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  1. sjs_gt86

    Everything for Sale

    Are there any items you're willing to post? If so, which ones? Thanks
  2. sjs_gt86

    Sequential Vland Headlights

    Bump - price lowered to £150
  3. sjs_gt86

    Sequential Vland Headlights

    Hi Jay, Here's 3 more pictures. First one shows the top middle bracket is missing. Second picture shows the bottom right bracket is missing. Third picture shows the top left bracket cracked and damaged. The bracket on the bottom left is still intact with no damage.
  4. Hi all, I've currently got a pair of vland headlights for sale. They have been involved in a light front accident, the drivers side headlight has a few missing/broken brackets. The passenger side is in good condition. Both have light scratches that could potentially be removed with some TLC. Both headlights work perfectly. Ideal for someone who would like to fix the brackets on the drivers side for a cheap set or need a replacement passenger side. I can take more pictures if requested. I'm looking for £150 ono. Collection available from West Midlands, Birmingham. I can post but for will be at extra cost. Thanks 🙂
  5. sjs_gt86


    How do these look with the lights on?
  6. Hi, are any of these still available?
  7. sjs_gt86

    Stock Parts

    Hi, I'm interested in the front pipe and steering wheel if they're still available
  8. sjs_gt86

    18x9.5J Rota Grid bronze alloys

    If you was to get them refurbished, would they get powder coated?
  9. Im interested in the valentis tail lights
  10. sjs_gt86

    parts for sale

    Im currently thinking about buying them but If I was I'd have to get them delivered as I live in Birmingham 😕
  11. sjs_gt86

    parts for sale

    Do you offer delivery on the wheels?
  12. Are these still available?
  13. sjs_gt86

    Borla UEL manifold

    Is it guaranteed for the lambda spacer to stop the CEL?
  14. Could i possibly collect this and if so, when could i?