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  2. Another new owner!

    Cheers Guys! I need to transfer my existing insurance across from the last car so will need to keep it standard until renewal time but interested in looking at replacing the factory rear spoiler with a TRD style one. May also spray the stock wheels gloss black at some stage as not so keen on the two tone look. Probably new speakers and adding a reverse camera would be nice too.
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  4. Another new owner!

    Everyone has a different take on modifying make it your own and enjoy👌. Welcome aboard
  5. Another new owner!

    Welcome. Enjoy the car, and think carefully about modding. Also keep an eye on all the sale threads, there quite a few with black Friday.
  6. Another new owner!

    Welcome aboard. It is very hard to resist modifying. May as well give in then. What's first on the list?
  7. Easter sale Or do a sale at the end of every month (when people usually get paid)
  8. Another new owner!

    Hi All, Picked up my 2013 auto yesterday and loving it (no surprise there eh?). Trying not to think about mods yet but its not really working!
  9. Black Friday Offers!! 24-27th Up to 70% Off

    Ohlins? 😉
  10. pm'd ive got 2 sets of rays and a set of oz for sale : ) send me your number and i can whatsapp you some pics
  11. Wheels Wanted Aftermarket/ Rays/ enkei/OZ/Tein/ KW/ Ohlins etc thanks
  12. Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    Well, we'll see at the TSS next year as I'm very consistent with time, so it will be easy to note any differences. I think it will help a bit at the TSS, though my primary reason was so I could enjoy the car more at track days and hopefully have more consistent and longer lasting brakes after a few laps. I would like to go back to Spa again where I think it will really pay dividends. It is nice to simply have better brakes on the road though. They feel absolutely lovely, I must say. I would say tyres, suspension, brakes, NA Tuning. However, what is clear is that I have a very well sorted car indeed now. Years of thinking of what to do rather than just throwing mods at it are paying off. Richard says it's the best GT86 he's driven and he's driven a few.
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  14. Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    Nice upgrades, I’d be really interested to see what these shave off your lap times, then how they stack up pound for pound versus other mods you’ve done in the time shaving stakes. If I was a betting man, I’d guess tyres > brakes > suspension > NA tuning maybe?
  15. I also sent him a message with no reply.
  16. Black Friday Offers!! 24-27th Up to 70% Off

    If your around derby way you can have mine with pipe for free if you want to pick it up 😀.
  17. Wanted - Turbo'ed GT86 or BRZ

    PM’ed you but not heard back. Mine is probably up for grabs at the right price! Stage 3 AVO turbo and lots more mods!
  18. Black Friday Offers!! 24-27th Up to 70% Off

    They use the wrong type of hose, most silicone hosing isn't suitable for oils/fuels etc from what I've read and has been a known issue with these types of kit. The universal doesn't come with hoses so I'll do my own in correctly spec'd rubber hoses, probably works out cheaper anyway and can do them in braided to match my Sprintex hoses or plain to match OEM. The only other one I'd consider is the Saikou Michi but that's quite a bit extra money and you have to get it in from the USA (hint hint Lucas). Almost all of the other cheaper ones aren't baffled.
  19. Black Friday Offers!! 24-27th Up to 70% Off

    Without wanting to go off-topic, they have made a rhd version now. I was tempted by it, less tempted now you've said the hoses weep though.
  20. Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    Yeah but to be fair 3 years is nothing. Mine were 10+ years old
  21. Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    Thank you Will and Ade. Love you long time. But in all seriousness thanks for the link to Reyland, it just made it that much more affordable.
  22. Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    You should be thanking me and @Ade for those brakes. So much better than the stock ones.
  23. Black Friday Offers!! 24-27th Up to 70% Off

    I have supercharger, the pipework would be useless as would the bracket. I already have 1 but want a 2nd.
  24. Marks Mods

    Well I finally got around to tinkering with the old bumper, trd front end and fiberglass. At the moment it's off having a grill made for it.
  25. Black Friday Offers!! 24-27th Up to 70% Off

    Another for the underpanel
  26. Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    They look awesome! Will be mega on track. As for Lowe point of the pins. Just copper grease the pins whenever they come out. Mine seem to have been fine after 3 years of abuse.
  27. ECU Connect App

    Yeah Road wouldn't be ideal, I'd have thought you'd need a fairly safe track with plenty of run off to really test it.
  28. Locked out of car

    That's some great advice that may come into use in the future as everything teaches you something.
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