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  1. Andy Gside

    Toyota GT86 Various front end parts

    Engine pulley covers NOW SOLD!
  2. All parts take from my toyota gt86 2019 reg Front subframe support brackets (Pair) with front rollbar - £80 Perrin performance front endlinks (missing 1 nut) - £40 Front subframe - £70 Oem engine mounts (pair) - £40 Oem tierodends (pair) - £20 Front control arms (pair) - £60 Front support brackets - £10 pair Whiteline front rollbar - £50 Engine pulley covers - £30 I will send these items at buyers expense if you have any questions let me know
  3. Roughly 1 month ago this noise started on my 86 what i can only discribe as metalic squealing.. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or simlar and could help shead some light. This is a very intermitten noise also, as an example some days it would do it a bit some days not at all and some all the time. The issue: Just above 2.5k rpm like 2.6k - 2.7k there is what i can only describe as a squealing noise coming from the front end of the car when the car is in motion. When the car is stood still and the same 2.6k rpm is applied the noise isnt as apparent... it definitely isn't the brakes as I have just had them cleaned up, the gearbox feels fine no slips ect.. and the engine feels and sounds fine. Acceleration and deacceleration is fine and no issues when turning ect.. Whats ive done already to find it and get rid of it! had the brake stripped down cleaned and put back on. Had the clutch changed (Needed doing anyway) check all fixings under the car all tight. i Dont have any heat sheilds on the exhaust. The 2 videos are the best i could get of the noise any help is appreciated!
  4. The set of custom metal GT86 / BRZ pulley covers in fresh matt black paint.The price is £45 posted
  5. Price is £90 This overpipe is brand new never been used, only reason I didn't use it was because I bought a different brand. Comes fully heatwrapped can be easily removed, and comes with gaskets and fittings. I can post at buyers expense. PM me for more information.
  6. Andy Gside

    Maxton design V2 front lip & Roof spoiler

    You can attach it with 3M, or bond it on mate and i dont see why it wouldnt fir a pre facelift they didnt change the rear window?!
  7. I have for sale the maxton front splitter that fits the Toyota GT86 2017+ ( Facelift ) Only, I'm looking for £85 oNo already has 8 pre drilled holes where it was fitted on my car, no cracks for a few scuffs but nothing you can see... The roof spoiler has some scratching on the fins ect but no cracks could be resprayed or just plasti dip over it like I did to clean it up looking for £50 oNo I can post but this would be at buyers expense, collections preferably... Pm me with any other questions you may have
  8. Andy Gside

    Engine CLICK...CLICK...HISS ?!

    Quick update just drove to work (steadily) driving everything felt normal & sounded normal no new noises or anything.... Got to work, shut car off and didn't make the clicks / hiss.... maybe like @Rich196 said was just ac draining... will keep updated if comes back ect....
  9. Andy Gside

    Engine CLICK...CLICK...HISS ?!

    Yeah its an odd one..... ive had it on and off about 20 times it does sound like the throttle body.... i swapped battery over maybe a week ago... From what i can remeber yes, maybe sounds louder because of the audio quality!!
  10. Andy Gside

    Engine CLICK...CLICK...HISS ?!

    Pulled up on the driveway after driving home from work noticed a relatively loud "CLICK CLICK" after switching ignition off. You can hear on the video, did some brief searching on Google didn't really find much other than its possiblely ac releasing pressure? Wondering if anyone else had had this before, the car in general seems fine check everything no fluid leaks or loose parts ect... Any help is appreciated 👌 20220127_160409.mp4
  11. Andy Gside

    Andy's Club Series GT86

    After the 4 month wait my carbon bonnet is finally here and on 👌 next week getting ppf wrapped to keep it protected
  12. Andy Gside

    Andy's Club Series GT86

    With the 86 having 2 gaping holes where the reg plate sits I decided to make up a steel plate to make a custom magnetic number plate. I have colour matched the plate, and stick the neodymium magnets on the back of the reg plate. I now have the availability to swap plates or take it off for shows