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  1. Subota Boy

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    Hope you all have a fantastic day!
  2. Subota Boy

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    Well done Vadim!!
  3. Subota Boy

    Strange Aircon noises...

    My car is 6 years old and started doing this in May. Sounds like a sort of grinding noise that changes pitch. Breathing sounds a great description! When I hear it next time I will fiddle with the aircon switch and see if it changes anything. Useful thread this!!
  4. Subota Boy

    JRot Build

    You done some good work there, Nick!
  5. Subota Boy

    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    Unfortunately got a family commitment for the whole weekend, so will be away.
  6. Subota Boy

    Good news

    We have a hybrid C-HR with 1.8 engine, and have tested the 2.0 hybrid in the Corolla recently. Toyota have certainly moved the tech on in 3 years from the version we have in the C-HR. Power delivery is much smoother and comes in sooner, making the hybrid Corolla a very sporty machine! If they can adapt the GT86 onto their TNGA platform I imagine a hybrid version could be much fun. The weight of the batteries though!
  7. Subota Boy

    MartinT's BRZ

    Agree about power delivery being harmonious with how the car was developed. If I can refrain from dumping the right foot, the car drives just as it did when N/A, and you can go for a moderate tootle and the car still feels right at home. If you want to travel at a fair old lick then it does that as well, like it was engineered to cope easily with the extra power and the more gentle delivery that the S/C provides. Two cars in one. Charger is very useful on the motorway and I feel a lot safer carrying out certain manoeuvres with the S/C back up.
  8. Subota Boy

    MartinT's BRZ

    I had a similar experience on a forum regarding "should have gone turbo" as if I didn't know what I was doing. Having explained that I had experience of TD04, VF34, Garrett etc through 13 years with turbo'ed Subarus, and just wanted something different, and that I liked the word "supercharged", and had never had one, and wanted a different sort of power delivery for a change; they still thought generally I was off my head. That will teach me for not running with the herd. The term "each to his own" was not understood either.
  9. Subota Boy

    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    Interested in this. Presumably Denbies would allocate us some hard standing parking, rather than in the adjacent field where Pistonheads parked us?
  10. Subota Boy

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Wow Sam! Good luck Mate! Can't wait to see the Bunny fitted (for this year). You cost me some new rear lights so far, so don't go too mad!! 😉
  11. Subota Boy

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    Indeed Nick. Two big engines. Grandchildren love the drama, and how large the driving wheels are! My kids can still name all the Thomas the Tank Engines from back in the day!
  12. Subota Boy

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    Well, after all that I have a clash! My daughter has bought tickets for us to take the grandchildren to the Giants of Steam weekend at the Bluebell railway. The tickets are for sunday, so a separate visit to Brooklands will be necessary for me. Thanks for organising, Vadim.
  13. Subota Boy

    MartinT's BRZ

    There is no wrong and right with personal choice. Happiness with the end result is more important. You will love your car even more!! Not too long to wait either!! Enjoy!!
  14. Subota Boy

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    Same response, or lack of it, that I had last year!
  15. Subota Boy

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    Are we having a club display Vadim? Do we buy tickets as individuals and hope they park us together? Have I missed this information somewhere? 😉