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  1. Kodename47

    Stock manifold

    Why not give any of the traders a call (Abbey Motorsport / TD etc) as they will likely have a pile of ones they've taken off customer cars just sat there waiting for a skip....
  2. New spark plugs and clutch now fitted
  3. Kodename47

    Chipped Windscreen Repair

    The glass part of the policy is separate from the main policy and it's just an additional cover they offer. You don't have to declare it on renewal. TBH, you can just ask them what their policy is.
  4. Kodename47

    Interior Light Bulb

    They would need a PWM controller that's based on voltage to have dimming. LEDs cannot change brightness
  5. Item: TRD Oil Cap Condition: Used Price: £50 Item: TRD Radiator Cap Condition: Used Price: £20 Location: East Sussex Pic of both installed: Close up photos:
  6. Bump & price drop
  7. I'm afraid not, no. I'm after something with more doors and seats than the 86.
  8. No. The clutch is only showing minor wear and as I'm not keeping the car I didn't see the point in throwing money away
  9. Mine's currently in at Yeoman's Eastbourne. Master Tech took it out for a spin and then spent some time discussing the supercharger installation and how he'd do it. I got a video this morning with recommendations for a new clutch and release bearing, I knew it was a bit noisy so decided to go for it anyway.
  10. Kodename47

    2nd Gen GT86

    This appears to have been marketing, likely due to the platform being based on boxer architechture. There have been I4 swaps that both keep the stock bonnet and the COG low.. Shame that the BRZ likely won't make it to the EU/UK. Well they have form from the GR Supra - seems that the nomenclature is for the more sporty models with the GRMN being for the full on GR tuned models. I am a bit surprised that the Yaris isn't a GRMN, given that it fits that bill nicely. I expect that the 86 will be largely a cosmetic change, but happy to be proved wrong.
  11. Item: GT86 P3 Specific Gauge + Oil Pressure Sensor + Extra P3 Chip Condition: Used Price: £325 Posted Location: East Sussex P3 gauge pre-installed in vent for the GT86. Comes not only with a oil pressure sensor but also a chip that allows for the gauge to be run simultaneously with another OBD device, such as EcuTek or Torque. This is quite rare and I had to go to P3 direct from the USA to get this. I can even supply an OBD splitter extension if the buyer would find this useful. This gauge can display a large range of OBD outputs such as AFR, Intake Temp, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp, Manifold Pressure etc and also 2x analogue inputs such as boost and the pressure sensor that will come with it.
  12. Kodename47

    ****Heads up everyone****

    Good luck. As I'm finding now, the market is slow (not surprising given the economic climate TBH).
  13. I've now started to part out what I can so any offers for parts or the car as a whole - let me know
  14. Kodename47

    2nd Gen GT86

    He wasn't as he's been on the Supra project.
  15. Kodename47

    Part number.

    Sure it's not just the belt itself?