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  1. Subota Boy

    Badger's BRZ

    Bracket looks good but have found that, as suggested by Lauren, a 1kg type ABC extinguisher fits nice and snug in the glove box and can be reached from both front seats. This may well do the trick.
  2. Subota Boy

    Newbie from Manchester

    Welcome Tanner!
  3. Loads I could upload but here are a few that caught my eye!
  4. A wet start ! But the presence of a club teeshirt sends the clouds away! What a neat line up!
  5. Subota Boy

    Puncture repair kit

    I notice that the sealant kit that came with the car has expired. Has anyone tested the OEM kit in anger? Can anyone recommend a reliable replacement, or even one of the compressed air cans? I know these can mess up the tyre inside. Any advice appreciated. I have carried a space saver in the past but it won't fit over BBK so not much use really.
  6. Subota Boy

    Simply Japanese 2019

    Great to see Graham, Lee, Louise and Kevin yesterday. As discussed with you, Lee, there were a large number of GT/BRZs dotted about the show. I took photos to save me counting, and on checking back I find I have 13 single cars and also a group of 4 parked together. Imagine if all the twins could have been parked together. Some quite lairy customised 86s were present at the show (included in the numbers above). I really like the front end of the latest model year of the BRZ (see below). I am also getting used to the new Supra shape, but that is one great expanse of bonnet on there, and from some angles it looks a bit shapeless (to me) even with the vents cut in.
  7. Subota Boy

    Simply Japanese 2019

    Tickets bought, but sadly will not be in the GT. Julia has recently had fairly major surgery and soft suspension will be the order of the day.
  8. Subota Boy

    Newbie from Kent with an Orange GT86

    Welcome Charlie. Love that first photo especially!! I am in East Sussex so not too far away.
  9. Regarding the Cosworth whine, since I removed the under bonnet insulation, the whine is much more noticeable, especially during routine town driving. Very enjoyable!
  10. Subota Boy

    Alternative Badges

    Another Pete Thompson effort.
  11. Subota Boy

    Berkshire newbie

    Welcome Neil. Agree with Vadim. FI works really well and adds to the day to day enjoyment of the car.
  12. Subota Boy

    Saw my first Supra today

    Correct Spikyone!
  13. Subota Boy

    Saw my first Supra today

    I tried comparing it with the Mercedes in front. Not as wide I don't think. It was gone past in a flash.