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  1. Subota Boy

    Happy New Year!

    Silver with the blue is a great combo! Very nice!
  2. Subota Boy

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Five in a row at Goodwood
  3. Subota Boy

    In comes the GR86

    Got a red one of each, but can't decide which I like best.
  4. Subota Boy

    Goodbye Celica, hello GT86

    Great news!! Enjoy!!
  5. Subota Boy

    In comes the GR86

    Great review, albeit brief, in the January issue of Evo, out now.
  6. Subota Boy

    BYE BYE 86

    The Corolla is a very good looking car, and great to drive. That looks like a GR to me? The 2 litre feels remarkably quick, and we were very torn between a Corolla and CHR. The CHR was just a bit more practical for family use. Enjoy!!
  7. Subota Boy

    New to the Forum & BRZ ownership; Hello!

    Welcome! Great photos!
  8. Subota Boy

    My GT86 Stolen- house burgled

    This is horrible! That car is unique amongst the GT community. I do hope it comes home soon Lauren!
  9. Subota Boy

    In comes the GR86

    This is apparently the new SARD bodykit for the GR86. I notice that, at the front, it seems to make the GR look more like the current GT86 front bumper, and very different from the standard GR86.
  10. Subota Boy

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Hey Cherrybomb! Great to hear from you! Hope all is well with you!
  11. Subota Boy

    Drivers Club Musicians

    Here I am, taken recently, and 51 years ago playing at a local school. Equipment now is Fender VG Stratocaster, Fender Squier Strat with custom pickups (seen here), Fender Super Champ XD amp.
  12. Subota Boy

    MartinT's BRZ

    For interest: A recent comment from Matt at Cosworth regarding the use of the Cosworth smaller pulley - and I quote: "when developing the kit I had the use of cylinder pressure measurement so this gave a real-time measurement of how much stress the rod and piston was under and the stock pulley was arrived at to give a healthy 10% safety margin from where the theoretical limit of the rod isthe smaller pulley bumps up the cylinder pressure to just below this limit but not beyondto my knowledge those whom are running the smaller pulley have had no issues to date"
  13. Subota Boy

    MartinT's BRZ

    This is all very interesting, especially to me as I have the smaller pulley waiting to be fitted. I just have to be brave! Matt said that his map (specific for my car) would happily adjust to the smaller pulley, but that I was using up the safety margin built in and should not take it on track or "dump the clutch" too often in a short space of time. Thanks to Martin for accommodating all this specific chat on his thread.
  14. Subota Boy

    All Things Jap event Sat 29th May

    Rocket Panda, the Minion and myself confirmed so far.
  15. Hey Jay. Yes it is a pity they stopped making the kit. However, Cosworth provide engineering services throughout the motoring industry and are also working in new technologies, so there is/was a lot going on. Their research when developing the S/C kit for our cars was exhaustive to say the least, so no compromise as they wanted to protect their reputation apart from any other factors. The kits did not sell as well as maybe expected because they were not cheap. But then it is Cosworth, so I for one of the few takers, was quite happy to pay a premium for the reassurance the company name provides. And even though they no longer produce the kit, the senior engineer on the project is still only an email away. The kit comes with a conservative map of around 270bhp, which you can then extend with exhaust and pulley upgrades etc, and individual maps can be created for personal modifications, overseen by the Senior Engineer. I had, I think, 6 maps done during the setting up of my car, which all went back and forward to Cosworth as various exhaust options were tried. Having a safe map was the key factor.