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  1. Kodename47

    Valenti "Winker" Relay

    The clip is one of the expanding type so if you can get a set of pliers on the opposite site then it'll come out quite easy.
  2. Kodename47

    Valenti "Winker" Relay

    Just reach up with your hand and pull it. Don't even need to remove any panels if you're happy laying face up in the footwell. You just need a light.
  3. Kodename47

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Have you watched (or listened) to that particular podcast with Iain? It's a good 'un.
  4. Kodename47

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Have you seen how much some are up for sale for?.... https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/toyota/gr-yaris
  5. Yes, it's still available
  6. Kodename47

    Rusty Sump

    Non-insulated manifold running near the sump?
  7. Kodename47

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    @Joolz it'll be between the latter 2, coming from the 86 I felt the Supra was a bit sterile - It's quick, no doubt, but it's a much more removed driving experience, you'll hit your head on the door opening until you get used to it (probably not an issue if you're shorter than 5'10) and the feeling of the car (seating position etc) isn't as nice. Perhaps the seating position of the Yaris will also be interesting as a comparison, but at least that is a taller car so maybe you expect it.
  8. Kodename47


    @Jay Bamrah just to close the loop on the top thread, the EcuTek packages are as follows: ECU License: Usually around £250, this is to allow the ECU to take an EcuTek ROM. The ECU only needs this the 1st time it's flashed, so there may be 2nd hand cars that have this already. Programming Kit (or the BT EVI Kit) with Dongle: The Dongle is the part that allows use of the ProECU software on your PC/Laptop. This is used to flash and log files to the ECU. You do not need this if you're getting tuned by someone else. Needed if you're remote mapping or logging. Can be used to make basic maps for your car and can be used to flash OTS maps if you want. The cable or BT EVI is just the device to connect laptop to the OBD port. RaceROM Upgrade: This is basically a Tuner License lite. It's applied to the dongle and is there to give you greater access to maps, including the custom and RaceROM maps, for self tuning. So this allows you to create better maps, but makes zero difference if you are flashng someone else's maps. https://www.ecutek.com/Products/Retail/ProECU-Programming-Kit/Features/ProECU-BRZ
  9. Kodename47


    Well you certainly can't claim for faulty springs or dampers....
  10. Kodename47

    Waze and starlink

    What is the advantage of Waze over Google Maps these days? Just mobile cameras?
  11. Kodename47

    2030 electric legislation

    It's certainly possible to do, there are "crate" electric motors out there already, would just be packaging the batteries that is hard - and therefore making them viable via fast charging or suitable range. I mean there are EV beetles, classic Astons etc. Thing is, China is being driven towards EV at a fast pace at the moment, and I reckon Europe (EU+ others) will move in tandem towards a target of 2030/2035 - most already have similar targets. I think because of this, all the major manufacturers will have to move as the power of these markets will make it so. Don't forget that at this point, this is for new car sales, not necessarily to get all existing cars off the market. Plus we have the potential for man made fuels, like the ones that Porsche are investing in, that will make ICE cars more environmentally friendly. Plus we've not really seen much in the way of performance Hybrid tech, which is coming down the pipeline now - see that the M40i BMW engines using the tech in the M340i/D and M440i even if only in mild form - The new AMG C series will use similar. I understand the emotion behind the noise of combustion, it's why I echo that I want to get out of mine into some of the best sounding cars around at the moment while the tech gets there to make the jump to EV/Hybrid. Will be interesting whether cars values drop completely or the market sees ICE as something that will appreciate.
  12. Kodename47

    2030 electric legislation

    10 years is enough time for the industry to sort itself out. It's inevitable and many countries are doing similar. If you look at some of the new Chinese tech, such as Geely (who own Lotus and Volvo) and their drive towards EV, I don't think we'll be disappointed. It will just be different. New Tesla roadster with over 7000 lb.ft of Torque, seems crazy but these can be done only with EV. It's just battery technology that needs to be there and affordable to make it work really. And for the obsession of massive touch screens to go. Having just seen the new Nissan Ariya, I think that it could be my next family car replacement:
  13. Kodename47

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    HKS have always done this, and really it's speed to market. These boxes already exist, so just need mild modifications to fit different cars. To remap the ECU needs a ton of work, including how to get access to the thing, whether by bench or OBD.
  14. Kodename47

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    Stock cars are about 160 bhp on the Dynapack at Abbey. Mine made about 170 bhp tuned but stock. Thing is, I bet that despite the headline figure the not being much higher, the torque curve due to the improved flow will be better. Either way, around 250whp on these is plenty quick and fun without becoming too much or requiring far greater grip to cope.