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  1. Hi, looking for a set of genuine TRD sideskirts, if you know anyone selling some let me know! Cheers
  2. Aidensolovely

    Can an aftermarket steering wheel be used on 2017+ GT86

    Yeah I was extra careful around the clockspring, the diagnosis from the local garage said that the clockspring seemed fine and it was just a fault with the SAS.
  3. For some context, I have a 2017 Club orange edition GT86. A few days ago I installed an NRG short hub with an NRG quick release and momo wheel. The install seemed fine. However after the install, I took the car for a quick drive and I got the ABS and slip warning lights on my dash. Which are now permanently on. The car still drives as normal and my steering is straight still. I took my car to a nearby auto electric garage for diagnostic. They have told me that there is a steering angle sensor fault. The code is C1231, which is Steering Angle Sensor Circuit. They also said that the issue was unfixable unless I went back to the stock steering wheel and have the sensors recalibrated with the stock wheel. And that also there’s no way to run this car with an aftermarket wheel. However I’ve seen plenty of people run this car with aftermarket steering wheels before, so am I being lied to here? Would I be best taking it back to Toyota to fix? tl;dr fitted aftermarket steering wheel, damaged steering angle sensor, local garage told me there was no way of fixing this without reverting back to the stock wheel, however I do not want to go back to the stock wheel.