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  1. Jay Bamrah

    Lightweight flywheel

    Would you say it’s worth it then for the £300 whatever price
  2. Jay Bamrah

    Lightweight flywheel

    Is it loud? Lightweight flywheels tend to make a loud noise
  3. Jay Bamrah

    2017 facelift white turbo £23’000

    How many miles / months has it been turboed for
  4. Jay Bamrah

    What oil temp is bad

    So if it kicks in at 70 then my cold starts shouldn’t be effected ?
  5. Jay Bamrah

    What oil temp is bad

    Does it not auto block when the cars cold
  6. Jay Bamrah

    What oil temp is bad

    Well currently I just have the TD NA KIT so no oil cooler no. I’m doing stage 1+ oil cooler + clutch on the 29th so I was just trying to learn how to monitor my cars health etc. oh and road use
  7. Jay Bamrah

    What oil temp is bad

    What temp is the point where you should slow down. I just got TORQUE PRO and I reached 114 degrees quite easily
  8. Jay Bamrah

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    If you go to myalloys and say jay recommended you to me you will get 10%-15% off but to do trade prices u would have to go through BMW which would be much more complicated.
  9. Jay Bamrah

    TD super res centre pipe

    Did you not buy this with the rest of the cat back system?
  10. I know used car prices have gone crazy due to semiconductor chip shortages and new car lead times and people now work from home so don’t need cars etc… but why are BRZS going for so much money right now more than most cars. was just looking because I was bored
  11. Jay Bamrah

    Lightweight flywheel

    Opinions on changing to a lightweight flywheel when I uprate my clutch for turbo kit? Just curious if anyone has done it for a real opinion thanks:)
  12. Jay Bamrah

    TD super res centre pipe

    Is this louder than the stock resonator or just a nicer sound but same volume? With ur turbo
  13. Jay Bamrah

    TD super res centre pipe

    How loud was ur exhaust with the turbo. I’m going turbo on the 29th of September I currently just have the NA kit. How will this compare to my stock res