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  1. Test Drives Unlimited

    Shadow lights!

    Yes i got them on my car and had no issues with them.
  2. Test Drives Unlimited

    Jordan aka Smudge

    I had known Jordan ever since he was a member of the RX-8OC and then about 6 months after I bought my GT86, he then went and bought a Grey one as well [emoji14] Jordan will be sadly missed and poor Oscar will know doubt miss his Daddy RIP my friend [emoji22] PS : Hopefully we will be able to organise something in due course to honor his Memory!
  3. Test Drives Unlimited

    Fuel Coffee Meet

    Was a good Meet yesterday and not far to drive too for once.....lol
  4. Test Drives Unlimited

    Fuel Coffee Meet

    Just checking that this event is still going ahead on Saturday.... ? As I will be there if so... .
  5. Test Drives Unlimited

    GT86 auto folding mirror kit

    Yes they fold using the Smart Locking System, infact I rarely use the Remote to gain access to the car.... Mine are also set up to only unfold when you turn the Ignition on!
  6. Test Drives Unlimited

    Fuel Coffee Meet

    Not seen you for along time Nick, so you better be there my friend.
  7. Test Drives Unlimited

    Fuel Coffee Meet

    Should be able to make this, although off to Darlington the following day....
  8. Test Drives Unlimited

    Denbies Vineyard Dorking Sunday 26th July 11:30

    Good seeing you all today and took a few photos..
  9. Test Drives Unlimited

    Denbies Vineyard Dorking Sunday 26th July 11:30

    I will be there.....
  10. Test Drives Unlimited

    Simply Japanese Beaulieu 2020

    They announced this show will be taking place yesterday, but with some new rules due to Social Distancing !! Check the Website for the full details... By the way am the Events Coordinator for the RX-8OC [emoji14]
  11. Test Drives Unlimited

    Directors wanted!

    I hope some longterm members come forward and volunteer in taking this club forward with Lauren. Speaking from experience as a member in their second term on the Committee for the RX-8OC, it can be very rewarding seeing the results that you help implement into the club take effect.
  12. Test Drives Unlimited

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    My one plugs into the socket under the drivers side of dash and then sits in front on top of the Dashboard and sends the info to the Windscreen. Has a separate switch if you want to turn it off. It cost £17.99 via eBay from a Chinese Manufacturer [emoji14] Got a photo somewhere....... I find it strange driving a car without it now!!
  13. Test Drives Unlimited

    Three days in and loving my blue gt86

    I've had mine 6.5yrs [emoji14] Enjoy the car.....
  14. Test Drives Unlimited

    Takona @ Fuel Coffee House 08/03/2020

    Sorry my legs and feet are hurting this Morning so can't make it after all
  15. Test Drives Unlimited

    Takona @ Fuel Coffee House 08/03/2020

    If I manage to get up, will be there in the Volvo at 9am [emoji14] Will have to leave the Cafe at 11am though!