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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Lauren in Reliability putting me off the 86.   
    I really wouldnt be put off by those issues. Providing you buy a car that has been properly maintained, about the only issue you are going to experience really is the coil pack one. I would not count that as a major issue. You will rarely even notice a coil pack going apart from the EML coming on. They cost £87 for a new one and if you've still got warranty that shouldn't be a problem to get it replaced. 
    I have done 119K miles in five and a half years. I stick to the service schedule, I am never late with this. I have gone through all four coil packs in that time. I had a slight oil leak on the cam plate fixed under warranty at around 60K miles. I've had a CV joint go and replaced under warranty, though that is probably caused by lowering. 
    My under bonnet strip is rusty, but I don't really care about that. Cheap to replace anyway. 
    Engine failures are rare and as everyone else has said, relate more to cars with forced induction which is always going to be a lottery on a car that was designed to be NA. Also there are a lot of numpties out there who dont get their cars serviced on time, don't use OEM oil and don't let their car warm up properly before booting it. My experience of having one of the highest mileage cars in the UK that has included four years of sprinting, track days from when it was run in and a tuned engine with remap, manifold and all that, is that they are hardy cars indeed, providing you look after them. I would still think nothing of driving to Italy to mine with the mileage it has, which I have done twice already. Last year I drove right out to the Harz region of Germany at high speed in places on the autobahn. No problem. I use my car every day, it has never let me down. 
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    Test Drives Unlimited got a reaction from gavin_t in Forge show at castle coombe   
    I won't be there Gavin, will be in Scotland getting ready to attend the Paul Walker Tribute SLS at Knockhill Circuit on Sunday 9th September

    The RX-8OC will have a Stand at Forge as per usual though

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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Dave86 in DAB   
    Today I installed DAB on my Touch and Go....delightfully simple for anyone fancying it.  The part number is:  PZ473-T0210-A0.
    The module integrates seamlessly with T&G with a nice simple interface when you select DAB from sources.  The part is about £380 from Toyota.
    In short:
    Remove bezel around front of radio with a trim removal tool.
    Remove the 4 Phillips head screws retaining the head unit. Pull the unit towards you.
    Disconnect all of the cables and remove the unit.
    Take the dab module and using cable ties fix it to the circular tube running along the firewall, making sure to allow the connections available.
    Run the DAB aerial from the module behind the glove box lid and out through the panel that allows you to switch off the airbags by the nearside door.  
    Using a trim removal tool  level out the a-pillar cover. Disconnect the green plastic thing by turning it 90 degrees and pulling.
    Run the aerial cable up the door seal and in to the a-pillar.
    Locate the metal bracket that retains part of the curtain airbag with a single Phillips head in to the a-pillar.  On the aerial cable you will notice a metal earth tab. Secure the tab using the Philips screw and replace the metal bracket.
    Leave the aerial dangling for now.
    Take the included 1 in to 2 cable and plug the single end in to the DAB module.  Take the other 2 ends and find the connectors that they splice (plug) in to at the back of the head unit, And plug everything back in.
    Power the ignition on and wait for it to boot. Go to audio....then sources and make sure you have DAB listed.  If you do, good!
    Next, take the plastic aerial thing that sticks to the windscreen, peel off the backing and secure on the windscreen.  I placed mine an inch from the side of the glass facing vertically.  You only get 1 go so don't mess it up.
    Take the end of the aerial lead with the plastic end and press it on to the connector you just stuck to the windscreen, both should now stick together.
    Power on the head unit and check you are receiving DAB!
    Replace the a-pillar trim...don't forget the green thing.
    Tidy up the cables at the rear of the head unit, and reinsert the unit in to the dash.  There should be enough room for the module and head unit if you have got it right.
    Replace the 4 Phillips head screws on the head unit, then replace the bezel.  
    You now have DAB! 
    Took me a couple of hours whilst I tried different cable routing.  No photos unfortunately, too hard to do both!
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Church in Thanks, time for me to leave.   
    I actually don't get this aswell, why to remove profile and all posts one has made. It's doable, but why? If one decides to not visit anymore one can always just never visit/never log in. And if one does that for some privacy reasons, one can change to some fake email registration address and remove any personal info in profile.
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    Test Drives Unlimited got a reaction from smudge in Hampshire meet Sat 7th July 12.30pm   

    What a friendly Club this is and no wonder I don't spend much time on here !!!!

