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  1. That’s how it’s supposed to look after it’s been converted don’t think there is anything inside it to make it a flashing brake light
  2. nikndel

    FB and rival Club Stands

    Lee organises stuff for Essex but seems we are lucky to get 4 cars out lately made up by other makes I have seen plenty of 86s round here but perhaps not club interested
  3. Well you obviously haven’t dealt with my dealership I did for 5 years and gave up and believe me the book isn’t a good read in my case
  4. Handbrake adjustment not included in a service it’s a minor task when wheels are off I had a service plan which was useless but once my car came back with less travel on the handle so it is part of service
  5. nikndel

    White Aero in Chelmsford

    There was a guy called Justin who turned up at Maldon with same car but haven’t seen him for years
  6. nikndel

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    If you’ve removed a cat you may be pushing your luck
  7. nikndel

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    There can’t be a dealership as useless as my one but why go to a main dealer in past experiences they are the last people to use for mot in many cases
  8. nikndel

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    Agency Power not many in the U.K. I think
  9. nikndel

    MOT and service with Toyota?

    My bunch wouldn’t test mine with a catback only as it was too loud but they don’t have noise meters at test station i was told testers decision never heard of anyone else having this issue mind
  10. Something like 9 holes in a standard boot lid better to get a second hand one and a plain boot lid is very rare so sought after
  11. nikndel

    Torqen Experience

    Yeah Maurice let’s get on to dodgy dealers 🤔
  12. nikndel

    Snapping wheel studs

    I have heard of different types of metal reacting to each other but standard studs and nuts is suprising
  13. nikndel

    2021 Club & Social Events

    Mission Impossible 😢😂
  14. nikndel

    2021 Club & Social Events

    MOP Maldon don’t seem to be in a hurry to reopen 😢