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  1. nikndel

    Snapping wheel studs

    I have heard of different types of metal reacting to each other but standard studs and nuts is suprising
  2. nikndel

    2021 Club & Social Events

    Mission Impossible 😢😂
  3. nikndel

    2021 Club & Social Events

    MOP Maldon don’t seem to be in a hurry to reopen 😢
  4. nikndel

    Cat Back fitting cost.

    Who do you mean ? 🤯
  5. nikndel

    Cat Back fitting cost.

    Use some washing up liquid in the rubbers they will come off far easier
  6. nikndel

    Lowered springs GT86

    The way I did it was to purchase a set of lowering springs already on the struts from another member who went coilovers and swap them myself easy task and a basic garage could do this in no time
  7. nikndel

    Valenti rear bumper light advice needed

    If you plug straight in I think you get what you are after generally to get the v to light up with side lights alterations are needed but no photos as mine is wired up for three functions
  8. nikndel

    How do we report a user

    The next answer should be interesting Rob or Lauren will explain hopefully
  9. nikndel

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    I’m sure they can swap a few ancillary items over and yes some have done over 100,000 with no issues
  10. nikndel

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    New engine for that money beats having one with a question mark on how long it will last
  11. nikndel

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    Good result then just get it done wouldn’t worry about courtesy car
  12. nikndel

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    Feel for you mate terrible situation think I will run mine till it breaks then scrap it enjoyed my ownership apart from useless after sales from some dealerships and I use the word some as I know there are good ones out there
  13. nikndel

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    So basically it’s their fault but not all of it shame this country has in this case poor consumer protection a class action law suit has been filed in the USA for post recall failures it’s that bad over there
  14. nikndel

    Stock Parts

    Not sure if Ian will see this he sold his car a few months ago