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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to McDude in Essex Crew Summer Midweek Meet   
    Don't take a wrong turn - that's a dogging hotspot round there!
    Or maybe do! You'll have a different sort of evening as the gents (and it is gentlemen only) may not be interested in discussing Japanese sports cars. I did a work event that way early morning once and there was an awkward moment where I had clearly given the wrong (or right depending on your point of view) signals to a bloke who followed me down a footpath!
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to VAD17 in Event Organisers   
    Apologies, my bad about Beaulieu. Was trying to be helpful and put few events in the diary, but was not sure about etiquette if not attending it myself. Thanks @Leevsfortyone.
    The rule "you put it in the diary - you "own" it" is right and I will organize stand for Summer Action Festival @ Castle Combe (already done for JDM Castle Combe & Tunerfest South).
    I think it may also be helpful to put forward events people would like to attend or thinking about well in advance and for those accessing forum on mobile decides with no calendar having some way to suggest events (hence the topic I started)
    @rob275 and @Leevsfortyone - very happy to help with events south or within 2hrs from London.
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to rob275 in Event Organisers   
    The issue is I used to do 80% of the work on most events. Which i'm fine with but I haven't been around as of late due to simply barely having a life at the moment. With regards to beaulieu, I was PM'd about this and @VAD17 offered to take the reigns with it. As far as i'm concerned, the person who starts a thread should be the one arranging things. I thought this was the case with this event so nothing has been done. 
    Kevin messaged me about Japfest and I asked him to discuss with Lauren as I wasn't going to be there. Though i'm not surprised Japfest parking didn't go to plan, nobody listens and leaves their cars wherever they want! The club does need some help organising events and if anyone wants to they can certainly put their names forward. I did ask in the survey I put out last if people would be interested, I pm'd those that put their names forward and for the most part the response was they couldn't be arsed or don't have the time. This does make me wonder why they offered in the first place but hey ho...
    @Deacon The system demoted you, you aren't actually demoted lol.
    @Test Drives Unlimited your comment is part of the reason why i've taken a step back as of late. A prime example that my efforts aren't appreciated by most. I've had thanks from many people over the years for organising events for the club, but them thanks come from the same people each year and they are the same people that are happy to help out. There is a huge chunk of people here that expect a load of stuff and really don't appreciate the time & efforts put in. But they are happy to complain when things don't happen. 
    It's clear that as the club expands more help is needed, and i've asked before and got little response. @Leevsfortyone thanks for putting your name forward for helping it's appreciated. Feel free to drop me a PM so we can make the south great again
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Leevsfortyone in Event Organisers   
    My concern is and I use Beaulieu and Silverstone as an example, members have been putting their names forward to attend these events.
    (Beaulieu) Yet unlike previous occasions when Rob organised this, it appears no one has booked a stand causing a possible problem with us all arriving and having no where to park.
    (Silverstone) I noticed in the run up there was a lack of preparation in planning the stand layout, myself and Kevin had made plans to get to the stand in advance of members arriving to control the parking and attempt to make a great display, unfortunately a large number of cars had beaten us there and parking as per the previous year was disorganised.
    We definitely need a team of people to step up and take the lead in controlling these events. It can be a lot of work sometimes especially when the collection of funds are involved but if the club has a dedicated area representative working with event proposers the work load can be shared.
    I am happy to assist others in the southern area creating events/ social meets for the members and help with the planning.
    We do need some more people in the south to take a lead with events and social meets.
    It can also be great fun creating a event and seeing it through, our members do enjoy a get together and I’m sure will support the club going forward.

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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Rich in 29th September 2012 Space Saver Spare   
    I've had one puncture and the tyre kit was useless (2" sidewall tear), luckily it was during the day so I was recovered to a local garage and on my way in a couple of hours. Since then I carry a space saver.
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    Test Drives Unlimited got a reaction from Mike in 29th September 2012 Space Saver Spare   
    I really don't care what you think Lauren as I will always carry a full size spare wheel in my car !!!!

