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  1. Jay Bamrah


    I know most likely what you will say but looking back do you still justify the £1500 to how it changed the car? Obviously I’m going to make the jump and buy that fuji header at the end of the month and then tune the car etc so before I jump is there any last words u have for my wallet 😂 I’ve never spent so much money on a car mod I’m just nervous
  2. Jay Bamrah


    That’s a very true point, I think for the extra stress, for me saving £400 would be worth it. I guess now it would just come down to does anyone have any issues with the Fuji header I’m on about as if it really is a rebranded tomei then this should all be fine?
  3. Jay Bamrah


    I have messaged him and it does come with the over pipe, just il need gaskets as he didn’t order those. I can’t see why it wouldn’t be better taking that route and saving £400 but you are clearly wiser than me on this topic so I trust your judgement over my own to be honest haha.
  4. Jay Bamrah


    If you look here on the marketplace there’s a fuji racing uel header for £425 if I buy that and get it fitted for £156 at my local garage plus £516 tune at abbey motorsports that’s £1097. Apparantly the fuji is a rebranded tomei so I would save myself mainly on the rebranded header and installation cost around £400? What do you think ?
  5. Jay Bamrah


    Oh okay, lol to remap my old car it was just £300 thank you this has really helped though !
  6. Jay Bamrah


    Oh okay and there isn’t a standard tune I can use? I wasn’t expecting it to cost even half of that at first. I see on fensport I can get the NA remap for£336 can I just do that?
  7. Jay Bamrah


    Thankyou so using fensport £84 to rent the equipment £270 for lisence £298 flr racerom £652 total? That’s as cheap as I will be able to remap my car for?
  8. Jay Bamrah

    US vs UK prices.

    I live in the uk and paid £200 total end cost for valenti sequential black gold tinted tail lights from thespeedline. Defo recommend you try them. A dodgy looking website but I promise it’s legit.
  9. Jay Bamrah


    ignore post
  10. Jay Bamrah


    Hey, if I buy a used ecutek obd Bluetooth device which comes with the cable to plug it into your laptop. Is that all I need to remap the car? It says on their website it is but then it also says racerom for £249 lets you do it so I’m confused Thank you
  11. Jay Bamrah

    Fitting header + ecutek

    Hey, I am hoping to buy a FUJI racing UEL header come the end of this month, it’s listed here in parts for sale if you want to see it, or buy it before me haha. I have a few questions please. im pretty sure I will be fine on emissions but if anyone knows otherwise please let me know. Does anyone local to me (RG27) have an ecutek device I can pay £85 to borrow it , buy a lisence... tune my car at your house then drive off etc. lastly does anyone have the equipment needed to fit it and would like to help me. I would obviously pay I’m just trying to see how cheap I can get it fitted for, my local garage said £156. thanks:)
  12. Jay Bamrah

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    What is your car running to get those numbers a built engine I guess and?
  13. Jay Bamrah

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    I would honestly pay to see all the main FI kits in a rolling race and drag race and then a 25k miles review on each.😂
  14. Jay Bamrah

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    How much did it cost you fully ? Did you install yourself too?
  15. Jay Bamrah

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    Was that the one reason u chose SC or do u also prefer superchargers to turbos generally? I like UELS on my Subaru so that isn’t a problem for me it’s more about total price and reliability. Thankyou for your help!