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  1. Toyota GT86. 2013, Orange, 6-speed Manual, 43k miles with full Toyota main dealer service history (7 services). Covered under Toyota's extended warranty until September 2022. Personal "86" plate. Recent main dealer service. High specification - including leather and Alcantara heated sports seats, navigation system, air con, Bluetooth, keyless access, electric folding mirrors, parking sensors. £13,995. Car is located in Hampshire. Full details and lots of photographs at this link
  2. Philip

    How do we report a user

    Not me - I'm just a rank and file member here 🙂 - but the Administrators and Moderators will get a notification and will be able to take appropriate action.
  3. Philip

    How do we report a user

    Thanks for the explanation. I can fully understand why you wouldn't want to sell to a commercial entity (American or otherwise) - I've seen too many other forums ruined that way.
  4. Philip

    How do we report a user

    Dare I ask whether there's any appetite to merge with the "other" forum? (Apologies if there's history that I'm unaware of).
  5. Philip

    How do we report a user

    Top right hand side of every message there is a "Report" link. (I also got one of these messages - and noticed that a number of new users joined the forum this evening, so obviously an organised attack)
  6. Glad to hear that you got it resolved, and that it was something as straightforward as the bonnet sensor bracket.
  7. There are three separate phases for the LED by the boot release after you lock the car. Firstly the LED flashes Green for 15 seconds "settle" time (during which time the ultrasonic sensors are disabled to allow any air currents in the car to settle). Then it flashes Amber for a further 15 seconds of "Threshold" time (when the ultrasonic sensors become active and understand what the baseline level for the car is). Finally, 32 seconds after arming the alarm, the LED flashes Red and the alarm is fully alarmed. Is your car doing this? (Also, the bonnet sensor is definitely worth checking, as it's the most frequent source of problems with the GT86 alarm).
  8. What is the red/amber/green alarm indicator on the dash doing? Did your car come with a copy of the Category 1 Alarm System Operating Instructions? Copy attached in case not. GT86_Cat_1_Alarm_Handbook.pdf
  9. Yes, that's the one. Fitted with no problems (the standard battery doesn't fill the battery tray). It also has the +ve terminal on the correct side (a lot of the "tell us your registration number and we'll show you which battery to buy" web sites get the battery size correct, but show the terminals on the wrong sides for our cars.
  10. My experience of CTek Comfort Connectors on a wide variety of cars is that they always go from Green to Amber in a very short time (minutes or hours), so I wouldn't read too much into that. I replaced my battery with a Varta 70Ah Blue Dynamic - cost £73.83 from Tayna. Certainly seems to keep its charge much longer than the (uprated) Toyota one which it replaced.
  11. Thanks. Is that when the steering wheel controls were also introduced?
  12. Philip

    BRZ not starting - suspect immobiliser

    I had something similar recently. My battery had died, so I disconnected it and bought a new one. When I fitted the new battery, I couldn't get the alarm to disarm or the siren to stop sounding. The keyfob just wouldn't disarm the alarm. What seemed to finally cure it was pressing the start/stop button three times (so basically fully on and then off) - at that point I was able to use the keyfob to disarm the alarm and I could then start the car. The other thing which may work (although it didn't for me...) is to use the keypad at the rear of the glovebox to enter your alarm code. The "quiet" siren that you heard was probably because it was being powered by the backup battery within the siren - this is a Thatcham requirement. Holding the fob next to the start/stop button is only useful if the battery in the fob is dead - it then uses NFC to let the car know that the keyfob is present. I have a GT86, so the BRZ may be different is some/many/all ways!
  13. Philip

    Alarm very quiet

    The alarm has its own built-in backup battery (I believe this is a Thatcham requirement). If the alarm is armed at the time that you disconnect the main car battery, then it thinks it is being attacked and the siren is triggered. The only way to stop it (as far as I know) is to connect up s good car battery, switch off the alarm, and then remove the car battery. I've also noticed that it is quieter than the full alarm siren. I guess that's because of the limited capacity of the alarm's backup battery.
  14. Philip

    is it OK to switch engine treatment?

    Alternative view: they are all snake oil, so it doesn't matter which one you use, but you'd be better off not using any. I've never seen a Toyota (or Subaru) recommendation to use any engine treatment.
  15. Philip

    Cannot Unlock Car

    Unless there's a specific exclusion in the warranty (and I haven't seen one), then I would absolutely expect it to be covered. There are many aftermarket car batteries (Bosch, RAC, etc) which offer a 5 year warranty.