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  1. Philip

    Key fob battery

    Yes you will. You just need to use the metal key to open and close the door, and touch the Toyota emblem on the key fob to the start/stop button to start the car.
  2. Philip


    When you click on the "reply to this topic", there should be a black menu with the formatting controls (Bold, Italic, etc) on it. The button on the right of the bar (which looks like a page with a magnifying glass over it) is the Preview button.
  3. Philip

    Servicing cost in 2018

    I imagine that warranty claims (especially when it's a marginal call, or goodwill is involved) will always be easier when there's a full main dealer service history. Also, personally I would never consider buying a second-hand car that didn't have full main dealer history, but that's a personal choice.
  4. My car (which has been fully main dealer serviced) came with a book and it has been stamped by both of the dealers who have serviced it. The online versions are not very accurate (the description of what work was carried out is difficult to understand, and the mileage is incorrect for many of the entries). I have tried to get this corrected both through the dealers and through Toyota UK, with no success. As far as proving to a new owner that the car has been serviced, I always ask to see copies of the invoices for previous services when I'm buying a car. It's far too easy to forge a stamp in a service book. (At one point there was a huge trade in dealer stamps for Porsche dealerships which no longer existed, as the value of the cars was very sensitive to the completeness of the service history, and it was impossible for a buyer to check with a dealership that had shut down).
  5. Philip

    Battery and key fob issues

    You can't really use a multimeter to gauge the state of a car battery - you need a proper battery tester that will place it under load.
  6. Philip

    Bluetooth control of music selection

    The front edge of the lid (if it's the Toyota armrest) should have a small indent in it which is designed to allow a cable through without squashing it.
  7. Philip

    Another font speakers swap thread

    Are Focal planning to discontinue the IS165TOY? The speaker upgrade is on my To Do list, so do I need to do it sooner rather than later? Also, anybody know the cheapest place to get these speakers?
  8. Philip

    Follow me home lights

    When I park in a shopping centre, I normally chose to drive in - that makes the boot accessible when I return with my purchases. But if I'm not planning to buy anything, then I'll usually reverse in. At home, I drive in to my garages, because the layout makes more sense that way. At work, I normally reverse in to a parking space, but (depending on the particular space) it sometimes makes more sense to drive in. When parking on the road, I parallel park. Each situation needs to be assessed on its own merits. The reason that I originally mentioned "reversing in" being the main use case for follow-me-home lighting, is that (as a general rule), when you drive in to a space there's likely to be a wall/whatever in front of you, so the illumination won't be of too much use, as opposed to reversing in, when there will be an open area in front of the car and there will be occasions when it will be safer or more convenient to have that area illuminated by the headlights for a period after getting out of the car. As for stumbling around in the dark using the tiny LED on a phone rather than using the functionality that Toyota's engineers designed in to the car, well that's just bizarre :-)
  9. Philip

    Follow me home lights

    You're being pedantic now :-) Imagine if it was pitch dark (e.g. during a power outage) - you'd still get enough light spillage to help you on your way to your front door. Or you might park somewhere else (unless all your journeys start and end on your drive, and you never park anywhere else?!) where it could be useful.
  10. Philip

    Follow me home lights

    But that's exactly the use case that they are designed for! You reverse in to a parking space, in the dark, and after you switch your engine off you can have your have your headlights illuminating your path as you walk away from the car. Hence the term "follow me home" lights - i.e. giving you some illumination as you walk from your driveway to your front door.
  11. Philip

    toyota touch and go maps update

    Sorry to drag up an old(ish) thread, but just wanted to point out that (1) the web site no longer exists, (2) it is highly unlikely that the map updates were legitimate, and (3) the OP only ever posted 3 times to the forum - all 3 posts promoting that web site.
  12. Philip

    What to check on collection?

    Has it had its 1 year service done yet? (Needs to be fairly close to its birthday to ensure that the warranty remains valid.) Does it have SatNav? If so, I'd check that the maps are reasonably up to date (which they should be if it's a 2016 car). Check for condensation in the rear lights (especially if there's any chance that the rear bumper issues could have been due to light collision damage). Check the driver's seat outside bolster for wear.
  13. Philip

    Difficult gear changes

    I've been concentrating on the gear change, and I'll accept that while changing into 1st is far from very smooth, it's not as bad as the change into 2nd (either 1 to 2 or 3 to 2). I normally tend to double declutch, and that allows for a reasonable smooth gear change most of the time, but I'm in my local dealers for the 4 year service shortly, so I might ask them to look at it again.
  14. Philip

    Difficult gear changes

    Nope - I'm talking about selecting 1st from Neutral when the car is at rest (e.g. when stopped at traffic lights or roundabouts). I would rarely, if ever, change down into 1st from a higher gear. While it does improve a bit when the car has warmed up (and is much more noticeable in cold weather), the gear change is a million miles away from (say) a 30 year old 944. I'm a bit surprised that Toyota haven't sorted this out on the later cars, which suggests that it's a design defect rather than something that can be fully cured with a different lubricant/springs/bushing.
  15. Philip

    Difficult gear changes

    Changing into 1st or 2nd is the worst gear change of any car that I've owned - despite my local Toyota having had a couple of goes to improve it. I'm willing to live with it because of all the other good things about the car, but given how satisfying a good gear change can be, it's a real shame that Toyota didn't spend a little bit more time on that aspect of the design.