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  1. Today I took of the door panel and disconnected the connectors from the window switch a d the connector from the window motor. Then reconnected and again the usual reset procedure and now it works well again. Very happy it is solved!
  2. Hi all, I have a problem with opening / closing my passenger window. I've read and tried the usual reset procedure, but it doesn't work. What works and doesn't work: window driver side is working good passenger window is not reacting to switch in drivers door passenger window is reacting to switch in passenger door, but: auto function is not working and it's only going a few inches up or down and then stops again and you have to let go the switch and push again. (It takes at least 7 times to get the window fully up or down) LED switch passenger side is blinking, on driversside both the LED's are normal continuously on. I've tried also hard reset with deconnecting the battery for 15 minutes and tried the procedure with holding the switches 10 seconds up and down, but nothing works so far. Who can help?