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  2. Convoy to Japfest Silverstone 2018

    Yes from Derby here, I'm in. Sent from my STF-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Miinion's 86

    aha yes was indecisive in the end, glad you got it on this time round looks good
  4. Convoy to Japfest Silverstone 2018

    Hi all, Just figured I'd start a thread separate from the main one for anyone in the Midlands who wants to convoy down to Silverstone on the 6th May - also figure we'd better come up with a place to meet/time etc. I believe @Deacon said he's local and may be going down with @will300? Is there anyone else who'd want to meet up and drive down together?
  5. yeah im not going back to a toyota dealer ever again unless i have to, specialists from here on out hence the want for the paper book. I finally logged into my service history online and its equally poor, so ill give them a call and try and get a book!
  6. Oh boy, look at this Pullitzer winning entry: "I confirm that a full explanat,We have carried out a complime,Replaced internal mirror,Carry out complimentary Vehicl,Your Technician today was Bria,Your service advisor today was, " And the site doesn't work in Chrome.
  7. Last time I looked at the online record of what was done to the car, the text was truncated and not presented in a useful form at all. I sense this is going to be a pain in future.
  8. Wrapping costs/experiences?

  9. Wrapping costs/experiences?

    Essex tints in harlow Or HMR customz Great guys and amazing prices my roof wrap wingmirror caps and spoiler cost me 290
  10. 18” Aero wheel

    1 Aero wheel. Gloss black 18” 10 spoke from 2016 car. Kerb damage but useable as a spare or repairable, I ran it for three months waiting for a new one with no issues. A new one will cost you £328 fro Toyota, my total for having it fitted at dealer was £430. £145 + P&P. 07860 386970 email : - i.maginnis@btopenworld.com
  11. I know that this might appeal to a select few but for those who put any driving videos together I've been playing around in DashWare to recreate the GT86 gauge clusters. For those that don't know, DashWare is one of a few programs that combines videos with datalog info. This can be got via EcuTek, Torque, Tactrix etc Everything is functional if you log the correct parameters: Speed RPM (Includes shift light) Gear Oil Temp Ambient Temp Accelerator Brakes Latitudinal G Longitudinal G Steering Angle on MY17 I can share these out if anyone is interested. I just need to find a GPS app that I can combine with EcuTek's ECUConnect App.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Has anyone tried these yet/have they been through any more testing with the 86? Somewhat interested but not really looking to throw 900 quid at something without any proper feedback/testing on our chassis.
  14. Must be in good condition - let me know what you've got.
  15. I guess it's okay if you can use 'My Toyota' and simply look up what was done on your car. I have the book all stamped. My Toyota hasn't worked for ages for me. It just doesn't load.
  16. I’ve not got one. Richard pointed that out on my last service, I thought it was in the pack but it wasn’t.
  17. Surely your dealer should be able to give you one as they issue them when you buy the car.
  18. Really leaning towards crossclimates at the moment, have the bike for fun and the car is mainly used for work. Plus tyres will need replaced soon anyway.
  19. cheers, are these definitely legit and is it a good price for one? if so ill pick one up now and take it to a dealer for stamps! much appreciated
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-TOYOTA-GT86-Service-History-Record-Book-NEW-BLANK/121955280562?epid=646316880&hash=item1c6519e6b2:g:3RoAAOSwubRXDqTp
  21. Just to note: I'm not based in Macclesfield either, plenty of us drive considerable distances just to go there
  22. Miinion's 86

    This is a sort of tricky one to place as I originally got it from @KevinA about 2 years ago but I sort of didn't know what to do back then in regards to the car and it sat about for ages. I thought I best sell it before it gets broken or scratched so then sold it to @Quball. I'm sure he must have been as indecisive as me as he never put it on either, so a year late I messaged him to see what he was doing with the spoiler and next thing I know I'm on route to go and pick it up This time I got it put on straight away from a local body shop that my family know quite well and they made an exceptional job, they removed the stock spoiler, welded all the holes it left behind, painted the boot and then fitted the Aero spoiler. Originally I went there and asked them to fill it but they said if they did that after a year or so it would start to damage and crack so decided to get the job done properly and I am pleased I did! At first I was a bit unsure if it was too big or not (at 21 surely I want to be as obnoxious and loud as possible?) but I love the look it gives, make's the hole car much more aggressive look
  23. Miinion's 86

    Next on the list was some new wheels which quite luckily some XXR 527'S came up for sale on the forum in 18" x 8.75" at a decent price with some very good tyres on so I snatched them up and got them on straight away. They do have a few marks and now a good few months on the paint has started to flake on the inside of some of the wheels but it gives me a great excuse to find some nice "proper" wheels to replace them with in due course. I'm sure @TTR and @Lauren will be happy about this but at least there no rotas ey?
  24. Miinion's 86

    One of the first mods I have any recolection of doing was getting a set of Valenti's for the car which fixed one of the major issues I had with the car which was the god damn horrid chrome rear lights. There a nice and simple mod that only take 5 mins to put on and make a huge difference to the looks of the car!
  25. Miinion's 86

    Hi guys/gals I've had the car for just over 3 years now and still love it as much as when I first got it! I've been about on here and going to shows for a good while now so a lot of you might know me and my car others might not so thought I'd start another build thread seeing as I started one a couple of years back but never really did too much too it due to time and well just being a general lazy s**t! The reason I've decided to start another one as if everything goes as I'm hoping it should within the next few months there will be big changes to my car but you'll see that all in due course. Please see the pictures attached to the thread of my car when I first had it, I got it from Lister's Toyota in Grantham when it was about a year old with 9k on the clock as an Ex-Demo with a nice healthy saving from the list price with it being a TRD which imo finishes the look on an already near perfect car! If any one has any questions about anything in this thread just ask and I'll try and help
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