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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Paul in Maxton Designs Skirts/Splitter   
    My car is lowered 20mm on coilovers, my HT Autos lip does occasionally meet the tarmac over larger speed bumps but very rarely.
    Steep multi-storey ramps are where the problems arise...
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Subota Boy in March Sussex meet   
    Sorry to hear that Nigel.  Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Subota Boy in March Sussex meet   
    And the white cars were the most popular by a whisker.  Thanks again to those from this forum who attended, and to Mark from Abbey Motorsport for lending his technical expertise.  

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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Yotast3v3 in Specialist garages for 60k service   
    I did a bit of research before going to look and noticed the mileage, so when I went to test drive it, managed to get the price down a bit due to it needing this service. Guess this is why the previous owner decided to chop it in!
    Just spoke to RRG and they have quoted £600 inc vat for it, said they are doing a lot of these recently due to the first cars coming up to the 5/6 year’s mark, which makes sense, at least they’ll be well rehearsed!
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to MartinT in Servicing   
    Thanks, all. Time to book, looks like I'll hit 12 months and 10k at around the same time.
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Nails in March Sussex meet   
    Ok, well if you are not members the usernames of the people attending won't mean anything to you anyway. It is probably more useful to say there are currently 18 people signed up for the meet. 
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Subota Boy in March Sussex meet   
    So far got 10 confirmed and another 9 possible/probables  
    Thanks for all your interest.    Hope to see you all.
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    Test Drives Unlimited got a reaction from Lauren in Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards   
    I just read your whole Blog Lauren and was very interesting reading but now gives me to many ideas

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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Lauren in Whining diff (was actually a wheel bearing)   
    Glad you got it sorted, Nigel, also good to get it under warranty as I wondered if a wheel bearing would be covered at your mileage. Alas for me I'm beyond the warranty now with my mileage so it came in at £290 fitted. It's surprising how a worn wheel bearing affects how the exhaust sounded, it really ruined it on mine, now it's back to it's tuneful self without having to compete with the wheel bearing drone! 
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    Test Drives Unlimited got a reaction from Stutopia in Whining diff (was actually a wheel bearing)   
    My car is now fixed and sounds good

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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Lauren in Whining diff (was actually a wheel bearing)   
    How many miles has your car done, now Nigel? 
    Also which bearing has gone? 
    Did Motorline Gatwick not do a diagnosis then? You would have thought they would have been able to tell.
    Just had mine done. It's a lot quieter now.
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Lauren in Whining diff (was actually a wheel bearing)   
    Well the good news is you will get it covered under warranty. It's not particularly cheap! Maybe they should have done what RRG did and put it up on the lift and got the wheels rotating under drive as you could fairly easily hear it on mine when I put my ear relatively close to the spinning wheel. Still, I suppose you got a diff oil change early! 
    Mine is easily the highest mileage car RRG service so it's often the case that it's a first on mine. I do have the advantage of Gary though.
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to Lauren in Whining diff (was actually a wheel bearing)   
    Popped down to RRG first thing and took Gary for a ride. I was told by Gary no sideways and that he wasn't a good passenger. So we trundled up the Silk Road so he could hear the whining. Richard had money on it being a wheel bearing. We came back on the old Macc Road which involved a greasy roundabout. Greasier than I was expecting. Sorry Gary! 
    Gary got it up on a four post lift and stuck 'young-un' in the car, so they could get it running and listen for noises. Richard gave me a shout and I was able to hear the noise the nearside rear wheel bearing was making. A good way to do it, I thought! 
    Wheel bearing has been ordered and car will be booked in for a week's time. There was no play in the bearing, it's just noisy. 
    Excellent service at RRG as always and we had a bit of a laugh with my antics with Gary, well Richard thought it was funny. 
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    Test Drives Unlimited reacted to alucardo in Whining diff (was actually a wheel bearing)   
    Could troubleshooting article for diff's in general