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  1. Rich196

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    Interestingly my 86 usually spends more time on charge than my Telsa but recently due to the quite roads I have found myself digging the 86 out of the garage and using it a couple of days a week for my commute. However since my 86 is a toy is often spends a long time in the garage, the battery died on me a couple of time. Often when I left the car unlocked (the car uses less power when locked as the electronics go to sleep) I left it unlocked after I read all the storys of people snapping keys. Then I left it locked and it was dead by two weeks in. I replace the battery and its been on a Ctek charger ever since as I often leave it months without use.
  2. Rich196

    Tyre sizes for FI

    If you over tyre the car you will kill the fun! I run a 235/35/18 MPSS. Cosworth Charged and the car remains playful. I would get the turbo on, get used to it and see how you get on. Id be looking at a decent quality 225/235 section tyre.
  3. Rich196

    Takona @ Fuel Coffee House 08/03/2020

    Didn't think about, done it!
  4. Rich196

    Takona @ Fuel Coffee House 08/03/2020

    ill try and make it, someone remind me closer the time!!
  5. Rich196

    Brakes seized?

    I think it was due to pads and discs rusting. Hope you get it back soon, although I wouldn't be confident that you will get away with not having the discs skimmed that pads really do eat into the disc. Do you leave the car stood for a long time?
  6. Rich196

    MartinT's BRZ

    looks really good that! Nice work!
  7. Rich196

    Brakes seized?

    and rocking it back and forth doesn't get them to unstick? I have had this once in the 86, after a track day drove back in the wet parked it up. Left it for a little while could have been week to be fair, hand brake off I never leave it on in the garage. It needed 2k rpm and the clutch dumped to break them free. (that wasn't a fun thing to do in the garage)
  8. Rich196

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    They are RSR's its not going to handle anyway. That aside you add enough power you wont understeer anywhere!
  9. Rich196

    Fidanza Lightweight vs Stock Flywheel

    I had this brand on my NC MX5, not sure how much lighter this is than stock, but I had not issues with it or rattle, it just rev'd a lot more freely. Why have you had to have your stock one straightened? Not heard of this before. What have you done to make your 300hp?
  10. Rich196

    MartinT's BRZ

    I changed it mainly for intake temperatures on track, in that regards yes the cosworth is much much better. However road driving, there isnt much in it. I think the sprintex might have given a bit more power lower down, before the cam, the cosworth feels a bit stronger once on cam pull hard to the red line.
  11. Rich196

    MartinT's BRZ

    Ah okay, still only me thats removed a sprintex and fitted another charger (cosworth). Glad your enjoying it. I agree with what you say about the lack of shove. Its quick, but doesn't feel as it is. The non linear shove a turbo gives always feels faster! I think the ECU will learn the more miles you do, allowing it to be smoother. The charger add a fair bit of rotational mass so charges the reving characteristics.
  12. Rich196

    MartinT's BRZ

    Did you remove the sprintex and fit the harrop?
  13. Rich196

    Air-Con gas

    Yeh its back. That was to fill it from empty, I had to change the condenser due to a leak so I know there was nothing in it.
  14. Rich196

    Air-Con gas

    All new cars for the last maybe 2 years are back to R1234yf now, so its becoming increasingly more common. I got mine done at the local dealer for £70 a month or so ago!
  15. Rich196

    Air-Con gas

    The filling ports are different for the two gasses, so they cannot put the wrong gas in. Take it to a garage and have them check