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  2. I've had a chat with guy s at work they work on refridgeration but can check and regas cars they say you can loose 10% of gas over a year so wouldn't expect our cars to run out in a couple of years
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  4. No, the expensive gas should be 'forever'
  5. My spec is 18x9.5 et35 running 245/40/18 Tein Monosport with 25mm drop from OEM. Front camber -2.5° and rear -2.0
  6. He reckoned it hadn't been gassed since new,don't you lose it over time?
  7. I'm not 100% sure, so I won't say anything as of now, but I am actually picking it up tomorrow morning, so It will be there!
  8. Do you know what stage the Cosworth car is currently set up at if it will be there?
  9. What size tyres do you run up front? Iam currently on 245/40/18
  10. I could also be very interested in these depending on price shipped to Uk
  11. Haha mint👍 I have the AVO turbo regardless to which method of FI the face you will pull after driving stock will say it all😁😁.
  12. Literally the best description of the TD Turbo possible
  13. Yes we do!
  14. Not going to be able to make this now! :/ Have fun though, sounds like it should be a good meet
  15. U have the cusco rear strut bar in stock?
  16. Push yourself into the passenger seat as hard as you can, so you're engulfed by the seat, then grin and laugh like a naughty kid. That's what it's like.
  17. Any cheeky Discounts offered on? Plus also can you confirm if they are straight plug and play for UK gt86, so harness is 8 pin? Thanks, JRot
  18. until
    I just thought I'd put it in the calendar! As per @Deacon's Original post. Co-ordSport / Part-Box are hosting the next midlands GT86 meet and open day.) The event will take place on Sunday 30th July 2017, will begin at 10am and will end at around 1pm. There’ll be a BBQ, some parts on display, the Cosworth GT86 to have a look at and a chance to get an insight into what Co-ordsport do. As well as some special offers Parking limits attendance to around 50 cars maximum with around half of those places already filled. If you are interested then please head over to this link to register your interest. Our address is – Unit 1, Cleton Street Business Park, Dudley. DY47TR. We look forward to seeing you there.
  19. Thanks Kevin. And Lauren. Rob - it is worth considerably more if one takes the cost prices of parts and development into account. The modded transmissions cost more than £3grand a pop, the spare uprated SSP torque converter brought in two months ago cost more than £1500 including duty and VAT. I won't talk about the cost of the new forged engine with HKS supercharger . . take a guess . . And the new Milltek exhaust fitted three weeks ago was £800 plus. . but . . . whilst I still love the fun and friendship of the Drivers Club and TSS I have to be realistic. My reaction times are way off what they were only five years ago (and they were bloody awful then compared to 40-odd years ago!) and there is no point in having 50+bhp more than the n/a cars if the driver (me) is incapable of using it effectively and feels embarrassed at the margin between the likes of Kevin, Lauren, Thomas, Mike . . Age (70+), health (various issues) and finances. I have finally retired, having done five years overtime, and the odd £3grand a month I was lavishing on my hobby is not sustainable. As you all know - I have never lifted a spanner to the car, it has all been maintained and developed by Fensport, so if anyone wants an objective review of the car go ask Adrian. It has a number of unique mods which we have developed together, specifically to enhance the GT86 auto version, and I hope to follow, very keenly, its sprint activities in the hands of someone who can do Fensport and the car justice. It is unique, a one-off. It appears as though the issues caused by the massive turbo torque spike prior to the torque converter locking at 2800rpm have been overcome by the gentler torque curve from a supercharged setup . . the forged internals were merely insurance for longevity, not power related . . one trackday and one sprint at Kendrew and I know it is me who's past my sell-by date, not the car. My head ruled my heart on pricing - I want someone to buy it, work its socks off but more importantly enjoy it. See you at Anglesey . . Spec K
  20. They were the exact same on my MeisterR's. Same coilovers, wouldn't worry.
  21. what are you replacing them with?
  22. Well they came off my BRZ? Anyway, open to offers.
  23. Is there something you are particularly interested in guys? Some products you want to see? There will be something on display, like Cusco strut bars, HKS/Injen induction kits, Mishimoto products and much more. Just let us know in advance, if there's a special request for something
  24. Did you get sorted Special K ?
  25. Glad you will still be staying around
  26. Willing to take sensible offers to get it shifted. Just taking up space now!
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