isn't an issue, @Dave86 and @willclarke could already be interested so I'd like to honour their interest first.
  22. Manifold, catback, axleback etc... Tell me what you have and your price.
  23. Sadly I am no longer part of the gt86 owners club as I needed something more practical so im selling my malian resonated cat back. I was really impressed with this exhaust, loud but not overly, really deep growl, good quality and looked the mutts for the price. Only had it fitted in January. Paid £350, looking for £250. Collection from Dundee preferred but will consider meeting half way for cost of fuel or postage at buyers cost . Feel free to message or call me on 07720843305 if you have any questions!
  24. For sale is my Milltek Secondary decat pipe which has been on the car for roughly a year and a half. £100 collection only from Staffordshire or I can bring it along to a future meet such as Japfest. Any questions please ask.
  25. Looking for a used borla uel manifold. Thank you.