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  1. Rich196

    Fidanza Lightweight vs Stock Flywheel

    I had this brand on my NC MX5, not sure how much lighter this is than stock, but I had not issues with it or rattle, it just rev'd a lot more freely. Why have you had to have your stock one straightened? Not heard of this before. What have you done to make your 300hp?
  2. Rich196

    MartinT's BRZ

    I changed it mainly for intake temperatures on track, in that regards yes the cosworth is much much better. However road driving, there isnt much in it. I think the sprintex might have given a bit more power lower down, before the cam, the cosworth feels a bit stronger once on cam pull hard to the red line.
  3. Rich196

    MartinT's BRZ

    Ah okay, still only me thats removed a sprintex and fitted another charger (cosworth). Glad your enjoying it. I agree with what you say about the lack of shove. Its quick, but doesn't feel as it is. The non linear shove a turbo gives always feels faster! I think the ECU will learn the more miles you do, allowing it to be smoother. The charger add a fair bit of rotational mass so charges the reving characteristics.
  4. Rich196

    MartinT's BRZ

    Did you remove the sprintex and fit the harrop?
  5. Rich196

    Air-Con gas

    Yeh its back. That was to fill it from empty, I had to change the condenser due to a leak so I know there was nothing in it.
  6. Rich196

    Air-Con gas

    All new cars for the last maybe 2 years are back to R1234yf now, so its becoming increasingly more common. I got mine done at the local dealer for £70 a month or so ago!
  7. Rich196

    Air-Con gas

    The filling ports are different for the two gasses, so they cannot put the wrong gas in. Take it to a garage and have them check
  8. Rich196

    Air-Con gas

    It sure is!
  9. Rich196

    Air-Con gas

    on the underside of the bonnet on the leading edge
  10. Rich196

    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    Put me dwon, I should be able to make this
  11. Rich196

    Big brake kit time?

    8:28 is a good lap but isnt that fast for a car of the spec. But its not down the brakes iv been quicker on STOCK CALLIPERS no problem, it the fleshy bit between the steering wheel and the seat the only thing slowing it down there. You see that STOCK CALLIPERS aren't the limiting factor, on a track that isnt that demanding on brakes.
  12. Another great meet, thanks Keith for organising!!
  13. Rich196

    Big brake kit time?

    The ring is very easy on pads, just throwing it out there. Good pads and a stock calliper will work just fine for most agreed by most here, for HARD driving to achieve a consistent and repeatable pedal throughout the day a BBK is the most sustainable way forward.
  14. Rich196

    Big brake kit time?

    Admittedly I have a charged car. However I started with DS2500 pads on stock callipers. 2 laps of donny and they were shot so much fade! Pedal always felt wooden from cold. I then upped the game to carbotech XP10 pads, I removed the disc stone guards and put on GT3 cooling ducts. These were night and day compared to the DS2500, bite was always there and was consistent which made modulation easy. I didn't get any fade when I did brands or Cadwell ect, the tyres would give up before the brakes did! However when it came to man sized stops I was getting fade, this was on the Nurburging GP into T1 hairpin which was the biggest brake in F1, and Rockingham T1, when you had come off the banking into the hairpin. The common theme is a hairpin big speed 150mph to 30ish? Could have lived with this perhaps but I got through them fast, they did not last long at all. We are talking 4 track days. These pads arent cheap and I didnt see that as sustainable..... For a spot of context: The car I came from before the GT86 was a MK3 MX5. Even more track biased. The MX5 was on stock discs and callipers, and Carbotech XP8 pads. This car was around 1100kg, and 190 HP at the fly. It used pretty much the same size disc as the GT86. 290mm x 24mm, the MX5 was a single pot slider the GT86 a twin pot slider. The MX5 ran Carbotech XP8 pads, and did a complete 10 track day season about 200 track miles per day, and never suffered fade and did a season on a single set of pads. So the 86 is 150-200kg heavier than the MX5, and has another 70hp? and its was running a very similar sized disc and pad which is going to have a similar thermal capacity. Therefore to gain more thermal capacity a BBK is the only way. This would lead to no fade, greater consistency and lower pad wear. Yes I could have gone for a higher rated pad, it may have stopped the fade, however it was going to generate more heat and probably wear out as quick if not quicker. I bit the bullet and for the Rayland BBK, Cp9200 calliper and a 330mm disc. I am using a Mintex F4R pad, these are fairly aggressive but cost around £100 so nice and cheap. The brake fade is gone, the consistency is spot on every time making modulation easy, they look great, the wear is low. Oh and the POWER. These rip your face off when you throw out the anker, its my favourite bit of the car. So you can now stop faster, with no fade lap after lap until the tyres give up. Best track day upgrade for the car!! I would not bother if your not a keen track day goer though. If you do 1 or 2 a year for fun and your not "fast" put a decent set of pads on take the disc stone guards off and put some £20 GT3 ducts on and enjoy. No matter what brakes you have all ways use decent fluid, you do not want to boil it and end up with no brakes!!! I use RBF600, and always bleed a pedals worth out the calliper when I have the wheels off as thats where its going to boil.
  15. I mean its not because its illegal for one, but even if you can find someone to do it, you need to change the AC filling ports as the are different for each kind of gas. I got my AC R1234yf done at toyota for £70 last month.