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  1. gazza82

    GT86 auto folding mirror kit

    Are these kits still available?
  2. I was going to add the reg which I though spelt STILSON (ST11) but that seems to be on a white Fiat so I obviously made a mistake .. might need to look on the dashcam footage ...
  3. gazza82

    Spotted - two Giallo's in two days

    I've already had plenty of stuff in the boot and dropped the seat .. this wouldn't have gone under the parcel shelf .. I had the dimensions of the box so checked. Even if it had the length of the box may have been a problem as it may not have slid under when on the boot edge. (Anyway, I quite like driving the MiTo!) I've had wheels/tyres, a car door (Austin A35), bikes (with front wheel & pedals removed usually), and some very odd stuff in there including a large, and long, centre table decoration from my daughter's wedding! The fencing trellis was a bit too long so involved some bungies and once strapped a 4m piece of guttering to n/s mirror and boot spoiler to get that home from the diy shop! For a sports coupe they are pretty flexible! Haven't tried sleeping in it yet!
  4. First one turned out onto the A38 heading south yesterday ... I saw you wave at the last minute (sorry!).. I was in the Blue BRZ heading north and trying to listen to SWMBO and concentrating on the satnav at the same time. Second was today and heading west on M4 between J8/9 and J10 .. I was in SWMBO's Alfa MiTo as we had a large item to pick-up which I knew was never going to fit in the BRZ's boot!
  5. gazza82

    In comes the GR86

    Not that difficult for them seeing Japan and Australia both have RHD ... those markets were the reason that Subaru said my BRZ would be an MY12 as they were prioritising shipping to the larger markets .. then my MY17 turned up!! (6 weeks early too!) Going to be interesting to see how much it costs though ..
  6. gazza82

    Where is Administration gt86.org.uk?

    Our classic car website logs are full of attempts to inject urls into forms and the like .. most from .ru and other eastern european domains. They don't work as we have renamed all the pages they have listed and attempt to hack .. plus we've re-written the code to reject urls and added recaptcha challenges ..
  7. gazza82

    Valenti "Winker" Relay

    Sorted!!! I unplugged the cable to the old one, plugged in the new one and tie--wrapped it to a suitable place. Left the old one in place in the end. 😂
  8. gazza82

    Valenti "Winker" Relay

    Relay on mine definitely pulls out towards front of dash unless you mean to pull the mounting clip out too ... I've put a far amount of force on it and it doesn't appear to want to go anywhere! But I'm going to have another go later today ... BTW I bought the new "winker" relay through Nengun and to my delight didn't pay extra for customs charges .. came in about £54 on card statement which I though was pretty decent.
  9. gazza82

    Valenti "Winker" Relay

    Anyone fitted one? If so, how the hell do you get the old one to part company with the mounting clip without breaking either the original relay or the clip?? I've got the dash panels off and can see the flasher relay but access is pretty tight and there are some not so nice metal edges up there! I've tried thin screwdrivers but at the moment the two do not want to part company ... (so the dash panels have gone back!
  10. gazza82


    mine is NA .. so 0/20W is specified .. Plus I have a couple of litres where ECP screwed up and delivered the wrong stuff when I ordered 5/40 Petronos oil for the other halfs Alfa .. Although given it uses pretty much nothing in 10k miles it's not likely to use any until this cr@ppy lockdown is ended .. managed just over 3k in last 12 months
  11. gazza82


    4 year service done today (Subaru dealer so my credit card is in hiding! Damn VAT too) Diff oil and brake fluid changed. 0-20W put back this time as they used 5-30 last. I wish I could find them a shorter oil filter and then my Perrin cover might actually fit!!
  12. Actually you spotted me in the Blue BRZ heading into Wokingham but was distracted by SHMBO in the passenger seat so I missed waving back! Anyone here?
  13. gazza82

    Waze and starlink

    Your profile says you are in Felixstowe .. the last time I drove through there it was in England!
  14. gazza82

    Waze and starlink

  15. gazza82

    How do we report a user

    Add hiromiura to the list if not done already ...