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  1. Church

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Rumours of next having turbo or a bit higher displacement have surfaced again and again every year. Never happened in past years, and high (imho 90%) probability won't happen in future either. Especially now, when to past reasons is added another one - such souped up twin competing with low-trim 4-cyl supra. Imho these rumours stem from two things, most obvious being simple wish for having more stock power by many that are less appreciating for what it is and expecting more strait line oumph (ignoring that it will go against original conception of "good enough for cheap" and certain to add 5-10K to sticker price, rather cutting potential buyers amount that can afford it, or at least nullifying any actual profits to manufacturer), and second being usual journalistic guess .. but what if it will happen, then their yet another rumour/guess will add some extra credibility and extra visits to their site/press/person voicing that rumour, increasing advertisement profit.
  2. Church

    Touch and Go bluetooth issues

    My first guess would be to blame smartphone software / it's audio mixing implementation aswell .. except OP mentioned that with other output (BT headset on motorcycle) very same phone, very same software works fine. 😕
  3. Church

    Touch and Go bluetooth issues

    Gmaps audio volume .. check volume within smartphone. Waze .. don't know. While i use waze for navigation, i hate when voice instructions interrupt played music in abrupt (and frequent, at each turn) way, so i disable nav voice, and just quickly glance on visual output. (phone mount being in place that doesn't require to take off eyes far from normal driving one to glance on phone screen, helps)
  4. Church

    Knocking sound

    Are there few loud knocking noises when you suddenly floor accel (better heard at low speed, when not drowning in tire noise). If yes, then i'd check direct injector seals.
  5. Try asking directly in subaru dealership. Though imho something wrong with part number. IIRC most subaru part numbers are mostly numbers with two letters mid part-number.
  6. Church

    Help Trying to get pop and bangs

    Except if it's old twin with never updated old stock ecu tune. In B01C,d/A01G,l in may 2013 there were ignition transient related updates to fix not working that in earlier tunes, which could result in damaging direct injector seals due excessive detonation for those that track and change gears at high rpms. It's possible that several 2012-2013-2014 cars were flashed with earlier tunes in factory (700C,D,G,l/A00C,D,G,l), and some dealerships never update ecu tunes to never revisions. Was the case with mine, first registered in spring 2014, and still carrying A00 tune after all regular servicing visits to dealership for few 5 years.
  7. Church

    Help Trying to get pop and bangs

    There might be specific way how to engage it, i guess, just like non-standard features like eg. flat foot shifting and so on. Maybe specific clutch/throttle application. Too lazy to search, as not much interested in it. Then again, maybe TD somehow missed enabling it in tune. If you bought said tune and asked for it to be there, you are better off contacting them describing your issue, not forum, imho.
  8. Church

    Help Trying to get pop and bangs

    Pops & bangs come from ecu tune. By keeping injecting fuel and adjusting ignition and exhaust valve timings with such "feature" in ecu tune unburnt fuel gets thrown out in exhaust where it further burns/detonates producing those bangs. It's not as if cat deletion is how to get those, just that with such tune cats won't live long but can soon/easily be damaged, thus better not done on car with still catalisators in it. My own view would be to not bother with such things. To me unless those bangs are from real function such as turbo misfiring system/blow off valve or alikes, hearing such bangs from NA engine seems a bit too much of posing (alongside would be hated by all neighbors & becoming cop magnet). One thing is just reasonably louder exhaust, another something that rather hurts performance or damages parts. Imho not worth it. Like fitting uber-oversized rear wing on car that is only daiily driven, with mostly biggest impact being hurt fuel economy due increased drag.
  9. Church

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    Worth understanding that these mounts don't magically increase travel. They allow to retain travel when you overlower car by relocating upper mountpoint higher when otherwise one would need to lower car that much at expense of travel. If one doesn't lower to unwise amounts (possibly running into other issues, such as increased CV joint wear and fscked up geometry, and doesn't also get things like diff riser kit & roll center adjustment kits), but keeps it within range of adjustment of separate height adjustment, then such mounts serve no other function but that of emptying wallet. "2 inches of extra rear shock travel"? When reasonable lowering for twins is usually mentioned to keep within 1inch? As for ground-scraping slammers for looks .. i doubt they need any good shocks at all. I highly doubt good handling of car and coilover quality/performance is in any priority to them, so why pay extra for Ohlins + accompanying extra lowering hardware in such case.
  10. Church

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    Well, imho good adjustable shocks should be able to accommodate +/-30% spring rate change. As for MP20/MP21, IIRC they are essentially same, just that MP21 is German TUV approved and has rubber spring seats. So if there are any damping changes, then imho they might be vs earlier, MI20 shocks with stock 60/60Nm springs and included Ohlins camberplates in set. Hmm, that sticker .. i wonder if it's for shock itself, or just for that "cup" with threads for height adjustment and mounting hole to suspension arm .. if later, it might be from generic Ohlins parts-bin and to be in many kits (eg. for some other Subaru cars), and not linked what valving in shock "core" with shims used is.
  11. Church

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    While CSG spec Flex A or SRC or RCE Tarmac and clubsport ones (KW/ST based) sound promising (and i also extend that with 949 racing Xidas shocks (many from US miata track crowd swear by those, so might turn out very competitive too) .. there is big BUT. shipping/import costs & non-locality for warrantying & servicing. For example, even if KW (in Germany) made by RCE valving spec theirs .. to service them you need them to ship back to RCE@US, then they will send to KW, then back, then to you .. non-locality imho is important enough bit, unless one by large gives up potential warrantying with extra shipping cost and waiting times and will use them for whatever wear resource they have till they last. I suspect non-locality issues also with australian suspension vendors products, unless they have local dealerships in UK.
  12. Church

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    Well, it may differ where there are several mountpoints, but i guess not revolutionary, proportional to lever (wheel vs strut from LCA pivot axle) change if coilover mounts closer or further to wheel (as different lever - for same force pushed at wheel, different force on shock/spring), as alternative mount holes are close enough. I have to double check though how real spring rate should be calculated from that motion ratio. Found eg. that motion ratio needs to be squared to get wheel rate from spring rate. You can google on 0.75 motion ratio site:ft86club.com. Was mentioned in several suspension related threads. EDIT ok, this seems reputable enough source, as RCE is one of knowledgeable & well spoken of suspension vendors for twins. so indeed: "To get the "wheel" rate of the spring, or the spring rate at the wheel, you multiply the spring rate by the square of the motion ratio. So that 7k/5k is really more like 7 kg/mm front and 2.8125 kg/mm rear."
  13. Church

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    Imho one needs to keep in mind that while rears are shorter and of short travel, but it's more of challenge for shock maker, as actual rear wheel travel is higher then shock's itself, due suspension ratio of 0.75 (as shock is attached not to rear wheel hub like front mcpherson struts, but to mid of LCA. That changes also effective springrate btw).
  14. Church

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    Well, there is also such option (warning: some car porn pics ) with way more travel & capability, but due $17K price range i suspect that it won't be considered Deacon: was Nigel's Ohlins original MI20 or MP21 with softer springrates? And just Flex A, or +EDFC? BTW, how you think of Meister-s & Motons relative to eg. stock or Teins?
  15. Church

    Thoughts on Pirelli PZERO Nero Tyres?

    BTW, question on stiffness was more regarding handling feel, not comfort. As in liked sharp turn-in of PS4, and dislike higher slip-angle, subjectively less sharp turn-in of ultracs for example, that seemed both relatively a bit lazyer to follow steering input and a bit more turned wheel. Not bad, still UHP summer tire .. but i liked feel on PS4 & wishing similar in other tires